The Call of the Sea

including: The lost sea, The distant shore, and A sailor's life Jan De Hartog. , __. t Q W W M P JAN on HARTOG Jan de I-Iartog was born in Haarlem,

Author: Jan De Hartog

Publisher: New York : Atheneum

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The Call of the Sea

“Like the call of the sea for your folk?” Nora asked shyly. “Does...liking someone overcome it?” The seal paused. Rarely. And all too often our dealings with landfolk aren't by our own will. My mother was taken by a fisherman and lived ...

Author: Daphne Moore

Publisher: Vaughn Publishing

ISBN: 9781951512101

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Honoria Talbott is just a quiet Irish girl who loves to swim and tinker with her clockwork inventions. Until she meets Cathal mac Ler, a selkie lord charged with marrying a human female as part of a treaty negotiation between Fae and Humans. When her father and brother go missing at sea, Nora finds herself at the whims of her stepmother, who would see her married to a high-ranking cousin in order to keep her father's wealth in the family. Torn between her duty to honor her father's last request for a good marriage and her father's example of marrying for love, Nora must decide what she values more. But there is power in a simple shawl and true love may finally be in reach – but will it be discovered in time? keywords: Regency romance, romance, fantasy books

Call of the Sea

I want to go to sea. I thought you could show me how to go about it." Jubal remained cautious. "The sea? You want to go to sea? What do you know about the sea? The sea's a monster. It breaks men and swallows up boys.

Author: Philip V. G. Wallace

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

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Young Jonathon Coyne is plucked from his ship to serve in the Royal Navy leaving behind his pregnant lover, Liz Wade, who believes him dead. He survives the lash under the vicious Captain Hawkey, battles the Spanish under Lord Nelson and finally escapes. A er a series of triumphs in the American Navy, during the siege of Baltimore, Jonathon Coyne, Liz and their young daughter, Rachel, are brought together by a single bullet that changes their lives forever. "MASTER AND COMMANDER fans will love CALL OF THE SEA for the authentic early nineteenth century seafaring details and the thundering battle scenes. I loved it for the way the characters ---- merchants, sailors, historical giants, warriors and lovers -- embody their times with every breath, word, and emotion. It's a great vision of the men and women whose sweat and inspiration gave birth to the U.S. Navy nearly 200 years ago." Richard Hunter, Author, WORLD WITHOUT SECRETS. Anyone who has served in the U.S. Navy from Annapolis to the Persian Gulf will enjoy CALL OF THE SEA. In Captain Jonathon Coyne, Wallace captures the bold spirit of the fledgling Navy as it takes on the mightiest sea power of its day. William S. Norman, Captain, USN Re red. Star-crossed lovers Jonathon Coyne and Liz Wade provide a human dimension to a me in history that saw Washington burned and Bal more besieged. The pages flew as I followed this tale of ac on and romance. Mary McGahan, Historian and Author of RAID AT RED MILL."

The Call of the Blood

But now he heard again the call from the sea. Hermione was withher friend. Why should nothe have his? But he did not go down the path to the ravine, forhe thought of Gaspare. He had tricked him once, while hesleptin the cave, ...

Author: Robert Hichens

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

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The Call of the Wild and Selected Stories

And there I heard dim tales of the yellowhaired sea wanderer, and I learned that he was a hunter of seals, and that even then he was abroad on the ocean. “So I shipped on a seal schooner with the lazy Siwashes, and followed his ...

Author: Jack London

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101105245

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The Call of the Wild is Now a Major Motion Picture Starring Harrison Ford! Out of the white wilderness, out of the Far North, Jack London, one of America’s most popular authors, drew the inspiration for his robust tales of perilous adventure and animal cunning. Swiftly paced and vividly written, the novel and five short stories included here capture the main theme of London’s work: the law of the club and the fang—man’s instinctive reversion to primitive behavior when pitted against the brute force of nature. Includes The Call of the Wild, Diable: A Dog, An Odyssey of the North, To the Man on the Trail, To Build a Fire, and Love of Life

Annual Report of the Commissioner of Naturalization to the Secretary of Labor

The draft finally decided upon reads as follows : “ THE NATION'S APPEAL FOR MEN TO MAN ITS MERCHANT SHIPS . a " The United States Government , the shipowners , and the seamen jointly issue this call to the sea . “ It is a call to men ...

Author: United States. Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization


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Sea Fights and Corsairs of the Indian Ocean

34 THE CALL OF THE SEA Though offered once more by his brother the post of second captain in his new ship, the Confiance, Nicolas was impatient to try his own luck and make an independent fortune, so refused the offer and, in May, 1800, ...

Author: Harold Cholmley Mansfield Austen


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The Call of the Country

The lovely fishing village of Blakeney , whose quay is fronted by a winding tidal river that snakes its way through miles of salt marsh to the sea at Blakeney Point , is the scene of one of them . On one occasion , I walked along the ...

Author: Brian O'Shea

Publisher: Skylark Books

ISBN: 0953811557

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'The Call of the Country' tells the story of the rural environment as seen through the eyes of a lifelong birdwatcher. It is a nostalgic return to old haunts remembered from the early post war days, and a journey of discovery to find how the countryside and its birds have changed.

The Bystander

A Chain of Sea - Coast Golf by the Sea : View from first green of the West Runton Links The promontory in the centre background is Beeston Hill ... The Call of Sea and Country North , East , and West there is the call of the sea .



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The Call of Distant Mammoths

had found a new type of Bryozoan, a filter-feeding creature from the sea not uncommon now, but once ubiquitous on the sea floors of Paleozoic days. I saw him now as another time traveler, another who has journeyed back to remote ...

Author: Peter D. Ward

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461219460

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To help us understand what happened during the Ice Age, Peter Ward takes us on a tour of other mass extinctions through earth's history. He presents a compelling account of the great comet crash that killed off the dinosaurs, and describes other extinctions that were even more extensive. In so doing, he introduces us to a profound paradigm shift now taking place in paleontology: rather than arising from the gradual workings of everyday forces, all mass extinctions are due to unique, catastrophic events. Written with an irresistible combination of passion and expertise, The Call of Distant Mammoths is an engaging exploration of the history of life and the importance of humanity as an evolutionary force. "Carefully intelligent and compelling book."-THE OLYMPIAN, SEATTLE, WASHINGTON "Ward deftly summarizes a large body of scientific literature, simplifying complex ideas for the general reader without condescension."-PUBLISHERS WEEKLY "Did the overkill really happen?...Peter Ward deftly summarizes the arguments...Ward tells (the story) well."-THE NEW SCIENTIST