The Great Northwest

... is a great park, though I only saw a fraction of it. Grand Teton. I think it means 'Big breast'. MT. WAsHBURN Please, just allow this poor, dying soul to. 52 The Great Northwest.

Author: Courtney M. Purcell

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595211944

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The Great Northwest is one man¡_s account of a fantastic trek with friends into the vast, open wilderness of the Great Northwest, in search of freedom, peace, and divine spirituality. From the concrete jungles of Seattle, to the yellow stone canyons of Wyoming, the glaciers of the Canadian Rockies, and into the loving arms of solitude atop the snowy mountains of northern Washington, it¡_s a story of hope, of love, of longing, and of the ultimate striving for meaning in a world so full of magic and uncertainty.

Hiking the Great Northwest

The day hike follows the Big Sandy River to a lake at timberline . Drive south of Pinedale 12 miles on US 191 and between mileposts 87 and 88 turn east to Boulder ( no signs identify this turn ) ; from there continue 18.8 miles on SR ...

Author: Harvey Manning

Publisher: The Mountaineers Books

ISBN: 0898865913

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This fully updated second edition, now with an alluring array of color photos, will whet your appetite for both unexplored territory and the classics. Discover outdoor adventure in the Pacific Northwest, and find your own favourite paradise.

Ruth Fielding in the Great Northwest

Alice B. Emerson. Ruth Fielding in the Great Northwest Wy so | V oy W S. o o Alice B. Emerson Start Classics RUTH FIELDING IN THE GREAT NORTHWEST OR, THE INDIAN GIRL. Front Cover.

Author: Alice B. Emerson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781609776824

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The gray dust, spurting from beneath the treads of the rapidly turning wheels, drifted across the country road to settle on the wayside hedges. The purring of the engine of Helen Cameron's car betrayed the fact that it was tuned to perfection. If there were any rough spots in the road being traveled, the shock absorbers took care of them. "Dear me! I always do love to ride in Nell's car," said the plump and pretty girl who occupied more than her share of the rear seat. "Even if Tom isn't here to take care of it, it always is so comfy." "Only one thing would suit you better, Heavy," declared the sharp-featured and sharp-tongued girl sitting next to Jennie Stone. "If only a motor could be connected to a rocking-chair-" "Right-o!" agreed the cheerful plump girl. "And have it on a nice shady porch. I'd like to travel that way just as well. After our experience in France we ought to be allowed to travel in comfort for the rest of our lives. Isn't that so, Nell? And you agree, Ruthie?" The girl at the wheel of the flying automobile nodded only, for she needed to keep her gaze fixed ahead. But the brown-haired, brown-eyed girl, whose quiet face seemed rather wistful, turned to smile upon the volatile-and voluble-Heavy Stone, so nicknamed during their early school days at Briarwood Hall.

The Bungalow Boys in the Great Northwest

There's a lot to do before we start for The Great Northwest.” “The great northwest!” echoed Tom, picking up the now despised string of bass. “If there are any two finer words in the geographies, I've never heard them.” CHAPTER II.

Author: John Goldfrap

Publisher: Litres

ISBN: 9785040545049

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Black Tailed Deer of the Great Northwest

James R. Harris. BLACK - TAILED DEER OF THE GREAT NORTHWEST WRITTEN AND PHOTOGRAPHED BY JA MES R. HARRIS Black-tailed Deer OF THE Great Northwest Written and Photographed By. Front Cover.

Author: James R. Harris

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781664150041

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Many hunters and wildlife photographers consider the Black-tailed Deer the most elusive and alert American Deer species. Their amazing speed and blistering quickness make it very difficult for humans to get close – whether hunting or for that rare close-up shot. In his passionate quest to photographically capture the wily deer in their natural, unguarded behavior, James R. Harris demonstrates a sniper’s skills in patience, stillness, quickness and accuracy as he presents this breathtakingly rare peek into the deer’s secret life at its unbridled best. The Black-tailed Deer of the Great Northwest collection portrays the black-tail at their various stages of life, from fragile white-spotted fawns, to protective mothers bonding with their fawns, to bucks chasing does in rutting season. Under Harris’ watchful, unseen lens, the deer are exposed in spontaneity – while in hot pursuit of a female, in full alert for predators or in deep cover.

New Light on the Early History of the Greater Northwest

12th, 1812, when he left Fort William on Lake Superior for Montreal, thus ending forever his explorations in the Greater Northwest, are voluminous and almost complete; there is hardly a break in the day-by-day entries for these 23 years ...

Author: Alexander Henry

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108079372

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A two-volume version of an 1897 publication containing abridged and edited journals relating to exploration of America's Northwest.

The Conquest of the Great Northwest

The question is how , when the great men of humanity come to this blind wall , did they ever have courage to go on ? For the thing they pursued was a phantom never to be realized ; but strangely enough , in the providence of God ...

Author: Agnes C. Laut


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was a prerequisite to the issuance of a letter of clearance by your Headquarters a for himself as general agent of the Great Northwest Life Insurance Company . Inasmuch as no such requirement is contained in either USAREUR Circular No.

Author: United States. Congress. House


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was a prerequisite to the issuance of a letter of clearance by your Headquarters for himself as general agent of the Great Northwest Life Insurance Company . Inasmuch as no such requirement is contained in either USAREUR Circular No.

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Armed Services


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The Greater Plains

References to the “Northwest” in the company catalog continued until 1922, when for the first time an annual letter ... however, the Will Co. catalog letter referred only to the Northwest, using phrases such as “this great Northwest,” ...

Author: Brian Frehner

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9781496227058

Category: History

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The Greater Plains tells a new story of a region, stretching from the state of Texas to the province of Alberta, where the environments are as varied as the myriad ways people have inhabited them. These innovative essays document a complicated history of human interactions with a sometimes plentiful and sometimes foreboding landscape, from the Native Americans who first shaped the prairies with fire to twentieth-century oil regimes whose pipelines linked the region to the world. The Greater Plains moves beyond the narrative of ecological desperation that too often defines the region in scholarly works and in popular imagination. Using the lenses of grasses, animals, water, and energy, the contributors reveal tales of human adaptation through technologies ranging from the travois to bookkeeping systems and hybrid wheat. Transnational in its focus and interdisciplinary in its scholarship, The Greater Plains brings together leading historians, geographers, anthropologists, and archaeologists to chronicle a past rich with paradoxical successes and failures, conflicts and cooperation, but also continual adaptation to the challenging and ever-shifting environmental conditions of the North American heartland.