The Bristol Merlin

This book contains a comprehensive study of these fascinating Arthurian fragments.

Author: Professor of Medieval Literature and Publishing Leah Tether

Publisher: ARC Humanities Press

ISBN: 1641894148


Page: 180

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The discovery of seven manuscript fragments of the Old French Suite Vulgate du Merlin in a set of early printed books in the Bristol Central Library hit global headlines in 2019. This book contains a comprehensive study of these fascinating Arthurian fragments. Beginning with an extensive contextual history, the authors reveal details of the fragments' origin, their importation to England, and their subsequent journey to a waste pile in a bookbinder's workshop, where they would be incorporated into the bindings of a four-volume edition of the works of Jean Gerson in the early sixteenth century. A full enquiry into the provenance of these host volumes sets out the possible routes from the bookbinder's workshop to their final home in Bristol Central Library. Using multi-spectral imaging to read the damaged sections of text, the authors also provide a full edition and translation of the narrative contained in the fragments.

Merlin s Booke

Or at least something that Stewart claimed to be Merlin's tomb. “I had been searching several ... I was on holiday in the fen country near a small marshy tidal river that bleeds off into the Bristol Channel. It was a working holiday, ...

Author: Jane Yolen

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781480423299

Category: Fiction

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The award-winning author How to Fracture a Fairy Tale revamps the Camelot legend with stories of King Arthur’s powerful mentor, the great magician Merlin. There is perhaps no more beloved and enduring myth in the Western canon than the story of King Arthur, his knights, Queen Guinevere, and of course, his mysterious tutor and magical advisor, Merlin. A sorcerer, sage, prophet, and teacher, Merlin’s mysterious life has inspired a vast array of classic works while giving rise to numerous conflicting legends. Here, award-winning author Jane Yolen, one of the most acclaimed fantasy writers of our time, retells Merlin’s tales as never before. Through a series of stories and poems ranging across centuries—from the days of Merlin’s childhood as a feral boy to the possible discovery of his bones in a much later era—Yolen reimagines both the glory and grimness of Camelot, recalling characters and events from Arthurian legend, while ingeniously inventing new myths and dark fables. Merlin’s Booke is a brilliant patchwork, made up of tales that explore the mysteries of King Arthur’s world and the terrible magic that pervaded it. This ebook features a personal history by Jane Yolen including rare images from the author’s personal collection, as well as a note from the author about the making of the book.

Merlin s Secret

It was thought to have been in the west of England, in the Bristol area, or maybe Wales. The legend placed much emphasis on magic in the area and the adviser to Arthur, Merlin. Such a story was always hard for Robert to believe.

Author: Malcolm John Baker

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781532064609

Category: Fiction

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In 2019, Robert Hunt is a young man with no family, desperately in need of guidance. He gets in with a bad crowd, eventually part of a bank raid in London. Miraculously, before being arrested, Robert is saved by a ghost named Viviane: the mythical Lady of the Lake, who transports him to 600 AD, to the time of King Arthur. Robert begins as a helper in the kitchen of Camelot Castle, but due to his modern knowledge is quickly promoted and eventually becomes advisor to King Arthur. As Robert introduces things like cannons, gunpowder, and even early electricity, he is deemed a wizard and given the name Merlin. Although now a man of legend himself, Robert’s journey is not over. Leaving behind King Arthur’s court, Viviane transports Robert to 1200 AD to the time of Robin Hood, no more than a highwayman when they first meet. Robert helps turn Robin Hood into a hero, but at the same time, Robert is becoming a man with power and purpose. His journey is one of adventure, danger, death, and rebirth as a simple man travels back in time to shape the legends we know today while paving his own path to greatness.

Merlin s Life and Prophecies Who Flourish d in the Fifth Century and Foretold the Fates and Fortunes of All the Kings and Queens His Prediction Relating to the Late Contest about the Rights of Richmond Park

IN the Sixth Year of his Reign Maud the Emprefs landed at Bristol , and was affifted in Defence of her Claim to the Crown ... and buried at Fever fhamAbbey , After Abbey , in Kent , founded by his Father 28 MERLIN'S Life and Prophecies .



ISBN: OXFORD:N11733657


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Allied Aircraft Piston Engines of World War II

One of the factors that expedited the process was the incorporation of the Bristol Beaufighter power plant, or QEC in U.S. terminology, which Rolls-Royce had designed for the Merlinpowered version of this formidable heavy twin-engine ...

Author: Graham White

Publisher: SAE International

ISBN: 9780768095555

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 434

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Allied Aircraft Piston Engines of World War II, now in its second edition, coalesces multiple aspects of war-driven aviation and its amazing technical accomplishments, leading to the allied victory during the second world war. Not by chance, the air battles that took place then defined much of the outcome of one of the bloodiest conflicts in modern history. Forward-thinking airplane design had to be developed quickly as the war raged on, and the engines that propelled them were indeed the focus of intense cutting-edge engineering efforts. Flying higher, faster, and taking the enemy down before they even noticed your presence became a matter of life or death for the allied forces. Allied Aircraft Piston Engines of World War II, Second Edition, addresses British- and American-developed engines. It looks at the piston engines in detail as they supported amazing wins both in the heat of the air battles, and on the ground supplying and giving cover to the troops. This new edition, fully revised by the original author, Graham White, offers new images and information, in addition to expanded specifications on the Rolls-Royce/ Packard Merlin and the Pratt & Whitney R-2800 engines. Jay Leno, a known enthusiast, wrote the Foreword.

Confidential Documents

Aeroplane , dpr 137 137 : 4128 1 illus GREAT BRITAIN RITAIN Bristol Brethren " Britain First " , or type 142 ( famous ... airplane engino for installation in the Battle airplane is the Merlin I. Rolls - Royce 12 - cylinder vee ethylene ...

Author: United States. Army Air Forces


ISBN: STANFORD:36105016776119

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African Sunrise

As you have no doubt gathered, I am no lover of aircraft piston engines – with the exception of the Rolls-Royce Merlin, the Bristol Hercules and, perhaps, the Pratt and Whitney 985. Although the Merlin was an outstanding piece of ...


Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9780244301996

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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From an apprentice aircraft engineer, into a flying career. A commercial pilot flying Beaver's, DC3 Dakota, Vicker's Viscount and finally as a Training Captain on the Boeing B707. All with one airline although the airline's name changed with the changing political circumstances. Add an interest in flight safety and I finally retired as Chief of Air Accident Investigation in South Africa. Here I recall my 49 year career in aviation beginning in 1949.

Industry and Air Power

In the meantime, planning for new Rolls-Royce engines such as the Vulture and the Peregrine remained much more uncertain, and even the Merlin programme was subjected to almost continuous revision. Airframe output was exceeding ...

Author: Noel Sebastian Ritchie

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135221133

Category: History

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The author begins with a general survey of British aircraft manufacturing in the inter-war period. Policy, production, finance and contracts are examined, and the final chapter is concerned with the mobilization of the aircraft industry in 1939, and the emergency measures of 1940.

My Golden Flying Years

... Gipsy King I AS Cheetah X RR Merlin Kestrel XVII Pobjoy Napier Dagger Bristol Pegasus Ford 10 RR Merlin DH Gipsy M Civet Wasp Junior Wasp Continental Jacobs Wasp Jacobs Bristol Pegasus Wright Cyclone Wright Cyclone Lycoming Lycoming ...

Author: D'Arcy Greig

Publisher: Grub Street Publishing

ISBN: 9781908117885

Category: History

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Written some forty years ago for his own enjoyment, and twenty years before his death in 1986, this biography was given to Simon Muggleton, a collector of aviation memorabilia, and he and aviation historian and author Norman Franks recognized immediately that it was an important contribution to Britain’s and the RAF’s early history. Without altering any of D’Arcy Greig’s original writing, Norman has merely made it more concise and manageable, adding annotations of useful information, particularly about the characters Greig flew with. The story begins in France in late 1918, when Greig was flying FE2b night bombers, then through the early 1920s as he served in Iraq, piloting Bristol Fighters for three years, against rebel insurgents and dissident tribesmen. Back in England, Greig became an instructor at the Central Flying School and finally he records his experiences commanding the RAF’s High Speed Flight, and participating in the 1929 Schneider Trophy Race. This is a highly entertaining and amusing read, with Greig being a master of practical joking, having fun with explosives and enjoying other hilarious adventures that could only be contrived in these early days of flying. He comes into contact with many airmen already famous or who gained future fame, and his tale is well illustrated with many new, often private family photographs of the time.