The Full Montezuma

Intrepid travel writer Peter Moore recently invited the new love of his life, a.k.a. the girl next door, to join him on a romantic sojourn through Central America.


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Intrepid travel writer Peter Moore recently invited the new love of his life, a.k.a. the girl next door, to join him on a romantic sojourn through Central America. The trip would take them into an area of the world emerging from decades of civil war, an area racked with poverty, disease and natural disasters. Naturally, she jumped at the chance. Over the next six months they battled hurricanes, mosquitoes, uncooperative border officials and over-sexed Mexican commuters, and along the way they learnt rather more about each other than they really wanted to... From Zapatista rebel heartlands in Mexico to a quiet game of cricket in Jamaica, from the devastation wrought by Hurricane Mitch in Honduras to breathtaking ancient Mayan sites and perfect golden Caribbean beaches, The Full Montezuma chronicles the highs and lows of one couple's journey into the unknown. Written with Moore's wicked sense of humour and his eye for the bizarre, and punctuated by a roll call of annoying habits - map-hogging, over packing, bite-scratching and over-zealous haggling - The Full Montezuma is hilarious, incisive and acutely observed, a cautionary tale for anyone planning to cross a continent with their significant other.

Montezuma s Gold

You will be protected by the full power of the Mexican Government in every decision you make.” 1319*” Peter stepped off the plane to a bright and muggy day in ... Just as he came down the last small slope, Peter's 91 "ii Montezuma'; Gold.

Author: Chick Lung

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In the year 1520 Hernando Cortez conquered the Aztec Empire and captured riches that filled the treasury of King Charles I of Spain to overflowing. Ships laden with gold and precious stones flowed from the New World to Spain, making Spain the riches country in Europe. However not all the treasure of the Aztec Empire was found by Hernando Cortez and his men as they slaughtered and looted their way through the new world. For hundreds of years rumors abounded of an Aztec secret chamber with rooms full of gold and precious gems that the Conquistadors never found. Quite by accident Peter Logan has found the chamber hidden for more than five hundred years. In a desperate flight from the Spanish family who claims the treasure belongs to them and a killer tracking him down, Peter must somehow find a way to return the treasure to its rightful place with the antiquities of Mexico.

A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels Complete Arranged in Systematic Order Forming a Complete History of the Origin and Progress of Navigation Discovery and Commerce by Sea and Land from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time

The whole of this plan was reported to Montezuma, who immediately commanded his nephew Cacamatzin to desist from his preparations, and communicated the information he had received to Cortes, who had already received some notice of what ...

Author: Robert Kerr

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Citizen Indians

The full details of Montezuma's life are in Peter Iverson's Carlos Montezuma and the 4-5 46 47 48 49 5O 5I 52 53 54Changing World of American Indians (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1982). Dorcas J. Spencer to Carlos ...

Author: Lucy Maddox

Publisher: Cornell University Press

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By the 1890s, white Americans were avid consumers of American Indian cultures. At heavily scripted Wild West shows, Chautauquas, civic pageants, expositions, and fairs, American Indians were most often cast as victims, noble remnants of a vanishing race, or docile candidates for complete assimilation. However, as Lucy Maddox demonstrates in Citizen Indians, some prominent Indian intellectuals of the era—including Gertrude Bonnin, Charles Eastman, and Arthur C. Parker—were able to adapt and reshape the forms of public performance as one means of entering the national conversation and as a core strategy in the pan-tribal reform efforts that paralleled other Progressive-era reform movements. Maddox examines the work of American Indian intellectuals and reformers in the context of the Society of American Indians, which brought together educated, professional Indians in a period when the "Indian question" loomed large. These thinkers belonged to the first generation of middle-class American Indians more concerned with racial categories and civil rights than with the status of individual tribes. They confronted acute crises: the imposition of land allotments, the abrogation of the treaty process, the removal of Indian children to boarding schools, and the continuing denial of birthright citizenship to Indians that maintained their status as wards of the state. By adapting forms of public discourse and performance already familiar to white audiences, Maddox argues, American Indian reformers could more effectively pursue self-representation and political autonomy.

Arizona Curiosities

The Full Montezuma Camp Verde The history of Montezuma Castle is well documented, considering that nobody wrote anything down when it was an active community. Through decades of research, archaeologists have established that Sinaguan ...

Author: Sam Lowe

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Saguaro cacti, desert landscapes, and the Grand Canyon may stand out as prominent Arizona features, but this scorching state is also home to bizarre places, personalities, events, and phenomena. These unique and quirky aspects are humorously displayed in Arizona Curiosities, a cross between a wacky news gazette, an almanac, and a humorous travel guide.

Montezuma s Revenge

While the police of the entire country look for you you walk casually into the known headquarters of La Agenzia Terza.” “I thought your existence was a secret?” “Do not seek to confuse! What are we to believe—that this ruthless killer ...

Author: Harry Harrison

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A priceless da Vinci painting, supposedly destroyed during World War II, miraculously appeared in Mexico. The Agency sent art expert Tony Hawkin to find out what the hell was going on down there. But what started as a holiday jaunt, soon became a deadly mad escapade that was as hilarious as it was deadly. In a nightmare comedy of errors, professional agents from Israel, Italy, and Germany, closed in on poor, bumbling Hawkin. it was a death trap for the timid art investigator and only an illogical amateur could home to survive the murderously inept MEXICAN CONNECTION.

Montezuma s Daughter

But the buck was in the open , and the trees and bush ceased a full hundred yards away from where he stood , so that there was no way by which we might draw near to him . Then Guatemoc began to mock ... It was well 112 MONTEZUMA'S DAUGHTER.

Author: Henry Rider Haggard

Publisher: Made in England for the Oxford Society Montreal by G.G. Harrap

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Montezuma s Chocolate Cookbook Marvellous messy melt in the mouth recipes

All this while retaining a delightful delicacy that carries and complements flavours across the full spectrum of recipes and ingredients. Despite this glorious potential, chocolate has a reputation for being a tricky ingredient among ...

Author: Simon Pattinson

Publisher: Hachette UK

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Montezuma's Chocolate is famous for its unusual flavour combinations and creative approach, and now this stunning recipe book from founders Simon and Helen Pattinson brings chocolate into the kitchen as a versatile and delicious ingredient in all its decadent glory. Get messy with a homemade Easter Egg made out of a balloon and lots of melted chocolate; discover exciting flavour combinations such as Orange and Geranium Chocolate Souffles; push the boat out with a towering Black Forest Gateau; and get adventurous by experimenting with savoury options, including Penne with White Chocolate, Roquefort and Pistachio Sauce. Whether you want to throw a chocolate-themed dinner party (complete with cocktails and a choice of hot and cold desserts) or fuel a family outing with Simon's amazing Marbled Three-Nut 'Get Going' Bars, these fun-to-make and even-more-fun-to-eat creations will provide hours of chocolatey enjoyment. A must-have for chocolate lovers, Montezuma's fans and creative cooks, this beautifully photographed book is sure to keep everyone sweet.

Montezuma s Man

... ones who could afford the full pensione besides Isaac himself. He was fond of a Sicilian fruit salad called “macedonia.” Isaac wondered if Alexander the Great, king of Macedon, had brought the first fruit salad to Sicily.

Author: Jerome Charyn

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The Justice Department hires Sidel’s new chauffer to spy on the New York Police Department’s commissionerJoey Barbarossa likes being a cop, because it makes dealing drugs easier. Any time a fellow pusher gives him trouble, Joey’s detective badge and police-issue Glock have a way of making the problem disappear. He’s also protected by his mentor, NYPD Commissioner Isaac Sidel, but there’s nothing even Sidel can do when Barbarossa makes the mistake of rubbing out a dealer with ties to the Justice Department. For compensation, Justice demands Barbarossa start spying on Sidel, who’s just made him his personal chauffer. The drug-dealing detective can’t say no. Sidel is preparing for a run at the mayor’s office, but before his campaign kicks off he has to deal with two mob bosses who want him dead. He and Barbarossa don ski masks and start holding up mafia establishments, but as the pressure rises and the friendship frays, the only question is which cop will turn on the other first.