Kingdom of God Is a Party

Our Jesus was and is the Lord of the party . This book is an attempt to make that point blatantly clear . It is an attempt to highlight an often - forgotten dimension of what Christianity is all about : The Kingdom of God is a party !

Author: Tony Campolo

Publisher: W Publishing Group

ISBN: 0849933994

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The Invincible Kingdom of God

Tony Campolo suggests that the kingdom of God is a party. Everybody is invited to the party, from widows who had not had a fun night out for a year, to poor kids who would not have been able to come up with the ticket money to whatever ...

Author: Solomon Hailu, PhD.

Publisher: Solomon Hailu


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When the kingdom of God comes to one’s life, other minor rulers will no longer control the person. The powers of addictions, demons, diseases, fear, frustration and anxiety will lose their rule over the life that comes under the authority of the kingdom of God. The power of the kingdom of God destroys them!

The Kingdom of our God

for authorities but, in recognizing them, to pray that they may indeed be what God has designed: God's servants to do ... Christians who believe that one political party is the way to bring God's kingdom will nevertheless have to deal ...

Author: Jenni Williams

Publisher: SCM Press

ISBN: 9780334056980

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The Book of Isaiah speaks in troubled times. Its message for God’s people Israel stretches across prosperity, loss, disaster and the beginnings of a fresh hope. It is rooted in the events of its time and conveys God’s message about how to be faithful people and how to be a part of God’s people in their time. As Christians try to serve the kingdom in our own time, the Book of Isaiah speaks to us of the need to seek God, to listen and to understand his word. This commentary seeks to explore some of these themes and reflections. It looks to create a space in which Christian readers can think and reflect about what God is calling us to now as we seek to serve the Kingdom of our God. Engaging with critical scholarship but designed to be accessible for those beginning formal theological study or Christians who want to go deeper in their understanding of the book, The Kingdom of Our God demonstrates that the words of the prophets can still speak to us today

Lord Teach Us

(Matthew 22:2-10) The kingdom of God that is coming, here, not here, present, not fully present, is a banquet, a great party thrown for outsiders who, before Jesus, had no place in the promises of God to Israel.

Author: William H. Willimon

Publisher: Abingdon Press

ISBN: 9781426723254

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After a short introduction, the authors work through each phrase of the Lord's Prayer, using it as a framework for the Christian life. Providing basic faith understanding, this book will help the user experience Christianity as attractive and inviting, not distant, difficult, or foreboding. (separate leader's guide 9780687089284)

Laughter Was God s Idea

Kingdom. of. God. is. a. Party. “Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God.” ony Campolo interprets Deuteronomy 14 as a party thrown by God's people: “Onetenth of all the wealth earned in Israel in the past year was brought ...

Author: Jack Hinson

Publisher: Book Hub Inc

ISBN: 9780989216982

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It is believed that humor is one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity. It was His intention from the beginning to provide us with a mechanism to address the tension of existence. He knew His children, living under pressure in a world of demands and deadlines, would need a way to release, so He created something called laughter. Laughter reduces muscle tension, exercises our lungs, and strengthens our immune system. Laughter is still the best medicine. Readers of Jack Hinson’s work Laughter Was God’s Idea will gain insight and courage to accept the gift of laughter as a means to enjoy life and make the world a better place. Through excessive doses of laughter every day, and by sharing this extraordinary gift with others, it is Hinson’s intention to bring to light the healing power of humor.

Never the Same

God is a party animal. The Old Testament is packed with parties and festivals in honor of God. And in the New Testament Jesus himself compares the kingdom of heaven to a party more than to anything else. Nope, Jesus never said, ...

Author: Steven James

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780310832485

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Nothing was the same after they met him Lord. Parable. Riddle. Savior. Mystery. Jesus. And one thing is certain. When people meet him, they're never the same again. Their lives are changed forever. In this book you'll meet some of those people. Sometimes we know their names: Sometimes we don't. Sometimes we know how their stories ended: sometimes they've disappeared into the sands of time. In every case, though, the stories you're about to read are based on actual, true events. All of these storytellers met the Story himself. Each story includes personal reflections and study questions dealing with topics like: * Questioning your faith * Dealing with temptation * Making choices * Loving Jesus More than just good stories, you'll find opportunities to learn life lessons, grow closer to God, and deepen your faith. Step into the stories of those who walked with Jesus and be changed forever.

Living in the Kingdom of God

lavish party known to man, a feast with the most exquisite food and drink. But we soon understand that this event is of a different kind than any party we have ever witnessed before. It is a party to celebrate that God is doing ...

Author: Sigurd Grindheim

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 9781493415786

Category: Religion

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This brief, accessible book offers a unique approach to the theme of the kingdom of God and to biblical theology. Sigurd Grindheim explains the whole Bible's teaching on the kingdom of God, discussing its implications for the Christian, the church, and politics. Grindheim shows what it means that God rules on earth, how his rule is established through the work of Christ, and how this rule is embodied by the church today, offering a new vision for the church's role in the kingdom: putting God's gifts to work.

An Ethos of Compassion and the Integrity of Creation

Being good Jews , they knew that the Scriptures ( and much Jewish literature since then ) portrayed the Kingdom of God as a party , a sumptuous feast , a banquet which the Messiah was preparing for all who were truly hungry for ...

Author: Brian J. Walsh

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 0761801030

Category: Religion

Page: 230

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An Ethos of Compassion and the Integrity of Creation addresses how to reconcile the lawful order seen in the world, which the Institute for Christian Studies takes as given by God, with the need for human compassion, also called for by God. The Institute sponsored this book in celebration of their twenty-fifth anniversary. An Ethos of Compassion and the Integrity of Creation opens with a study of parables relevant to today and closes with a meditation by Langdon Gilkey on the ideas brought forth in this book. A study of the history of the idea of 'creation order', central to the Institute's philosophical tradition, is followed by a controversial challenge suggesting how that philosophical tradition can be changed to give centrality to the viewpoint of compassion toward vulnerable people and the physical environment. Medical ethics, the environment, and gender chauvinism serve as case studies for issues of compassion and created order. Contributors: Atie Th. Bruggemann-Kruijff, Adrienne Chaplin, Jonathan Chaplin, John Cooper, Calvin B. DeWitt, Harry Fernhout, Langdon Gilkey, Sander Griffioen, Caroll Guen Hart, John E. Hare, Hendrik Hart, Sylvia C. Keesmaat, J. Richard Middleton, James Olthius, Elaine Storkey, Johan van der Hoeven, Allen D. Verhey, Brian J. Walsh, Albert M. Wolters, Nicholas Wolterstorff. Copublished with the Institute for Christian Studies.

The Reformed Church Review

Prohibition is not coextensive with the kingdom of God , but is only one of the many political forces which may be used to build up the kingdom of our God . It may be that God uses this party to a larger extent than any other party to ...



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