Creatures of the Rain Forest

Mild- Mannered Mini- Monster Treehopper There are about 3,200 species of treehopper. This creature sucks up plantsap through a strawlike the rainforests of tropical countries, but some live on every continent (except Antarctica).

Author: Matthew Rake

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Track down the ten most awe-inspiring animals in the rain forests of the world. Step away from those jaws, claws, and muscles, because here you'll find: ? the largest snake in the world ? blood-sucking vampires ? an eel that kills its prey with electric shocks Come face to face with these extreme animals and learn their secrets!

Rainforest Creatures

LIFE IN THE RAINFOREST Rainforests , as their name suggests , get a lot of rain . This helps forests to ... 0000 The decayed leaves and animal matter provide nutrients , retain water and replenish the soil . Thanks to the rainforest ...

Author: Benita Sen

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

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Provides profiles of animals who live in rain forests, covering common and scientific names, size, prey and diet, behaviors, enemies, and whether they are considered endangered.

Creatures in a Wet Rain Forest

Tropical rain forests are divided into four layers. The lowest layer is the forest floor. The forest floor is very dark, hot, and moist. Few plants grow there. Animals big and small live on the forest floor. The understory is home to ...

Author: Francine Topacio

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Rain forests are hot spots for biodiversity. From the forest floor to the high canopy, many different creatures call rain forests their home. Readers will learn about some of the most interesting animals, such as peccaries and sakis that live in these amazing habitats. Full-color photographs captivate readers and depict the exciting atmosphere of the rain forest. Fact boxes provide readers with additional fun information about these bustling habitats.

Rain Forest

They are usually represented as aggressive, violent, and short-tempered creatures, when in fact they are actually one of the most gentle primates in existence. These giants of the African rain forests can reach up to six feet (180 cm) ...

Author: Ilene Miller

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In this study of rain forest, students will learn about the interdependence of the plant and animal life that is so unique to this environment.

Dangerous Creatures Of The Tropical Rainforests

All creatures have to find food and shelter and often need to defend themselves against other animals at the same time. For many creatures, it is a case of kill or be killed. Life in tropical rain forests is not always safe.

Author: Helen Bateman

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Describes dangerous animals that live in the rain forest, how they survive, why they might be endangered, and what we can do.

Rain Forest Animal Adaptations

Over in the Jungle: A Rainforest Rhyme. Sharing Nature with Children. ... Rain Forests: Gardens of Green. Amazing attract—to draw near ... Hiding in Rain Forests. Creature mate—the male or female partner of a pair of animals Camouflage.

Author: Lisa J. Amstutz

Publisher: Capstone

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"Simple text and photographs describe rain forest animal adaptations"--Provided by publisher.

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of the Rain Forest

Moira Rose Donohue. In this chapter you will meet the creatures that live in the bottom layer of the rain forest. This colorful creature is a kind of monkey. Male mandrills. FACTS KIND OF ANIMAL mammal HOME western central Africa SIZE.

Author: Moira Rose Donohue

Publisher: National Geographic Books

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Coloful birds! Jaguars! Tree frogs! National Geographic presents a delightful, age-appropriate introduction to tropical rain forest creatures big and small in this new title in the popular Little Kids First Big Book series. This adorable animal book about all things jungle features favorite animals found in tropical rain forests. Readers meet jaguars prowling the forest floor, snakes slithering through the understory, red-eyed tree frogs leaping through the canopy, butterflies flitting through the tallest treetops, and many other creatures that inhabit all the different layers. More than 200 charming animal photos illustrate the profiles, with facts about the creatures' sizes, diets, homes, and more. A map of tropical rain forests around the world shows where the animals in the book are found, and the book also introduces readers to plant life. This book will quickly become a favorite at storytime, bedtime, and any time.

Life in the Rainforest

The rainforest abounds with visual and auditory delights. The brilliant colors of toucans and parrots, delicate butterflies, and brightly patterned snakes and amphibians all demonstrate the active competition for survival.

Author: Edward P. Ortleb

Publisher: Lorenz Educational Press

ISBN: 9780787703028

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Color Overheads Included! The information contained in this resource and activity book follows a learning cycle that includes: a) free exploration by the students; b) expansion of exploration through activities that allow children to test, integrate, and sort out their discoveries; and c) application of concepts through individual and group projects which provide students with the opportunity to enhance and share what they have learned. Each section includes teacher resource material, planned lessons, and expansion activities. Students will examine various items, books, and resources. The display table's contents of fruits, nuts, woods, and other rainforest items will pique students' interest.

Tropical Rain Forest Grades Four to Six Seventy Activities

iii Choose a creature that lives in a tropical ~' '~'°;§:~D\ \ rainforest. l J "~ , \W ) \ Tell whether it is a mammal, reptile, amphibian, bird, insect or fish. ~\ Research to find out the following facts M)“ ill u about it. i.

Author: Ruth Solski

Publisher: S&S Learning Materials

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Included in this unit are 33 reproducible information cards and worksheets with answer keys. Topics of research include farming, hunting and fishing, harvesting, Amazon villages, family life, Amazon children, music and dancing, spirits of the forest, chiefs and warriors, and changing ways of life. 70 activities.

Ultimate Expeditions Rainforest Explorer

From my perch in the canopy, I heard the chatter of yet another family of macaws coming from the cavity of a nearby tree. I wasn't the only creature in the rain forest canopy to discover them. A python nestled around a branch several ...

Author: Nancy Honovich

Publisher: becker&mayer! kids

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Greetings adventurer! Are you prepared to delve deep in the Amazon jungle? Ultimate Expeditions Rainforest Explorer will take you to a place where awe-inspiring adventure awaits... but so does danger! The world’s most massive rain forest promises both beauty and peril. Ultimate Expeditions Rainforest Explorer presents young readers with the thrilling tales of famed explorer Harold Bennington. Harold has just returned from an exciting research expedition where he recorded his observations of the most magnificent creatures he has ever encountered. From pink river dolphins, to blood-drinking vampire bats, to fierce jaguars, these rare, beautiful beasts are described so vividly they seem to pounce off the page! Ultimate Expeditions Rainforest Explorer comes complete with illustrations, maps, photos, and facts, making it the perfect companion for any aspiring adventurer. As an added bonus, each of Mr. Bennington's eight animal profiles come with assembly instructions and all the materials you need to make your own 3-D model.