The Last Vikings

The very names conjure up an atmosphere of ice and romance and there is much that it is evocative and romantic about the story of the Norse people - explorers who broke through existing frontiers in hostile and difficult conditions.

Author: Kirsten A. Seaver

Publisher: I.B. Tauris

ISBN: 1784530573

Category: History

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Late in the tenth century, the Norse Vikings embarked on a voyage of no return. Leaving Iceland first for Greenland, from there they sailed onwards to North America, setting foot on its shores five hundred years before Columbus' first journeys of discovery. But by about AD 1500 their settlements were abandoned and the Norse Greenlanders and their explorations of the New World receded into the realms of myth. What happened between these momentous events? How did the Vikings really live - and die - and why have so many myths and legends grown up around this mysterious people of the sea? Eirik the Red. The Davis Strait. The Vinland Map. The very names conjure up an atmosphere of ice and romance and there is much that it is evocative and romantic about the story of the Norse people - explorers who broke through existing frontiers in hostile and difficult conditions. Yet for this very reason the Viking story has often been distorted, even to the present day. Sweeping aside the myths and misinterpretations in this authoritative new history of the greatest Viking adventurers, Kirsten A. Seaver brilliantly demonstrates that the truth is every bit as compelling as fiction and offers a uniquely complete portrait of the Viking experience. Honest sailors or ruthless pirates? Market traders or epic poets? Questing explorers or committed home-makers? The Vikings led varied and complex lives, both at home and through their extensive trade networks abroad. Drawing on her deep knowledge of the culture and history of the region as well as the most up to date evidence from archaeology, medieval history and the evocative Sagas, Seaver weaves together a compelling and authoritative history. Alongside their spectacular achievements and discoveries, she also vividly evokes the last Vikings' daily lives and explains why their apparent departure in 1500 was not quite such a dramatic schism in the historical record as is often assumed. This vivid history of a people living at the fringes of the known world offers an illuminating entree into the world of the Norse Greenlanders which will captivate all who have ever wondered about the fate of the Vikings and will stand as the definitive work for years to come.


Legend of the Last Vikings – Taklamakan Alternate Ending --oOo-- Introduction In
1066 upon the death of Edward the Confessor, Harald Hadraada, King of Norway
challenged for the crown of England, claiming it was his through his bloodline.

Author: John Halsted

Publisher: Abela Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9788826096506

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In 1066 upon the death of Edward the Confessor, Harald Hadraada, King of Norway challenged for the crown of England, claiming it was his through his bloodline. He led a large force of over 400 longships to England and after a few initial victories was defeated during the Battle of Stamford Bridge, near York, by Harold Goodwinson. Only 24 longships returned to Norway. Two weeks later Harold Goodwinson and his army, exhausted by the forced-march from York to Hastings, were defeated William the Conqueror. And the rest they say is history. Or is it? Questions remain. What happened to the Vikings after Stamford Bridge? Where did they go? What did they do? Well Legend of the Last Vikings is just one possibility………….. But why an Alternate Ending? When I started researching the book, I was amazed to discover that the Silk Route was not just one route, but instead a whole network of routes reaching from Eastern Europe and criss-crossing Asia. As such I had to decide which of these routes my characters would travel along. Before I could make this decision I had to research the routes. In doing so I found so much fascinating information on each, trying to decide which route to “travel” was not easy. Even though I eventually settled upon a route, I did not want to waste potential stories so decided to write an alternate ending which in effect gives the reader a two-for-one. Synopsis Chapters 1 – 33 I was going to give a summary of the chapters 1 to 33 but have decided that too much action, adventure, character building and meaning would be lost in doing so, so I have kept this to a minimum by providing the following synopsis. On returning home to Norway after defeat at Stamford Bridge in 1066AD, our hero, Ulf Uspakson, herald to King Harald Hadraada, realises an era is over. Then he remembers the story of a Swedish Viking Adventurer, Yngvar Vittfarne (Yngvar the Far Travelled), who went missing on a journey to the East and in a last fling of youth decides to try and trace him – somewhere on the Silk Route. No easy task! The alternate ending starts at Chapter 34 with the conclusion of the adventure in China's Taklamakan desert – or is it? After leaving Shanguo and crossing the Tien Shan mountains, the crew, as I affectionately call this motley group, follow the course of the Jaxartes River (Syr Darya) to the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan. They then cross the Karakum and Barsuki deserts, they loop around the top of the Aral sea. Approaching Astrakhan from the North East, they are tired and weary after such an arduous journey. As always trouble awaits and the crew will have to summon physical and mental strength from reserves hidden deep within themselves. About the Book Itself A finalist in the Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Competition. It has a 4 Star Amazon rating and reviews of the book can be found on the Amazon page as well.

The Last of the Vikings

of the Vikings.

Author: Johan Bojer


ISBN: UOM:39015038044551

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The Vikings of the Baltic

See ! the Vikings rally , and make head against us . ” “ Patience , lord , ” said
Sigmund , “ ' tis but the last flutter of the bird whom the bolt has struck , the last
struggle of the fish that the angler hath hooked . Let the Vikings make their last
effort ...

Author: sir George Webbe Dasent


ISBN: OXFORD:600065185



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The Vikings and the Victorians

In many ways, the Victorians invented the Vikings. ... After a slow start the
floodgates opened during last two decades: amongst some three dozen tides we
find The Viking (1849), The Northmen: The Sea-Kings and Vikings (1852), The
Vikings ...

Author: Andrew Wawn

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd

ISBN: 9780859916448

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The first book-length treatment of C19 fascination with Norse heroes.

Lady Inger of strat The Vikings at Helgeland The Pretenders

From first to last. And now when 'tis life or death Where is Nils Lykke ? Lady Inger.
Fled. Nils Stensson. Fled ? Then God help me ; for he only can unseal my lips. —
But what is a promise against a life ! When the Swedish captain comes Lady ...

Author: Henrik Ibsen


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The Good the Bad the Ugly Minnesota Vikings

Heart-Pounding, Jaw-Dropping, and Gut-Wrenching Moments from Minnesota
Vikings History Steve Silverman ... Grant is the last man to make any excuses, but
the Vikings might have been in over their heads in all of those games. Start with ...

Author: Steve Silverman

Publisher: Triumph Books

ISBN: 9781617491436

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What fans don't love to relive the good times of their favorite team? Likewise, in a twisted sort of way, what fans can really resist a self-pitying look back on some of those times that tested their allegiance? Those forgettable games, seasons, and plays that made the good times even better?The Good, the Bad, & the Uglypresents all the best moments and personalities in the history of the Minnesota Vikings. It also unmasks, but doesn't revel in, the bad, the regrettably awful and the unflinchingly ugly. In entertaining and unsparing fashion, this book sparkles with Vikings highlights, lowlights, wonderful and wacky memories, legends and goats, the famous and the infamous. You'll relive the Purple People Eaters, but also reminded of that 41-0 loss to the New York Giants in the 2000 NFC Championship (thought you had forgotten that, huh?).The Good, the Bad, & the Uglyincludes the best and worst Vikings teams and players of all time, the most clutch performances and performers, the biggest choke jobs and chokers, great comebacks and blown leads, plus overrated and underrated Vikings players and coaches. There are Vikings you loved for all the right reasons, and those you couldn't stand, sublime and embarrassing records, and trades, both savvy and savagely bad. Brawls and fights. Rivalries. Compelling photos. And much, much more. If you're a through-thick-and-thin Vikings fan,The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly: Minnesota Vikingsis especially for you. It will remind you of the good and great times and bring a knowing smile about some of those other times, when you proved to yourself just how loyal you are. For everyone else, this warts-and-all portrait of the Vikings will provide countless fond memories, goose bumps, and laughs.

The Vikings A Very Short Introduction

The last documentary reference to the Eastern Settlement comes from accounts
of an Icelandic ship beset by storms and fog during a 1406 voyage from Norway,
driven to Greenland. The crew lived among the farmers of the Eastern Settlement

Author: Julian D. Richards

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 019157807X

Category: History

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The Viking reputation is of bloodthirsty seafaring warriors, repeatedly plundering the British Isles and the North Atlantic throughout the early Middle Ages. Yet Vikings were also traders, settlers, and farmers, with a complex artistic and linguistic culture, whose expansion overseas led them to cross the Atlantic for the first time in European history. Highlighting the latest archaeological evidence, Julian Richards reveals the whole Viking world: their history, society and culture, and their expansion overseas for trade, colonization, and plunder. We also look at the Viking identity, through their artistic expression, rune stones, their ships, and their religion. The Viking story is also brought up to date, by examining their legacy from the medieval Icelandic sagas to 19th Century nationalism, Wagner, and the Nazis. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

The Vikings and Their Age

We last see her celebrating the marriage of Thorstein the Red's son, Olaf, into a
distinguished Icelandic family. Quite apart from the feat of arranging a
clandestine departure from Scot— land, Unn played the role usually reserved for
men in the ...

Author: Angus A. Somerville

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442605244

Category: History

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This book, the first in our Companions to Medieval Studies series, is a brief introduction to the history, culture, and religion of the Viking Age and provides an essential foundation for study of the period. The companion begins by defining the Viking Age and explores topics such as Viking society and religion. Viking biographies provide students with information on important figures in Viking lore such as Harald Bluetooth, Eirik the Red, Leif Eiriksson, and Gudrid Thorbjarnardaughter, a female Viking traveler. A compelling chapter entitled "How Do We Know About the Vikings?" and a case study on the wandering monks of St. Philibert introduce students to the process of historical inquiry. The book concludes with a discussion of the impact of the Vikings and their legacy. Pedagogical resources include a detailed chronology, study questions, a glossary, 4 maps, and 14 images. Text boxes provide information on outsider perceptions of the Vikings, a detailed account of a Viking raid, and a description of a chieftain's dwelling in Arctic Norway. This study also benefits from a multi-disciplinary approach including insights and evidence from such diverse disciplines as archaeology, philology, religion, linguistics, and genetics.

The Vikings in Western Christendom A D 789 to A D 888

V . Meantime the Vikings had been making , unhindered their camps along the
chief rivers of France , and Charles , renouncing his earlier ambition of driving
them away by force of arms , began to have recourse to his new methods .

Author: Charles Francis Keary


ISBN: UOM:39015063906393

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The Vikings in History

The Vikings reached North America. This is an historical fact. The evidence,
written and archaeological, allows for no doubt: sometime around the millennium
men whose cultural ties reached beyond Greenland and Iceland to Scandinavia

Author: F. Donald Logan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136527098

Category: History

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Completely updated to include important primary research, archaeological findings and debates from the last decade, this third edition of F. Donald Logan's successful book examines the Vikings and their critical role in history. The author uses archaeological, literary and historical evidence to analyze the Vikings' overseas expeditions and their transformation from raiders to settlers. Focusing on the period from 800–1050, it studies the Vikings across the world, from Denmark and Sweden right across to the British Isles, the North Atlantic and the New World. This edition includes: a new epilogue explaining the aims of the book updated further reading sections maps and photographs. By taking this new archaeological and primary research into account, the author provides a vital text for history students and researchers of this fascinating people.

Viking Warriors

The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings. Oxford Illustrated Histories. New
York: Oxford University Press, 1997. Seaver, Kirten. The Last Vikings: The Epic
Story of the Great Norse Voyagers. London: I.B. Tauris, 2014. Short, William R.
Viking ...

Author: Ben Hubbard

Publisher: Cavendish Square Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 9781502624550

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

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In Viking Warriors, the Norse invaders, as infamous for their brutality as their exploration, come to life. Students will read about raids, battles, and key fighters and leaders. Illustrations, engravings, and relics depict the Norse culture, marine and combat technology, and fighting styles that gave them the advantage in battle. Maps and diagrams demonstrate their ambitious expansion and conquest of cities and people throughout the Northern hemisphere. With their far-reaching longships and fierce tactics, the influence and violence of the Vikings spread from America to the Middle East, leaving behind traces of an iconic culture and combative strategy.

A History of the Vikings

For, on most counts, it seems likely that the proto-Germans of the last period of
the Stone Age, if so they may be called, were Germans by the time the Bronze
Age was fully established, and that whatever outside influences may have ...

Author: T. D. Kendrick

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486123424

Category: History

Page: 464

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Enthralling, well-documented, and vivid account by a leading authority on the subject chronicles the activities of those bold sea raiders of the North who terrorized Europe from the 8th to the 11th centuries.

The Age of the Vikings

The old commander of the Byzantine emperor's bodyguard, the hero from the
battles of Sicily, the veteran of many a Scandinavian battle on land and at sea
was showing his mettle for the last time. Suddenly, an English spear perforated
Harald ...

Author: Anders Winroth

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9781400851904

Category: History

Page: 320

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A major reassessment of the vikings and their legacy The Vikings maintain their grip on our imagination, but their image is too often distorted by myth. It is true that they pillaged, looted, and enslaved. But they also settled peacefully and traveled far from their homelands in swift and sturdy ships to explore. The Age of the Vikings tells the full story of this exciting period in history. Drawing on a wealth of written, visual, and archaeological evidence, Anders Winroth captures the innovation and pure daring of the Vikings without glossing over their destructive heritage. He not only explains the Viking attacks, but also looks at Viking endeavors in commerce, politics, discovery, and colonization, and reveals how Viking arts, literature, and religious thought evolved in ways unequaled in the rest of Europe. The Age of the Vikings sheds new light on the complex society, culture, and legacy of these legendary seafarers.

Vikings of To day

These three — two men and one woman - were evidently the last survivors of a
larger party . Near to the bodies three human heads were noticed - in each case
the throat had been cut and savagely hacked with a knife , while the brains had ...

Author: Sir Wilfred Thomason Grenfell

Publisher: London : Marshall ; New York ; Toronto : F.H. Revell

ISBN: UOM:39015012272764

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Saxons Vikings and Celts The Genetic Roots of Britain and Ireland

The last food this tooth had touched was the flesh of a reindeer or wild horse. It
was the tooth of a young man, about twenty years old when he died. This man
was a hunter, one of the first people to arrive in Britain since the end of the last
Ice ...

Author: Bryan Sykes

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393079784

Category: Social Science

Page: 336

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From the best-selling author of The Seven Daughters of Eve, a perfect book for anyone interested in the genetic history of Britain, Ireland, and America. One of the world's leading geneticists, Bryan Sykes has helped thousands find their ancestry in the British Isles. Saxons, Vikings, and Celts, which resulted from a systematic ten-year DNA survey of more than 10,000 volunteers, traces the true genetic makeup of the British Isles and its descendants, taking readers from the Pontnewydd cave in North Wales to the resting place of the Red Lady of Paviland and the tomb of King Arthur. This illuminating guide provides a much-needed introduction to the genetic history of the people of the British Isles and their descendants throughout the world.