The Creation

The author promotes a new alliance between science and religion to defend nature--the Creation--by joining forces to preserve Earth's threatened biodiversity.

Author: Edward O. Wilson


ISBN: 1439559015

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The author promotes a new alliance between science and religion to defend nature--the Creation--by joining forces to preserve Earth's threatened biodiversity.

The Creation An Appeal to Save Life on Earth

So here, Pastor, is a homily of my own I offer to counter that of the exemptionalist: Save the Creation, save all of it! No lesser goal is defensible. However biodiversity arose, it was not put on this planet to be erased by any one ...

Author: Edward O. Wilson

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

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The book that launched a movement: “Wilson speaks with a humane eloquence which calls to us all” (Oliver Sacks). Called “one of the greatest men alive” by The Times of London, E. O. Wilson proposes an historic partnership between scientists and religious leaders to preserve Earth’s rapidly vanishing biodiversity.

The Old Testament in the Life of God s People

In his book The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth, Wilson lays out the scientific argument for saving the creation, and he invites faith communities to ally themselves with scientists by marshaling their own resources on behalf ...

Author: Jon Isaak

Publisher: Penn State Press

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This book celebrates the contributions to Old Testament theology of Elmer A. Martens, President and Professor of Old Testament at Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, Fresno, California (both positions now Emeritus). It includes 3 essays written by Martens himself, as well as 15 others written by his former students, colleagues, friends, and even one of his professors! The essays are clustered around three topics—Christians’ use of the Old Testament, aligning God’s people with God’s call for justice, and addressing the issue of land in the life of God’s people—each of which reflects an area of special interest to Martens. A biographical sketch, a list of the honoree’s varied publications, and indexes are included. Martens has had a productive career as teacher, author, and preacher—a career spanning almost six decades and five continents. After 40 years of seminary teaching, Elmer is known to many as professor. He taught his signature class, Old Testament theology, from 1968 to 2004 at Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, shaping an entire generation of preachers and Bible teachers. His Old Testament theology textbook, God’s Design, now in its third edition, continues to be used at the seminary as well as in translation in numerous other schools around the world.

Creation Stories in Dialogue The Bible Science and Folk Traditions

Yet, this is exactly what Edward O. Wilson has done in his work The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth.2 For this reason, it is important for those situated believers who are usually opposed by Wilson to listen carefully to his ...

Author: Jan G. van der Watt

Publisher: Brill

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This book is about creation stories in dialogue, not only between different religious views, but also between current day scientific perspectives.

The World of St Francis of Assisi

... in order to have a positive impact on Earth's ecological crisis, Christianity must alter its anthropocentric and ... in The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth, that there should not be any conflict between science and ...


Publisher: BRILL

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In The World of St. Francis of Assisi, thirteen scholars from diverse academic disciplines offer accounts of the way in which St. Francis shaped the world in which he lived and trace the saint’s legacy in the intervening seven centuries.

Forsaken Earth The Ongoing Mass Extinction

4 Wilson, E.O. The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth. New York: Norton, 2006. McGavin, George. Endangered: Wildlife on the Brink of Extinction. Buffalo, N.Y.; Richmond Hill, Ont.: Firefly Books, 2006. 5 SPECIES TYPES 1 McGavin, ...

Author: Paul Sequoia Rauch

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781483454481

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The Ongoing Mass Extinction of species is the most overriding issue on Earth, transcending and encompassing all others. It’s already proven; there’s no debate. It is a monumental event occurring right now and escalating, its culmination set to happen within most of our lives. Forsaken Earth delves deeply into this matter like no other, that the worst of this earth-shattering extinction event might still be avoided. Forsaken Earth fully reveals that humans are undeniably causing and allowing this event to happen, and that we are the only ones who can and must stop it. Everything you ever wanted to know about our gorgeous Earth to the history of the cultural ideology at the root of the problem to the effect upon every ecosystem of Earth is written in this one potent volume. Forsaken Earth provides more solutions than any yet offered and leads us to discover and activate our most meaningful purpose, individually and as humanity, to participate and truly support the healing of life on Earth – now.

Placing Nature on the Borders of Religion Philosophy and Ethics

Interestingly, “creation" as opposed to “creationism" has emerged as a mediating term, as a euphemism for “environmentalism ... For instance, E. O. Wilson published a book in 2006 entitled The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth, ...

Author: Dr Forrest Clingerman

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781409481522

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The natural world has been "humanized": even areas thought to be wilderness bear the marks of human impact. But this human impact is not simply physical. At the emergence of the environmental movement, the focus was on human effects on "nature." More recently, however, the complexity of the term "nature" has led to fruitful debates and the recognition of how human individuals and cultures interpret their environments. This book furthers the dialogue on religion, ethics, and the environment by exploring three interrelated concepts: to recreate, to replace, and to restore. Through interdisciplinary dialogue the authors illuminate certain unique dimensions at the crossroads between finding value, creating value, and reflecting on one's place in the world. Each of these terms has diverse religious, ethical, and scientific connotations. Each converges on the ways in which humans both think about and act upon their surroundings. And each radically questions the damaging conceptual divisions between nature and culture, human and environment, and scientific explanation and religious/ethical understanding. This book self-consciously reflects on the intersections of environmental philosophy, environmental theology, and religion and ecology, stressing the importance of how place interprets us and how we interpret place. In addition to its contribution to environmental philosophy, this work is a unique volume in its serious engagement with theology and religious studies on the issues of ecological restoration and the meaning of place.

Encountering ETI

In The Social Conquest of Earth (2012), Harvard biologist emeritus Edward O. Wilson elaborates at length his recently developed ... In an earlier work, The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth (2006), for which this writer wrote an ...

Author: John Hart

Publisher: ISD LLC

ISBN: 9780718843892

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'Encountering ETI' weaves together scientific knowledge and spiritual faith in a cosmic context. It explores consequences of Contact between terrestrial intelligent life (TI) and extraterrestrial intelligent life (ETI). Humans will face cosmic displacement if there are other complex, technologically advanced intelligent beings in the universe; our economic structures and religious beliefs might need substantial revision. On Earth or in space, humans could encounter benevolent ETI (solicitous ofour striving for maturity as a species) or malevolent ETI (seeking our land and goods to benefit themselves, claiming that their 'superior civilization' gives them the right) - or meet both types of species. Earth Encounters of the Third Kind described by witnesses (including Native American elders) suggest that both may have arrived already: some have been accused of shutting down US and USSR ICBM missiles to promote peace; others of mutilating cattle or abducting people, perhaps to acquire physiological data on biota for scientific study or for other, unknown purposes. Scifi movies such as Avatar and novels like The Martian Chronicles describe humans as malevolent ETI aliens: we do to others what we fear others will do to us. A shared and evolving spiritual materiality could enable humanity to overcome cosmic displacement, and guide TI and ETI in a common quest for meaning and wellbeing on cosmic common ground.

Taking Christian Moral Thought Seriously

His book The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth is explicitly addressed to the Christian community. “Pastor,” he writes, “we need your help.”59 Why does one of the most promiBecause religion and science are the two most powerful ...

Author: Jeremy A. Evans

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781433673658

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The Death Penalty, Environmentalism, Public Reason, Voting, Abortion. Where does Christian faith belong in discussions about these issues? In Taking Christian Moral Thought Seriously, editor Jeremy A. Evans establishes that separation of church and state is not a principle of the United States Constitution (or any other founding document). Thus, there should be a social interest in not hindering any religious person’s full participation in the American marketplace of ideas. As such, Evans addresses readers from both the Christian and non-Christian communities through the related scholarship here, knowing either side’s failure to consider one’s well-prepared thoughts in science, politics, and education undermines the very idea of seeking the truth. Topics include: * The death penalty * John Rawls’ theory of public reason * Whether or not a non-voting stance is permissible for Christians * Religious disagreement and its impact on the justification of religious beliefs * How the current models of scientific explanation are not incompatible with religious beliefs * Creation care—what is our responsibility to the environment? * Are theologians and philosophers missing the point on the abortion problem? Acclaim for Taking Christian Moral Thought Seriously: “This is a long-overdue book. Although there are scores of accessible books written by Christian philosophers addressing traditional topics, such as God’s existence, the problem of evil, and the miraculous, few have broached the areas of ethics, public reason and science while critically and respectfully engaging the most influential philosophers writing on these subjects. Professor Evans has managed to put together such a book. It is a model of clarity without sacrificing philosophical rigor. It is the sort of book that should be in the hands of any Christian desiring to engage the wider culture in an informed and thoughtful manner.” Francis J. Beckwith Professor of Philosophy and Church-State Studies, Baylor University “This text is a great place to get ‘up to speed on aspects of crucial issues that we too seldom ever hear being discussed in evangelical circles.” Gary R. Habermas Distinguished Research Professor, Liberty University & Theological Seminary "Taking Christian Moral Thought Seriously truly models what the title itself expresses--a serious-minded, Christianly engagement of important moral and cultural themes. Without exception, each contributor writes with scholarly rigor, insight, and creativity. This book well illustrates how practical, robust, and explanatorily rich the Christian faith is." Paul Copan Professor and Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics, Palm Beach Atlantic University