The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing

Without a trace of self-conscious righteousness, and with refreshing humor, Miller and Swift provide surprising insights into the English language and the ways in which people use it and are used by it.

Author: Casey Miller

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595159215

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Man, he brotherhood, founding fathers. It is argued that such words are and always have been used by educated people to encompass all humanity—men and women. Psychological and historical research in the past few years has produced evidence to the contrary: for most people “false generics” seldom if ever convey a female image, nor are they ancient unchangeable rules of the English grammar that have always been used by the educated. Using hundreds of examples, mostly from published sources, the authors illustrate what certain words are saying to us on a subliminal level. Solutions are supplied that range from word substitutions to suggestions for rewriting. Without a trace of self-conscious righteousness, and with refreshing humor, Miller and Swift provide surprising insights into the English language and the ways in which people use it and are used by it. They demonstrate that to be in command of the language, we must find clear, convincing, and graceful ways to convey our ideas accurately. We must recognize and replace exclusive, distorting, ambiguous, and injurious words.

Issues in Prayer Book Revision

... but it was also communicated by the standard English the author used.37 The
two women went on to produce the influential Handbook of Nonsexist Writing in
1980.38 Miller and Swift were not theologians, but they became convinced that ...

Author: Robert W. Prichard

Publisher: Church Publishing

ISBN: 9781640651258

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- Focused on a topic of wide interest to the Episcopal Church - Essays from academics across the spectrum of perspectives The Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music sought input from multiple sources in order to better understand the charge of the General Convention of 2015 suggesting that it present a plan for the revision of the Book of Common Prayer to the 2018 Convention. While the individual chapters of this volume raise a variety of differing issues, they share a common assumption--that one of the sources of information for the Standing Commission and the Church in its deliberations ought to be the community of academically trained liturgical scholars. The hope of this volume is to open a conversation across the church that will continue in the future.

The A Z of Non sexist Language

Bringing today's vocabulary completely up-to-date, here is definitive guide to non-sexist language.

Author: Margaret Doyle

Publisher: Trafalgar Square

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Bringing today's vocabulary completely up-to-date, here is definitive guide to non-sexist language. This straightforward and easy-to-use handbook offers a complete listing of sexist words and their non-sexist alternatives; vital clarification of common-usage words, outlining fully why some words are sexist and some are not; accessible A-Z format; and full cross-referencing. Unique and comprehensive, The A-Z of Non-Sexist Language is an essential reference for writers, speakers, editors, teachers and all who care about the words they use.

Instructor s Resource Manual to Accompany Anson Schwegler The Longman Handbook for Writers and Readers Second Edition and Anson Schwegler Muth The Longman Writer s Companion

The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing . New York : Harper & Row , 1988 . Queneau
, Raymond . Exercises in Style . 2nd ed . Barbara Wright , Tr . New York : New
Directions , 1981 . Pei , Mario . Double - Speak in America . New York : Hawthorn

Author: Chris M. Anson


ISBN: 0321064925

Category: English language

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Nonsexist Curriculum Development

MLA Handbook For Writers of Research Papers , Theses , and Dissertations .
New York : Modern Language Association , 1980 . 3 ) Miller , Casey , and Kate
Swift . The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing . New York : Barnes & Noble , 1980 .

Author: Barbara Parker


ISBN: CORNELL:31924059831101

Category: Curriculum planning

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The Technical Communicator s Handbook

De Vries , Mary A. Internationally Yours : Writing and Communicating
Successfully in Today's Global Marketplace . New York ... Language , Gender ,
and Professional Writing : Theoretical Approaches and Guidelines for Nonsexist
Usage .

Author: Dan Richard Jones

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: UVA:X004393056

Category: Technology & Engineering

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The Technical Communicator's Handbook offers concise discussions of more than 300 essential topics in technical communication for practicing professionals in a variety of technical disciplines. The handbook's format spiral binding and convenient tabs and clear style make it particularly accessible, while its systematic organization and comprehensive approach make it equally useful as a classroom teaching tool or a quick reference for technical writers. The Technical Communicator's Handbook begins with five sections covering the essential topics of the technical communication process from planning to production. The remaining four sections cover topics all technical writers need to know to succeed in their fields, including Internet use, correspondence, and a wide variety of technical documents. Unique qualities of this handbook include: discussions of brainstorming, mind mapping, and freewriting; evaluating Internet sources; style, tone, and bias; designing and illustrating on-line as well as print documents; and major editing strategies. Complete sections are devoted to using the Internet and developing a wide variety of interpersonal skills. Lists of practical tips and computer tools provide expert advice to students and professionals alike. Both the tips and the section-by-section bibliographies reflect the input of practicing professionals. For readers interested in tips to improve their business writing skills.

Guidelines for Bias free Writing

Miller, Casey, and Kate Swift. 1988. The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing: For
Writers, Editors, and Speakers, 2d ed. New York: Harper and Row. [Originally
published in 1980, this essential paperback handbook has now been reissued
with a ...

Author: Marilyn Schwartz


ISBN: UOM:39015031743852

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Katz (English, North Carolina State U.) examines the correlation between Reader Response Criticism and the philosophy of science engendered by the Copenhagen School of New Physics, and assesses the scientific empiricism that controls the parameters of reading and writing theory to look at the possibility of teaching reading and writing as "rhetorical music." He reinterprets Cicero's rhetorical theory in light of recent revisionist scholarship, and sketches a temporal model of affective response in reading and writing. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Communicator s Handbook

Chapter 1 The art of good writing Suggested readings : The Written Word II ,
based on the New American Heritage Dictionary , a guide to writing , style , and
usage . ... The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing for Writers , Editors , and Speakers

Author: Patricia Calvert

Publisher: Maupin House Publishing

ISBN: CORNELL:31924052766338

Category: Communication

Page: 301

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The Politics of American Feminism

Casey Miller and Kate Swift , The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing ( New York :
Harper & Row , 1980 ) , 32 . 7 . Stolba , Lying in a Room of One ' s Own , 24 . 8 .
Miller and Swift , The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing , 24 – 25 . 9 . Marsha B ...

Author: James T. Bennett

Publisher: University Press of Amer

ISBN: STANFORD:36105123319480

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This work assesses, with scholarly scrupulousness and irreverent wit, the ways in which the American male is being blamed, castigated, slandered, emasculated, and just plain harassed for a multitude of crimes and sins because of a single trait: "maleness." From cradle to grave, public policy and the teachings of the groves of the academe are increasingly shaped by an anti-male bias. Chapters examine the ways in which American men and maleness are punished in childhood; in school; in history texts; in language; in the wallet; in religion; and even in recreation. Although the book's tone is often light, the subject is a serious one that the mainstream media often avoids. The Politics of American Feminism debunks dated myths, defends individual liberty against feminist assaults, offers an impious take on the narrow focus of the women's movement, and has as a central premise that not only are men essential to the health of the nation and the survival of the species, but they also have a few salutary qualities as well.

Journal of the American Medical Women s Association

Accurate and nonsexist writing in English has been a controversial subject for
centuries . James Anderson , an ... 12 The Manual then guided editors toward
Miller and Swift's 1980 Handbook of Nonsexist Writing ! 3 for specific suggestions

Author: American Medical Women's Association


ISBN: UCLA:L0059174201

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The Bookseller

We learn certain rules of * The Handbook of Non - Sexist Writing for grammar and
usage in school . When Writers , Editors and Speakers by Casey they are
challenged it is as though we Miller and Kate Swift . British edition are also
challenged ...



ISBN: UCAL:B3312323

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Writing that Means Business

Nonsexist Language If man is a generic term , then why don ' t we feel
comfortable with a sentence such asModern man ... Casey Miller and Kate Swift ,
in The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing , provide page after page of suggestions (
like the ...

Author: Ellen Roddick

Publisher: Macmillan Publishing Company

ISBN: UOM:35128000888543

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Discusses the basic skills of business communications and offers advice on writing effective, clear, and concise business letters, memos, and reports

How to Get Happily Published

See also Miller and Swift ' s The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing , listed below .
Meyer , Herbert E . , and Jill M . Meyer . How to Write . Storm King Press /
Random House , P . O . Box 3566 , Washington , DC 20007 . 1986 . The authors
analyze ...

Author: Judith Appelbaum

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN: IND:30000011835653

Category: Authors and publishers

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A revised, updated and expanded edition of the most candid and comprehensive guide for writers.

Writing and Developing Your College Textbook

Luey , B . Handbook for Academic Authors . Cambridge University Press , 1987 .
Miller , Casey , and Kate Swift . The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing : For Writers ,
Editors and Speakers , 2nd ed . Lippincott , 1988 . Skillin , Marjorie E . , and ...

Author: Mary Ellen Lepionka

Publisher: Atlantic Path Pub

ISBN: UOM:39015067662547

Category: Education

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Mary Ellen Lepionka brings her 20 years of experience helping editors and authors achieve commercially successful college textbooks to this useful guide for those wishing to write or revise their own college textbook. With helpful, step-by-step guidelines on how to find a publisher and develop a quality manuscript, this book will empower academic authors or textbook writers to produce their own successful textbook. Contents: How college textbooks get published Interest a publisher in your manuscript Use the signing process to your advantage Development and why your textbook needs it Write to reach your true audience Establish an effective authorial voice Heading structure and why it matters Pedagogy and what it does for your textbook Create a truly useful chapter apparatus Develop successful feature strands Make drafting and revising easier on you Control length and manage schedule Do permission right Enhance your textbook's value visually.

Report Writing for Business and Industry

The general writing style used in professional journals is that of the academic
research report . Trade journals and yearbooks are ... The Handbook of
Nonsexist Writing for Writers , Editors and Speakers . New York : Barnes & Noble
, 1981 .

Author: Steven Golen

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0471808229

Category: Business report writing

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Writing with a Voice

Since 1980 we have been using in the office a book by Casey Miller and Kate
Swift titled The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing. 8. My grandfather's 1895 "
Webster's Dictionary" has a silly definition of "breast" that uses "man" to refer to
the human ...

Author: Diana Hacker

Publisher: Scott Foresman & Company

ISBN: 0673396703

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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The Blair Handbook

The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing . 2nd ed . New York : Harper , 1988 . Miller
and Swift provide a thorough discussion of strategies for overcoming and
avoiding sexist language . Shear , Marie . “ Solving the Great Pronoun Problem .

Author: Toby Fulwiler


ISBN: PSU:000043803491

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