The Facts on File Illustrated Guide to the Human Body

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This illustrated guide offers readers a wide-ranging, visual reference to the human body. This eight-volume set covers anatomy, physiology, major ailments, and healthy lifestyles, with each volume covering a distinct body system. Devised to support the national curriculum, the clear and concise text covers system functions step by step.

The Facts about Drugs and the Body

However , bodybuilders and some athletes use anabolic steroids to increase muscle mass and strength . When taken for nonmedical reasons ( more frequently and at higher doses ) , anabolic steroids ... the facts about DRUGS AND THE BODY.

Author: Lorrie Klosterman

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish

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Explores how different drugs effect the body, including the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, and reproductive systems.

The Social Ethos of the Corinthian Correspondence

The fact that Paul choses as illustrations pairs of bodily parts which 'carry on comparable functions in the body' ~ foot and hand, ear and eye — suggests, as Gordon Fee rightly points out, that Paul is not here concerned with ...

Author: David G. Horrell

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780567085283

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An exemplary study, focussing on the Corinthian correspondence, of the social ethos of early Christian teaching and its development.

A Model of Creation

The fact is: the body is not real. It is a vehicle which is used for a short period in time. Reincarnation is a beautiful picture of different lives lived in progression to make a complete loop "from earth to Heaven", ...

Author: Hans J. Zeunert


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This paperback, just as we have with both issues of the Unified Mind Theory is identical to the hardcover issue, only its binding is different. Two books provide for a greater platform to describe the same thing. One looks great on the shelf, while the less fancy copy may attract the prudent student. Enlightenment for 20 bucks! A Model of Creation shows us a new way to look at Creation, the universe and the formation of life. We are liberated from a narrow, 4-dimensional view of the world with its assumption of bigbang and antimatter as the foundation to its evolution. We are lifted to a clearer vision where mass is recycled on a continuous basis and therefore by definition not real. What is not now does not exist since reality does not change! Creation is real. It is recessional velocity which drives and shapes the universe.

Judicial Review

1 It is now clear that a body that has no statutory authority may be subject to judicial review if its functions make that ... The Court relied on matters such as the fact that the association was performing an important public duty, ...

Author: Hugh Southey

Publisher: Jordans Pub

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The unprecedented increase in applications for judicial review of public authorities has meant that such litigation is no longer the sole province of administrative lawyers. All litigators need to know when judicial review is an available and appropriate means of pursuing their clients' interests, whether in relation to a commercial contract, a public sector housing dispute, tribunal proceedings or otherwise. This book, applicable to all lawyers with a litigation practice in the UK, will preclude the need to refer to any of the more expensive works on judicial review. Practical, succinct and inexpensive, this should be the first port of call for all practitioners considering judicial review proceedings.

Studies in Language and Social Interaction

We have proceeded as if the fact that the body in moments of communication is an individual, skilled, worldly person, is irrelevant to our project, as if the body, once it begins to “encode” ideas or produce symbolic representations, ...

Author: Jennifer Mandelbaum

Publisher: Routledge

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This collection offers empirical studies and theoretical essays about human communication in everyday life. The writings come from many of the world's leading researchers and cut across academic boundaries, engaging scholars and teachers from such disciplines as communication, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, and education. Chapters emphasize empirical, qualitative studies of people's everyday uses of talk-in-interaction, and they feature work in such areas as sociolinguistics, conversation analysis, discourse analysis, and ethnography. The volume is dedicated to and highlights themes in the work of the late Robert Hopper, an outstanding scholar in communication who pioneered research in Language and Social Interaction (LSI). The contributors examine various features of human interaction (such as laughter, vocal repetition, and hand gestures) occurring naturally within a variety of settings (at a dinner table, a doctor's office, an automotive repair shop, and so forth), whereby interlocutors accomplish aspects of their interpersonal or institutional lives (resolve a disagreement, report bad medical news, negotiate a raise, and more), all of which may relate to larger social issues (including police brutality, human spirituality, death, and optimism). The chapters in this anthology show that social life is largely a communicative accomplishment and that people constitute the social realities experienced every day through small and subtle ways of communicating, carefully orchestrated but commonly taken for granted. In showcasing the diversity of contemporary LSI research, this volume is appropriate for scholars and graduate students in language and social interaction, communication, sociology, research methods, qualitative research methods, discourse analysis, conversation analysis, linguistics, and related areas.

Gizeh and Rifeh Heliopolis Kafr Ammar and Shurafa

In the lower limb the same general features are observed, but here they are modified owing to the fact that the body weight had to be supported during walking and standing. While the right limb is nearly normal, the left is twisted in ...

Author: William Matthew Flinders Petrie

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Reissued here together, these two illustrated excavation reports, published 1907-15, cover Flinders Petrie's archaeological work at several Egyptian sites.

Reports of Cases Before the Court

the proceedings before the Conciliation Body. The Spanish Government emphasises the fact that the Body is not merely a consultative body; regard must be had to the Body's reasoning. The Commission emphasises its facilitating function.

Author: Court of Justice of the European Communities


ISBN: UVA:X004848962

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A Functional Grammar of Gooniyandi

It should be noted that the fact that the body-parts in these examples are NPs realising distinct roles from those borne by the owners follows from the fact that in all cases this NP may be made more explicit by the addition of an ...

Author: William B. McGregor

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027282057

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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This volume sets out to provide a comprehensive description of the grammar of Gooniyandi, a non-Pama-Nyungan language of the southern-central Kimberley region of Western Australia. It covers phonetics and phonology, word phrase and clause structure, and the semantics of closed-class grammatical items. The major focus is, however, on meaning: how do Gooniyandi speakers mean with and in their language. To this end, the theoretical framework of systemic functional grammar, particularly as elaborated in Halliday's recent work, is adopted. Certain refinements to the theory are proposed in order to better account for the Gooniyandi evidence. Of obvious importance to those studying Australian aboriginal languages, this work has an importance to a wider audience for its effective presentation of theory justification.