The Business School Approach to Writing Your Novel

book was. Bad as my first (and second and third) novels had been, they were a lot better than this thing. This appalling crud was something The Great Writer had obviously written as perhaps his very first effort at writing a novel and ...

Author: Lecturer in English Michael Davies, Sol

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

ISBN: 9780980816464



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One of the hardest things in the world to accomplish is getting a book written. This manual describes a methodology adapted from well-tried business principles and has been used with great success in schools, both senior and primary, with seniors' classes and with informal groups. It will get you over the hurdles of developing a plot, creating powerful characters and controlling the process right through to the magical moment when you write "The End" on the final page. It is not a regular "creative writing" manual but a methodology to get a book developed and written.ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The author Michael Davies is a retired IT executive with a writing career spanning two decades. He has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is the founder of the Mickie Dalton Foundation, a literary funding organization for writers. Since 2002, he has lived in New South Wales.

The Many Universes of Mickie Dalton

... and the Smugglers (Written with the children ofRollands Plains Upper Public School) And in Non-Fiction The Business School Approach to Writing Your Novel To Judy Casey For everything The writer also wishes to Also by Michael Davies.

Author: Michael Davies

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

ISBN: 9780981808727

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Mickie Dalton is now fifteen but in his mind is the genetic memory of the entire life of Markel, once the leader of the Pfafth race in their prime as the rulers of the known Universe and during their downfall and flight into hiding. In his three years of travelling the Universe aboard the inter-galactic trading ship, he has grown, matured and developed some of the astonishing and lethal powers of the Pfafth and met many different species, some of them friends, some dangerous enemies. He has also encountered and fought the dreadful Sillaron, the frightening and destructive race that caused the downfall of the Pfafth over a million years ago and he has barely escaped with his life at times. Although unable to contact them, Mickie has discovered where the Pfafth have locked themselves away in a Space and Time outside of normal Space and Time. Then the Pfafth make contact with Mickie and he finally gets to meet his species and learn of the role for which he has been bred over a million year program. But the encounter reveals a reality for which he could never have prepared himself and a crisis far worse than could have been dreamed of. Unless the hidden galaxy of the Pfafth is returned to normal Space and Time, all of the Universe could become unstable and break apart. Mickie is faced with the ultimate choice between his own life and that of his entire species.

The Many Worlds of Mickie Dalton

... the Smugglers (Written with the children ofRollands Plains Upper Public School) And in Non-Fiction: The Business School Approach to Writing Your Novel The writer wishes to express his sincere thanks to NASA Also by Michael Davies.

Author: Michael Davies

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

ISBN: 9780981808703

Category: Life on other planets

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Life for twelve year old Mickie Dalton is miserable. Cold, abusive parents make his home intolerable. So when Mickie meets a young couple in the park, an escape opens up. They tell him an astounding truth - Mickie is not a human being, though just what he is, where he came from and how he came to be on Earth are all a mystery. Mickie joins his new guardians on an immense spaceship that travels the Universe, even between galaxies, trading with many intelligent species on other planets as he seeks out his origins and nature. Slowly, he begins to develop extraordinary powers that must have been part of his people. As he also starts to find strange hints of what may have happened, he learns that he is one of an ancient race, the Pfafth who once ruled over forty galaxies but vanished without trace a million years ago. But other forces learn of Mickie's presence, huge forces of immense evil and power that were the cause of the destruction of the Pfafth and now they are intent on finding Mickie and his vanished people so that they can complete the destruction of that ancient race. A million year old war has started again and Mickie must draw on all his astonishing, growing powers and seek the help of allies, some strange, some beautiful, some terrifying as he seeks his people to prevent their end.


... Smugglers (Written with the children ofRollands Plains Upper Public School) In non-Fiction The Business School Approach to Writing Your Novel Prologue Dan Bailey died on a Thursday afternoon at five Other Books by Michael Davies.

Author: Michael Davies

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

ISBN: 9780761003168


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The Janus Conspiracy

... The Julie Malloy Gang and the Smugglers (written with the children ofRollands Plains Upper Public School) The Business School Approach to Writing Your Novel (non-fiction) Janus, the two-faced god; one looked forward, the other back;

Author: Michael Davies

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

ISBN: 9780981808741

Category: Conspiracies

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A massive conspiracy has been brewing in the USA since the end of WWII when two young American servicemen came home from the ruins of Berlin with stolen Nazi treasure and embarked on the creation of the "New America." Over fifty years they became the two richest men in the country and formed their secret committee consisting of some of the most powerful men in the nation, sufficiently well funded and connected to military, industrial, religious and political powers to establish control over the USA. A coup is planned after they have destabilised America by a series of murderous riots that kill tens of thousands. Only a small group of highly trained operatives learns about the conspiracy and is frantically working to destroy it as the day of the coup approaches. But not everything is as it seems, and neither the agents nor even the members of the Council for the New America know the real objectives of the Council's founders. The dreams of those two old men are far more complex, far more ambitious and far more lethal than any of them could possibly have envisaged.

The Nightmares of God

... the Smugglers (With the children of Rollands Plains Upper Public School, NSW) And in Non-Fiction The Business School Approach to Writing Your Novel To Eva-Marie Who always knew that this would be “The Other Works by Michael Davies.

Author: Michael Davies

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

ISBN: 9780981808734


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A new spiritual force is approaching Earth. This force is greater than anything seen on Earth before and as it nears, the world changes dramatically and sometimes catastrophically. People begin to discover new powers and awareness in them and religious institutions shake and sometimes collapse. Nothing can ever be the same again. But this force, an "Infinite Soul," has a mission. Humanity as a species is sick and must be healed before the single biggest event since the "Big Bang" can occur. The entity we have known as "God" is beginning to awaken from many millions of years of sleep and without a healed Humanity, it cannot happen. But other forces are also awakening, forces of immense evil and power and the Universe is heading for the ultimate battle between good and evil, the battle for the Throne of Heaven itself and if the forces of evil triumph, then all of Creation will be lost in a night of eternal blackness. The story begins in the present and runs through the near future later in this century, before heading many thousands of years ahead then millions of years before the final, cataclysmic confrontation as the Universe dies

The Best Business Schools Admissions Secrets

Two candidates can write about a personal accomplishment of buying ahouse for their parent, andone person'sessay soars while theother person's essay falls flat. The difference isin the positioning ofthe story. Approach your application ...

Author: Chioma Isiadinso

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 9781492603894

Category: Study Aids

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The top secrets to getting into the best MBA programs, from a leading industry expert Top MBA programs reject more than 80 percent of their applicants, but author Chioma Isiadinso's admissions consulting firm has successfully guided 90 percent of her students into the best business schools around the world. As a former Admissions Board Member, Isiadinso offers insider tips and strategies to help applicants get into the school of their choice by building and promoting their personal brand. This revised and updated edition now offers: • the do's and don'ts of social media networking • sample admissions essays that worked • an international perspective for global admissions appeal

The Best Book On Top Ten MBA Admissions

Writing. Your. Business. School. Application. Essays. The first mistake: your examples are too general When ... However, talking about your particular approach to one of your accomplishments is much more effective than merely writing ...

Author: Top MBA Students

Publisher: Hyperink Inc

ISBN: 9781466211568

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Everyone's got an opinion on applying to bschool. A Google search returns 400 THOUSAND results for "how to get into hbs". Most of them are free blogs and forums. You've probably come across dozens of admissions "experts" who charge $500/hour to help you "craft" that perfect story and "fine tune" those all-important essays. Why spend all that time reading amateur bloggers who don't know what they're talking about and worse, provide misleading advice? Why pay $1000s to people who may have gotten into a good school, but only represent one experience? That's why we created The Best Book. We wanted to provide the definitive insider's guide to bschool admissions. We found 9 students from the best bschools including: * HBS * GSB * Wharton * Northwestern * UChicago * A Stanford dual degree (GSB & Stanford Law) * A Harvard 2+2 In 243 PACKED pages and for only $25 bucks, they share exactly how they got in - from selecting the right people to write their recommendations, to brainstorming and writing their essays, to deciding on round 1 vs 2 vs 3.

Creative Writing

novel to a publisher is a business proposition. ... No two people will approach writing a novel the exact same way, so you should feel free to adapt your novel writing ... They come from the “seat of the pants” school of writing.

Author: Casey Clabough, PhD

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 9780241887288

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Creative writing may be the ultimate form of self-expression. Whether the reader is a creative writing student or someone who feels compelled to create stories and poetry in their free time, Idiot's Guides: Creative Writing helps them master the basics of fiction and creative nonfiction and write more effectively. Readers will learn how to: - Create the fundamental elements of good fiction of creative nonfiction, including plot, character, point of view, setting, dialogue, style, and theme. - Write various types and genres of creative writing, including novels, short stories, plays and screenplays, poetry, book-length and article-length narrative nonfiction, memoirs, and more. - Hone their writing skills and boost their creativity with writing prompts and exercises.

The Food Industry Innovation School

You see, there are certainly some elements of your storytelling approach that you can learn from those who are masters in ... Board your story on a storyboard Another important and more technical element in the art of writing stories, ...

Author: Helmut Traitler

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118947630

Category: Technology & Engineering

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Innovation and new product development are increasingly perceived as drivers of profits in the food industry. Companies are dedicating a large amount of resources to these areas and it is crucial that individuals understand how to be part of this new strategy. Food Industry Innovation School focuses on key skills needed to drive new ideas from initial concepts through to successful products on the shelf. The author argues that any individual can learn how to lead innovation within complex organizations utilizing companies? commercial and financialresources. The book focuses on the impact of single individuals on company successes. Case studies from the marketplace provide valuable examples of accomplishments and failures. Product development involves a plethora of activities such as R&D,innovation, engineering, packaging and design, manufacturing,logistics and supply chain management, as well as marketing, sales and finance, and the book addresses all these crucial functions undertaken by food companies and manufacturers of other packaged consumer goods. The learning principles and examples (based on theauthor's personal experience) are valid in many fast-movingconsumer goods organizations and so the principles, best practices and solutions offered in the 12 chapters are relevant to a wide audience in the food industry and beyond, including those working in household products, retail, the automotive industry, computers and IT, furniture, and even media and publishing. Read more: