More Than a Farmer s Wife

By contrast, the farming magazines all maintained letters columns; the Farm Journal, in particular, had three such columns throughout this period, including two in The Farmer's Wife half of the magazine.

Author: Amy Mattson Lauters

Publisher: University of Missouri Press

ISBN: 9780826271853

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"Examining how women were presented in farming and mainstream magazines over fifty years and interviewing more than 180 women who lived on farms, Lauters reveals that, rather than being victims of patriarchy, most farm women were astute businesswomen, working as partners with their husbands and fundamental to the farming industry"--Provided by publisher.

Best Recipes from the Farmer s Wife Cookbook

The Farmer's Wife, a monthly magazine published in Issues of the magazine portray the farmer's wife Minnesota between the years 1893 and 1939, offered as a woman willing and able to economize her time in rural women both practical ...

Author: Beverly Hudson

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This revised, four-color edition of The Farmer’s Wife Cookbook features country-kitchen recipes that appeared in Midwestern America’s Farmer’s Wife magazine between 1893 and 1939. Beloved by home cooks since the magazine was first published, the recipes resonate now more than ever as many of us—from the countryside, city, and in between—return from quick meals on the go to slow, scratch cooking; fresh and wholesome ingredients (often homegrown, self-made, or from the farmer’s market); and the tradition of Sunday dinners and eating together with family and friends. Best Recipes from the Farmer’s Wife Cookbook brings together the most popular, easy-to-follow recipes and variations along with dozens of menus that originated in farm kitchens nationwide and appeared on the pages of the magazine over its publication around the start of the twentieth century. This new edition is illustrated with color photographs and completely redesigned to appeal to a modern-day cook who wants to bring the warmth and family of the Farmer’s Wife to their own kitchen.Recipes include: Macaroni and Cheese Pie—all kinds! Southern Fried Chicken Fried Green Tomatoes Spiced Oatmeal Cookies Michigan Cherry Pie Apple Plum Jam Pear Honey Corn Chowder Swedish Meatballs Stuffed Sweet Potatoes And hundreds more! Wherever you live, this down-home cookbook is the perfect companion to a renewed appreciation for family life and comforting, back-to-basics cooking.

The Farmer s Wife Harvest Cookbook

Digital edition: 978-1-61060-049-1 Comb-bound plc edition: 978-0-7603-3799-8 Editor: Melinda Keefe Design Manager: Brenda C. Canales Layout by: Helena Shimizu Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data The Farmer's wife harvest ...

Author: Lela Nargi

Publisher: Voyageur Press

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Another addition to the popular Farmer’s Wife series, The Farmer’s Wife Harvest Cookbook includes over 300 recipes for feeding folks—and in some cases, a lot of folks—during the harvest months. Some of the recipes will help you put together a simple, informal hot meal for friends and family; others will help you figure out what to do with your own garden and farmer’s market bounty; and still others will help you solve the riddle of what to bring along to, or even cook over an open flame. All recipes first appeared on the pages of The Farmer’s Wife Magazine and have been updated for use in modern kitchens.

The Farmer s Wife Homestead Medallion Quilt

... when she left permanently to accepta job with The Farmer; Wise magazine, in St. Paul, Minnesota. ... contest, which she led in 1922, was the subject of The Farmer; Wift Sampler Quilt, the first book in my Farmers Wife Quilt series.

Author: Laurie Aaron Hird

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780593327920

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Best-selling author Laurie Aaron Hird of The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt shares the next installment of this beloved series. A few years before Ada Melville Shaw's death in 1937, she wrote--and The Farmer's Wife magazine published--a seven-part series of articles about her homesteading adventures. It is this series of articles that come to life in The Farmer's Wife Homestead Medallion Quilt. Master of traditional quilting, Laurie Aaron Hird has used Ada's writings to inspire the 120 classic quilt blocks that surround a stunning center medallion. Full instructions for sewing this queen-sized sampler quilt, featuring 64 six-inch and 56 eight-inch blocks, are included. The Farmer's Wife Homestead Medallion Quilt templates for paper-piecing and rotary cutting are provided in a ready-to-print, easy-to-download PDF, available through url provided. Travel back with Laurie and Ada to 1910s Montana where a homesteading pioneer woman inspired a contemporary quilt for the modern age.

From the Heart of a Prairie Farm Wife

The farmer's wife has a varied life, This I will admit; She's a working fool from morn till night, So let's consider it. In the morning very early, She's the rooster of the clan; She starts to crow to rise them all, Even her old man.

Author: Maurine Becotte

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781452050461

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Maurine Becotte was born and raised in the farming community of Cut Knife Saskatchewan. She was the eldest daughter of Irwin and Margaret Duvall. Her dream was to become a veterinarian, but young women of her time did not become veterinarians so she followed "Societies Rules" and become a school teacher. After a few short years of teaching school Maurine met and married a true farmer, Emile Becotte, of the Seagram District. Together they raised their family of eight children on a mixed farm in the Baldwinton Area of Saskatchewan. They grew a variety of grain crops, but their passion was the herd of purebred Angus cattle that the built from meager beginnings. As their children we were not quite sure which meant more to them; the beautiful black cows that we all came to love or us as children. Neither one lacked for love or attention. Times were hard on the farm and there was always work to be done. Maurine always found time to create fun and joy in life for family, friends and neighbors. She always had the coffee pot on and time to chat with all who passed thru our yard. On one occasion a native family passed through in a horse drawn wagon and the young mother asked for some fresh water. Maurine being the kind person she was gave them the fresh water and a jar of fresh cows milk for the infant child. Some months later that same young woman thanked Mom again for her generosity. Maurine began writing poetry while attending college in 1940, and she continued to write throughout her life. Her poetry is highlighted with ideas that came from everyday life -- the beauties of nature, the love of family and community, the dedication to farm life in Saskatchewan, history, politics and war. In the 1970's and 1980's Maurine and two daughters compiled six volumes of her poetry under the name of Housewife Harmony Volumes 1 through 6. Maurine wrote poetry for some fifty plus years before ill health took away her capacity to write. She died in March, 1996, without achieving her one great wish to see her poetry published in one complete book. This book is the fulfillment of that dream. Rather than use Housewife Harmony as a title, I have chosen to call the book "From the Heart of a Prairie Farm Wife" because Mom truly wrote from the heart. The following pages will unveil the ability Maurine had in the stroke of the pen.

The Best of The Farmer s Wife Cookbook

"The Best of the Farmer's Wife Cookbook "collects favorite recipes and tips from all the magazines into one convenient volume. Look no further for that recipe for award-winning cherry pie you remember from your youth.

Author: Kari Cornell

Publisher: Voyageur Press (MN)

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This cookbook brings together 400 easy-to-follow recipes and variations along with dozens of menus that originated in farm kitchens nationwide and appeared on the pages of The Farmer's Wife magazine between 1893 and 1939

The Quotable Farm Wife

12.95 US £ 7.99 UK $ 15.95 CAN The Quotable FARM WIFE What picture of farm life is complete without the woman at its heart ? Rising before dawn to start the fire , sitting up long after dark to do her mending , she holds farm and family ...

Author: Norvia Behling


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What picture of farm life is complete without the woman at its heart? Rising before dawn to start the fire, sitting up long after dark to do her mending, she holds farm and family together. In moving photographs and prose, this book celebrates the life of the farm wife, with its hours of hard work and moments of ineffable sweetness. Pictured at tasks such as feeding chickens or on the tractor; caught in a rare stillness against the endless horizon or in a moment of well-deserved rest: Here is the farm wife as she is and was and will be, at the heart of the American farm, and of the American story.

Axed Between the Ears

Others which we have found to benefit particularly from a teacher's streak of the dramatic include ' The Farmer's Wife ' , ' Gresford Disaster ' , ' The Ruined Maid ' , ' Green Beret ' and ' The Identification ' .

Author: David Kitchen

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A collection of poems and activities designed to win over the most reluctant 14- to 16-year-olds