The Handbook of English Linguistics

Dictionary of American English usage. New York: Oxford University Press English. New Jersey: Littlefield Adams. The Right Word at the Right Time (1985). London, Partridge, E. (1942). Usage and abusage: A guide to good English.

Author: Bas Aarts

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119540564

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Second edition of this popular Handbook bringing together stimulating discussions of core English linguistics topics in a single, authoritative volume—includes numerous new and thoroughly updated chapters The second edition of the popular Handbook of English Linguistics brings together stimulating discussions of the core topics in English linguistics in a single, authoritative volume. Written by an international team of experts, the chapters cover syntax, methodology, phonetics and phonology, lexis and morphology, variation, stylistics, and discourse, and also provide discussions of theoretical and descriptive research in the field. The revised edition includes new and updated chapters on English Corpus Linguistics, experimental approaches, complements and adjuncts, English phonology and morphology, lexicography, and more. In-depth yet accessible chapters introduce key areas of English linguistics, discuss relevant research, and suggest future research directions. An important academic contribution to the field, this book: Presents thirty-two in-depth, yet accessible, chapters that discuss new research findings across the field, written by both established and emerging scholars from around the world Builds upon the very successful first edition, published in 2006 Incorporates new trends in English linguistics, including digital research methods and theoretical advances in all subfields Suggests future research directions The Handbook of English Linguistics, 2nd Edition is an essential reference work for researchers and students working in the field of English language and linguistics.

The Macmillan Good English Handbook

Godfrey Howard's book fills the gap found between the spelling and meaning of words, and the grammatical and linguistic questions that an ordinary dictionary doesn't answer.

Author: Godfrey Howard

Publisher: Macmillan Pub Limited

ISBN: 033371203X

Category: Literary Criticism

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An at-a-glance guide to the English language containing rules, recommendations, cautions and options. This book also offers advice for the millennium, such as when to observe old rules, and when to adopt new ones.

The Handbook of Dialectology

... down‐to‐earth educated – uneducated normal – abnormal smart – dumb formal – casual bad Englishgood English friendly – unfriendly nasal – not nasal speaks with – without a drawl speaks with – without a twang (Preston 1999c, ...

Author: Charles Boberg

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118827598

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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The Handbook of Dialectology provides an authoritative, up-to-date and unusually broad account of the study of dialect, in one volume. Each chapter reviews essential research, and offers a critical discussion of the past, present and future development of the area. The volume is based on state-of-the-art research in dialectology around the world, providing the most current work available with an unusually broad scope of topics Provides a practical guide to the many methodological and statistical issues surrounding the collection and analysis of dialect data Offers summaries of dialect variation in the world’s most widely spoken and commonly studied languages, including several non-European languages that have traditionally received less attention in general discussions of dialectology Reviews the intellectual development of the field, including its main theoretical schools of thought and research traditions, both academic and applied The editors are well known and highly respected, with a deep knowledge of this vast field of inquiry

Using Good English

The handbook on pages 303-312 gives added help . were were was were A. Is , are , was , and were . Add is , are , was , or were to the following groups of words to make sentences . Practice Good English Habit 19.

Author: Harold Gray Shane


ISBN: STANFORD:36105049206282

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The Handbook of Spanish Second Language Acquisition

The Spanish trill was identified as a fairly good English / 1 / over 90 % of the time , while the tap was identified as a poor example of the English / 1 / ( 58 % ) and as a poor / d / ( 30 % ) , making the trill - tap contrast a ...

Author: Kimberly L. Geeslin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119457053

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Bringing together a comprehensive collection of newly-commissioned articles, this Handbook covers the most recent developments across a range of sub-fields relevant to the study of second language Spanish. Provides a unique and much-needed collection of new research in this subject, compiled and written by experts in the field Offers a critical account of the most current, ground-breaking developments across key fields, each of which has seen innovative empirical research in the past decade Covers a broad range of issues including current theoretical approaches, alongside a variety of entries within such areas as the sound system, morphosyntax, individual and social factors, and instructed language learning Presents a variety of methodological approaches spanning the active areas of research in language acquisition

Rod and Staff English Handbook

This English handbook contains important rules of grammar, usage, and composition. This edition expands study skills; composition types; writer¿s aids; and writing, speaking, and editing style skills.

Author: Ernest Wine


ISBN: 0739905430

Category: Christian education

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This English handbook contains important rules of grammar, usage, and composition. This edition expands study skills; composition types; writer¿s aids; and writing, speaking, and editing style skills. The text is largely based on and slightly beyond the g

The Handbook of Language Variation and Change

... three social constraints (gender, English proficiency, speakers' friendship network). ... female 0.547 0.381 little English proficiency –0.187 1.5e-06 –0.132 0.260 good English proficiency –0.678 –0.584 very good English proficiency ...

Author: J. K. Chambers

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118335512

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Reflecting a multitude of developments in the study of language change and variation over the last ten years, this extensively updated second edition features a number of new chapters and remains the authoritative reference volume on a core research area in linguistics. A fully revised and expanded edition of this acclaimed reference work, which has established its reputation based on its unrivalled scope and depth of analysis in this interdisciplinary field Includes seven new chapters, while the remainder have undergone thorough revision and updating to incorporate the latest research and reflect numerous developments in the field Accessibly structured by theme, covering topics including data collection and evaluation, linguistic structure, language and time, language contact, language domains, and social differentiation Brings together an experienced, international editorial and contributor team to provides an unrivalled learning, teaching and reference tool for researchers and students in sociolinguistics

The Oxford Handbook of African American Language

By contrast, travelers and clergymen in the eighteenth century frequently observed that African-born slaves did not understand or speak English well. For instance, the Rev. John Bell of Virginia wrote in 1724 that there were “a great ...

Author: Sonja Lanehart

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199795505

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 928

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The goal of The Oxford Handbook of African American Language is to provide readers with a wide range of analyses of both traditional and contemporary work on language use in African American communities in a broad collective. The Handbook offers a survey of language and its uses in African American communities from a wide range of contexts organized into seven sections: Origins and Historical Perspectives; Lects and Variation; Structure and Description; Child Language Acquisition and Development; Education; Language in Society; and Language and Identity. It is a handbook of research on African American Language (AAL) and, as such, provides a variety of scholarly perspectives that may not align with each other -- as is indicative of most scholarly research. The chapters in this book "interact" with one another as contributors frequently refer the reader to further elaboration on and references to related issues and connect their own research to related topics in other chapters within their own sections and the handbook more generally to create dialogue about AAL, thus affirming the need for collaborative thinking about the issues in AAL research. Though the Handbook does not and cannot include every area of research, it is meant to provide suggestions for future work on lesser-studied areas (e.g., variation/heterogeneity in regional, social, and ethnic communities) by highlighting a need for collaborative perspectives and innovative thinking while reasserting the need for better research and communication in areas thought to be resolved.