The Elephants of Style

Advice on good writing from everybody's favorite editorial curmudgeon Persnickety, cantankerous, opinionated, entertaining, hilarious, wise...these are a few of the adjectives reviewers used to describe good-writing maven Bill Walsh's ...

Author: Bill Walsh

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071442758

Category: Business & Economics

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Advice on good writing from everybody's favorite editorial curmudgeon Persnickety, cantankerous, opinionated, entertaining, hilarious, wise...these are a few of the adjectives reviewers used to describe good-writing maven Bill Walsh's previous book, Lapsing Into a Comma. Now, picking up where he left off in Lapsing, Walsh addresses the dozen or so biggest issues that every writer or editor must master. He also offers a trunkload of good advice on the many little things that add up to good writing. Featuring all the elements that made Lapsing such a fun read, including Walsh's trademark acerbic wit and fascinating digressions on language and its discontents, The Elephants of Style provides: Tips on how to tame the "elephants of style"--the most important, frequently confused elements of good writing More of Walsh's popular "Curmudgeon's Stylebook"--includes entries such as Snarky Specificity, Metaphors, Near and Far, Actually is the New Like, and other uses and misuses of language Expert advice for writers and editors on how to work together for best results

A Study Guide for Vishnu Sarma s The Mice that Set the Elephants Free

Style. Anthropomorphism. When an author gives human qualities to an animal,
plant, or thing, she or he is using anthropomorphism. In “The Mice That Set the
Elephants Free,” the animal characters speak, reason, worry, and celebrate like ...

Author: Gale, Cengage Learning

Publisher: Gale, Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781410352606

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A Study Guide for Vishnu Sarma's "The Mice that Set the Elephants Free," excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Short Stories for Students. This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Short Stories for Students for all of your research needs.

Love Life and Elephants

He was resolute in his wish to avoid the artificial slaughter of elephants, South
African style. There, elephant numbers were being strictly regulated by the
annual cull, which, although surgical in proficiency, was particularly cruel and ...

Author: Daphne Sheldrick

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 9781429942713

Category: Nature

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Daphne Sheldrick, whose family arrived in Africa from Scotland in the 1820s, is the first person ever to have successfully hand-reared newborn elephants. Her deep empathy and understanding, her years of observing Kenya's rich variety of wildlife, and her pioneering work in perfecting the right husbandry and milk formula have saved countless elephants, rhinos, and other baby animals from certain death. In this heartwarming and poignant memoir, Daphne shares her amazing relationships with a host of orphans, including her first love, Bushy, a liquid-eyed antelope; Rickey-Tickey-Tavey, the little dwarf mongoose; Gregory Peck, the busy buffalo weaver bird; Huppety, the mischievous zebra; and the majestic elephant Eleanor, with whom Daphne has shared more than forty years of great friendship. But this is also a magical and heartbreaking human love story between Daphne and David Sheldrick, the famous Tsavo Park warden. It was their deep and passionate love, David's extraordinary insight into all aspects of nature, and the tragedy of his early death that inspired Daphne's vast array of achievements, most notably the founding of the world-renowned David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Orphans' Nursery in Nairobi National Park, where Daphne continues to live and work to this day. Encompassing not only David and Daphne's tireless campaign for an end to poaching and for conserving Kenya's wildlife, but also their ability to engage with the human side of animals and their rearing of the orphans expressly so they can return to the wild, Love, Life, and Elephants is alive with compassion and humor, providing a rare insight into the life of one of the world's most remarkable women.

Garner s Modern American Usage

The Elephants of Style: A Trunkload of Tips on the BigIssues and Gray Areas of
Contemporary American English. N.Y.: McGraw-Hill. 2005 Battistella, Edwin L.
Bad Language: Are Some Words Better than Others? N.Y.: Oxford Univ. Press.

Author: Bryan Garner

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780199874620

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 1008

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Since first appearing in 1998, Garner's Modern American Usage has established itself as the preeminent guide to the effective use of the English language. Brimming with witty, erudite essays on troublesome words and phrases, GMAU authoritatively shows how to avoid the countless pitfalls that await unwary writers and speakers whether the issues relate to grammar, punctuation, word choice, or pronunciation. An exciting new feature of this third edition is Garner's Language-Change Index, which registers where each disputed usage in modern English falls on a five-stage continuum from nonacceptability (to the language community as a whole) to acceptability, giving the book a consistent standard throughout. GMAU is the first usage guide ever to incorporate such a language-change index. The judgments are based both on Garner's own original research in linguistic corpora and on his analysis of hundreds of earlier studies. Another first in this edition is the panel of critical readers: 120-plus commentators who have helped Garner reassess and update the text, so that every page has been improved. Bryan A. Garner is a writer, grammarian, lexicographer, teacher, and lawyer. He has written professionally about English usage for more than 28 years, and his work has achieved widespread renown. David Foster Wallace proclaimed that Bryan Garner is a genius and William Safire called the book excellent. In fact, due to the strength of his work on GMAU, Garner was the grammarian asked to write the grammar-and-usage chapter for the venerable Chicago Manual of Style. His advice on language matters is second to none.

The Pall Mall Budget

In a demo- march , and can cross rivers and climb hills with the assistance of its
cratic age , on the contrary , “ form and style modelled on traditional dam .
Elephants are said to swim better than any other land animals , examples are
little ...



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Tattoo Journeys on My Mind

The men wore Western-style clothing, but the women wore dresses with trousers
underneath or saris. ... At the park, the elephant rides were fun, and I was told a
rider's comfort level on an elephant depends on the elephant's style of walking.

Author: Tina Marie L. Lamb

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 9781457519024

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 232

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Sometimes exploring places and meeting people outside your familiar world can reveal who you are or where you’re from—perhaps even more clearly than looking in a mirror. We recommend it! Most likely, you will eventually harden to the retort, “Why are you going there?” After a lifetime of exploring on her own terms, author Tina Marie L. Lamb calls this delightful collection of stories her midlife crisis. And she’s determined to pull you along with her. Embark with Tina Marie from the peacefulness of an overnight in a South Carolina tree house (albeit with spiders and snakes) to being held captive on the Ganges River by a boatman haggling for extra Rupees before he’ll navigate her ashore. Or, accompany Tina Marie as she wrestles a halibut off the Alaskan coast, wears bruises like medals after a stint on a dog sled team, and ventures into narrow cave tunnels where a single wave could scatter hundreds of bats. And just keep still as she tries to avoid buying a cow at a cattle auction. Perhaps in an unconscious effort to justify her life, Tina Marie shares this eclectic mix of stories that have become deeply imbedded in her. With dry wit and deep insight, you’ll be alternately entertained and pleasantly jolted by her perceptions. Tina Marie swears there is not much to tell about her. But these pages will likely tell you more about Tina Marie than she intended. She’s clear about her intent: “How fortunate I am to live in a time and place where an ordinary person like me can act on her wanderlust! I’m not looking for someplace better. I’m just looking.” ...the world is just waiting for you to come dance. -Tina Marie L. Lamb Tattoo—Journeys on My Mind

Scientific style and format

Walsh B. The elephants of style: a trunkload of tips on the big issues and gray
areas of contemporary American English. New York (NY): McGraw-Hill; c2004.
Walsh B. Lapsing into a comma: a curmudgeon's guide to the many things that
can ...

Author: Council of Science Editors. Style Manual Committee

Publisher: Council of Science Editors

ISBN: STANFORD:36105123289089

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 658

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This is the most recognized, authoritative reference for authors, editors, publishers, students, and translators in all areas of science and related fields. This seventh edition of this useful resource has been fully updated and expanded to reflect changes in recommendations from authorative international bodies. (Midwest).

Spectrum Reading Workbook Grade 5

_____ to share information about the elephant artists of Thailand _____ to
persuade the reader to buy a piece of elephant ... 8. About how many elephants
are there in Thailand today? ... What is the name for the elephants' style of


Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing

ISBN: 9781483814124

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

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Strong reading skills are the basis of school success, and Spectrum Reading for grade 5 will help children triumph over language arts and beyond. This standards-based workbook uses engaging text to support understanding key ideas, details, knowledge integration, summarization, and theme. Spectrum Reading will help your child improve their reading habits and strengthen their ability to understand and analyze text. This best-selling series is a favorite of parents and teachers because it is carefully designed to be both effective and engaging—the perfect building blocks for a lifetime of learning.

Reading Grade 5

... before Komar and Melamid stepped in? 3. About how many elephants are
there in Thailand today? 4. Name one artist whose work some people believe
resembles the elephant artwork. 5. What is the name for the elephants' style of
painting ...

Author: Spectrum

Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing

ISBN: 9780769638652

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 176

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Test with success using Spectrum Reading for grade 5! These curriculum-rich lessons bring reading passages to life, focusing on compare and contrast, drawing conclusions, genre, and research skills. The book provides activities that reinforce phonemic awareness, phonics, word recognition, decoding, and reading comprehension. It features easy-to-understand directions and includes a complete answer key. Today, more than ever, students need to be equipped with the skills required for school achievement and success on proficiency tests. This 176-page book aligns with state and national standards, is perfect for use at home or in school, and is favored by parents, homeschoolers, and teachers.

Spectrum Reading Workbook Grade 5

_____ to share information about the elephant artists of Thailand _____ to
persuade the reader to buy a piece of elephant artwork ... Possible answers:
Jackson Pollock, Vasily Kandinsky What is the name for the elephants' style of

Author: Spectrum

Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing

ISBN: 9781483812182

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 174

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Strong reading skills are the basis of school success, and Spectrum Reading for grade 5 will help children triumph over language arts and beyond. This standards-based workbook uses engaging text to support understanding key ideas, details, knowledge integration, summarization, and theme. --Spectrum Reading will help your child improve their reading habits and strengthen their ability to understand and analyze text. This best-selling series is a favorite of parents and teachers because it is carefully designed to be both effective and engagingÑthe perfect building blocks for a lifetime of learning.

My Life With Lions Tigers Bears Elephants

I began training the elephant to do all kinds of tricks, circus style.She was anice
elephant. The zoohad two chimps and after I hadbeen thereawhile I asked OllieifI
could trainthe chimps too. He saidyes andI started training them. Itaught themto ...

Author: Joe T. Frisco

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469127668

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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This is my story. It may sound unbelievable but it is all true. My story starts in 1945 in Flushing, New York in Queens. My mother and father were divorced when I was two years old. I lived with my mother until I was eight years old. My dad came to see me on the weekends. He and I would go to the race tracks and watch the horses run. He knew a lot of people at the race tracks. This was a fun time. I met a lot of jockeys and trainers when I was nine years old. About this time I became hard for my mother to handle and she sent me to live with my dad. We lived in rooms at my grandfather’s apartment building. This is the beginning of my story.

The Elephants Graveyard

Nobody had ever seen Powlauski goofing around before; it wasn't his style. He
was all business. But as Murphy's Law would have it—shit happens. And that's
probably why he didn't hear the Colombians skid to a stop and bail out of the ...

Author: D. C. Murphy

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781496953940

Category: Fiction

Page: 276

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The Elephants Graveyard is like an epitaph without a tombstone.Officer Kevin Martin, SFPD The Elephants Graveyard is the citys skid rowthe Tenderloin District of San Francisco. Its a purgatory for the junkies and shadowy characters that frequent the dark alleys, bars, and fleabag hotels on the dark side of the city by the bay. But to some, its a sacred place to hide out, to fall off the face of Gods green earth, and never be found. And like the old African elephants who journeyed to a secret place to die, Rooster journeyed into the Tenderloin, and his bones will never be found. Sean Patrick Murphy walked into the Mill Valley Police Department for the first time back in 1971. Things were different back then, and had he known what he knows now, he would have turned around and walked right back out the door. Mill Valley was the best-kept secret in Marin County. White powder cocaine, marijuana, hot-tub orgies, and rock n roll were all part of the scene. It was all fun and games until the Colombians moved in and ruined everything. The Sweetwater Bar took over as the West Coast cocaine connection, and the Medelln cartel started murdering anyone who stood in their way, including police officers. The twisting tale of corruption and greed took Murphy into the seedy underworld of a life he came to loathe. It was the drugs, extortion, philandering, and a ruined relationship that turned his life into a living hell. But somewhere along the way, Rooster snapped out of the slump he had fallen into. By the late seventies, the Colombians had been driven out of Mill Valley and into hiding. The Sweetwater Bar had been shut down, and top-ranking police officials had become the target of a federal RICO investigation. A special task force led by Officer Sean Murphy, dubbed Rooster by his peers, and the FBI went after the bad guys with a vengeance. And the dirty cops on the MVPD were on the top of list. By 1980, the United States attorney had indicted all of the players in the RICO investigationColombians and cops. But the Colombians and the owner of the Sweetwater, Lance Larkin, had fled to Bogot and into the arms of the feared drug lord, Pablo Valencia. Finally, in 1982, extradition warrants were issued, charging Javier Valencia (son of Pablo Valencia) and Lance Larkin with racketeering, drug dealing, and murder. But the Colombians reacted violently, beheading a Supreme Court justice and vowing to kill everyone connected to the investigation. It was trouble all right. But when the Colombians crossed the line and kidnapped Roosters four-year-old daughter, everything changed. All bets were off. And it didnt take long for the Colombians to become the victims. The Elephants Graveyard is the sequel to Rooster: A Badge, Gun, and Heartache.

The Retreat of the Elephants

The three previous chapters have recounted a story that started after the process
of Chinese-style premodern economic development was already under way.
What was it, though, that set this process in motion in the first place? Or, at least ...

Author: Mark Elvin

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300119933

Category: History

Page: 564

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A landmark account of China's environmental history--by an internationally pre-eminent China specialist This is the first environmental history of China during the three thousand years for which there are written records. It is also a treasure trove of literary, political, aesthetic, scientific, and religious sources, which allow the reader direct access to the views and feelings of the Chinese people toward their environment and their landscape. Elvin chronicles the spread of the Chinese style of farming that eliminated the habitat of the elephants that populated the country alongside much of its original wildlife; the destruction of most of the forests; the impact of war on the environmental transformation of the landscape; and the re-engineering of the countryside through water-control systems, some of gigantic size. He documents the histories of three contrasting localities within China to show how ecological dynamics defined the lives of the inhabitants. And he shows that China in the eighteenth century, on the eve of the modern era, was probably more environmentally degraded than northwestern Europe around this time. Indispensable for its new perspective on long-term Chinese history and its explanation of the roots of China's present-day environmental crisis, this book opens a door into the Chinese past.

The Literary Panorama

... CELEBRATED SPANISH GUERILLA . so very closely pursued , he charged
one of the gentlemen's elephants , in higli style , and The following article bas
appeared in the succeeded in fastening one of liis före - pais Genileman's
Magazine ...



ISBN: IND:30000093223604

Category: English literature


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The Daily Book of Art

Courtesy of The Elephant Art Gallery and the owner of the painting, Ms. Alice S.
Marx. The National Elephant Institute in Thailand has a cadre of 16 painting
elephants, each with his or her own distinctive style that continues to mature over

Author: Colin Gilbert

Publisher: Walter Foster Publishing

ISBN: 9781616737016

Category: Art

Page: 376

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DIVIn today's fast-paced world, creative people are as eager as ever to pursue their artistic passions, but many of them simply don't have enough time. Catering to this modern dilemma, we've concocted the perfect remedy for over-burdened artists. The Daily Book of Art includes a year's worth of brief daily readings and lessons about the visual arts that entertain as they inform. Ten exciting categories of discussion rotate throughout the course of a year, giving readers a well-rounded experience in the art world. From color psychology and aesthetic philosophy to the proverbial argument over whether elephants really can paint, art-starved readers will encounter a broad range of inspiring subjects. The ten categories of discussion include Art 101, Philosophy of Art, Art Through the Ages, Profiles in Art, A Picture’s Worth 200 Words, Art from the Inside Out, Art Around the World, Artistic Oddities, Unexpected Art Forms, and Step-by-Step Exercises./div

The Literary Panorama and National Register

... ceeded to a building called Dellarani , or the alligator made a snap at the
proboscis , vulgarly the lanthorp house , erected in the or one of the legs of the
elephant , the jaws English style , by the late Vizier : it derives meeting without
seizing ...



ISBN: HARVARD:32044092531003

Category: English literature


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The Elephant Whisperer

Now we were able to respond to the incessant calls for help on the other side of
the reserve where all the remaining staff had gathered in a last-ditch Alamo-style
stand to protect the lodge and houses. Exhausted to our bones, there we ...

Author: Lawrence Anthony

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9780283070891

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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With unforgettable characters and exotic wildlife, The Elephant Whisperer is an enthralling book that will appeal to animal lovers and adventurous souls everywhere. When South African conservationist Lawrence Anthony was asked to accept a herd of 'rogue' elephants on his Thula Thula game reserve in Zululand, his common sense told him to refuse. But he was the herd's last chance of survival – dangerous and unpredictable, they would be killed if Anthony wouldn't take them in. As Anthony risked his life to create a bond with the troubled elephants and persuade them to stay on his reserve, he came to realize what a special family they were, from the wise matriarch Nana, who guided the herd, to her warrior sister Frankie, always ready to see off any threat, and their children who fought so hard to survive.

Indian Style

In India , the elephant has been venerated since ancient times as a sacred
animal and a symbol of royalty - representing qualities of steadfastness , strength
, and intelligence . Even today , the elephant - in the Hindu religion , in art and ...

Author: Suzanne Slesin

Publisher: Clarkson Potter

ISBN: IND:30000004436253

Category: Architecture

Page: 299

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Ornament and furniture styles and architectural treatments and decor reveal the essence of Indian culture in more than 500 full-color photographs.