The Business School Approach to Writing Your Novel

book was. Bad as my first (and second and third) novels had been, they were a lot better than this thing. This appalling crud was something The Great Writer ...

Author: Lecturer in English Michael Davies, Sol

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

ISBN: 9780980816464



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One of the hardest things in the world to accomplish is getting a book written. This manual describes a methodology adapted from well-tried business principles and has been used with great success in schools, both senior and primary, with seniors' classes and with informal groups. It will get you over the hurdles of developing a plot, creating powerful characters and controlling the process right through to the magical moment when you write "The End" on the final page. It is not a regular "creative writing" manual but a methodology to get a book developed and written.ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The author Michael Davies is a retired IT executive with a writing career spanning two decades. He has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is the founder of the Mickie Dalton Foundation, a literary funding organization for writers. Since 2002, he has lived in New South Wales.

The Business School Approach to Writing Your Novel

This manual describes a methodology adapted from well-tried business principles that has been used with great success in schools, both senior and primary, with seniors' classes and with informal groups.

Author: Michael Davies


ISBN: 0980816408

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"One of the hardest things in the world to accomplish is getting a book written. This manual describes a methodology adapted from well-tried business principles that has been used with great success in schools, both senior and primary, with seniors' classes and with informal groups. It will get you over the hurdles of developing a plot, creating powerful characters and controlling the process right through to the magical moment when you write "The End" on the final page. The Second Edition now includes details and diagrams of the theoretical structures and key requirements for all the main book genres." --Publisher website.


... Smugglers (Written with the children ofRollands Plains Upper Public School) In non-Fiction The Business School Approach to Writing Your Novel Prologue ...

Author: Michael Davies

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

ISBN: 9780761003168


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The Many Universes of Mickie Dalton

... (Written with the children ofRollands Plains Upper Public School) And in Non-Fiction The Business School Approach to Writing Your Novel To Judy Casey ...

Author: Michael Davies

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

ISBN: 9780981808727

Category: Life on other planets

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Mickie Dalton is now fifteen but in his mind is the genetic memory of the entire life of Markel, once the leader of the Pfafth race in their prime as the rulers of the known Universe and during their downfall and flight into hiding. In his three years of travelling the Universe aboard the inter-galactic trading ship, he has grown, matured and developed some of the astonishing and lethal powers of the Pfafth and met many different species, some of them friends, some dangerous enemies. He has also encountered and fought the dreadful Sillaron, the frightening and destructive race that caused the downfall of the Pfafth over a million years ago and he has barely escaped with his life at times. Although unable to contact them, Mickie has discovered where the Pfafth have locked themselves away in a Space and Time outside of normal Space and Time. Then the Pfafth make contact with Mickie and he finally gets to meet his species and learn of the role for which he has been bred over a million year program. But the encounter reveals a reality for which he could never have prepared himself and a crisis far worse than could have been dreamed of. Unless the hidden galaxy of the Pfafth is returned to normal Space and Time, all of the Universe could become unstable and break apart. Mickie is faced with the ultimate choice between his own life and that of his entire species.

The Many Worlds of Mickie Dalton

... (Written with the children ofRollands Plains Upper Public School) And in Non-Fiction: The Business School Approach to Writing Your Novel The writer ...

Author: Michael Davies

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

ISBN: 9780981808703

Category: Life on other planets

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Life for twelve year old Mickie Dalton is miserable. Cold, abusive parents make his home intolerable. So when Mickie meets a young couple in the park, an escape opens up. They tell him an astounding truth - Mickie is not a human being, though just what he is, where he came from and how he came to be on Earth are all a mystery. Mickie joins his new guardians on an immense spaceship that travels the Universe, even between galaxies, trading with many intelligent species on other planets as he seeks out his origins and nature. Slowly, he begins to develop extraordinary powers that must have been part of his people. As he also starts to find strange hints of what may have happened, he learns that he is one of an ancient race, the Pfafth who once ruled over forty galaxies but vanished without trace a million years ago. But other forces learn of Mickie's presence, huge forces of immense evil and power that were the cause of the destruction of the Pfafth and now they are intent on finding Mickie and his vanished people so that they can complete the destruction of that ancient race. A million year old war has started again and Mickie must draw on all his astonishing, growing powers and seek the help of allies, some strange, some beautiful, some terrifying as he seeks his people to prevent their end.

The Janus Conspiracy

... the Smugglers (written with the children ofRollands Plains Upper Public School) The Business School Approach to Writing Your Novel (non-fiction) Janus, ...

Author: Michael Davies

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

ISBN: 9780981808741

Category: Conspiracies

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A massive conspiracy has been brewing in the USA since the end of WWII when two young American servicemen came home from the ruins of Berlin with stolen Nazi treasure and embarked on the creation of the "New America." Over fifty years they became the two richest men in the country and formed their secret committee consisting of some of the most powerful men in the nation, sufficiently well funded and connected to military, industrial, religious and political powers to establish control over the USA. A coup is planned after they have destabilised America by a series of murderous riots that kill tens of thousands. Only a small group of highly trained operatives learns about the conspiracy and is frantically working to destroy it as the day of the coup approaches. But not everything is as it seems, and neither the agents nor even the members of the Council for the New America know the real objectives of the Council's founders. The dreams of those two old men are far more complex, far more ambitious and far more lethal than any of them could possibly have envisaged.

The Nightmares of God

... NSW) And in Non-Fiction The Business School Approach to Writing Your Novel To Eva-Marie Who always knew that this would be “The Other Works by Michael ...

Author: Michael Davies

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing

ISBN: 9780981808734


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A new spiritual force is approaching Earth. This force is greater than anything seen on Earth before and as it nears, the world changes dramatically and sometimes catastrophically. People begin to discover new powers and awareness in them and religious institutions shake and sometimes collapse. Nothing can ever be the same again. But this force, an "Infinite Soul," has a mission. Humanity as a species is sick and must be healed before the single biggest event since the "Big Bang" can occur. The entity we have known as "God" is beginning to awaken from many millions of years of sleep and without a healed Humanity, it cannot happen. But other forces are also awakening, forces of immense evil and power and the Universe is heading for the ultimate battle between good and evil, the battle for the Throne of Heaven itself and if the forces of evil triumph, then all of Creation will be lost in a night of eternal blackness. The story begins in the present and runs through the near future later in this century, before heading many thousands of years ahead then millions of years before the final, cataclysmic confrontation as the Universe dies

The Write Approach

Techniques for Effective Business Writing Olivia Stockard. INTRODUCTION. I have written this book for the person who has already acquired a sense of good ...

Author: Olivia Stockard

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9780857248312

Category: Business & Economics

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Olivia Stockard is a New York-based communications consultant who helps business writers use their skills in analysis and logic to produce successful business messages. In this new edition of "The Write Approach", Dr. Stockard looks at how the speed of te

The Best Book On Top Ten MBA Admissions

Writing. Your. Business. School. Application ... However, talking about your particular approach to one of your accomplishments is much more effective than ...

Author: Top MBA Students

Publisher: Hyperink Inc

ISBN: 9781466211568

Category: Study Aids

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Everyone's got an opinion on applying to bschool. A Google search returns 400 THOUSAND results for "how to get into hbs". Most of them are free blogs and forums. You've probably come across dozens of admissions "experts" who charge $500/hour to help you "craft" that perfect story and "fine tune" those all-important essays. Why spend all that time reading amateur bloggers who don't know what they're talking about and worse, provide misleading advice? Why pay $1000s to people who may have gotten into a good school, but only represent one experience? That's why we created The Best Book. We wanted to provide the definitive insider's guide to bschool admissions. We found 9 students from the best bschools including: * HBS * GSB * Wharton * Northwestern * UChicago * A Stanford dual degree (GSB & Stanford Law) * A Harvard 2+2 In 243 PACKED pages and for only $25 bucks, they share exactly how they got in - from selecting the right people to write their recommendations, to brainstorming and writing their essays, to deciding on round 1 vs 2 vs 3.

Scrappy Rough Draft

Use Science to Strategically Motivate Yourself & Finish Writing Your Book Donna ... Harvard Business School studied this different approach in his paper ...

Author: Donna Barker

Publisher: CDE Creative Academy for Writers LLP

ISBN: 9781990220012

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Often, the main difference between a work-in-progress and a finished manuscript is the tenacity of the writer. You can see your idea play out inside your head in beautifully composed and communicated scenes. Then you start to write, but the words feel clunky. Your critical inner voice tells you your writing is not as good as it should be. You start to self-sabotage. You convince yourself that you don’t have enough time to sit down and do the work anyway. And your dream of writing this book remains as just a beautiful idea. With practical and proven exercises, author and coach Donna Barker connects behavioural science to the habits and mindsets that successful authors use to finish their first, second, and final drafts. Whether you're writing your first book or your fiftieth, Scrappy Rough Draft has the tools you need to build self-confidence, develop a writing habit that works for you, and identify the kinds of people you need in your writing community to help you get your story out of your head and onto the page. 1. Scrappy Rough Draft by Donna Barker 2. Build Better Characters by Eileen Cook 3. Strategic Series Author by Crystal Hunt 4. Create Story Conflict by Eileen Cook 5. Full Time Author by Eileen Cook and Crystal Hunt

Nonfiction Book Proposals Anybody Can Write

How to Get a Contract and Advance Before Writing Your Book Elizabeth Lyon ... books written by academicians and appropriate for business schools , and those ...

Author: Elizabeth Lyon

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 039952827X

Category: Reference

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Explains how to write and market a non-fiction book proposal, covering such topics as drafting a concept statement, submitting sample chapters, and writing query letters.

The Case Study Companion

Teaching, Learning and Writing Business Case Studies Scott Andrews ... the second section of this book explores approaches to writing your own cases and ...

Author: Scott Andrews

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000373776

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 228

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The Case Study method of teaching and learning, adopted by business schools and management centres globally, provides an important function in management education, but employing it effectively can often be a challenge. This book provides practical insights, tools and approaches for both case teaching and writing, drawing on perspectives from expert practitioners around the world. This book aims to critically examine different approaches to using case studies in group-based, participant-centred learning environments, exploring good practices for case teaching and learning. It provides guidance for case writers on various approaches to structuring case data, presentational formats, and the use of technology in the construction of different types of cases. It also demonstrates the use of the case method as a tool for assessment, supporting students’ own development of cases to showcase good practice in organisations. The final section of this book showcases some of the resources available, providing links and reviews of additional material that can support future case teaching and writing practice, including publication. The Case Study Companion is designed for lecturers using cases within their teaching across all management disciplines, as well as those training for Professional Development and Management Education qualifications. It will also be useful for postgraduate, MBA and Executive Education students wanting to make the most of case studies in their learning and assessments.

How to Launch a Genealogy Tv Business Online

For example, if one of your mystery novels is about food, hold a meeting in a ... in the schools, authors, and novelists to talk about writing or history.

Author: Anne Hart

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781532000416

Category: Reference


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Here's how to start your own ancestry-television business online on a shoestring budget. Learn how to launch family history/genealogy television shows globally on your Web site, produce videos, and publish hobby materials, publications, books, multimedia, or life stories as a pay-per-view or sponsored free entertainment. Create social history documentaries. Customize vintage maps and family atlases. Give visibility to family history educational entertainment businesses. Supply genealogy tools and videos to followers of the second most popular hobby in the country with more than 113 million people interested in genealogy and related family history topics. Provide or market content and tools to those that want to know more about their ancestor's roots, migrations, and social history. What news did the papers print in your ancestor's lifetime? You'll learn practical, specific steps on how to adapt real life stories into romance novels, skits, plays, monologues, biographies, documentaries, or newsletters. Produce genealogy/family history television programs on Web sites or specialty/niche television stations. Follow steps to start genealogy journalism and personal history television, Web-based businesses. Interview individuals tactfully with these sample questions. Record life experiences using oral historian's techniques. Avoid pitfalls. Learn to write and/or collect and showcase personal history videos. Produce your own documentaries. Showcase other people's genealogy tools.

How to Write Your MBA Thesis

Written for students of MBA programmes the world over, this guide to writing your thesis covers getting started and planning a schedule, research, the role of the supervisor, writing style, structure, referencing, layout, your defence, ...

Author: Stephanie Jones

Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Verlag

ISBN: 9781841262314

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

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Leadership, change, responsibility. There is a reason these topics always seem to occur in unison - because they are inextricably linked to one another, both in theory and in practice.Strong, effective leadership is becoming increasingly important because of the challenges that arise in all aspects of work and life - these challenges are often characterized by change or the need for change, which in turn creates a sense of responsibility.This thoroughly researched volume brings together the collected wisdom of a number of experts to present readers with the most recent research and cutting-edge insights into this increasingly important area.

The Christian Writer s Market Guide 2015 2016

That's like starting your education in graduate school . ... Approach magazines, e-zines, and newspapers, and get experience writing articles before ...

Author: Jerry B. Jenkins

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781404103139

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 512

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For more than 25 years, The Christian Writer’s Market Guide has been the most comprehensive and highly recommended resource available for Christian writers, agents, editors, publishers, publicists, and writing teachers. Wherever an author is at on the spectrum of writing—from beginner to seasoned professional—this book will help them find what they are looking for. This is the must-have tool for getting noticed and published and the ultimate reference tool for the aspiring Christian writer. Detailed listings for more than 180 book publishers, subsidy publishers, and self-publishers Detailed listings for more than 170 periodicals by category with rates of pay Detailed listings for literary agencies, writing contests, conferences, workshops, editorial services, and writers’ groups Extensive information on electronic and print-on-demand publishing 100 bonus pages filled with a wealth of how-to information, ideas, and tips

Business Writing Today

Write Your Story Use one of the approaches outlined in this chapter to select a ... you feel strongly about from your school, business or personal life.

Author: Natalie Canavor

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781506388311

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 368

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Business Writing Today prepares students to succeed in the business world by giving them the tools they need to write powerfully, no matter the challenge. In her highly-practical text, author Natalie Canavor shares step-by-step guidance and tips for success to help students write more clearly and strategically. Readers will learn what to say and how to say it in any medium from tweets and emails to proposals and formal reports. Every technique comes with concrete examples and practice opportunities, helping students transfer their writing skills to the workplace. "This is the real-deal writing guide for serious business majors." –Astrid Sheil, California State University San Bernardino

Creating Value from Mergers and Acquisitions

What I like most about your book is the holistic approach that is ... The chapters are well written – I would think that MBA students would not find them ...

Author: Sudi Sudarsanam

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 0201721503

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 593

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This text studies mergers and acquisitions in Europe within a common framework and provides a comparative analysis of the M & A scene in Europe and in the US. It develops a coherent, international and multidisciplinary perspective of the M & A scene.

The Business of Science Fiction

Janis Ian brought her fame to science fiction five years ago and has had a real impact ... approach is that your primary business is supposed to be writing, ...

Author: Mike Resnick

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786456809

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 275

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Two prolific and award-winning science fiction writers, Mike Resnick and Barry N. Malzberg, have been publishing a “Dialogue” in every issue of the SFWA Bulletin, official publication of the Science Fiction Writers of America, for more than a decade. These collected columns explore every aspect of the literary genre, from writing to marketing to publishing, combining wit and insight with decades of experience.

Write a Book and Ignite Your Business

Outlines make writing so much easier because you know exactly what you intend ... to be like the one you had to write in Mrs. Grumpy's class in high school.

Author: Cygnet Brown


ISBN: 9781387303120

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 142

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Are you a business owner looking for surefire way to get the edge over your competition? Thanks to social media, the advertising world is changing. People can connect with you and your products like never before. They want to see the face behind the product. In addition, people want to know what is in it for them. They don't care about the features so much as they want to know how what you do will benefit them. Writing a Book related to your business opens doors like nothing else can. Writing a book can help you: 1. Offer more than just your business card to your high end clients 2. Demonstrate to your clients that you are an expert in your industry 3. Go places you would never have dreamed of going 4. Provide numerous chances for free publicity and even publicity that pays you! 5. Create the ultimate marketing tool!

Your First Novel Revised and Expanded Edition

A Top Agent and a Published Author Show You How to Write Your Book and Get ... you might approach the schools and ask if you can come in and work on writing ...

Author: Ann Rittenberg

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440351921

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 320

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Your Expert Guide to Writing and Publishing a Novel In this revised and expanded edition of Your First Novel, novelist Laura Whitcomb, seasoned literary agent Ann Rittenberg, and her knowledgeable assistant, Camille Goldin, team up to provide you with the essential skills needed to craft the best novel you can--and the savvy business know-how to get it published. Complete with updated references, analysis of new best-selling novels, and the same detailed instruction, Whitcomb will show you how to: • Practice the craft of writing, using both your right- and left-brain • Develop a flexible card system for organizing and outlining plot • Create dynamic characters that readers love--and love to hate • Study classic novels and story structure to adapt with your ideas Featuring two new chapters on choosing your path as an author and understanding the world of self-publishing, Rittenberg and Goldin dive into the business side of publishing, including: • What agents can--and should--do for your future • Who you should target as an agent for your burgeoning career • How the mysterious auction for novels actually goes down • Why you should learn to work with your agent through thick and thin Guiding your first novel from early words to a spot on the bookshelf can be an exciting and terrifying journey, but you're not alone. Alongside the advice of industry veterans, Your First Novel Revised and Expanded also includes plenty of firsthand accounts from published authors on their journeys, including Dennis Lehane, C.J. Box, Kathleen McCleary, David Kazzie, and more.