The Defiant Breed

The Defiant Breed is the continued story of four unlikely heroes in an ancient Ireland that never was. Delve further into the mysteries of this ancient land as you follow the adventures of our heroes, an alliance between the humans and ...

Author: James L. Pasch

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595248476

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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The Defiant Breed is the continued story of four unlikely heroes in an ancient Ireland that never was. Delve further into the mysteries of this ancient land as you follow the adventures of our heroes, an alliance between the humans and the last Elf on earth. Each of them searching for something different, for the humans Kyle and Vespa, it’s a shaman powerful enough to undo the curse placed upon their friend Teddy, for the elf Aiden, it’s a way to escape this world and get back to his own people. Nothing is sacred or safe from them as they are forced to deal with many unexplainable bizarre events as well as break into monasteries and tombs, steal from the dead, capture by Dunath’s Children, and for Aiden, a temporary pact with the one life form he finds lower than the humans, the dwarf Rory. The Defiant Breed is the follow up to The Dying Breed, the first book in the Breed Trilogy .

Rare Breed

An unconventional business book for the rebels and misfits—the Rare Breeds—who don’t fit the traditional mold, offering an approach that’s anything but business as usual. “Brazen rant!” -- Seth Godin, New York Times bestselling ...

Author: Sunny Bonnell

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780062856944

Category: Business & Economics

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An unconventional business book for the rebels and misfits—the Rare Breeds—who don’t fit the traditional mold, offering an approach that’s anything but business as usual. “Brazen rant!” -- Seth Godin, New York Times bestselling author of This is Marketing and What to Do When It’s Your Turn In every job you’ve ever had, you’ve been judged, labeled, and made to feel like an outsider. Defiant. Dangerous. Different. A real pain-in-the-ass.The message? To be successful, you’ve got to fundamentally change. But what if -- instead of conforming -- you learned how to punch society’s codes in the nose, run like a hooligan through the corridors of entrenched power, and succeed -- not by grinding down your prickly parts, but by going all-in on who you really are? “A guide for strategic rebellion.” -- Mark Levy, founder of Levy Innovation and creator of Your Big Sexy Idea® Meet Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger, award-winning global brand consultants, founders of Motto, and authors of Rare Breed: A Guide to Success for the Defiant, Dangerous, and Different. In this book, you’ll come face-to-face with seven controversial virtues that are typically seen as ladder-burning, career-ending personality traits that – convention says -- keep mavericks, oddballs, and visionaries like you from getting along, getting buy-in, and getting ahead. “A beautiful reminder that you are not alone.” -- Charlamagne Tha God, New York Times bestselling author of Black Privilege Sunny and Ashleigh provide singular insight into how you can flip the script and turn your so-called “vices” into your virtues, transforming your most “undesirable” flaws into the high-octane fuel of your success. In a world that wants to own you, you’ll finally learn how to own yourself, through embracing all your parts – not just the pretty ones. College dropouts and social misfits Sunny and Ashleigh provide front-row seats to their own counterintuitive rise from broke-ass outsiders to brand consultants for iconic brands. Success, they show you, is no longer the sole purview of the Harvard MBA graduate. Your ticket to ride resides within the side of you that’s disorderly, independent, and rogue. Deep down, you’ve always been the kid to point out when the emperor has no clothes. Yet, time and time again you’ve been faced with the consequences of deviating from social expectations. This is a new conversation for a new era. What would happen if, starting today, you walked away from the sheeple? What could you build?


Why was someone who would never think of having a reproduction on his wall so mad to reproduce? ... Dark, heavy clouds hover threateningly over the defiant spires of the great apartment houses on either edge of Central Park. Rain? Snow?

Author: Chase Novak

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781444737004

Category: Fiction

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Alex and Leslie Twisden said they would pay any price to have children. But some costs are too high. Adam and Alice Twisden know they're not like other kids. Other kids don't get locked in their rooms at night. Other kids don't hear strange noises outside their door. Noises which are getting louder... From a new name in horror, BREED is a stunning thriller in the vein of Rosemary's Baby, brilliantly written, daring, and unforgettable.

The Trumpets of Doom

A gold-embossed motto below the frieze extolled the virtues of Scrarth and Avangar: From such battles rise women who rule, From such rulers rises a daring universe, From such a universe rises a defiant breed, ...

Author: J.M. MacLeod

Publisher: Ambassador International

ISBN: 9781649600202

Category: Fiction

Page: 370

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The highly anticipated Scrarth and Avangar duels are fast-approaching. While the ancient evils of the Ra-amawl forest are behind them, there is much more wickedness that lies ahead. Contestants Jeda, Spoena, and Artil are under the careful watch of the sinister Hod-ya as the duels draw ever so near. Will Jeda rise to the competition or fall short? How will the other contestants fare? Will Jeda be tempted to fall prey to evil or will she hold out for the good? As Bonu and Scrung set out to uncover the Swords of Vedic, they are met with numerous trials and even rescue missions. With temptations, unexpected treasures, dangerous treks, and a deadly competition in the mix, the stakes are higher than ever before. Will the trumpets of doom sound?

The Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain and Ireland

The defiant notes, often heard in the teeth of a winter gale, have given the species the local name of 'stormcock'. The breeding season begins early, eggs being laid at the end of February or in early March during warm springs; ...

Author: J.T.R. Sharrock

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408146958

Category: Science

Page: 704

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This companion volume to The Atlas of Wintering Birds in Britain and Ireland (see back flap) is derived from yearly surveys of breeding birds in Britain and Ireland during 1968-72, organised by the British Trust for Ornithology and the Irish Wildbird Conservancy. Each of the 3,862 10-km squares of Britain and Ireland was visited during the five years and the resulting records (over 285,000) are summarised in the maps. The full-page maps plot the known distribution of all but 11 of the 229 breeding species located during the survey period. Each map has an accompanying text which describes the species' habitat, the problems involved in proving breeding, the historical background to the species' range and any changes in its numbers. The probable reasons for these changes are discussed and an attempt made to assess the total number of birds for each species. "The book is a major triumph for the BTO and IWC and a fitting reward to the many thousands of field workers who made its compilation possible. It is an indispensable source of up-to-date information, a pleasure to read, a spur to thought and further enquiry, and, by no means least, a most elegant example of book production." Stanley Cramp, British Birds "This remarkable work is one of the most exciting ornithological achievements of the century ... the book is admirable in every way: it is beautifully produced, and charmingly illustrated with black and white vignettes on nearly every page of text. Above all, it provides an authoritative account of the present situation; in due course it will also serve as a standard against which to measure future changes. Excellent value and strongly recommended." G. L. A-W., Wildfowl News Jacket design by Robert Gillmor

Bred of the Desert

He jerked up his head, sounded a defiant outcry, stiffened his legs for action. This for a moment only, for he did not act–somehow felt it was not yet time. But he gave way to a grim restlessness. He took to rocking like a chained ...

Author: Charles M. Horton

Publisher: DigiCat

ISBN: EAN:8596547155072

Category: Fiction

Page: 187

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The story opens as a massive sand storm blows across the American desert near the Rio Grande. Caught in its path are Felipe, a Mexican, and his team of horses pulling a lumber cart back from a successful day's selling. His horses will not speed up, so the enraged Felipe has to take temporary shelter by one of the cart's wheels. As the storm passes he sees that one of his horses, a mare, is lying down.....

The Furlites of Aroriel Earth bred Matissia born

... baring his teeth in a defiant hiss. “And how would that help?” Murkuria argued, desperate to get past ... *No!* The Felakoon cried defiantly, braving Geupetus, his glittering yellow 475 THE FURLITES OF ARORIEL EARTHBRED, MATISSIABORN.

Author: Marie J S Phillips


ISBN: 9781105034886

Category: Fiction

Page: 678

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Young Murkuria discovers that the homeworld-bound Sunpyne harbors yet another stowaway. This time, it is the Human's lost pet cat, which is pregnant and dying from malnutrition. Murkuria succeeds in genetically altering the Earth cat's unborn zygotes so they can thrive on Aroriel's magnesium-rich foods. Seven kittens -- born to surrogate mother Iggie the Matissia -- bond to and communicate telepathically with Furlites of their own choosing. These exotic smart treasures which Murkuria dubs Felakoons, endear themselves to the proud Clan, proving to be far more than mere pets. However, as the Sunpyne and Sauri return from their first mission to the stars, anticipating awe, triumph, and glory, unexpected opposition to the new "alien" life throws the planet into strife and conflict such has not been seen in centuries. Will the Felakoons earn a place in Furlitian society, or be sterilized, and die out as a species before have barely begun to live? Some sexual content.

Lora Leigh The Breeds Novels 1 6

Unless the male mate in question was into a little BDSM and a whole lot into a defiant, challenging mate. “She can't eat chocolate, she can't drink coffee, she can't see her family, she can't take a fucking walk at night.

Author: Lora Leigh

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101579091

Category: Fiction

Page: 2957

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Animal hungers and human emotions entwine like strands of DNA in these six novels in the sexy paranormal series featuring the genetically engineered Breeds and those who created them—from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Lawe’s Justice and Deadly Sins. Megan’s Mark Harmony’s Way Tanner’s Scheme Dawn’s Awakening Mercury’s War Coyote’s Mate

The Farmer s Magazine

The 2nd prize , Mr. F. Tupper's , | bred by Mr. M'William , of Boquharm , well sustained was a fine ox , but handled loose . Mr. Pennington's by the stability and compactness of her form the first prize heifer displayed a level back and ...



ISBN: NYPL:33433007896149

Category: Agriculture

Page: 618

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Breeding Like Rabbits

She tossed her head—a defiant gesture ... for me or for Mr. Swanson? Daniel, fifteen, was into Boy Scouts. He also had a paper route and dreamed of becoming either a fireman or a policeman—or maybe a priest? He and Tony both liked the ...

Author: Ardyce C. Whalen

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781532024160

Category: Fiction

Page: 292

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Britt Anderson is a college student without a plan for her future when her boyfriend, Andy Hughes, decides to join the navy. It is the early 1950s, and Britt is desperate to escape rural Minnesota and share an adventurous life with the man she loves. But as he begins boot camp in Chicago and she begins secretarial school in Minneapolis, Britt soon realizes that her journey to happiness will be more challenging than she realized. Despite objections from her family and others, Britt abandons her Lutheran roots, joins the Catholic Church, marries Andy, and assumes her wifely duties. A series of unfortunate events unfolds, including a surprise letter from an ex-boyfriend, causing Britt to vacillate between the past and the present. She wonders if their hasty marriage was a mistake. Just as shes having doubts about marriage, Britt becomes pregnant with the first of five children. As she and Andy are led down a difficult path dictated by the teachings of the Catholic Church, they must decide on a course of action that will save their marriage and Britts sanity before it is too late. Breeding like Rabbits shares the experiences of a Lutheran womans journey of self-discovery as she joins the Catholic Church and marries a US Navy sailor.