Happy Hunting grounds

The sneer of Mr. A or Mr. B of Broadway — ha ! ha ! what a merry trifle ! ... It is noticeable in many ways with what a kindly spirit these Nature broods will meet you on their own ground if you are truly ... 174 HAPPY HUNTING - GROUNDS .

Author: William Hamilton Gibson


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Happy Hunting Grounds

I hobble my ponies and pitch my tipi in happy hunting grounds. Hence my story and its title. Yet this book is made of realities, not romance. Primitive man, never having learned to enjoy his emotions, had no sentimental feeling for the ...

Author: Stanley Vestal

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

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Here is a story, in thinly disguised fictional form, of Plains Indians, especially a Cheyenne chief, Whirlwind—his manner of life, his beliefs, and particularly, his love of his son. The villain is a Mandan who is given refuge in the Cheyenne camp and then wreaks havoc with the lives of his hosts. He causes a battle with the Sioux, steals the chief’s favorite wife, and slays the chief’s young son. Whirlwind’s revenge for the death of his beloved son provides a dramatic climax. Happy Hunting Grounds recaptures Cheyenne life on the plains. The battles, celebrations, and lifeways of the Indians—Sioux, Cheyennes, and Mandans—are accurately and graphically portrayed. This volume is illustrated with drawings and paintings by Frederick Weygold, reflecting his own long association with the Plains tribes.

The Happy Hunting Grounds

They crossed the grounds grimacing . Tjapko and Cobus were so wound up that they wanted to go after the moustache in the guardhouse . Burning hatred overpowered the group . Victor kept his distance and tried to gulp back the smell of ...

Author: Nanne Tepper

Publisher: Harper Uk

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Swift’s Waterland soaks into McEwan’s Cement Garden in this shocking and intense debut. Incest, madness & romance in the peat. Can an incestuous relationship ever be a happy one?Steeped in an unearthly and unsettling fenland landscape, relationships like that between Victor and his teen sister tend to mist up the perspectives of the ‘normal’.A decade on, Victor arrives in Paris to write a book about Kerouac. ‘All he possessed was his past, a writer’s greatest treasure. While not wanting to repudiate it, he aspired to the grandeur of loss.’ And it is there, in the security and oppressiveness of his childhood, in the lonely fens of Groningen, that Victor’s dark treasure lies – an oppresiveness symbolized by the alcoholism of his father – and of his incestuous love for his younger sister Lisa.From the no-man’s-land between sea and soil in north-east Holland comes an outstanding book from an author who promises to be one of the first European literary stars of the new century. Steamy, sensuous, atmospheric and ripe with longing and loneliness.

The Happy Hunting Ground

... men and three ladies , reached the fence , the oldest hunter in the group put spurs to the nag he was riding and cleared the fence . There was an immediate wail from at least two of the girls and several 48 THE HAPPY HUNTING GROUND.

Author: Alexander Samuel Salley


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"The low-country of South Carolina furnishes one of the finest fields for a sportsman to enjoy himself in to be found in the United States. The stories, told briefly in simple style and in the ordinary language of the sportsmen of the section, illustrate the modes of pursuing and taking game in South Carolina, with some accounts of past conditions. Various sidelights on the sport in this section are also intersperced throughout the book"--Jacket.

Happy Hunting Grounds

No wind blew there , No lightening flashed its chain of frightening dare , It was the Happy Hunting Ground , Sweet and pure and fair . No thunder need to jar these varmits wake . Their lives we saw no need to take .

Author: James Hightower


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Describes boy's life in the Indian Territory.

The Hunting Grounds of the Great West

THE HAPPY HUNTING GROUNDS OF THE INDIAN . The Indian's idea of the future life in the Happy Hunting Grounds is as vague , confused , indefinite , and inconsistent , as can well be imagined . He believes that he will be happy - perfectly ...

Author: Richard Irving Dodge


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Authored by Richard Irving Dodge, a lieutenant colonel in the United States army, this 1877 volume contains a description of the plains, game and Indians of the great North American desert in the mid 1800s.