The Confession of a False Soul

Telling the story of a young man who has a specialist replace his damaged soul with that of a soldier who has died in the war, this short surreal novel, at once haunting and beautiful, carries with it a powerful charm normally restricted to ...

Author: Ilarie Voronca


ISBN: 1645250660

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Originally published in 1942, and here presented for the first time in English, expertly translated from the French by Sue Boswell, The Confession of a False Soul is one of avant-garde Romanian author Ilarie Voronca's most brilliant works of fiction. Telling the story of a young man who has a specialist replace his damaged soul with that of a soldier who has died in the war, this short surreal novel, at once haunting and beautiful, carries with it a powerful charm normally restricted to dreams. Written in a spare narrative style rich in poetic force and symbolism, The Confession of a False Soul transports the reader to a place between reality and illusion where love alone might be the only thing that is real.

Collected Writings by John Nelson Darby Volume Thirty Four

God has promised toguide the humble, and He will secure thehumble soul against false prophets. The word of God never treats man's mind as being competent to judgeit; foritwould be thejudgment of whatis authority itself over the ...

Author: John Nelson Darby

Publisher: Irving Risch


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Volume 34 contains the following: Fragmentary Thoughts on Revelation: 1 2 3 4 An Introduction to the Bible Notes on the Epistle to the Galatians The True Path of a Christian Acts 20:28 What is the World, and What is its End? "For me and thee" Matthew 17:25-27 The "Ifs" of Scripture The Place of Sacrifice in the Ways of God The Burnt-offering; the Meat-offering; the Peace-offering Omniscience - God's Searchings Psalm 139 God's Ways and Testimony Jeremiah 2 On Matthew 13 Waiting and Working for Christ Matthew 25:1-29 "My delights were with the sons of men" Luke 2 The Saviour and the Sinner Luke 7:29-50 A Servant for ever Luke 12:35-41 Christ for my sins; and Christ for my cares. John 4 The Father seeking Worshippers John 4 The Pool of Bethesda The Feast of Tabernacles John 7:1-44 Christ departing to the Father John 13 The Father's House John 14 Our Responsibility John 15 Christ's Desires for the Christian John 17 The Responsible Man, and the Man of Purpose John 17 A word on Cleaving to the Lord; addressed to young converts Acts 11 Thoughts on Galatians 3 Romans compared with other Epistles The Character of Christian Life 2 Corinthians 3 The Law, and the Gospel of the Glory of Christ The Gospel of the Glory 2 Corinthians 3 The New Creation 2 Corinthians 5:13-21 The Lord Jesus in Humiliation and Service Philippians 2 Colossians compared with Romans and Ephesians Meetness and Growth Colossians 1 Risen with Christ Colossians 3:1-17 The Life of Christ in the Believer Colossians 3:18-25; 4 Nine lectures on the First Epistle of John: 1 2 3

On God The Soul Evil and the Rise of Christianity

It certainly could not be healed except by believing, yet it refused to be cured for fear of believing false things. ... had discovered that the 'darknesses' of human soul restricted its spiritual capacities (Confessions VII.20.26).

Author: John Peter Kenney

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781501314001

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Reading Augustine is a new line of books offering personal readings of St. Augustine of Hippo from leading philosophers and religious scholars. The aim of the series is to make clear Augustine's importance to contemporary thought and to present Augustine not only or primarily as a pre-eminent Christian thinker but as a philosophical, spiritual, literary and intellectual icon of the West. Why did the ancients come to adopt monotheism and Christianity? On God, The Soul, Evil and the Rise of Christianity introduces possible answers to that question by looking closely at the development of the thought of Augustine of Hippo, whose complex spiritual trajectory included Gnosticism, academic skepticism, pagan Platonism, and orthodox Christianity. What was so compelling about Christianity and how did Augustine become convinced that his soul could enter into communion with a transcendent God? The apparently sudden shift of ancient culture to monotheism and Christianity was momentous, defining the subsequent nature of Western religion and thought. John Peter Kenney shows us that Augustine offers an unusually clear vantage point to understand the essential ideas that drove that transition.

Studies in the Lutheran Confessions

Luther clearly taught the two natures of Christ, and that his humanity included body and soul. ii This article appears in the Confession not simply to refute false charges, but much more significantly to express the ardent faith in ...

Author: Willard Dow Allbeck

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781592440948

Category: Religion

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The Confession of Non belief

These two Confessions agree in asserting that there is no principle in the soul of man , in and of man's own powers , by which he ... -I mean Holy Scripture , —is to be rejected as false , and to be accounted as a delusion of the devil ...

Author: Charles Elcock



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The Works of Saint Augustine v 1 The Confessions

... what is false instead of what is true . I think that I have convinced you , my friend of the following points : That I ought not to be rebuked for not knowing whether human souls are created new or come from their parents .

Author: Saint Augustine (of Hippo)


ISBN: UOM:39015039077782

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A History of the Inquisition of Spain Volume II

This imposed on the Inquisition a two-fold function--to discover and punish crime and to save the soul of the sinner. ... soul by a full confession, as to himself and others, without uttering false testimony as to himself or to them.

Author: Henry Charles Lea


ISBN: 9781988297804



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Ransomed Souls Perishing what is the cause

denying the Lord that bought them ; the identical men who were introducing soul - destroying heresy , and hurrying on to ... He died for the thief on the cross ; he died for Saul of Tarsus ; he died even for false teachers who bring in ...

Author: John HAMILTON (Minister of the Gospel, Wishaw.)


ISBN: BL:A0021757327


Page: 12

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The Confessions of S Augustine

Security may not be indulged in , in this Soul , excellent nature of , 281. its life life , seeing the whole of it is a trial , 200 . and death , 297. pride , lust , and ... Difference between false and greater and more perilous , 10.

Author: Saint Augustine (of Hippo)


ISBN: NYPL:33433068229271

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