The Burning Land

In the last years of the 9th century, King Alfred is in failing health and his heir an untested youth.

Author: Bernard Cornwell

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9780007219766

Category: Fiction

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In the last years of the 9th century, King Alfred is in failing health and his heir an untested youth. The Danes who have failed to conquer Wessex smell an opportunity and Harald Bloodhair leading a Viking horde is led into a trap by the warlord Uhtred inflicting the greatest defeat ever suffered by the Vikings thus saving Alfred's Wessex.

The Burning Land

More—they claimed that because he had brought the Blood out of the Burning Land, as Ârata's Promise says the Next Messenger will do, he had come to believe himself the Messenger, embracing the same blasphemy as the people of Refuge, ...

Author: Victoria Strauss

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781497697560

Category: Fiction

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In a hidden desert sanctuary, the sorcerer-priest of a reborn faith uncovers dark truths about his world and its masters in the first book of Victoria Strauss’s fantasy masterwork, the Way of Ârata A realm long held in the iron grasp of godless tyrants, Arsace is finally free to worship its beloved, once-outlawed deity, Ârata. But decades of cruelty and oppression have left their mark—evidenced not only by the desecrated Âratist temples throughout the holy city of Baushpar but by the widespread mistrust and suspicion that has lately fallen on the Shapers, the powerful mages whose magic is beholden to no religious or government institution. Both a Shaper and a deeply devout priest, Gyalo Amdo Samchen has embarked on a great mission into the sacred Burning Land to rescue the renegades who, years before, fled into the desert to escape the city’s madness—among them the Dreamer Axane, who dares not reveal her forbidden visions of a world beyond. But shocking truths await Gyalo in the hidden sanctuary of Refuge—and what he learns there of his quest, his land, its leaders, and its faith will cause him to question everything he fervently believes while providing the terrible spark that could ignite the war to end all wars. In a magnificent feat of world building, Victoria Strauss has created a unique, vividly imagined land, society, and religious culture while spinning a riveting tale of duty, revelation, destiny, and magic that places her in the top ranks of contemporary fantasists.

The Burning Land

That land out there has been burning me as long as I can remember. All these years I've been getting ready for this moment. I'm going out there to take hold of it... Raised by struggling Scottish immigrants in the sparsely inhabited ...

Author: John Fletcher

Publisher: Momentum

ISBN: 9781743342589

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That land out there has been burning me as long as I can remember. All these years I've been getting ready for this moment. I'm going out there to take hold of it ... Raised by struggling Scottish immigrants in the sparsely inhabited mountains of the Port Phillip District, Matthew Curtis dreams of the vast unexplored spaces of inland Australia. Defying his stern foster-father, he leaves home — and the warm, grey eyes of Catriona Simmons — at sixteen. His journey takes him first to the brawling life of the goldfields with the beautiful Janice Honeyman, then north into the burning wilderness of the unexplored outback. An engrossing historical saga in the tradition of Evan Green and Wilbur Smith, The Burning Land bursts with life and the passion and daring of Australia's pioneers.

The Burning Land

George Alagiah. ' Pacy and stylish ' Jeremy Vine GEORGE ALAGIAH ' Gripping ' Guardian South Africa is ablaze , but who started the fire ? THE BURNING LAND George Alagiah is presenter of BBC News at Six, Britain's. Front Cover.

Author: George Alagiah

Publisher: Canongate Books

ISBN: 9781786897954

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'Gripping' Guardian 'Pacy and stylish' Jeremy Vine 'It was never meant to be like this. Sabotage, yes. Propaganda, yes. All of that and more - but not this. Not murder.' South Africa has become a powder keg. Its precious land is being sold off to the highest bidders while the country's corrupt elite pocket the profits. As the dreams and hopes of its people are threatened, frustration turns to violence. With the shocking murder of one of the country's bright young hopes, the fuse is well and truly lit. Conflict mediator Lindi and her childhood friend Kagiso find themselves in the heart of the chaos, fighting to save themselves and their country as events are set in motion that no one - least of all they - can control.

Ourtopia and other fragments

BURNING LAND Run or relocate, In the Burning land, Let's desecrate, The Burning Land, We're nomads in no-man's land, We're displaced and it's a disgrace, From the Burning Land, Wisps of smoke, war dogs choked, In the Burning Land, ...

Author: Nigel D. Paul


ISBN: 9781291723700

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This is a collection of words, of thoughts, of ideas, of the world that surrounds us, and of the world within us.

Brush Management

For protection under this act, the following requirements must be met: (1) the burn must be accomplished only when at ... land provided the burning is done in accordance with a burning plan prepared and approved by a certified burner.

Author: Wayne T. Hamilton

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

ISBN: 9781603446280

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From the futile attempts at eradication to the successes of integrated brush management, practitioners examine mechanical, biological, chemical, and fire-related methods from three perspectives--the past, the present or "state-of-the-art," and the future.

The Awakened City

Isar—A non-Âratist kingdom of Galea Faal—A remote Âratist monastery in Isar, in which Gyalo was imprisoned for a time Yahaz—A non-Âratist kingdom of Galea The Burning Land—An enormous, unexplored desert occupying the whole of Galea's ...

Author: Victoria Strauss

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781497697577

Category: Fiction

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In the remarkable sequel to The Burning Land, a man of peace is forced to confront his unwanted destiny in a fantasy realm torn apart by magic, religious intolerance, and holy war For years they were oppressed, outlawed, and hunted. But the Brethren have finally prevailed, and now the kingdom of Arsace is theirs once more. Unbending in their single-minded devotion to the slumbering god Ârata, the Brethren will not allow their religious authority to be questioned. Therefore, all of the remaining heretical renegade mages known as Shapers must be eliminated, their magic rendered impotent, and Refuge, their hidden desert sanctuary, destroyed. Of all the Shapers who survived an earlier attack on Refuge, the one known as Râvar possesses the greatest power, and he has declared himself the Next Messenger who will usher in a new, illuminated age. But the false prophet’s decision to take Axane the Dreamer as his captive could have unforeseen, world-shattering consequences, for it has drawn the seer’s devoted husband, Gyalo Amdo Samchen, away from his chosen path of peace. To rescue his endangered beloved, the former priest will have to confront his greatest fear, for in the terrible flames of holy war the true Next Messenger will be revealed. The Awakened City is the powerful sequel to Victoria Strauss’s acclaimed fantasy masterwork The Burning Land. A story of faith, fate, love, and magic that unfolds in a richly imagined world plagued by violence, intolerance, and religious persecution, this is a stunning and intelligent work of literary artistry from a uniquely talented fantasist.

Dragon Soul Soldier King

We are lucky, the entrance to the 'Burning Land' is just not far from us ..." Ren Feng's gaze landed on a cave a few hundred meters away. The air around the cave entrance started to distort, and waves of ripples were reflected on it, ...

Author: Yi Gen

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781636452647

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Dragons entering the sea, tigers returning to the mountain! Before the Dragon Soul Soldier King even returned to the city, he actually borrowed money from his beautiful wife for lack of money ...

Digest of Evidence Taken Before Her Majesty s Commissioners of Inquiry Into the State of the Law and Practice in Respect to the Occupation of Land in Ireland

Commissioners of Inquiry into the Law and Practice in Respect to the Occupation of Land in Ireland John Pitt Kennedy ... They sow the rape this year , and Burning land . the next year they pull it to put it on the potatoes .

Author: Great Britain. Commissioners of Inquiry into the Law and Practice in Respect to the Occupation of Land in Ireland


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