The determination of rite an historical and jurical study

indication that these same members of rites different than the Latin were not bound by the previous enactments of the Code . ... Membership in a rite , its determination and what may be involved in abandoning it to adopt another ritual ...

Author: W. Bassett

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The basic jurisdictional division of the faithful in the Church is derived from a distinction of persons and laws that is today personal rather than territorial. Antecedent to any other ecclesiastical determination, even that of domicile or cognational relationship, and underlying the multiple and diverse classifications inherent in the canonical legal system, is the fundamental ascription of the individual to one or other of the various particular rites. Ritual membership, signals and confirmed by Baptism establishes the faithful in an autonomous community which exists even within the unity of Catholic belief and practice as a living, historical embodiment of a distinct and precious religious experience. This community or ritual family is itself a rich treasure of the spirit, engendering a whole body of ecclesiastical institutions, as well as giving rise to a multiplicity of distinctive liturgical, cultural, social and disciplinary relationships in which it is expressed and through which it live on in the concrete reality of the Christian life in the world. The rites are part of the tradition of the Church. They were formed in and are dependent upon a whole geographical and historical environment which finds in them the expression of an authentic human culture.

Analecta Gregoriana

Pospishil says that the general principle for necessary determination of rite , i . e . where the determination of rite is prescribed by law , as in the case of children , is that the person once baptized belongs to that rite ...



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The Spirit of Hindu Law

Rites can be very complex, multi-day affairs and one must know from the start what the main event is in order to ensure the proper execution of the rite that will result in the desired effect. The determination of the primary and ...

Author: Donald R. Davis, Jr

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Law is too often perceived solely as state-based rules and institutions that provide a rational alternative to religious rites and ancestral customs. The Spirit of Hindu Law uses the Hindu legal tradition as a heuristic tool to question this view and reveal the close linkage between law and religion. Emphasizing the household, the family, and everyday relationships as additional social locations of law, it contends that law itself can be understood as a theology of ordinary life. An introduction to traditional Hindu law and jurisprudence, this book is structured around key legal concepts such as the sources of law and authority, the laws of persons and things, procedure, punishment and legal practice. It combines investigation of key themes from Sanskrit legal texts with discussion of Hindu theology and ethics, as well as thorough examination of broader comparative issues in law and religion.

A Historical Approach to Casuistry

Much useful material, also from various dictionaries, can be found in William W. Bassett, The Determination of Rite (Rome: Gregorian University Press, 1967). 8 Michael Weiss, “The Rite Stuff: Lat. rīte, rītus, TB rittetär, TA ritwatär, ...

Author: Carlo Ginzburg

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Casuistry, the practice of resolving moral problems by applying a logical framework, has had a much larger historical presence before and since it was given a name in the Renaissance. The contributors to this volume examine a series of case studies to explain how different cultures and religions, past and present, have wrestled with morality's exceptions and margins and the norms with which they break. For example, to what extent have the Islamic and Judaic traditions allowed smoking tobacco or gambling? How did the Spanish colonization of America generate formal justifications for what it claimed? Where were the lines of transgression around food, money-lending, and sex in Ancient Greece and Rome? How have different systems dealt with suicide? Casuistry lives at the heart of such questions, in the tension between norms and exceptions, between what seems forbidden but is not. A Historical Approach to Casuistry does not only examine this tension, but re-frames casuistry as a global phenomenon that has informed ethical and religious traditions for millennia, and that continues to influence our lives today.

Federal Register

A Department survey of customers who bought children's shoes and sandals from Stride Rite Manufacturing Corportation revealed Rite and increased purchases from foreign sources from 1977 to 1978 and during the first half of 1979 compared ...



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Pilgrimage As Rite of Passage

Consideration of the Human Experience is the part of catechesis that helps youth discover who they are . This is extremely important at a time in history when rituals and rites of passage are seldom ...

Author: Robert Brancatelli

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An experiential program for youth making the transition to adulthood that includes catechetical sessions, a medicine walk, an overnight pilgrimage, and a period of mystagogia.

The Jurist

to the preservation , observance and avoidance of change of the rites , that is , in matters of discipline and of the ... B. The Determination of Oriental Rites The second problem which must be mentioned under the title De ritibus ...



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Deeply Into the Bone

A fourth possible answer is, The rite appears to be for mothers and children, but is really for fathers, doctors, the patriarchy in general. A few feminist and Marxist writers assert that birth rites are really about the determination ...

Author: Ronald L. Grimes

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Providing a personal, informed and cultural perspective on rites of passage for general readers, this text illustrates the power of rites to help us navigate life's troublesome transitions.

The Art of Elam CA 4200 525 BC

... a vessel figuring prominently in fate determination rites and said to be “under heaven” (an-na mu-gub).84 Another intriguing object is the “box of the brick mold”, perhaps to be understood as a brick-making utensil.85 Some texts ...

Author: Javier Álvarez-Mon

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The Art of Elam ca. 4200-525 BC offers a view of, and a critical reflection on, the art history of one of the world’s first and least-known civilizations, illuminating a significant chapter of our human past. Not unlike a gallery of historical paintings, this comprehensive treatment of the rich heritage of ancient Iran showcases a visual trail of the evolution of human society, with all its leaps and turns, from its origins in the earliest villages of southwest Iran at around 4200 BC to the rise of the Achaemenid Persian empire in ca. 525 BC. Richly illustrated in full colour with 1450 photographs, 190 line drawings, and digital reconstructions of hundreds of artefacts—some of which have never before been published—The Art of Elam goes beyond formal and thematic boundaries to emphasize the religious, political, and social contexts in which art was created and functioned. Such a magisterial study of Elamite art has never been written making The Art of Elam ca. 4200-525 BC a ground-breaking publication essential to all students of ancient art and to our current understanding of the civilizations of the ancient Near East.


Before the rite of election , the determination needs to be made that one has the intention to follow Christ as a disciple . Grounded in this intention , the elect enter this period of preparation that is more intense by nature .

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The revised second edition of the award-winning The RCIA: Transforming the Church incorporates new insights in liturgical catechesis and ritual celebration that have emerged since the original edition. The changed format includes an expanded commentary on each of the periods of the rite, expanded sections, all-new sections, practical guidelines, and suggestions for using the rite with children.Again divided into three parts, this resource first looks at foundational issues for implementing the rite, including underlying theological issues and ministries in initiation. The second section looks at each stage in the rite following a four-step process. The third section examines pastoral issues such as annulments, ecumenical sensitivity, discerning valid baptism, etc.