The Economic Value Of The Quality Of Life

Economics and the Quality of Life 1 . INTRODUCTION Throughout the 1970s the debate over environmental protection has pitted the " preservationist " against the economic developer . " The dialogue has been conducted in terms which seem ...

Author: Thomas M. Power

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This book grew out of research funded by the Montana Department of Labor and Industry. This study will argue that the distinction between "economic values" and "social values" such as the "quality of life" is a misleading and dangerous distinction. There is nothing especially ethereal or spiritual or "noneconomic" about the quality of life (QOL). Similarly there is nothing especially "material", practical" or "economic" about job opportunities or money prices

The Economic Value of Wilderness

Marketing the Quality of Life Advances in telecommunications and the rise of the knowledge - based service economy has made it possible to move some business activity to areas with desirable lifestyles . Office functions , such as data ...



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The Quality of Life Systems Approaches

A quantitative index of the quality of life is then economic wealth which defines a scale of measurement with a definable zero point, ... Thus, the Money Principle tends to have a certain amount of credibility and vali– dity.

Author: G.E. Lasker

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Applied Systems and Cybernetics covers the proceedings of the International Congress on Applied Systems Research and Cybernetics. The book presents several studies that cover the application of systems research and cybernetics in improving the quality of life. Majority of the materials in the text tackle various aspects of quality of life in relation to systems and cybernetics, such as living space, future prospects, work, education, politics, law, ethics and values, culture and ethnicity, and social systems. The selection also presents articles that cover the elemental properties of quality of life, such as the concept, views, indicators, and dimension. The book will be of great interest to any scientists regardless of disciplines, since it covers the main purpose of science, the improvement of quality of life.

Handbook of Tourism and Quality of Life Research

Why destination areas rise and fall in popularity: An update of a Cornell Quarterly classic. Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 42(3), 13–24. Powers, T. M. (1980). The economic value of the quality of life.

Author: Muzaffer Uysal

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Quality of life (QOL) research in tourism has gained much momentum over the last two decades. Academics working in this area research issues related to tourists and host communities. Practitioners are becoming increasingly interested in understanding the science that allows them to develop better marketing and managerial programs designed to enhance the quality of life of tourists. Tourism bureaus and government agencies are increasingly interested in issues of sustainable tourism, specifically in understanding and measuring the impact of tourism on the quality of life of the residents of the host communities. This handbook covers all relevant topics and is divided into two parts: research relating to travelers/tourists, and research relating to the residents of host communities. It is the only state-of-the-art reference book in its field and will prove invaluable to academics interested in QOL research, as well as tourism practitioners interested in applying the science of QOL in the tourism industry.

Assessing the Economic Value of Anticancer Therapies

A pharmacoeconomic evaluation of its use in the prophylaxis of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. PharmacoEconomics 9:357– 374 Plosker G, Milne R (1992) Ondansetron: a pharmacoeconomic and quality-of-life evaluation of its ...

Author: Niels Neymark

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With ever increasing demands on the constrained resources available for health care services, no one involved in decision making in health care can continue to ignore the economic costs of the services provided or the relative value for money offered by the available treatments. Economic evaluation has therefore become an important and indispensable tool for medical deci sion making, alongside the well-known methods for clinical eval uation. This is also true for cancer, despite the aura of sanctity often of surrounding this dreaded disease and the apparent willingness the general population to spend large sums in this area and do "everything possible" for the patients. In recent years, articles dealing with assessing the costs and benefits of various cancer treatments have begun to appear in scientific medical and eco nomic journals. This book provides a comprehensive survey and assessment of the current state of the art of economic evaluations and cost ana lyses in cancer. It gives an introduction to the methods available for economic evaluations, before surveying and assessing the available publications. Separate chapters are devoted to the most prevalent cancers, and in each chapter the current clinical prac tice and research problems are summarized in order to provide a background for the economic analyses. At the end, a summary assessment of the literature is provided along with some sugges tions for a future research agenda.

Health Economics

This chapter begins with the concerns and difficulties of the valuation of life from an individual and aggregate ... Several ways of measuring the economic value of life, the quality of life, and changes in health have been proposed.

Author: Xavier Martinez-Giralt

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Research in Health Economics has developed into a separate discipline for the last 25 years. All this intense research activity, has translated in the inclusion of courses of health economics, mostly at graduate level. However, the Industrial Organization aspects of the health care market do not occupy a central place in those courses. We propose a textbook of health economics whose distinguishing feature is the analysis of the health care market from an Industrial Organization perspective. This textbook will provide teachers and students with a reference to study the market structure aspects of the health care sector. The book is structured in three parts. The first part will present the basic principles of economics. It will bring all readers to the required level of knowledge to follow subsequent parts. Part II will review the main concepts of health economics. The third part will contain the core of the book. It will present the industrial organization analysis of the health care market, based on our own research.

The Quality of Life

More specifically, the objection is that it is unacceptable to judge that the quality of another person's life is so poor that it is not worth the cost and effort to others to sustain that person's life. This objection, however, is not ...

Author: Martha Nussbaum

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Commentator: Ruth Anna Putnam

Assigning Economic Value to Natural Resources

This is followed by a selection of nine individually authored papers, including one by Nobel prize winner Robert Solow, that probe scientific aspects of this issues in greater depth.

Author: National Research Council

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There has been a lot of discussion among policymakers, particularly within the Clinton Administration, about how to make U.S. economic indicators, such as GNP, more accurately reflect the state of the environment. This book explores the major issues and controversies involved in incorporating natural resources and the environment into economic accounts. The first section of the volume, based largely on a three-day workshop of experts in the field, explains the possibilities and pitfalls in so-called "green" accounting. This is followed by a selection of nine individually authored papers, including one by Nobel prize winner Robert Solow, that probe scientific aspects of this issues in greater depth.

Examining Quality of Life and Ancillary Benefits Issues

Putting an economic value on quality of life is subjective and value laden . Hence , we develop different options for quality of life loss payments ranging from an average amount of $ 100 a month to about $ 1,000 a month depending on ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Veterans' Affairs. Subcommittee on Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs


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