The Ethics of Violence in the Story of Aqhat

This study explores the issue of Anat's violence in the Ugaritic story of Aqhat through the conventions of characterization and the multiple points of view implicit in the text.

Author: Chloe Sun


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This study explores the issue of Anat's violence in the Ugaritic story of Aqhat through the conventions of characterization and the multiple points of view implicit in the text.

Some Wine and Honey for Simon

... Ritual in Narrative: The Dynamics of Feasting, Mourning, and Retaliation Rites in the Ugaritic Tale of Aqhat (Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2001); C. Sun, The Ethics of Violence in the Story of Aqhat (Gorgias Dissertations 34; ...

Author: A. Joseph Ferrara

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This volume celebrates the life and work of the late Simon B. Parker (1940–2006), the Harrell F. Beck Scholar of Hebrew Scripture at the School of Theology and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Boston University. Contributors Edward L. Greenstein Mark S. Smith Karel van der Toorn Steve A. Wiggins N. Wyatt Katheryn Pfisterer Darr David Marcus Herbert B. Huffmon Bernard F. Batto Tim Koch F. W. Dobbs-Allsopp Amy Limpitlaw

The World around the Old Testament

Book-length works include Kenneth T. Aitken, The Aqhat Narrative: A Study in the Narrative Structure and Composition of an Ugaritic Tale (Manchester: University of Manchester, 1990); Chloe Sun, The Ethics of Violence in the Story of ...

Author: Bill T. Arnold

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Leading Experts Introduce the People and Contexts of the Old Testament What people groups interacted with ancient Israel? Who were the Hurrians and why do they matter? What do we know about the Philistines, the Egyptians, the Amorites, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, and others? In this up-to-date volume, leading experts introduce the peoples and places of the world around the Old Testament, providing students with a fresh exploration of the ancient Near East. The contributors offer comprehensive orientations to the main cultures and people groups that surrounded ancient Israel in the wider ancient Near East, including not only Mesopotamia and the northern Levant but also Egypt, Arabia, and Greece. They also explore the contributions of each people group or culture to our understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures. This supplementary text is organized by geographic region, making it especially suitable for the classroom and useful in a variety of Old Testament courses. Approximately eighty-five illustrative items are included throughout the book.

Book List

W.G.E. WATSON SUN , CHLOE , The Ethics of Violence in the Story of Aqhat ( Gorgias Dissertations , 34 , Near Eastern Studies , 9 ; Piscataway , NJ : Gorgias Press , 2008 ) , pp . xiv + 217. $ 109.00 . ISBN 978-1-59333-975-3 .

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Poetic Heroes

In her book, The Ethics of Violence in the Story ofAqhat, Chloe Sun focuses on the various responses of the different figures to the violent attack on Aqhat perpetrated by Anat,8 the central moment of the narrative that we will examine ...

Author: Mark S. Smith

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Warfare exerts a magnetic power, even a terrible attraction, in its emphasis on glory, honor, and duty. In order to face the terror of war, it is necessary to face how our biblical traditions have made it attractive -- even alluring. In this book Mark Smith undertakes an extensive exploration of "poetic heroes" across a number of ancient cultures in order to understand the attitudes of those cultures toward war and warriors. Smith examines the Iliad and the Gilgamesh; Ugaritic poems commemorating Baal, Aqhat, and the Rephaim; and early biblical poetry, including the battle hymn of Judges 5 and the lament of David over Saul and Jonathan in 2 Samuel 1. Smith's Poetic Heroes analyzes the importance of heroic poetry in early Israel and its disappearance after the time of David, building on several strands of scholarship in archaeological research, poetic analysis, and cultural reconstruction.

T T Clark Handbook of Asian American Biblical Hermeneutics

She earned her PhD in Old Testament from Fuller Theological Seminary and is the author of The Ethics of Violence in the Story of Aqhat (2008). She resides in Azusa and loves to swim, travel, watch Netflix, and drive her red Mini Cooper.

Author: Uriah Y. Kim

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The first reference resource on how Asian Americans are currently reading and interpreting the Bible, this volume also serves a valuable role in both developing and disseminating what can be termed as Asian American biblical hermeneutics. The volume works from the important background that Asian Americans are the fastest growing ethnic/racial minority population in the USA, and that 42% of this group identifies as Christian. This provides a useful starting point from which to examine what may be distinctive about Asian American approaches to the Bible. Part 1 of the Handbook describes six major ethic groups that make up 85% of Asian population (by country of origin: China, Philippines, Indian Subcontinent, Vietnam, Korea, Japan) and outlines the specific concerns each group has when its members read the Bible. Part 2 of the Handbook examines major critical methods in biblical interpretation and suggests adjustments that may be helpful for Asian Americans to make when they are interpreting the Bible. Finally, Part 3 provides 25 interpretations by Asian American biblical scholars on specific texts in the Bible, using what they consider to be Asian American hermeneutics. Taken together the Handbook interprets the Bible both with and for the Asian American communities.

Global Voices

His primary area of research is Pauline theology and ethics. Dr. Gupta is of Indian descent. ... Her publications include The Ethics of Violence in the Story of Aqhat (Georgias, 2008). She recently co-edited a contextualized reading on ...

Author: Craig Keener

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Ethically and nationally diverse scholars familiar with both non-western and Western hermeneutic traditions explore what it means to hear, heed and appreciate biblical interpretations from the non-western world in this illuminating collection of writings. Ten voices emanate from across the globe, from Sri lanka to Africa, Guatemala to Canada, and Hong Kong to the United States, including: M. Daniel carroll Rodas David A. deSilva Barbara M. Leung Lai J. Ayodeji Adewuya Grant LeMarquand Nijay Gupta Chloe Sun K.K. Yeo Daniel K. Darko Oswaldo Padilla

Devotions on the Hebrew Bible

... Fuller Theological Seminary) is Associate Professor of the Old Testament at Logos Evangelical Seminary in El Monte, CA She is the author of The Ethics of Violence in the Story of Aqhat (Gorgias, 2008) Miles V. Van Pelt (PhD, ...

Author: Zondervan,

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Fifty-four short devotions based on passages from the Hebrew Bible--written by some of the top biblical language scholars of today. The main point of each meditation in Devotions on the Hebrew Bible comes from a careful reading of the passage in the Hebrew Bible, not from an English translation. The authors use a variety of exegetical approaches in their devotions: grammatical, lexical, rhetorical, sociohistorical, linguistic, etc. Some insights focus on particular words and their role in the passage, while others highlight background studies or provide a theological reading of the passage. Each devotion draws students into translating a short passage and pursuing an understanding of why this or that insight matters for their lives and ministries. Devotions on the Hebrew Bible encourages professors, students, and pastors alike to keep reading and meditating on the Hebrew Scriptures and find new treasures from the biblical text. Celebrated contributors include: Daniel I. Block Mark J. Boda Hélène Dallaire Nancy Erickson Michael Williams Devotions on the Hebrew Bible contains a devotion on every book in the Old Testament and can be used as a weekly devotional or as a supplemental resource throughout a semester or sequence of courses.