The Informant

The bat, called an Italian .45 because it had been taken from a mafioso drug dealer in East Harlem who'd used it on his girlfriend when she threatened to tell the dealer's wife about their romance, had also been used on an informant, ...

Author: Marc Olden

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781453259924

Category: Fiction

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Facing a long jail sentence, a woman takes a dangerous job for the New York Police Department Lydia Constanza is not cut out for prison. Since she came to the United States from Cuba, she’s twice been convicted as an accomplice to a violent crime, and done two short stints in jail. The second time, her nerves went, and she vowed never to return. Back on the outside and living in New York with a five-year-old daughter, Lydia and her boyfriend hold up a check-cashing place, tripping the silent alarm and landing, once again, in handcuffs. To stay near her child, this three-time loser offers up the only thing she has left: information. Harlem has become a dangerous place to wear a badge. Two cops have just been killed at a traffic stop, and Walter F. X. Forster is not going to lose any more men. Informants like Lydia are the lieutenant’s last chance to stop the bleeding. It’s the bad guys’ turn to die—if his snitches stay alive long enough to tell the cops who to kill.

The Informant

Author: Kurt Eichenwald

Publisher: Crown

ISBN: 9780767908962

Category: True Crime

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From an award-winning New York Times investigative reporter comes an outrageous story of greed, corruption, and conspiracy—which left the FBI and Justice Department counting on the cooperation of one man . . . It was one of the FBI's biggest secrets: a senior executive with America's most politically powerful corporation, Archer Daniels Midland, had become a confidential government witness, secretly recording a vast criminal conspiracy spanning five continents. Mark Whitacre, the promising golden boy of ADM, had put his career and family at risk to wear a wire and deceive his friends and colleagues. Using Whitacre and a small team of agents to tap into the secrets at ADM, the FBI discovered the company's scheme to steal millions of dollars from its own customers. But as the FBI and federal prosecutors closed in on ADM, using stakeouts, wiretaps, and secret recordings of illegal meetings around the world, they suddenly found that everything was not all that it appeared. At the same time Whitacre was cooperating with the Feds while playing the role of loyal company man, he had his own agenda he kept hidden from everyone around him—his wife, his lawyer, even the FBI agents who had come to trust him with the case they had put their careers on the line for. Whitacre became sucked into his own world of James Bond antics, imperiling the criminal case and creating a web of deceit that left the FBI and prosecutors uncertain where the lies stopped and the truth began. In this gripping account unfolds one of the most captivating and bizarre tales in the history of the FBI and corporate America. Meticulously researched and richly told by New York Times senior writer Kurt Eichenwald, The Informant re-creates the drama of the story, beginning with the secret recordings, stakeouts, and interviews with suspects and witnesses to the power struggles within ADM and its board—including the high-profile chairman Dwayne Andreas, F. Ross Johnson, and Brian Mulroney—to the big-gun Washington lawyers hired by ADM and on up through the ranks of the Justice Department to FBI Director Louis Freeh and Attorney General Janet Reno. A page-turning real-life thriller that features deadpan FBI agents, crooked executives, idealistic lawyers, and shady witnesses with an addiction to intrigue, The Informant tells an important and compelling story of power and betrayal in America.

Confidential Informant

The officer can do this , too , in exploring issues with an informant . Questioning the informant about historical events is much easier if the incidents can be linked to some important date or circumstance . For example , I questioned ...

Author: John Madinger

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1420048708

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He baffled and eluded law enforcement officers for nearly two decades. In the end, however, it wasn't the painstaking forensic analysis of hundreds of pieces of crime scene evidence that led to the capture of the Unabomber-but the lucky tip of an informant. Truth of the matter is, for all their sophistication and hi-tech science, crime-fighting techniques such as fingerprint and DNA analysis are a factor in less than one percent of all criminal cases. In the overwhelming number of crimes, informants have provided the necessary ammunition needed to bring criminals to justice, from Genovese to Gotti and Capone to Dillinger. Confidential Informant: Understanding Law Enforcement's Most Valuable Tool explores the covert and clandestine world of informants-revealing the secrets of how to find them and make the most out of them, while at the same time, avoiding the pitfalls of dealing with them. Using case studies in which informants played key roles in solving crimes, the book examines all aspects of informant development and management, from the motivation of the informant to the legal problems that accompany the use of informants in criminal cases. Written by John Madinger, a former narcotics agent, supervisor and administrator, and currently a Senior Special Agent with the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service, Confidential Informant: Understanding Law Enforcement's Most Valuable Tool examines the emotional and behavioral characteristics of the informant, as well as the psychology of trust and betrayal. The book also illustrates techniques for improving interviewing and communication skills when dealing with informants, and provides invaluable forms that can be used in connection with these vital sources of information.

Law Enforcement Confidential Informant Practices

A police officer , investigating agent , or other law enforcement officer ( hereinafter “ officer ” ] who receives any information from a confidential informant , or who offers any compensation , promise , deal , inducement or benefit ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security


ISBN: PSU:000065509265

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Inside a Police Informant s Mind

The informant might make the decision on who he will look to in order to pass on information. However, that decision is going to be based on the instinct that tells him the officer has his best interest at heart.

Author: Paul Derry

Publisher: Coastal West Publishing

ISBN: 9780981240855

Category: Political Science

Page: 152

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Written by a former informant, Inside a Police Informant`s Mind presents an honest account of the role, risks, and motives of police informants. It chronicles the relationship and course of events between the author and a Royal Canadian Mounted Police commissioner. The author provides a fascinating insider's perspective on the working relationship between an informant and those in law enforcement who handle informants. The book gives balanced insight into the thoughts of both the police and the informant, addressing the hazards of manipulation by both parties. It highlights the importance of trust, communication, and understanding as means to bridge those hazards. Also, it demonstrates the difficult shift in lifestyle being an informant entails. After testifying in court, Paul Derry`s life was placed at high risk of retribution, necessitating his entry into a witness protection program. He reflects upon the process of entering a witness protection program and life afterward, not only for himself but also for his family. This autobiographical account is a must-read for police officers and informant handlers and is an especially useful source for intelligence gathering. The vivid, real-life accounts of Inside a Police Informant`s Mind are as revelatory as they are engrossing. It is a great addition to any collection of books on law enforcement and criminal justice. Table of Contents: Foreword Introduction: The Making of an Informant Part One: Inside an Informant’s Mind 1. Blood Brothers 2. Blood Money 3. Streets of Blood 4. The Thrill and Excitement 5. Cold-Blooded 6. Police Study Part Two: Characteristics of a Strong Source Handler 7. Dedicated to the Job 8. Trust 9. Empathy 10. Understanding Motives 11. Clear and Concise Communication 12. Control and Humility 13. Resilience 14. Sense of Humor 15. Discernment 16. Witness Protection Coordinators 17. Partners in Crime Part Three: Looking Back 18. The Gifts and Curses of an Informant 19. Taking a Life 20. Hours on the Stand 21. Life as a Rat 22. Witness Protection and Starting Over 23. Final Thoughts Appendix A: Police Perspectives on Paul Derry as a Source Appendix B: Words between a Source and his Handlers

Federal Criminal Trials

to be essential to the defense, disclosure of the informant's identity was not mandatory. United States v. Hare, 589 F.2d 242 (5th Cir. 1979). However, where the informant was the only witness in a position to buttress or contradict the ...

Author: James C. Cissell

Publisher: MICHIE

ISBN: STANFORD:36105060468316

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Secrets of the Adversarial Interview

disclose the identity of an informant. An “informant” is a person who has furnished information relating to or assisting in an investigation of a possible violation of law to a person whose official duties include the discovery, ...

Author: Ron Niccum


ISBN: 9780557142637


Page: 652

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Techniques, technologies, and applications - the arts and sciences of interrogating criminal suspects, their victims, and the witnesses to their crimes. Sounds exciting, don’t it? ad–ver–saŕ–ial!“Oooooh,†kindâ€a gets you all tingly. Wow! And doesn’t it just set you to thinking about gladiators locked in the deadly dance of hand-to-hand combat? Secrets takes you through the entire process of interrogation from start to finish; BUT, if you were expecting â€waterboarding†and other inefficient methods of torture – FORGET IT! The Adversarial Interview not only works but it’s legal!

The Soviet Union as Reported by Former Soviet Citizens

The informant was inclined to believe that Stalin might have caused his death, like that of many others. The informant was relatively favorable toward Lenin. Lenin was a great man, he said. Perhaps the Revolution started without Lenin, ...



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Criminal Procedure

informant was reliable. e. Court held that the officers neglected to state facts that would lead one to believe that probable cause existed, and they failed to state facts that supported the reliability of the informant.

Author: Jefferson L. Ingram

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000532210

Category: Law

Page: 736

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Criminal Procedure: Theory and Practice, 3rd Edition, presents a broad overview of criminal procedure as well as a detailed analysis of specific areas of the law that require specialized consideration. The third edition provides students with an updated, comprehensive text written in reader-friendly language to introduce them to the field of criminal procedure. Significant edited legal cases are integrated into each chapter, and comments, notes, and questions accompany each case. This edition features a new chapter covering searches of Internet-connected devices and electronic devices that may store personally connected data. The chapter “The Internet of Things” introduces search and seizure concepts related to electronics. In addition, a section at the conclusion of each chapter, “How Would You Decide,” allows readers to examine the facts of a real case that contain some of the important concepts form each chapter. The reader can compare the individual's personal resolution of the case with the way the actual court determined the issue. Using a balanced text/case format, the author provides an overview of general criminal procedure as well as guidance for law enforcement actions that honor constitutional protections and comport with the rule of law. Instructor support material prepared by the author is available on our website, including lecture slides and instructor’s manual with test bank, as well as online updates on new case law in the area of criminal procedure. This textbook is ideal for all criminal justice programs in both four-year and two-year schools, especially those preparing future police officers, as well as a reference for law students and attorneys.

The Life and Public Services of Samuel Adams

Mr. Harrison was burnt , the last summer , the informant observed several parties of men gathered in the street at the south end of the town of Boston , in the forenoon of the day . The informant went up to one of the parties , and Mr.

Author: William Vincent Wells


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