The Left Handed Dinner Party and Other Stories

And he always came back with the story of his truncated football career. That he knew he'd had what it took, even if he was left-handed. What he lacked was a father to encourage him. It would be a waste to squander my talent.

Author: Myrl Coulter

Publisher: University of Alberta

ISBN: 9781772123289

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Secrets aren't good for families. -- from "Big Luck Island" In The Left-Handed Dinner Party and Other Stories--a collection of new, delightful, distinctive short stories--everyone is missing something or someone; every family is riven by secrets and absen

Champion A Story of the Happy Life of Roman Lefthanded Losinski

... green, red, yellow and orange as they stared into it mesmerized, yet listening to each other tell stories from their past. ... made up the nickname after he saw me throw a solid right-hand punch to the mid-section of Johnny Curly, ...


Publisher: Miles Cobbett

ISBN: 9781466179950



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The Left Handed Policeman

I didn't know it yet, but this was the beginning of “The LeftHanded Policeman.” The villain of my story was slowly growing in my mind: Lawrence Ferguson, a nebbishy guy, not someone you'd notice in a crowd, an invisible man who ...

Author: Robert Westbrook

Publisher: Speaking Volumes

ISBN: 9781628158427

Category: Fiction

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Robert Westbrook Author of the Howard Moon Deer Mysteries "The battle of wits and nerves that unfolds in this expertly paced novel as Nicky struggles to snare the serial killer, keep his job, and juggle an increasingly complex love life make for compelling reading . . . In Nicky Rachmaninoff [Robert Westbrook has] created one of the most engaging new detective heroes since Joseph Wambaugh got philosophical. About the only thing that cushions the disappointment of coming to the end of this page-turner is the knowledge that there's a sequel in the works." —Wall Street Journal Murder in Beverly Hills A killer is on the loose in Beverly Hills. Late at night, as moguls, starlets, actors, and rock stars head home after a night on the town, a Corvette pulls up beside a Rolls-Royce at a traffic light. A gun goes off—and another of Hollywood's elite lies dead. Beverly Hills cowers in terror. It's up to Police Lt. Nicky Rachmaninoff—reluctant cop, ex-hippie, divorced father, and the mean­est left-handed jazz pianist in all L.A.—to trap the murderer before he dispatches all of South­ern California's rich and famous. It's an assign­ment Nicky is reluctant to take on: He'd rather play the piano, worry about his love life, or gaze at the stars above his Hollywood Hills bungalow than search out a serial killer. Nicky's ex-wife, the beautiful blond star of TV's "Cassie and the Cop," suddenly wants Nicky back. But Nicky finds himself caught up with the lovely and well-heeled widow of one of the murder victims—even as he thinks he really does love his ex-wife. But someone else loves "Cassie," too. His name is Lawrence Ferguson and he is a nobody. After being diagnosed as terminally ill, Law­rence quits his job, withdraws his life savings, moves to the Beverly Hills Hotel . . . and buys himself a Corvette. And Lawrence has decided to exercise his final fantasy on the woman whose television image he has long worshiped. Can Nicky stop him in time? The Left-Handed Policeman is a gripping novel of life—and death—among the big names and the nameless of Beverly Hills. Nov­elist Robert Westbrook—himself the son of a famous Hollywood personality—explores the boulevards and back alleys, the myths and real­ities, of the greatest, most deadly dream factory of all: Hollywood.

The Left Handed Gun

While signing a book for a customer, he was asked, “Is this a true story or fiction?” John looked at the man. “This is a true story of two brothers who were gunfighters in the old west, as told to me by my Grandfather and his friends.

Author: Tony Monte

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1450288480

Category: Fiction

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Growing up in Ohio in the 1860s, brothers Bill and John Cole dream of going west and becoming gunfighters. They have no intention of following in their father’s footsteps and working the land, spending their days as farmers. At eighteen, Bill is the first to leave and become a deputy. He cleans up the town of Amber Walls, Texas, and is believed to be the fastest gun of his time. But there’s one faster—his brother, John, who rides into Abilene, Kansas, on his bay mare and leaves his mark on this western town as a deputy sheriff. He becomes known as the “left-handed gun.” All those who challenge young John Cole end up six feet under in Boot Hill. The Left-Handed Gun follows the trials and fortunes of Bill and John Cole as they tackle the challenges of the Old West. They learn that all who take the way of the gun will sooner or later end up on Boot Hill.

Playing Violin and Fiddle Left Handed

My dad ( Mr Everly ) was an old left - handed fiddler , and my mother played too . We always liked music a lot . ” - The Early Everly Brothers ' Story , by Ike Everly , as told to Ben A. Green - Summer 1958 .

Author: Ryan J. Thomson

Publisher: Captain Fiddle Publications

ISBN: 0931877423

Category: Music

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An compendium of lefthanded fiddling and violin lore, by Ryan J Thomson:This book documents the experiences of over 100 people who play lefty violin, including top professional folk fiddlers, chamber music players, and concert violinists. There's a chapter on where to find a left handed violin or get a right handed fiddle converted to left, including a list of violin makers who are happy to oblige lefty players.Included is a critical analysis of why - It's better to bow with your dominant hand, whether you are a right or left handed person! The myth of the "left hander's advantage in playing right handed" is debunked with numerous logical and common sense arguments!This approach can be applied to viola, cello, and other string players as well. Violists, cellists, and other stringed instrument players can take best advantage of their body's natural inclination, strength, and coordination

Vanity Fair

Great Left Handers , from Aod to Babe Ruth Explaining Why Few Words Are More Often Misapplied Than Sinister and Gauche ... in spite authenticated story of a young lefthanded the feelings of Aod by describing him merely of persecution .



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Writing and Reporting News

The following material is based on a story from The ( San Bernardino , Calif . ) Sun. Who / what : A study comparing the death and accident rates of left- and right - handed people . When : Study was conducted last year and was reported ...

Author: Carole Rich

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company

ISBN: STANFORD:36105132050274

Category: Business & Economics

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WRITING AND REPORTING NEWS prepares students for the changing world of journalism by emphasizing traditional basic skills while also stressing new trends in the convergence of print, broadcast and online media. With new information about blogs, multimedia writing, and other skills students will need for careers in the media, the Fifth Edition retains its emphasis on writing fundamentals and ethics in journalism, as well as the coaching method, which features tips and techniques from writing coaches and award-winning journalists. The text's strong "storytelling" approach with stories about journalists and its built-in instructional material make it accessible and easy for students to learn effective writing and reporting techniques for every news medium.

Left handed Man in a Right handed World

In Africa , most rulers are known to be right - handed , but one of the sons of Chief Enahoro of Nigeria is left - handed , and allowed to continue to write as such . Perhaps the most remarkable story of sinistrality among modern ...

Author: Michael Barsley


ISBN: UOM:39015000861909

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Book News

D. , F. R. S. E. President of the of the right hand , and imitates or meets them with University of Toronto ; author of ... brave , breezy story , of a sort tempts at use that the left - handed habit becomes to delight not only the boys ...



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Celebrated Left handers

He was , all in all , the spiritual great - grandfather of another eccentric left - handed poet , mathematician , and linguist , Lewis Carroll . He died , so the story goes , of apoplexy during a fit of uncontrollable laughter one night ...

Author: Leigh W. Rutledge


ISBN: 1567316069

Category: Celebrities

Page: 292

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Celebrated Left-Handers: A copious compendium of facts (and a few fables)about famous southpaws, arranged by their birth date.