Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Modeling

Marr model The global membrane resistance can be approached by [BAS 00]: (
6mm + F'Kkydm'c|.|+ Am M1204' "m" _ W .., x (“mm + whom) [9.24] - where Khydro
is the membrane hydraulic permeability (m2), cH+ is the charge concentration ...

Author: Fengge Gao

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The fuel cell is a potential candidate for energy storage andconversion in our future energy mix. It is able to directly convertthe chemical energy stored in fuel (e.g. hydrogen) intoelectricity, without undergoing different intermediary conversionsteps. In the field of mobile and stationary applications, it isconsidered to be one of the future energy solutions. Among the different fuel cell types, the proton exchange membrane(PEM) fuel cell has shown great potential in mobile applications,due to its low operating temperature, solid-state electrolyte andcompactness. This book presents a detailed state of art of PEM fuel cellmodeling, with very detailed physical phenomena equations indifferent physical domains. Examples and a fully coupledmulti-physical 1.2 kW PEMFC model are given help the reader betterunderstand how to use the equations.

Molecular and Cellular Biophysics

Yet another variable that can drive a global transition is voltage , and this is
treated next . 1.8 Transitions induced by voltage When a protein resides within a
membrane , a transmembrane voltage will exert a force on its charges . If the
protein ...

Author: Meyer B. Jackson

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Molecular and Cellular Biophysics provides advanced undergraduate and graduate students with a foundation in the basic concepts of biophysics. Students who have taken physical chemistry and calculus courses will find this book an accessible and valuable aid in learning how these concepts can be used in biological research. The text provides a rigorous treatment of the fundamental theories in biophysics and illustrates their application with examples. Conformational transitions of proteins are studied first using thermodynamics, and subsequently with kinetics. Allosteric theory is developed as the synthesis of conformational transitions and association reactions. Basic ideas of thermodynamics and kinetics are applied to topics such as protein folding, enzyme catalysis and ion channel permeation. These concepts are then used as the building blocks in a treatment of membrane excitability. Through these examples, students will gain an understanding of the general importance and broad applicability of biophysical principles to biological problems.

Membrane Fabrication

Thus, technologies such as membrane separation, which improve the efficiency
of resource management, must keep pace in order to meet the demands of the
growing global society. Membranes play a crucial role in ensuring the optimum
use ...

Author: Nidal Hilal

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Membranes play a crucial role in ensuring the optimum use and recovery of materials in manufacturing. In the process industries, they are required for efficient production and minimization of environmental impact. They are also essential for the efficient production of clean water, a significant global issue. Membrane Fabrication brings together ex

Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells 7

At very low currents, in which adequate time allowed for water diffusion, the
maximum storage capacity was found in the membrane and electrode. At higher
currents, less charge was passed before failure occurred, and significantly less
ice ...


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Material Science Technology and Global Sustainability II

According to Miller & Bruening [20], salt rejection is likely to be influenced more
by surface charge than by bulk film. Hence, higher polyelectrolytes concentration
resulted in more formation of polymer chains on the membrane which contributes

Author: Syed Shatir A. Syed-Hassan

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This volume of the journal presents readers with the collection of papers by results of the 4th International Conference on Global Sustainability and Chemical Engineering (ICGSCE 2018) which was successfully held during 5-6 September 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The topics mentioned in this collection cover a wide range of modern materials science and chemical engineering in the aspect of clean and sustainable development.


SAXS data for isoelectric A - phage DNA - membrane complexes at different
membrane charge densities and global [ Cd2 + ] : ( a ) 70/30 DOTAP / DOPC ; ( b
) 30/70 DOTAP / DOPC . Curves 1 , 2 , 3 , and 4 on each of the data sets
correspond ...

Author: American Chemical Society


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Mechanosensitive Ion Channels

that MscL is not symmetric along the membrane normal, the eVects of LPC may
be asymmetric also. However, preliminary ... LPC activation was a function of the
size of the polar headgroup, and length of the acyl chain, but independent of the
charge. ... While amphipaths can cause changes in global membrane curvature,


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Current Topics in Membranes provides a systematic, comprehensive, and rigorous approach to specific topics relevant to the study of cellular membranes. Each volume is a guest edited compendium of membrane biology. This series has been a mainstay for practicing scientists and students interested in this critical field of biology. Articles covered in the volume include The Mechanical Properties of Bilayers; Molecular Dynamic Modeling of MS Channels; Structures of the Prokaryotic Mechanosensitive; Channels MscL and MscS; 3.5 Billion Years of Mechanosensory Transduction: Structure and Function of Mechanosensitive Channels in Prokaryotes; Activation of Mechanosensitive Ion Channels by Forces Transmitted through Integrins and the Cytoskeleton; Thermodynamics of Mechanosensitivity; Flexoelectricity and Mechanotransduction; Lipid Effects on Mechanosensitive Channels; Functional Interactions of the Extracellular Matrix with Mechanosensitive Channels; MSCL: The Bacterial Mechanosensitive Channel of Large Conductance; The Bacterial Mechanosensitive Channel MscS: Emerging Principles of Gating and Modulation; Structure function relations of MscS; The MscS Cytoplasmic Domain and its Conformational Changes upon the Channel Gating; Microbial TRP Channels and Their Mechanosensitivity; MSCS-Like Proteins in Plants; Delivering Force and Amplifying Signals in Plant Mechanosensing; MS Channels in Tip Growing Systems.

Smart Membrane Materials and Systems

Then, the environmental stimuli-responsive gating model of biomembranes in the
natural world and some typical artificial ... membrane separation is only achieved
by either size difference, or solution-diffusion difference, or electrostatic charge ...

Author: Liang-Yin Chu

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

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“Smart Membrane Materials and Systems: From Flat Membranes to Microcapsule Membranes" comprehensively and systematically treats modern understanding of smart or intelligent membranes with environmental stimuli-responsive functions. The contents range from flat membranes to microcapsule membranes with various response properties, such as thermo-response, pH-response, glucose-response, molecular-recognition, and dual-/multi-stimuli-response. While chapters may be read as stand-alone, together they clearly describe cover design concepts, fabrication strategies and methods, microstructures and performances of smart membranes. Vivid schematics and illustrations throughout the book enhance accessibility to the theory and technologies. The book is intended for researchers and postgraduate students in membrane science and technology, separations and controlled-release. Dr. Liang-Yin Chu is a professor at the School of Chemical Engineering, Sichuan University, China. He is a Distinguished Young Scholar of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and a Distinguished Professor of "Chang Jiang Scholars Program" of the Ministry of Education of China.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Direct observation of Bin / amphiphysin / Rvs ( BAR ) domain - induced
membrane curvature by means of molecular ... rings on the surface of the
negatively charged cell membrane to the positively charged concave tubule ,
indicating that ... driving global membrane curvature changes , may 2897 ; and
Gallop , J. L. , et al .

Author: National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)


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Impact of Global Climatic Changes on Photosynthesis and Plant Productivity

As a result of this electrons are going along an N - shaped way starting at the
inner ( thylakoid ) and finishing at the outer ( stroma ) surface of the membrane .
Consequent to such a charge separation a difference in electric potentials over
the ...

Author: Y. P. Abrol

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The International Journal of Artificial Organs

We assume that some changes occur in the protein charge and / or conformation
rather than in the electrical state of membranes bearing sulfonate groups ( AN69
) . The type of charges for PAN DX membranes is not known but it should be ...



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Let us evaluate the phase transition temperature in a membrane the molecules of
which are charged alike . ... on it ; c - membrane with bivalent cations adsorbed
on it and compensating the global charge , lattice of the chess board type .



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Charged Gels and Membranes

TABLE I Transport properties of a charge - mosaic in terms of the properties of its
constituent resin elements the ... vary across the membrane , then the
integrations required to arrive at a set of ' global ' coefficients in the steady state
would be ...

Author: Éric Sélégny


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Charged Gels and Membranes

TABLE I Transport properties of a charge - mosaic in terms of the properties of its
constituent resin elements the ... across the membrane , then the integrations
required to arrive at a set of ' global coefficients in the steady state would be trivial

Author: E. Sélégny

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9027706662

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The introduction to the first of these two volumes on Charged Gels and Membranes has recalled already that both were issued from the second Advanced Study Institute of Forges les Eaux, of which the co-directors were Professors G. E. Boyd and K. S. Spiegler. However, it seems necessary to add some further remarks for the eventual readers of this one volume only or for those of all four which now constitute the series. * One discovers that each volume is precisely linked to the next; and the total con tains a large number of the very fundamental steps by which macromolecular physical chemistry finds itself simultaneously at thefronNers of application and of biology. One often wonders how this is possible. Research has been the best means of unders~anding the microscopic elements oflife. Biomimetic phenomena or bioanalogue compounds in their turn have led to innumerable practical realisations. On one hand, the notion of 'vital force' receded and is disap pearing due to repetitive total and asymmetric synthesis* of always larger, and more complex, biological molecules. On the other hand discoveries of inter-relations in physical chemistry disengage the analogies between living and non-living systems: the interrelations between phenomena, between phenomena and structures or the appear ance of these structures under the influence of intermolecular forces or of gradients of more statistical forces.

Dissertation Abstracts International

Molecular dynamics simulations and quantum mechanical calculations suggest
that the energetic cost for dehydration of ... macromolécules et des
macroassemblages dans les biofilms bactériens et de leurs interactions avec les
membranes ...



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Toward a Science of Consciousness

Because the charge density configurations of membrane algorithms interact as
computational tokens in a Hilbert space, there is massive parallelism and
convergence of algorithms to close approximations of global optimality. Highly
intractable ...

Author: Stuart R. Hameroff

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262082497

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This text originates from the second of two conferences discussing the concept of consciousness. In 15 sections, this book demonstrates the broad range of fields now focusing on consciousness.

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics

Membrane stress values for three different materials ( A , B and C ) and different
wafer charges . ... The results of the global membrane stress measurements are
summarized in Table I . It can be seen that in the best case the global membrane



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