The Case Writing Workbook

Back to Basics -- Some Alternative Case Formats: Paper-Based -- Alternative Case Formats: Technology-Based -- Getting Started with Technology: Advantages and Drawbacks -- The Value of Technology: Making the Substance Clearer -- Guidelines ...

Author: Gina Vega

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781315455884

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

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This book offers a modular set of chapters that focus specifically on the challenges related to case writing. Exercises, worksheets, and training activities help guide readers sequentially through the entire process of writing both a case and an instructor’s manual (teaching note). Designed as an individualized workshop to assist case authors to structure their writing, this book combines the easy-to-understand, student-focused language of the first edition with new material covering the latest developments and challenges in the world of case writing. These include: ? A section on writing cases in condensed time frames ? A new module on writing short cases in various formats ? A new module on turning research papers into teaching tools ? A section about growing communities of practice in a university ? An expansion of the student case writing module to include a section on case writing for graduate students ? Twelve new worksheets ? A complete index to facilitate use of the book Finishing all the book’s assignments will result in a complete case and instructor’s manual that can be tested in the classroom and submitted to a conference or journal. The Case Writing Workbook is a must for the shelf of any academic or student conducting qualitative research and looking to enhance their skill set.

Technical Writing Workbook

CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENT Definition : A case study is a problemsolving
situation in story format . • What specific topic do you wish to focus on ? • What
are your reasons for wanting to research this topic — and for writing a formal
report on it ...

Author: Sally T. Taylor

Publisher: Kendall Hunt Publishing Company

ISBN: 0787220752

Category: Technology & Engineering

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Catalog of Training Materials

The workbook is made up of fourteen sections that cover the major issues that all
training managers are confronted with . 1982 · 217 pages • Shelf No . E9027 ·
Languages available : E . 675 / 010 Principles of Case Writing - - Workbook I ...

Author: Economic Development Institute (Washington, D.C.)


ISBN: STANFORD:36105043125199

Category: Developing countries

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The Creative Writing Workbook

Whether you're a poet, storyteller or playwright, have journalistic ambitions or simply want to make the most of online opportunities, the creative activities in this workbook will have you putting pen to paper from the very first chapter ...

Author: Matthew Branton

Publisher: Teach Yourself

ISBN: 1444185764

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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" ?Are you inspired to write a novel, short story or your life story, but don?t know where to start? Do you want to improve your writing skills when using social media and blogging, or do you have an aspiration to become a freelance writer? This new Teach Yourself Workbook, written by a successful published author, accompanies you every step of your way to becoming a writer, with insider tips and techniques, guided, accessible exercises to get you writing, case studies drawn from published works and many more features ideal for budding writers who want to develop their ability through a more active style of learning. Whether you?re a poet, storyteller or playwright, have journalistic ambitions or simply want to make the most of online opportunities, the creative activities in this workbook will have you putting pen to paper from the very first chapter and you will soon be ready to achieve your writing potential. -Understand the key techniques and essential qualities of good writing -Discover how worlds are created and craft your own compelling settings through guided exercises -Explore characterisation, drama and dialogue and structure your own scenarios -Learn the secrets of successful writing with in-depth case studies from fiction, non-fiction, life-writing and poetry -Create an impact with brilliant copywriting? "

The Heath Canadian Writer a Rhetoric and Workbook

Case of Pronouns 11 Nouns and pronouns have three case functions : the
nominative , the objective , and the possessive . ... Ordinarily the case of a
pronoun that comes before a verb presents no difficulties , for we naturally write
I am going ...

Author: Blott, Anne

Publisher: D.C. Heath Canada

ISBN: 0669008400

Category: English language

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That is the court's job, not yours. The police charge people, they do not make
accusations, and you must be careful not to overstep this distinction. It is an
offence (contempt of court) to prejudge a case, or to influence the course of a trial.



ISBN: 0808749064



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Rinehart Workbook for Writers

Even if you prefer to put the pronoun in the subjective complement slot, switching
it momentarily to the subject slot will help you to tell if the pronoun is the correct
case: you would not write, "Her was the first Phi Beta Kappa president on campus

Author: Ronald Newman

Publisher: Holt Rinehart & Winston

ISBN: 003071169X

Category: English language

Page: 376

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The Legal Research and Writing Workbook

Author: Jeffrey A. Helewitz

Publisher: Aspen Publishers

ISBN: STANFORD:36105061794744

Category: Law

Page: 314

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The ideal supplement to any text in legal research or writing, this affordable paperback presents students with literally hundreds of problems--giving them the opportunity to learn, thoroughly and in depth, how to fully utilize all the tools of legal research and writing. Organized by source of legal research, you'll find problems arranged under such headings as federal statutes, state statutes, digests, services, and treatises. Separate chapters deal with computerized legal research, limited research memoranda, and fully researched memoranda. Each chapter begins with simple problems and moves on To The more complex, providing practice and skill development for students at all levels. All of the problems found in the Legal Research and Writing Workbook have been carefully class-tested and specially designed for paralegal students.

Writing Case Reports

This book provides medical students and physicians with a practical, step-by-step guide on how to write and publish a medical case report.

Author: Clifford Packer

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 331941898X

Category: Medical

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This book provides medical students and physicians with a practical, step-by-step guide on how to write and publish a medical case report. The case report is the traditional way for physicians to describe their unique or unusual cases to a broad audience and it plays an important role in the discovery of new diseases or syndromes, unusual manifestations of disease, important adverse drug reactions, and the generation of hypotheses for further study. This book guides readers through the process from choosing a case to report on to finding a publisher and then comment on future directions and potential new uses of case reports, including expanded computer case databases to optimize care for individual patients and new applications in medical education. Interspersed throughout the text are example case reports, many written by the authors, with commentary on their experiences working with those reports to provide context and aid readers in creating clear, concise, and useful case reports.

Personality Theories Workbook

Although many instructors develop their own cases for use in their own courses
to demonstrate various concepts , they are limited ... Wadsworth also thought it
was a good idea and asked me to write the second edition , improving on the first

Author: Donna Musialowski Ashcraft

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company

ISBN: 0155050680

Category: Psychology

Page: 97

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This unique workbook was written for the undergraduate Personality course where professors are looking for activities to help students learn and apply personality theories to real-life examples. The workbook is geared toward personality courses that are theories-based, as opposed to research-based. Because the cases explored are those based on normal behavior (as opposed to abnormal behavior), this workbook is especially useful. While most personality texts present the major concepts of personality theories, they don't help students apply the theories they have learned or to use the theories to understand other examples on their own. This workbook will help students do just that and is the perfect complement to any Personality text.

The Washington Post Newswriting Workbook

Currently , ensure freedom of expression was provided by other lim many libel
cases are dismissed before they go to trial ... potential plaintiff columnist who
accused him of lying under oath about his before writing a column , and avoid
people ...

Author: R. Thomas Berner

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: PSU:000032276176

Category: English language

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The Writer s Workbook

CORRECTION CHART ab Write out : Or : use standard abbreviation . abst Make
this passage more concrete or ... this awkward passage . beg Revise the
beginning of the essay . caf Capitalize . case Correct the error in pronoun case .
sf , cs ...

Author: Susan Day

Publisher: McGraw-Hill College

ISBN: 0070161542

Category: English language

Page: 227

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New Workbook of Basic Writing Skills

I enjoy seeing if I can solve Holmes ' cases before he reveals the solution . It is a
simple matter of putting pieces together . In their proper order . It is like finishing a
jigsaw puzzle . Being finally able to see the whole picture . I am able to figure ...

Author: Cora L. Robey

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt P

ISBN: 0155657224

Category: English language

Page: 308

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Simon Schuster Workbook for Writers

PRONOUNS : CASE AND REFERENCE The musician's problems stem from
playing cheap instruments . [ The possessive noun musician's implies a type of
relationship . ] Their problems stem from playing with cheap instruments .

Author: Lynn Quitman Troyka


ISBN: 0131272543

Category: English language

Page: 522

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