Nessie and the Living Stone

Craig nodded seriously and held out the stone. Mrs. Carmichael lifted the stone up to the glow of the fireplace, as if it were a precious jewel. ... She looked back at Craig and Linda, and said softly, “This is a living stone.

Author: Lois June Wickstrom

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Nessie Inspires a Child's LoveA boy must choose between keeping a treasure and saving a monster in Nessie and the Living Stone, by Lois June Wickstrom and Jean Lorrah,'s family, including his bratty little sister Linda, are on holiday at Loch Ness where Craig has plans to capture Nessie, the famed Loch Ness Monster. Instead, she captures him.

Livingstone 1

"First published in Japan in 2010 by Kodansha Ltd., Tokyo, as 'Livingstone,' volume 1"--Colopho

Author: Tomohiro Maekawa

Publisher: Kodansha Comics

ISBN: 1632361930

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90% of our lives are determined by our fate, and our fates are determined by our 'souls.' But every now and then, something goes wrong and the souls of those who have met an untimely fate also pollute their environs, drawing more souls into a vicious circle of ill fate. Sakurai and Amano are an odd-couple team who have been hired to deal with the problems that arise from these tainted souls and have been tasked with finding those who are heading to an early grave to either prevent them from dying or collect their livingstones before they do further damage.

Living Stones

Come to him, a living stone, though rejected by mortals yet chosen and precious in God's sight, and like living stones, let yourselves be built into a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to ...

Author: Pray Now Group

Publisher: Saint Andrew Press

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Written for an ecumenical readership and to be used over any 12-month period, this book is an invaluable and inspirational resource for personal and group use. Based on the fresh edginess of Pray Now, there are now prayers, mediations, blessings and prayer activities for 52 weeks.

The Livingstone Presumption

Mr Livingstone refused to discuss the party. Instead, he was said to have asked the reporter if he was "a German war criminal". On learning that Mr Finegold is Jewish, Mr Livingstone apparently said: "You are just like a concentration ...

Author: Mike Sivier

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781326801137

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Vox Political's Mike Sivier examines the evidence in this dissection of Labour's anti-Semitism row - and comes to a shocking conclusion.

Holy Fire and Living Stones

Coming to Him as to a living stone, rejected indeed by men, but chosen by God and precious, you also, as living stones, are being built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through ...


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The Livingstone of South America

... and you know that I can sympathise with you, nevertheless, we must do our best to brighten other lives, and prove that Christianity is not a mournful and hopeless faith, but a living power, full of joy and certain hope.

Author: Richard James Hunt

Publisher: London : Seeley Service

ISBN: UTEXAS:059173023908878

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Livingstone s lives

At the same time Livingstone's Scots reputation was also modified as he was recast, in timely fashion, as the nation's foremost working-class hero. The evolutionary nature of Livingstone's Scottish reputation, its adaptability across ...

Author: Justin Livingstone

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9781847799128

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David Livingstone, the ‘missionary-explorer’, has attracted more commentary than nearly any other Victorian hero. Beginning in the years following his death, he soon became the subject of a major biographical tradition. Yet out of this extensive discourse, no unified image of Livingstone emerges. Rather, he has been represented in diverse ways and in a variety of socio-political contexts. Until now, no one has explored Livingstone’s posthumous reputation in full. This book meets the challenge. In approaching Livingstone’s complex legacy, it adopts a metabiographical perspective: in other words, this book is a biography of biographies. Rather than trying to uncover the true nature of the subject, metabiography is concerned with the malleability of biographical representation. It does not aim to uncover Livingstone’s ‘real’ identity, but instead asks: what has he been made to mean? Crossing disciplinary boundaries, Livingstone’s 'lives' will interest scholars of imperial history, postcolonialism, life-writing, travel-writing and Victorian studies.

David Livingstone

Livingstone. Ultimately such responsibility as Livingstone bore for the disastrous mission to the Makololo proved professionally damaging to Tidman. He probably regretted any trouble he had taken to boost Livingstone's image but in any ...

Author: M. Buxton

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230286528

Category: History

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A biography of David Livingstone giving a balanced account of his strengths and weaknesses. Revered for years as a saint, he was in fact a much more interesting character, difficult, demanding and unsympathetic but also single minded, determined, patient and outstandingly brave. At ten he worked a fourteen hour day in a mill and at sixty was buried in Westminster Abbey. The first European to cross Africa, he discovered the Victoria Falls and survived shipwreck, attacks by natives and being mauled by a lion.

The Livingstone Search Expedition 1867

Had they stopped at Mponda's, near the confluence of the Shire, they would have learned that they were passing right across Livingstone's route. Next day they ran into a storm and had to shelter in the bay on the north side of Makanjira ...

Author: P. A. Cole-King


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Looking for Mrs Livingstone

It was in the Zambian town of Livingstone, in 2005, that I met her eldest grandson, the late Dr David Wilson, when we both attended the commemorative events surrounding the 150th anniversary of his greatgrandfather's arrival at the ...

Author: Julie Davidson

Publisher: Saint Andrew Press

ISBN: 9780861537631

Category: Religion

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This is the enthralling and acclaimed story of an extraordinary and courageous woman. Her bravery, stoicism and African upbringing were critical to the career of her husband, world-renowned explorer and missionary, David Livingstone. Evocative and beautifully written.

Cumulative List of Organizations Described in Section 170 c of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954

Living in Freedom Eternally Ministries , Until December Living Love Church Inc. , Coos Bay , Or . Living Room , Fresno , Ca. ... Living Legacy , Waconia , Mn . ( 4 ) Living Proof Ministries Inc. , Wilmington , N. C. Living Stone Baptist ...



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How I Found Livingstone in Central Africa

Henn , 523 ; introduction Tura , Eastern , 179 ; Central , 180 ; to Mr. Oswell Livingstone , Western or Tura Perro , 181 524 ; the march ended , 526 ; welcome at Zarzibar , the Udoe , cones of , 83 American Consul and Rev.

Author: Henry Morton Stanley

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486419533

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When the missionary David Livingstone, one of the nineteenth century's great explorers, was persumed lost or even dead in Central Africa, The New York Herald sponsored an expedition to search for him, assigning the noted adventurer and journalist Henry Morton Stanley (1841-1904)to lead the undertaking.

Guy Livingstone

Ten minutes later there was only a closed door between Livingstone and the interview he longed for and dreaded so much . His steel nerves stood him in good stead then ; it was not at the crisis that these were likely to fail .

Author: George Alfred Lawrence


ISBN: STANFORD:36105044957442


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David Livingstone

This inevitably drew Livingstone and the missionaries into conflict with the Ajawa tribe who acted as middlemen for the slave traders. The skirmishes worsened and, in July 1861, Livingstone, for the first time in his life, ...

Author: Amanda Mitchison

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781780723327

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Born a poor Glasgow cotton-mill worker, David grew up to become a great explorer and hero of his time.This is his incredible story. The tough man of Victorian Britain would stop at nothing in his determination to be the first white man to explore Africa, even if it meant dragging his wife and children along with him.He trekked hundreds of miles through dangerous territory, braving terrible illness and pain, and was attacked by cannibals, rampaging lions and killer ants...Short Books is re-releasing some of its finest writing as a newly designed series of six children’s biographies called The Great Victorians. These are entertaining and engaging stories of some of history’s most fascinating characters. They tell history in a novelistic, engaging way, a halfway house between storybooks and traditional history. There is abundant humour and drama too.With beautifully designed covers these books will catch the eyes of parents as well as children. Also published in a highly collectable set.

David Livingstone and the Myth of African Poverty and Disease

In fact, Waller omitted more than this: missing was a series of passages which Livingstone wished withheld from publication, among which were (negative) 'private memoranda' concerning Prince Albert, Thomas Baines, Richard Thornton, ...

Author: Sjoerd Rijpma

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004293731

Category: Social Science

Page: 640

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This study about David Livingstone is different from all other publications about him. Here, Livingstone is not the main topic of interest; the focus of the author is on nutrition and health in pre-colonial Africa and Livingstone is his key informant. David Livingstone and the Myth of African Poverty and Disease is an unusual book. After a close examination of Livingstone’s writings and comparative reading of contemporary authors, Sjoerd Rijpma has been able to draw cautious conclusions about the relatively favourable conditions of health and nutrition in southern and central Africa during the pre-colonial period. His findings shed new light on the medical history of Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Life and African Exploration of David Livingstone

Dr. David Livingstone. public press throughout the world, the whole Christian church, men of letters and science became fairly agitated. The sensation was profound, and, based upon admiration of a man of piety, sublime courage, ...

Author: David Dr. Livingstone

Publisher: Cooper Square Press

ISBN: 9781461661122

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Nineteenth century missionary and explorer David Livingstone recalls his extensive journeys through Africa, his close calls with wild predators, and his confrontations with the slave trade.

Harry Livingstone s Forgotten Men

Dr. Harry Livingstone returned to his family practice after the war and in 1927, the thirty-nine-year-old ... captain in the Canadian Army Medical Corps was seventy-seven when his heart stopped and he collapsed on the living room couch.

Author: Dan Black

Publisher: James Lorimer & Company

ISBN: 9781459414334

Category: History

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HARRY LIVINGSTONE was a small town doctor from Listowel, Ontario when he felt the pull of patriotism that led him to volunteer in the First World War. In 1917, Livingstone found himself embarking on a strange journey that took him to China, where he would inspect,and ultimately travel back to Canada with, men who became known as the Chinese Labour Corps. Once in Canada, the Chinese under Livingstone's care travelled across Canada in secret trains bound for Halifax. All news about the trains and the men was censored. On board crowded ships, the men crossed the U-boat-infested Atlantic. They were then put to work to keep the war machine in motion — digging trenches, hauling supplies, repairing military vehicles, and the grisly job of cleaning up the battlefields. About 300,000 Chinese labourers were recruited by the British,French, and Russian allies during the First World War. Nearly 84,000 of them passed through Canada on their way to France. Livingstone and other officers kept diaries and journals, and wrote letters home telling of their experiences with the Chinese. From these first-person accounts as well as historical records and from rare letters written by Chinese labourers themselves, author Dan Black offers for the first time a full account of Canadians and the Chinese Labour Corps — a story that had mostly been unknown until now.

Dr Livingstone s Cambridge Lectures

Together with a Prefatory Letter David Livingstone William Monk. LIFE OF DR LIVINGSTONE . a. DAVID. AVID LIVINGSTONE is a Scotchman , and one whom his nation may well delight to honour . He is a man of noble heart and soul , as is shewn ...

Author: David Livingstone


ISBN: OXFORD:N10600826

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The Ferrying of Dr David Livingstone from Zambia to East Africa

Dr David Livingstone's Unsung African Heroes Untold Stories of the Great Epic Journey Chengo Mulala. traditional healer or whether he was reported to authorities for inflicting first-degree burns to the woman's head, nobody was willing ...

Author: Chengo Mulala

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781543493115

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 250

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While this book is primarily not concerned with British imperialism or colonial history, it has been written to contribute to the study and understanding of the root cause of what led to political and liberation consciousness among Africans from the 1890s - 1950s. In this book, an African girl outlines the effects of colonialism from colonial scenarios she witnessed, and stories told to her by her charismatic, charming, cunning, hero, and Victorian grandfather named Ngosa Kabaso Shompolo Mulutula, who was recruited by Dr. David Livingstone’s entourage to help ferry the explorer’s embalmed body from Chitambo Village in Serenje district of present day Zambia where he died in May 1873 to Bagamoyo in Tanganyika (present day Tanzania) on the East Coast of Africa for shipment to United Kingdom on the Indian Ocean via Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea. The author states that her grandfather was a young teenager with a relentless enduring spirit for survival. It is as a result of this strong mentality in him that made him accept to undertake a six months journey of 1,500 miles on foot with other pallbearers to ensure that Dr. Livingstone’s body should be taken to sleep among his people. She also points out that her grandfather did not meet the British explorer per say as he was already dead at the time he got recruited to undertake the great epic journey across the crocodile infested swamps and rivers, while fending off dangerous animals in the thick forests of Africa to Tanganyika. It is in her belief that her grandfather and Dr. Livingstone may have met in spirit as porters carried Dr. Livingstone’s remains on their bare shoulders day and night, probably whispering to him and asking for guidance whilst in despair for directions to Tanganyika. Their belief in their beloved great doctor missionary and explorer whose corpse they were carrying was total and unquestionable hence in times of total danger, frustration and despair his African porters called out his African petty name of (Bwana Munali) ‘Big Hunter’ and asked his spirit to protect them until they arrived at Unyanyembe and later Bagamoyo on the Indian Ocean, East Coast of Africa in October 1873. Of the three senior porters, Susi, Chuma and Jacob Wainwright, and 79 other porters, only Wainright (who was most literate) was accorded the chance to escort Dr. Livingstone’s coffin to United Kingdom and witnessed Livingstone’s funeral at Westminster Abbey on 18th April 1874. It is reported that Chuma and Susi whom Livingstone rescued from a slave trader and worked for him longest were later sent for by James Young in 1874 to visit the United Kingdom three months after the funeral mainly to assist with compiling Livingstone’s last part of his expedition. The remaining 79 porters who endeavored the Great Epic Journey including Mulutula were paid off and summarily dismissed by the Acting Consul at Zanzibar Captain W.F. Prideaux who discriminated against female porters and were not paid their final wages. A warship HMS Vulture collected the corpse from Bagamoyo for delivery at Zanzibar from where the body was repacked and shipped to Aden on the first mail ship and thereafter got transferred to the P&O Liner Malwa still watched over by Wainright and, from Alexandria, also accompanied by Livingstone’s son Tom. They arrived at Southampton on 15th April, 1874. The dismissed 79 unsung heroes then embarked on a disastrous torturous return journey back home without medical facilities nor equipment for navigation as they were taken away from them at Unyanyembe by Lieutenant Verney Lovett Cameron which were not returned as he continued across Africa leaving the corpse at Bagamoyo. In his own words, Mulutula said, “Most porters died on their return trek from starvation, natural fatigue, malaria, diarrhea, snake/crocodile bites and occasional attacks from wild animals and villagers who mistook them for Arab slave traders. However, wandering through unknown territories resulted in fortune and fame to ‘Mulutula’, who for example accidentally wandered off into Mulala kingdom where he met and married the chief’s granddaughter, Lucie Mulala. Chief Mulala could not give consent to Mulutula’s first proposal to his granddaughter because he considered him as a commoner, a wandering traveler and foreigner known in the local dialect as “abena fyalo”, and a man of no fixed aboard. Unperturbed Mulutula returned after securing documents introducing him as a descendant of Chiefs and a son of a respected village headman. Armed with those documents, presents and accompanied by a number of elders as per his tribe’s tradition when seeking a woman in marriage, Mulutula headed back to Mulala Kingdom to officially ask for Lucie Mulala’s hand in marriage (traditional marriage proposal.) As a way to welcome Mulutula and his entourage into his royal family, Chief Mulala gave his new son in-law massive pieces of land. It is out of his courage, desire to prosper and fighting spirit that Mulutula later established Katobole village which resonates to the author’s mind unspeakable memories of bravery, love and true understanding of how Dr. Livingstone’s death resulted in a marriage that outlived the test of time, bringing forth off-springs who among them is the author of this book Thanks to Livingstone’s Great Epic journey in our area for without his death in our country, my grandfather would have never met and married grandma Princess Lucie Mulala. oooooOOOOOooooo

Livingstone in Africa

Plucking the berries , pulling up the roots ; A living skeleton , grim woe and want In dim , scared eyes ; until the wolf and raven Find him low laid , their unresisting prey ! The father's wail , like mournful waves unseen , Dies on ...

Author: Roden Noel


ISBN: OXFORD:600085154


Page: 130

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