The Confident Writer

The text's pedagogy promotes critical reading, thinking, and writing, underscoring the connection among the three.

Author: Carol C. Kanar

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company

ISBN: 0618958460

Category: Education

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Guided by the belief that students develop their own writing process as they become more experienced writers, The Confident Writer provides a wide range of opportunities to help students build their skills and confidence. The text's pedagogy promotes critical reading, thinking, and writing, underscoring the connection among the three. Students are asked to respond to high-interest professional and student essay selections and topical writing prompts; complete a variety of exercises, including collaborative and Internet exercises; and compose reflective journal entries. The Fifth Edition maintains the program's trademark four-part structure, allowing instructors flexibility in covering the writing process. New features include expanded coverage of grammar with group and individual activities and exercises to build skills, updated coverage of the research process, and a helpful four-color design.

The Confident Writing Teacher

" If Shelley Barker's description rings true, then you know that students need more than corrections to thrive as writers.

Author: Shelley Barker

Publisher: Heinemann

ISBN: 0325021686

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"If you are currently a member of the teaching profession, it is very likely that you were never taught to write. Shocked? Think about it. Certainly, we wrote, but what did writing instruction look like when you were a kid? Do you remember receiving any? I do not remember being taught to write. My language arts teachers focused on those things that could be measured and counted as right or wrong, like parsing sentences, identifying linking verbs, and making sure those darned participles didn't dangle." If Shelley Barker's description rings true, then you know that students need more than corrections to thrive as writers. In this practical and uplifting guide, Shelley invites you into her classroom and shares: guidance for nurturing yourself as a writer strategies for building a community of writers in your classroom tools for building lessons and addressing areas of student need models of feedback that motivates writers rubrics that make assessment valuable to students. "Take what you need from your writing past-the positive experiences, the times when you felt successful, the times when writing made sense to you-and leave the rest-the red ink, the negative or empty comments, the references to your spelling and penmanship," Shelley says. "We need to produce confident writers who when faced with difficult writing tasks may not know how to begin, but trust that they have the skills and perseverance to find the way."

The Confident Writer

The Confident Writer , Fourth Edition , has taught countless students that writing fundamentals are about choices . What are my topic and purpose ? Who my audience ? What is my central idea , and what details should I choose to support ...

Author: Carol C. Kanar


ISBN: 0618541551

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Seven Steps to Confident Writing

They long to be held securely in the hands of a writer who is in command. It takes a confident writer to resist filling in all the blanks at the end. The less confident writer is more likely to veer in the direction of the Aesop's ...

Author: Alan Gelb

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781608685448

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Not everyone is a natural writer. In fact, most people don't think that much about writing until they'e called upon to write something like an office memo or a wedding speech and find themselves paralyzed with self-doubt. Author and writing coach Alan Gelb specializes in helping anxious writers find their voice, drawing upon techniques that can improve anyone's writing, sometimes in a matter of days. His compact and easy-to-use guide demystifies the writing process and shows readers how to sculpt concise sentences, shape well-structured paragraphs, polish a final draft, and combat procrastination. Best of all, readers will see for themselves that writing is not an inborn talent but a skill that can be mastered with a bit of patience and perseverance.

Creating Confident Writers For High School College and Life

Due to all of these things that I figured out along the way, I feel as if I've grown the most here [with my use of critical theory]. Through her reflection, Esme reveals that although she presented a confident stance as a writer ...

Author: Troy Hicks

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393714173

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Writing should be for an audience other than a teacher, and for a purpose beyond getting a grade. Connecting their classroom experience to research about writing, as well as to framing documents in the field, two seasoned writing teachers distill the lessons they’ve learned about creating confident adolescent and young adult writers. Troy Hicks and Andy Schoenborn outline a fundamental stance to their approach—to invite, encourage, and celebrate students’ writing—that is then echoed in the book’s three-part structure. There are numerous classroom activities and assignments on topics from creating writing goals to supporting revision, examples of student work, and questions to guide teachers’ reflections. In this book for any teacher of writing, from middle school through college, readers are invited to try strategies and allow students’ voices to emerge, while discussing with colleagues how these approaches might work for them, too.

The Confident Student

From Kanar, The Confident Writer, Fifth Edition. © 2009 Heinle/Arts & Sciences, a part of Cengage Learning, Inc. Reproduced by permission. www.cengagecom/permissions. Copyright 2013 Cengage Learning. All Rights Reserved.

Author: Carol C. Kanar

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781285500096

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Building confidence through accomplishment remains at the heart of THE CONFIDENT STUDENT. This practical and accessible text features self-discovery, self-assessment and confidence-building activities to keep students motivated and help them develop the skills they need to be successful in all of their courses. The Eighth Edition delivers more explicit critical-thinking instruction in every chapter. New Thinking with Bloom activities encourage active reading and processing of information by guiding students through the six levels of thinking as they reflect on chapter concepts. In addition, more intentional practice of reflective thinking is provided in the fully revised Your Reflections exercises at the end of every chapter. New questions and writing prompts invite students to engage in self-reflection for the purpose of assessing progress, discovering strengths, and addressing weaknesses. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.