The Handbook of Model Making for Set Designers

From the most basic cutting and assembling methods to advanced painting, texturing, and finishing techniques, this invaluable guide covers every aspect of producing models for stage sets.

Author: Colin Winslow

Publisher: Crowood Press (UK)

ISBN: 1847970192

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 176

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From the most basic cutting and assembling methods to advanced painting, texturing, and finishing techniques, this invaluable guide covers every aspect of producing models for stage sets. Useful hints on producing a range of different models—including buildings and structures, organic elements such as trees and bushes, and furniture—are provided along with helpful illustrated step-by-step instructions. A number of modern computer-based design techniques are also included and accompanied by tips on using these techniques in combination with more traditional procedures to enhance finished products.

Handbook of Model making for Set Designers

Colin Winslow. The Handbook of Modelmaking for Set Designers The Handbook of Modelmaking for Set Designers Colin Winslow THE.

Author: Colin Winslow

Publisher: Crowood

ISBN: 9781785000546

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 176

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The Handbook of Model-making for Set Designers describes the entire process of making scale models for stage sets, from the most basic cutting and assembling methods to more advanced skills, including painting, texturing and finishing techniques, and useful hints on presenting the completed model. Many drawings and colour photographs of the writer's own work illustrate the text. Some state-of-the-art computerized techniques are described here for the first time in a book of this kind, including many ways in which digital techniques can be used in combination with the more traditional methods to enhance the model-maker's work. This book will be of use not only to theatre designers, but to anyone with an interest in scale models of any kind. The book covers; tools and materials; painting and texturing; architectural models; people, trees and organic elements; moving parts; furniture and dressings. Superbly illustrated with 200 colour photographs and drawings.

3D Printing Basics for Entertainment Design

His books, The Handbook of Set Design (2006), The Handbook of Model-making for Set Designers (2008), and The Handbook of Techniques for Theatre Designers (2010) all discuss his work with 3D printing. His 3D models can be found at ...

Author: Anne E. McMills

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781351610810

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 416

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Affordable 3D printers are rapidly becoming everyday additions to the desktops and worktables of entertainment design practitioners – whether working in theatre, theme parks, television and film, museum design, window displays, animatronics, or... you name it! We are beginning to ask important questions about these emerging practices: · How can we use 3D fabrication to make the design and production process more efficient? · How can it be used to create useful and creative items? · Can it save us from digging endlessly through thrift store shelves or from yet another late-night build? · And when budgets are tight, will it save us money? This quick start guide will help you navigate the alphabet soup that is 3D printing and begin to answer these questions for yourself. It outlines the basics of the technology, and its many uses in entertainment design. With straightforward and easy-to-follow information, you will learn ways to acquire printable 3D models, basic methods of creating your own, and tips along the way to produce successful prints. Over 70 professionals contributed images, guidance, and never-before-seen case studies filled with insider secrets to this book, including tutorials by designer and pioneer, Owen M. Collins.

The Handbook of Techniques for Theatre Designers

Theatre designers need to be proficient in an extraordinarily diverse range of skills to carry out their work.

Author: Colin Winslow

Publisher: Crowood Press (UK)

ISBN: 1847972004

Category: Design

Page: 176

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Drawing on a lifetime's experience as a professional theatre designer and teacher, Colin Winslow describes these techniques in detail with explanatory drawings and photographs, and suggests practical ways to acquire them. Each chapter concludes with a useful series of practical exercises.

In Miniature

Ashgate: Farnham, Surrey, 2013. Winslow, Colin. The Handbook of Model-making for Set Designers. Crowood: Marlborough, UK, 2008. Winterstein, Irene. The Irene Winterstein Collection of Important Miniature Books. Christie's: London, 2000.

Author: Simon Garfield

Publisher: Atria Books

ISBN: 9781501199585

Category: Art

Page: 336

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Bestselling, award-winning writer Simon Garfield returns with an enthralling investigation of humans’ peculiar fascination with small things—and what small things tell us about our larger world. “[Simon Garfield is] an exuberant truffle-hound of the recondite and delightful factoid.” —Sunday Times (London) Simon Garfield writes books that shine a light on aspects of the everyday world in order to reveal the charms and eccentricities hiding in plain sight around us. After beguiling fans with books about everything from typography to time, from historic maps to the color mauve, he’s found his most delightful topic yet: miniatures. Tiny Eiffel Towers. Platoons of brave toy soldiers. A doll’s house created for a Queen. Diminutive crime scenes crafted to catch a killer. Model villages and miniscule railways. These are just a few of the objects you will discover in the pages of In Miniature. Bringing together history, psychology, art, and obsession, Garfield explores what fuels the strong appeal of miniature objects among collectors, modelers, and fans. The toys we enjoy as children invest us with a rare power at a young age, conferring on us a taste of adult-sized authority. For some, the desire to play with small things becomes a desire to make small things. We live in a vast and uncertain world, and controlling just a tiny, scaled-down part of it restores our sense of order and worth. As it explores flea circuses, microscopic food, ancient tombs, and the Vegas Strip, In Miniature changes the way we perceive our surroundings, encouraging all of us to find greatness in the smallest of things.

Directing a Handbook for Emerging Theatre Directors

The prime tools of the designer are the model box, the 'white card model' and the fully finished model ofthe set. ... spend a huge amount oftime and effort on the final model, and busy, high-level, designers often employ model-makers.

Author: Rob Swain

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408156629

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 336

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The theatre director is one of the most critical roles in a successful drama company, yet there are no formal qualifications required for entry into this profession. This practical guide for emerging theatre directors answers all the key questions from the very beginning of your career to key stages as you establish your credentials and get professionally recognized. It analyzes the director's role through relationships with the actors, author, designer, production manager and creative teams and provides vital advice for "on-the-job" situations where professional experience is invaluable. The book also provides an overview of the many approaches to acting methodology without focusing on any in particular to allow the director to develop their own unique methods of working with any actor's style. Each chapter includes these key features: * Introduces important theories, identifies practitioners and provides key reading to provide an overview of historic and current practice. * Interviews with leading practitioners and emerging directors. * Suggested exercises to develop the director's own approach and practical skills.

The Indie Producers Handbook

Any work on the project in the digital or effects field may impact the performance of the talent unless your director does his or her homework and understands the process. Set Designers, Model Makers and Storyboard Artists (ms: Local ...

Author: Myrl A. Schreibman

Publisher: Watson-Guptill

ISBN: 9780770433512

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 270

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Myrl Schreibman has written a comprehensive and practical, step-by-step guide for organizing and running a film from pre-production through post-production and delivery. This invaluable resource provides fundamental tools to produce a more thorough, more organized, and more professional film production. Packed with engaging and useful anecdotes, Schreibman provides a superlative introduction and overview to all of the key elements in producing for film and television. Useful to film students and filmmakers as a theoretical and practical guide to understanding the filmmaking process, Schreibman fills his manuscript with practical examples from his considerable personal experience in the film industry. Loaded with insider tips to help filmmakers avoid the pitfalls of show business.

The Art Direction Handbook for Film

That remarkable process was borrowed from the automobile industry that needs to prototype original drawings before making full-scale multiples en masse. There are two 3D modeling software packages used in set designing.

Author: Michael Rizzo

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781136068706

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 351

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Practical, comprehensive on-the-job manual for art directors from an established Hollywood insider.

The Design Student s Handbook

Getting started as a theatre designer may mean following several routes before settling on a clear career path. Experiencing the industry is also very important. So, to begin with, you may need to work as a model-maker for an ...

Author: Jane Bartholomew

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317341246

Category: Social Science

Page: 504

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What is design? What are the main design disciplines, and how do they interrelate? How does design theory and context help you improve your studio work? What do you need to know by the end of your course to get a good career? What can you do to become a knowledgeable designer and improve your skills so that you stand out from the crowd? Whether you are already studying design, thinking about choosing a course, or are well on your way to finding your first job, this essential and uniquely comprehensive book will introduce you to the world of design and support you throughout your studies and on into the industry. Key features Develops your core skills and supports you in making the most of your studies. Describes the multi-disciplinary design world by exploring the various design disciplines – graphics, fashion and textiles, three-dimensional design, craft, spatial, interactive media, and theatre, film and television. Contains crucial practical information so you’re ready for your career - placements, working with industry and self-employment, networking, job-seeking and how to succeed in your own business. Covers the key practical, theoretical and cultural fundamentals of design to help you understand and inform your practice - chapters on creativity and innovation, history, culture and context, how to communicate design, colour theory, aesthetics, and how to design with ethical, social and responsible considerations. Comprises chapters written by designers and lecturers, all experts in their fields. Includes stories, career profiles and first-hand quotes by students, established designers and industry specialists exploring what it’s like to study and to work in the design industry today. Identifies important books and websites for further reading. The Design Student’s Handbook will guide you along the road to a successful and fulfilling career and is an essential text for studying any of the design disciplines.

Handbook of Safety and Health for the Service Industry 4 Volume Set

hundreds of people, from screenwriters to costume, lighting, and set designers. ... They supervise many different people, including illustrators, scenic designers, model makers, carpenters, painters, electricians, laborers, ...

Author: Charles D. Reese

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781466507906

Category: Law

Page: 1890

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Each of the four volumes in the Handbook of Safety and Health for the Service Industry demonstrates how to tackle particular safety and health dangers in sub sectors of the service industry. They cover materials and goods services, infrastructure services, administrative services, and people-oriented services. Closely examining hazard identificatio