The Dreaded Synopsis

Acclaimed romance writer Sinclair gives all the details--what to do and what not to do--to make a book synopsis an effective selling tool that catches an editor's fancy.

Author: Elizabeth Sinclair

Publisher: Thomas Max Pub

ISBN: 0982218907

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Acclaimed romance writer Sinclair gives all the details--what to do and what not to do--to make a book synopsis an effective selling tool that catches an editor's fancy.

Simply Synopsis

A simple synopsis strategy for writers Michelle Somers. — ALLI SINCLAIR, AUSROM BOOK OF THE YEAR 2014 'Simply Synopsis is a useful and concise guide to tackling the dreaded synopsis. This book is an author's lifesaver!

Author: Michelle Somers

Publisher: Thrasher Publishing

ISBN: 9780648018858

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A step-by-step guide for crafting a standout synopsis. With special focus on romance, learn how to construct an engaging and fresh synopsis that contains all vital information while hooking the reader, maintaining tension and emotion. The Simply Synopsis strategy will help analyze your story, allowing you to extract the key elements to include, whilst guiding you on how to determine what plot points and events to leave out. It helps formulate the building blocks of the synopsis – the orientation, the major turning points, the resolution and the conclusion – and then demonstrates how to structure these paragraphs before piecing them together in a way that is engaging and exciting for the reader. It covers tone, vocabulary, point of view and pacing. It looks at backstory – how and where does this fit into a synopsis? Secondary characters and secondary plots – yes or no? World-building – how much is enough? The Simply Synopsis strategy is simple and straightforward, a step-by-step process that makes the daunting task of synopsis creation much less daunting.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Writing Erotic Romance

With such detailed outlines, these authors can concentrate on the scene at hand rather than deciding what needs to happen in the scenes that follow. The Dreaded Synopsis One of the first things I sit down to write is my synopsis.

Author: Alison Kent

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440650758

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Erotic romance reigns supreme as a big category of women's fictions; a billion-dollar business serviced by a new breed of uninhibited writer. This book is the necessary how-to for first-timers and a terrific guide for seasoned professionals as well, who are putting their racy (and lucrative) fantasies to paper. Now, for the first time, a veteran erotic romance author shows exactly what to do and how. The first book to guide writers to succeed in this mutli-million dollar genre. Explores how to set up a plot and write good, steamy sex scenes. From a best-selling experienced author. Includes resource section for research tools and further reading. Interviews with top editors in the field. Foreword by Kate Duffy, editorial director at Kensington Publishing and founding editor of the genre.

How to Write and Sell a Book Proposal

THE DREADED SYNOPSIS Synopsis is a peculiar word . ... My dictionary says : Synopsis - a a condensation or brief review of a subject , a summary If you think of opsis as meaning a view then the word is not nearly so alarming .

Author: Stella Whitelaw

Publisher: Writers Books

ISBN: 1902713052

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Every writer was once a beginner, and this book provides a step-by-step guide to help you structure a synopsis, plot and outline as well as polish your final words. Topics include: writers' jargon or 50 words every writer needs to know, overcoming writers' block, and planning and plotting.

Writing Genre Fiction

Kelly, Sheila, Workshop: Writing the novel synopsis, Vision: A Resource for Writers,, 2003. Masterson, Lee, Mastering the dreaded synopsis – condensing your novel, Absolute Write, ...

Author: H. Thomas Milhorn

Publisher: Universal-Publishers

ISBN: 9781581129182

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Several years ago, after many years of writing nonfiction, I decided to write a novel-a medical thriller in the mold of Robin Cook, Michael Crichton, and Michael Palmer. The problem was that, although I knew how to write and had received a number of awards for nonfiction works, I didn't know the how to write fiction. So, before putting fingers to keyboard I did a thorough search of the literature, which included reading numerous books and hundreds of website articles. What I discovered was that there simply wasn't one good source from which to learn the craft of writing genre fiction. "Writing Genre Fiction: A Guide to the Craft" is the book I was looking for when I set out on my quest to learn how to write fiction. It is an attempt to share what I learned from my research. It covers the six key elements of genre fiction; the various genres and subgenres; a large number of genre-fiction writing techniques; plot, subplots, and parallel plots; structure; scene and sequel; characterization; dialogue; emotions; and body language. It also covers additional information about copyrighting and plagiarism, where to get ideas, manuscript formatting and revision, and query letters and synopses. In addition, an appendix covers a large number of grammar tips.

The Business of Being a Writer

The dreaded synoPsis Now that we've tackled the query, we come to what may be the single most despised document that novelists—and some narrative nonfiction writers—are asked to prepare: the synopsis. The synopsis conveys your book's ...

Author: Jane Friedman

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226393339

Category: Reference

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Writers talk about their work in many ways: as an art, as a calling, as a lifestyle. Too often missing from these conversations is the fact that writing is also a business. The reality is, those who want to make a full- or part-time job out of writing are going to have a more positive and productive career if they understand the basic business principles underlying the industry. The Business of Being a Writer offers the business education writers need but so rarely receive. It is meant for early-career writers looking to develop a realistic set of expectations about making money from their work or for working writers who want a better understanding of the industry. Writers will gain a comprehensive picture of how the publishing world works—from queries and agents to blogging and advertising—and will learn how they can best position themselves for success over the long term. Jane Friedman has more than twenty years of experience in the publishing industry, with an emphasis on digital media strategy for authors and publishers. She is encouraging without sugarcoating, blending years of research with practical advice that will help writers market themselves and maximize their writing-related income. It will leave them empowered, confident, and ready to turn their craft into a career.

The Everything Guide To Writing A Novel

... is the dreaded synopsis? It's a short (five to ten pages) description of your novel. Gasp! How can you possibly describe your book for an editor in so few words? Maybe you could do it for the blurb on the cover if they bought your ...

Author: Joyce Lavene

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781440523038

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This step-by-step guide teaches you the tricks of the trade, with advice on all you need to know to compete in the world of fiction. Whether you are seeking to hone your writing style, shape an existing work-in-progress, or begin the submission process to publishers, successfully published novelists Joyce and Jim Lavene give you all you need to know to set you on the fast track to fulfilling your writing dreams! This authoritative guide shows you how to: Turn your creative idea into a sellable premise Build a strong plot Create realistic characters Develop a first draft Find an agent Market and sell your work to publishers Whether you're writing literary fiction, a terrifying thriller, a sweeping epic, or a passionate romance, The Everything Guide to Writing a Novel is your essential reference to creating the next bestseller!

2014 Novel Short Story Writer s Market

Janice Gable Bashman The dreaded long synopsis. The format is easy, but the execution is difficult, often more difficult than writing your book. When writing a long synopsis you must reveal voice and show plot development, relationships ...

Author: Rachel Randall

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781599637471

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The best resource for getting your fiction published! The 2014 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market is the only resource you'll need to get your short stories, novellas, and novels published. As with past editions, Novel & Short Story Writer's Market offers hundreds of listings for book publishers, literary agents, fiction publications, contests, and more. Each listing includes contact information, submission guidelines, and other important tips. You'll also find an increased focus on all aspects of the writing life, from insightful articles on craft and technique to helpful advice on getting published and marketing your work. The 2014 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market offers everything a fiction writer needs to achieve publishing success. Check out interviews with award-winning author Man Martin (Days of the Endless Corvette and Paradise Dogs) and best-selling author and writing instructor James Scott Bell (Plot & Structure and Conflict & Suspense)!

Creative Writing

Not only have I never tried to summarize scenes in my books, but I've found that deciphering what should be detailed and what could be omitted was almost as difficult as creating the dreaded synopsis. DEFINITION A synopsis is a brief ...

Author: Casey Clabough, PhD

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781615645251

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Creative writing may be the ultimate form of self-expression. Whether the reader is a creative writing student or someone who feels compelled to create stories and poetry in their free time, Idiot's Guides: Creative Writing helps them master the basics of fiction and creative nonfiction and write more effectively. Readers will learn how to: - Create the fundamental elements of good fiction of creative nonfiction, including plot, character, point of view, setting, dialogue, style, and theme. - Write various types and genres of creative writing, including novels, short stories, plays and screenplays, poetry, book-length and article-length narrative nonfiction, memoirs, and more. - Hone their writing skills and boost their creativity with writing prompts and exercises.

Writing Fiction For Dummies

310 The dreaded synopsis....................................................................... 311 Your marketing plan.......................................................................... 311 Your writing, including sample ...

Author: Randy Ingermanson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470585238

Category: Education

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A complete guide to writing and selling your novel So you want to write a novel? Great! That’s a worthy goal, no matter what your reason. But don’t settle for just writing a novel. Aim high. Write a novel that you intend to sell to a publisher. Writing Fiction for Dummies is a complete guide designed to coach you every step along the path from beginning writer to royalty-earning author. Here are some things you’ll learn in Writing Fiction for Dummies: Strategic Planning: Pinpoint where you are on the roadmap to publication; discover what every reader desperately wants from a story; home in on a marketable category; choose from among the four most common creative styles; and learn the self-management methods of professional writers. Writing Powerful Fiction: Construct a story world that rings true; create believable, unpredictable characters; build a strong plot with all six layers of complexity of a modern novel; and infuse it all with a strong theme. Self-Editing Your Novel: Psychoanalyze your characters to bring them fully to life; edit your story structure from the top down; fix broken scenes; and polish your action and dialogue. Finding An Agent and Getting Published: Write a query letter, a synopsis, and a proposal; pitch your work to agents and editors without fear. Writing Fiction For Dummies takes you from being a writer to being an author. It can happen—if you have the talent and persistence to do what you need to do.

Happily Ever After

... contests that don't require a synopsis along with the sample pages. The synopsis is supposed to summarize the book's characters, conflict, and plot in a pithy and engaging few pages. It's often referred to as the “dreaded synopsis ...

Author: Catherine M. Roach

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253020529

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 240

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"Find your one true love and live happily ever after." The trials of love and desire provide perennial story material, from the Biblical Song of Songs to Disney's princesses, but perhaps most provocatively in the romance novel, a genre known for tales of fantasy and desire, sex and pleasure. Hailed on the one hand for its women-centered stories that can be sexually liberating, and criticized on the other for its emphasis on male/female coupling and mythical happy endings, romance fiction is a multi-million dollar publishing phenomenon, creating national and international societies of enthusiasts, practitioners, and scholars. Catherine M. Roach, alongside her romance-writer alter-ego, Catherine LaRoche, guides the reader deep into Romancelandia where the smart and the witty combine with the sexy and seductive to explore why this genre has such a grip on readers and what we can learn from the romance novel about the nature of happiness, love, sex, and desire in American popular culture.

Kaplan and Sadock s Synopsis of Psychiatry Behavioral Sciences Clinical Psychiatry

Otto Fenichel called attention to the fact that phobic anxiety can he hidden behind attitudes and behavior patterns that represent a denial, either that the dreaded object or situation is dangerous or that the person is afraid of it.

Author: Benjamin J. Sadock

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9781451178616

Category: Medical

Page: 1472

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The best-selling general psychiatry text since 1972, Kaplan and Sadock's Synopsis of Psychiatry is now in its thoroughly updated Tenth Edition. This complete, concise overview of the entire field of psychiatry is a staple board review text for psychiatry residents and is popular with a broad range of students and practitioners in medicine, clinical psychology, social work, nursing, and occupational therapy. The book is DSM-IV-TR compatible and replete with case studies and tables, including ICD-10 diagnostic coding tables. You will also receive access to the complete, fully searchable online text, an online test bank of approximately 100 multiple-choice questions and full answers, and an online image bank at

Writing for Children and Teens

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please note: this is a simultaneous submission. Regards, [YOUR NAME SIGNED] Your name Encl: SASE, ms TITLE Anatomy of a synopsis Here it is: the dreaded synopsis. 67676767 CHAPTER SEVEN CX CXI ...

Author: Cynthea Liu

Publisher: Pivotal Publishing

ISBN: 9781605301143

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 128

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Nowhere will you find a more comprehensive, current, and detailed writing course designed specifically for writing children and teen books, written by an author who is in the field today. WRITING FOR CHILDREN AND TEENS: A CRASH COURSE is a ten-step course that relays all the nitty-gritty details of the business, beginning with how to evaluate your book idea all the way to pitching your book to editors and agents. Within each step, you'll find clear and specific information covering topics such as the children's book market, manuscript format, revision tips, finding the right agent or publisher, submission etiquette, and common faux pas writers make. This book will even tell you what kind of paper you should use and exactly how you should write your letters to editors and agents. Bonus materials include templates for all of your submission needs as well as examples of real-life editorial letters sent to authors from editors today. You will get a complete inside peak to the children's fiction writing market for those who want to write picture books, easy readers, chapter books, and middle grade or teen novels.

The Writer s Handbook 2003

Book Proposals THE DREADED SYNOPSIS Do it right and help sell your book by Moira Allen your initial query ; in Sooner or later , you will need to provide a synopsis of your novel to an editor or agent .

Author: Elfrieda Abbe

Publisher: Writer

ISBN: 0871161966

Category: Reference

Page: 1055

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Tells how to become a writer, discusses techniques for fiction, nonfiction, poetry and plays, and lists agents, editors and publishers


... Elizabeth has taught creative writing and given seminars and workshops at both local and national conferences on romance writing, how to get published, promotion and writing a love scene and the dreaded synopsis.

Author: Elizabeth Sinclair

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781460368275

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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A Love To Last a Lifetime… Seven years ago, Honey Kingston and Matt Logan had a passionate affair that ended abruptly when he left town to join the rodeo. And though the strong-willed beauty tried to forget Matt's warm gaze, she couldn't help but remember their love…each time she looked into her little boy's blue eyes. So when the former rodeo daredevil returned to town, Honey found herself engulfed in a whirlwind of deep-rooted emotions, unable to distance herself from the father her son so deserved. Would too many memories send Honey running—or could they rekindle a flame that once burned so brightly?

Summer Rose

In addition to having authored the widely-acclaimed instructional books, THE DREADED SYNOPSIS and FIRST CHAPTERS, she has published a total of eighteen romances with Silhouette Intimate Moments, Harlequin American, Kensington Precious ...

Author: Elizabeth Sinclair

Publisher: BelleBooks

ISBN: 9781611941043

Category: Fiction

Page: 211

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Can their love survive a secret he never suspected? A tragedy transformed Rose Hamilton from a surrogate mother for her beloved foster sister into a single mom expecting twins. But when she walks into Dr. Hunter Mackenzie's West Virginia wildlife rehab clinic-with her pregnancy still a secret-all he sees is a gorgeous, likable woman applying for a job. Rose doesn't want a romance with the handsome veterinarian who doesn't suspect that she's expecting, and who's already got plenty of trouble thanks to a mayor who wants to rid his town of Mac's lion cubs and injured wolves. Why would a man who obviously loves the wild life want to fall in love with a ready-made family? (Book Two of the bestselling Hawks Mountain Series) "Elizabeth Sinclair lulls you into a place and holds you there." - Vicki Hinze, bestselling author of the Crossroads Crisis Center series. Elizabeth Sinclair is the award-winning author of eighteen romance novels. The next book in her Hawks Mountain series will be FOREVER FALL. Visit her at

The Complete Guide to Hiring a Literary Agent

(Penguin Books, 1997) Sambuchino, Chuck. 2009 Guide to Literary Agents. (Writer's Digest Books, 2008) Sinclair, Elizabeth. The Dreaded Synopsis. (Thomas Max Publishing, 2009) about the author Laura Cross is a freelance editor, author,.

Author: Laura Cross

Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company

ISBN: 9781601384034

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 288

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A guide to the process of getting an agent to represent your book. Once you have found your literary agent, you will learn how to read contracts and accept offers, as well as what details your agent will take care of.

Hawks Mountain

In addition to having authored the widely-acclaimed instructional books, THE DREADED SYNOPSIS and FIRST CHAPTERS, she has published a total of eighteen romances with Silhouette Intimate Moments, Harlequin American, Kensington Precious ...

Author: Elizabeth Sinclair

Publisher: Bell Bridge Books

ISBN: 9781611940220

Category: Fiction

Page: 189

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Rebecca Hawks has come home to remember who she was before the lure of life as a social worker in a big city nearly destroyed her-and might, still. She's moved back to her family's namesake mountain in West Virginia, where Granny Jo Hawks can help her forget the horrors she'd seen and been unable to prevent. Ex-Navy Corpsman, Nicholas Hart, has moved to Hawks Mountain in hope that its timeless Appalachian serenity will help him overcome his painful war memories. Now Rebecca and Nicholas must find each other-and their chances of a life together after putting the past to rest-on Hawks Mountain. Elizabeth Sinclair is the award-winning, bestselling author of numerous romance novels and two acclaimed instructional books for writers. Her novels have been translated into seven languages and are sold in seventeen countries. She lives in St. Augustine, Florida, with her husband and two dogs.

Parallel Pasts

Eric Roberson and Lalah Hathaway, “Dealing” stayed on repeat to help me churn out the dreaded synopsis. Thank you. I am grateful for every lesson and every person who has made me who I am and my journey what it has been.

Author: Julia Blues

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781593094959

Category: Fiction

Page: 346

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Fatima and Cory, two people trying to forget their horrible childhoods, come together over their similar pasts, but must learn to battle their demons in order to survive.