The Intimacy of Enlightenment

This book is a series of reflections inspired and informed by the seven principles underlying her enlightenment course, Embodying Spirit: The Journey Towards Enlightenment.

Author: Kamala Easton, PH D


ISBN: 9798742374060


Page: 158

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Enlightenment is widely viewed as a mysterious, inaccessible concept that falls into the territory of monks and gurus. In contrast, Dr. Kamala Easton illuminates a simple and powerful truth that it is available to anyone who is willing to surrender to the Divine within. Her practical approach guides the reader through moving into that place of surrender and, ultimately, towards oneness with the divine consciousness. This book is a series of reflections inspired and informed by the seven principles underlying her enlightenment course, Embodying Spirit: The Journey Towards Enlightenment. The reader finds immediately applicable tools for becoming a happier and healthier human being on the path towards love, power, and expansion. The Intimacy of Enlightenment offers a unique perspective on how to connect with this Great Spirit within.


"[People] say, great enlightenment or perfect enlightenment, but Dogen Zenji says, "Intimate Enlightenment." Most intimate One is enlightenment. Most intimate One to you is enlightenment....Of course, if it is something beyond you, ...

Author: Andrew Shugyo Daijo Bonnici

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 9781457535925

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 316

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Dr. Bonnici has written and designed a book on peak human experiencing like no other. In this book, he teaches you how to live from the still flowering of your core-Self, the ever fresh blooming of your beginner’s heartmind, the healthy functioning of your personality, and the fragrant compassion and wisdom of ungraspable enlightenment itself. As you put Dr. Bonnici’s teachings into practice, you will advance your well-being, healing, and longevity, passionately deepen your experience of loving and being loved, and lucidly actualize all your dreams far beyond grasping, wanting, or expecting.

Liberating Intimacy

Liberating Intimacy dramatically reevaluates the teachings and practice of Ch'an Buddhism.

Author: Peter D. Hershock

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791429814

Category: Philosophy

Page: 236

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Liberating Intimacy dramatically reevaluates the teachings and practice of Ch'an Buddhism. Considering Buddha's insight that everything is empty or absent of a permanent and independent "self nature," Hershock argues that not only is suffering without any essence and so dependent on time and place, so is end of suffering or enlightenment. He shows that the tradition need not entail a quietistic withdrawal from social life. Far from being something privately attained and experienced, Ch'an enlightenment is best seen as the opening of a virtuosic intimacy through which we are continually liberated from the arrogance of both "self" and "other." That is, enlightenment in Ch'an must be understood as irreducibly social--it can never be merely "mine" or "yours," but is only realized as "ours." Including new translations from the teachings of Ma-tzu, Pai-chang, Huang-po and Lin-chi, Liberating Intimacy reconciles the almost fierce individualism that characterizes the mastery of Ch'an and its unwavering embrace of the ideal of compassionately saving all beings.

Enlightenment Appetizers

A Taste of Enlightenment in Everyday Life Victoria A. Vetere PhD HC. honest with ourselves is the starting point to a new level of relating, and hence to a new way of dating. Before we conclude, let's just visit the place of NO ...

Author: Victoria A. Vetere, PhD, HC

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781504328715

Category: Self-Help

Page: 88

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How can we do work that is more gratifying? How could we have more peaceful and loving relationships? And could we live lives of greater health and longevity? These are just a few of the real-life topics addressed in Enlightenment Appetizers! This book is for avid students of energy science and also for their bewildered friends and family members! These writings and images are intended to inspire and encourage those who are already familiar with the concepts to actually live them. Written in a practical and light-hearted way, this book is also the perfect introduction for those who are unfamiliar with the powerful principles of energy science. As a life coach, I help my clients live with greater ease and joy. This is also my intention in offering you this gift of Enlightenment. May we all contribute to a more enlightened world!

The Cambridge Companion to the French Enlightenment

Consequently, she developed an intimate, private life, sheltered from the gaze of others, a life symbolized by the Trianon Palace at Versailles. But this need for intimacy, perfectly in line with the new values of the endof-century ...

Author: Daniel Brewer

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107021488

Category: History

Page: 265

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Containing essays by leading scholars representing a wide range of disciplines, this Companion offers new perspectives on the French Enlightenment. Clearly organized and easy to use, the volume provides a comprehensive overview of a period that marks the beginning of modern intellectual culture and political life.

Enlightenment and Revolution

receptivity among the earlier generations of the Greek enlightened intelligentsia. ... The combination of the intimacy of conventional beliefs with the intentions of enlightened conscience provided the most fertile ground to Russian ...

Author: Paschalis M. Kitromilides

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674726413

Category: History

Page: 471

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Greece sits at the center of a geopolitical storm that threatens the stability of the European Union. To comprehend how this small country precipitated such an outsized crisis, it is necessary to understand how Greece developed into a nation in the first place. Enlightenment and Revolution identifies the ideological traditions that shaped a religious community of Greek-speaking people into a modern nation-state--albeit one in which antiliberal forces have exacted a high price. Paschalis Kitromilides takes in the vast sweep of the Greek Enlightenment in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, assessing developments such as the translation of modern authors into Greek; the scientific revolution; the rediscovery of the civilization of classical Greece; and a powerful countermovement. He shows how Greek thinkers such as Voulgaris and Korais converged with currents of the European Enlightenment, and demonstrates how the Enlightenment's confrontation with Church-sanctioned ideologies shaped present-day Greece. When the nation-state emerged from a decade-long revolutionary struggle against the Ottoman Empire in the early nineteenth century, the dream of a free Greek polity was soon overshadowed by a romanticized nationalist and authoritarian vision. The failure to create a modern liberal state at that decisive moment is at the root of Greece's recent troubles.

1650 1850

Therefore, our use of the copula—Enlightenment is an event in the history of mediation—radicalizes the intimacy of Enlightenment and mediation, so as to catch their Möbius-strip-like co-implication. If Enlightenment and mediation are ...

Author: Kevin L. Cope

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9781684480760

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 420

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1650-1850 publishes essays and reviews from and about a wide range of academic disciplines—literature (both in English and other languages), philosophy, art history, history, religion, and science. Interdisciplinary in scope and approach, 1650-1850 emphasizes aesthetic manifestations and applications of ideas, and encourages studies that move between the arts and the sciences—between the “hard” and the “humane” disciplines. The editors encourage proposals for “special features” that bring together five to seven essays on focused themes within its historical range, from the Interregnum to the end of the first generation of Romantic writers. While also being open to more specialized or particular studies that match up with the general themes and goals of the journal, 1650-1850 is in the first instance a journal about the artful presentation of ideas that welcomes good writing from its contributors. First published in 1994, 1650-1850 is currently in its 24th volume. ISSN 1065-3112. Published by Bucknell University Press. Distributed worldwide by Rutgers University Press.

Passionate Enlightenment

... of ordinary appearances is replaced by the artistry of enlightened imagination, creating the gossamer, rainbowlike divine bodies that are the goal of Tantric practice. ... INTIMACY AND TANTRIC UNION 128 the Intimacy is achieved in.

Author: Miranda Shaw

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691235608

Category: Religion

Page: 320

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The now-classic exploration of the role of women and the feminine in Buddhist Tantra The crowning cultural achievement of medieval India, Tantric Buddhism is known in the West primarily for the sexual practices of its adherents, who strive to transform erotic passion into spiritual bliss. Historians of religion have long held that this attempted enlightenment was for men only, and that women in the movement were at best marginal and subordinated and at worst degraded and exploited. In Passionate Enlightenment, Miranda Shaw argues to the contrary and presents extensive evidence of the outspoken and independent female founders of the Tantric movement and their creative role in shaping its distinctive vision of gender relations and sacred sexuality. Including a new preface by the author, this Princeton Classics edition makes an essential work available for new audiences.

A Free Spirit s Search for Enlightenment 1 All You Are Is Spirit and Energy Release It

People feel alone then go to pieces when they don't have a deep intimate connection like the ones they see on TV which incidentally is a lot of fake stuff. Very few people get the intimacy and the connections with other people they want ...

Author: Tony Kelbrat

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781312060739

Category: Self-Help


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You are spirit and energy. Regardless of if you're poor, middle class, wealthy, Jew or Christian, you wake up everyday a free spirit with unused natural energy inside of you. The few really wise people in life know this and set on a course to release that natural energy as they live. This keeps you in harmony with who your Creator-God made you to be. Anything else is self-betrayal. You are simply energy and spirit to be used to have fun, live a rich life and do whatever you feel is right, just and useful to help your fellow man, the animals and the planet. You are your memories and experiences. They make up your cloud of consciousness. Go through life trying to make that cloud of consciousness feel good through what you do and think. People with lots of money and status try to come off like they got something special. They got the same cloud of consciousness that is life as you do.

The Enlightenment in Practice

... Sphere—still the most influential interpretation of the public sphere in Enlightenment Europe—Jürgen Habermas argued that the liberal public of the eighteenth century, grounded in the intimacy of the conjugal family and facilitated ...

Author: Jeremy L. Caradonna

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801464379

Category: History

Page: 352

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Public academic prize contests—the concours académique—played a significant role in the intellectual life of Enlightenment France, with aspirants formulating positions on such matters as slavery, poverty, the education of women, tax reform, and urban renewal and submitting the resulting essays for scrutiny by panels of judges. In The Enlightenment in Practice, Jeremy L. Caradonna draws on archives both in Paris and the provinces to show that thousands of individuals—ranging from elite men and women of letters artisans, and peasants—participated in these intellectual competitions, a far broader range of people than has been previously assumed. Caradonna contends that the Enlightenment in France can no longer be seen as a cultural movement restricted to a small coterie of philosophers or a limited number of printed texts. Moreover, Caradonna demonstrates that the French monarchy took academic competitions quite seriously, sponsoring numerous contests on such practical matters as deforestation, the quality of drinking water, and the nighttime illumination of cities. In some cases, the contests served as an early mechanism for technology transfer: the state used submissions to identify technical experts to whom it could turn for advice. Finally, the author shows how this unique intellectual exercise declined during the upheavals of the French Revolution, when voicing moderate public criticism became a rather dangerous act.