The Bride of the Nile Complete

... who formed the bridal train, and in alternate choruses sang the finest nuptial song of Sappho the fair Lesbian. ... to the man who represented Father Nile—a gigantic farrier who followed him, somewhat embarrassed in his costume, ...

Author: George Ebers

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 9781465555809

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Half a lustrum had elapsed since Egypt had become subject to the youthful power of the Arabs, which had risen with such unexampled vigor and rapidity. It had fallen an easy prey, cheaply bought, into the hands of a small, well-captained troop of Moslem warriors; and the fair province, which so lately had been a jewel of the Byzantine Empire and the most faithful foster-mother to Christianity, now owned the sway of the Khalif Omar and saw the Crescent raised by the side of the Cross. It was long since a hotter season had afflicted the land; and the Nile, whose rising had been watched for on the Night of Dropping—the 17th of June—with the usual festive preparations, had cheated the hopes of the Egyptians, and instead of rising had shrunk narrower and still narrower in its bed.—It was in this time of sore anxiety, on the 10th of July, A.D. 643, that a caravan from the North reached Memphis. It was but a small one; but its appearance in the decayed and deserted city of the Pyramids—which had grown only lengthwise, like a huge reed-leaf, since its breadth was confined between the Nile and the Libyan Hills—attracted the gaze of the passers-by, though in former years a Memphite would scarcely have thought it worth while to turn his head to gaze at an interminable pile of wagons loaded with merchandise, an imposing train of vehicles drawn by oxen, the flashing maniples of the imperial cavalry, or an endless procession wending its way down the five miles of high street. The merchant who, riding a dromedary of the choicest breed, conducted this caravan, was a lean Moslem of mature age, robed in soft silk. A vast turban covered his small head and cast a shadow over his delicate and venerable features. The Egyptian guide who rode on a brisk little ass by his side, looked up frequently and with evident pleasure at the merchant's face—not in itself a handsome one with its hollow cheeks, meagre beard and large aquiline nose—for it was lighted up by a pair of bright eyes, full of attractive thoughtfulness and genuine kindness. But that this fragile-looking man, in whose benevolent countenance grief and infirmities had graven many a furrow, could not only command but compel submission was legible alike in his thin, firmly-closed lips and in the zeal with which his following of truculent and bearded fighting men, armed to the teeth, obeyed his slightest sign. His Egyptian attendant, the head of the Hermeneutai—the guild of the Dragomans of that period—was a swarthy and surly native of Memphis; whenever he accidentally came too close to the fierce-looking riders of the dromedaries he shrunk his shoulders as if he expected a blow or a push, while he poured out question and answer to the Merchant Haschim, the owner of the caravan, without timidity and with the voluble garrulity of his tribe.

The Bride of the Nile

... far from the spot where it came closest to the Nile began the bridge of boats which united Memphis with the island of Rhoda . ... emperor reigning at the time . a The deceased Mukaukas , in spite of his well 174 THE BRIDE OF THE NILÊ .

Author: Georg Ebers

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The bride of the Nile A question

Oh yes ; this was Orion as she had known him after his return till the evening of that never - to - be - for- gotten water - party . He was , indeed , a poet ; nature her- self had made it so easy to him to seduce THE BRIDE OF THE NILË ...

Author: Georg Ebers


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The Student and Intellectual Observer

It had been a custom with the Egyptians from time immemorial to sacrifice every year a beautiful virgin to the Genius of the Nile , the river refusing to rise until a suitable victim had been provided , decked out in her richest attire ...



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The Bride of the Nile Volume 12

At this the old man tore the veil from her face and signed to the NileGod; he stepped forward and assumed his rights, after bowing respectfully to the prelate—who was forced to make way— and then led the Bride to the end of the platform ...

Author: Georg Ebers

Publisher: Litres

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Ancient Egypt

CENT The sacrifice of the Nile : Egypt , Descriptive , Historical and Picturesque by Georg Ebers , Leipzig 1879 . ... As part of the festivals , a coarsely moulded figure made of Nile mud called " the bride " ; was thrown into the river ...

Author: Farid Atiya

Publisher: American Univ in Cairo Press

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The full range of the history and archaeology of ancient Egypt is presented in this lavishly illustrated book. Also available in French, German, Italian, and Spanish

A Woman of Egypt

Tied to the pier at the foot of our island was a brightly painted boat bearing a large decorated statue of a girl known as the Bride of the Nile. When the flood started, the "bride" was thrown into the Nile at sunset to join her ...

Author: Jīhān Sādāt

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

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Here is the passionate, heartfelt story of Jehan Sadat--patriot, feminist, wife, mother--a woman at the turbulent center of an ancient land.

Quotations from Georg Ebers

An old war horse, though harnessed to the plough As soon as a white thread could be distinguished from a black one THE BRIDE OF THE NILE, by Georg Ebers, v8 [GE#85] [ge85v10.txt]5524 He was made to be plundered Old age no longer forgets ...

Author: Georg Ebers

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The Bride of the Nile

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Author: Georg Ebers

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