The Greatest Lecture I Was Never Taught

Sometimes it can be research-oriented and sometimes it can be best practices. In the case of Dr. Curry and Dr. Jackson's book, The Greatest Lecture I Was Never Taught, they have focused on a series of essays by leaders in a variety of ...


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Inspired by non-fiction volumes of essays, this volume is a compilation not of scholarly text, but instructional vignettes of educators from all sectors sharing the greatest lesson they learned from their mentor that was never taught, but was rather observed.

Lectures Delivered Before the Sunday Lecture Society

Sunday lecture society, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ... But the greatest lesson which Goethe has to teach , the lesson of patience , Carlyle , it would seem , never learned Ohne Hast , ohne Rast — without hasting , I suppose If we may without ...

Author: Sunday lecture society, Newcastle-upon-Tyne



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Lecture I VIII being a series of lectures delivered in the Catholic Chapel St Mary s Mount Walsall on the infallibility of the Church and other important points of controversy etc

... the spiritual kingdom of Christ ; never , says the great St. Augustine , can there be a cause for cutting asunder the bond of unity . As the one true Church can never teach error , by the declaration of Christ himself , whatever she ...

Author: Francis MARTYN


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Essays and Lectures on Indian Historical Subjects

A LECTURE ON HYDER ALI'S LAST WAR . ... It cannot certainly be denied that he was a great and successful soldier . ... though born with a swarthy skin , never taught to read or write , is yet a striking example that great natural gifts ...

Author: George Bruce Malleson


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Lectures on the evidence from miracles

been wrought by great scientific skill . ... of science may one day accomplish , but we can point out many things that science never has done and never will do . For instance , it will never teach us to work without instruments .

Author: Richard Charles Coxe


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True Stories of Strange Events and Odd People

Brockway, excellent though he was, he never progressed beyond the ideas of Pauling in the way that Rundle did. ... I so admired Rundle that I attended his lectures to undergraduate and graduate students and learned a great deal of what ...

Author: Lawrence S. Bartell

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Lawrence Bartell experienced many strange events over the course of his long life, at least partly because he deliberately strayed far from the beaten path in science. While it might not have been the most efficient way to gain a reputation in his field, it was more fun. In his memoir, he presents a collection of entertaining, sometimes bizarre stories collected over a lifetime. Bartell chronicles a wide variety of experiences, such as his predisposition to indulge in childhood pranks, his arrest as a possible Russian spy, his work on the Manhattan Project, his entry into the Guinness Book of Records, his stint in the US Navy during wartime, and his appointment as visiting professor in Moscow during the height of the Cold War. As he recalls the curious and often bizarre true stories he acquired over a lifetime, it soon becomes evident that scientists are just as human as anyone else and that beer really can play an important role in preparing one for a PhD thesis. True Stories of Strange Events and Odd People shares details from a scientist's one-of-a-kind journey through life as he observes the world around him, tests his theories, and learns valuable life lessons.

Public Lectures Delivered in the Chapel of the University of the State of Missouri 1878 79

Convince the mind by one example , and the similarity which exists between all branches of knowledge will teach the same truth ... after they attain to years of maturity , and frequently loose the greater part of that LECTURE OF PROF .

Author: University of Missouri


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Pharmaceutical Journal

Another serious complaint is to the effect that the best boys in a school you are never taught science at all , and that ... The result of this may be stated in the teacher's own words : " The boys are sent to chemistry lectures grouped ...



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The Pennsylvania School Journal

Common words and short and very simple sentences He has not the time nor will it be best , as in such ex- should be used ... an interesting series of lectures on Botany , writers , who have never taught school in the rural to a class of ...

Author: Thomas Henry Burrowes


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Exemplary College Science Teaching

I am more likely to ask a question or share a concern with others when being taught by my friends in a small cluster instead ofa professor in a large lecture hall. One student even remarked, “I've always hated science and never learned ...

Author: Robert E. Yager

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“Since K–12 students taught using the new [Next Generation Science Standards]will be arriving in college classrooms prepared in a different way from those in our classrooms currently, it would behoove college teachers to be prepared to alter their teaching methods ... or be perceived to be dinosaurs using the older teaching methods.” — From Exemplary College Science Teaching If you’re looking for inspiration to alter your teaching methods to match new standards and new times, this book is for you. As the first in the Exemplary Science series to focus exclusively on college science teaching, this book offers 16 examples of college teaching that builds on what students learned in high school. Understanding that college does not exist in a vacuum, the chapter authors demonstrate how to adapt the methods and frameworks under which secondary students have been working and make them their own for the college classroom, adding new technologies when appropriate and letting the students take an active role in their learning. Among the innovative topics and techniques the essays in this book explore are • Lecture-free college science teaching • Peer-led study groups as learning communities • Jigsaw techniques that enhance learning • Inquiry incorporated into large-group settings • Interactive video conferences for assessing student attitudes and behaviors The clichéd image of the professor droning on before a packed lecture hall is a thing of the past. The essays in this book explain why—and offer the promise of a better future.