The Bramble Bush

Now with a new introduction and notes by Law Professor Steve Sheppard, Professor Llewellyn's celebrated work remains the best guide for those starting law school or considering a career in the law.

Author: Karl Nickerson Llewellyn

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195368451

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For over 70 years, prospective and enrolled law students have been assigned to read a text that prepares them what they are about to encounter. That text is Bramble Bush. This classic answers questions that all students have when starting law school, and virtually takes them inside the classroom like no other text. It gives factual examples, detailed information, and practical explanations. Bramble Bush is required reading in numerous law schools and is recommended by many Law SchoolDeans. An outgrowth of Professor Llewellyn's introductory lectures at Columbia University School of Law, Bramble Bush continues to be the best introduction to the study of law for both potential and enrolled law students.

The Bramble Bush

Simply put, Macaulay writes, this "is a book that anyone interested in law schools or law should read.

Author: Karl N. Llewellyn

Publisher: Quid Pro Books

ISBN: 9781610271356

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Written generations ago, but highly relevant today, The Bramble Bush remains one of the books most recommended for students to read when considering law school, just before beginning its study, or early in the first semester. Its first edition began as a collection from a series of introductory lectures given by legal legend Karl Llewellyn to new law students at Columbia University. It still speaks to law, legal reasoning, and exam-taking skills in a way that makes it a classic for each new generation. The Quid Pro Legal Legends Edition includes an extensive, practical, and modern Introduction by Stewart Macaulay, a senior law professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Macaulay updates the current reader on the book's continued relevance and application, offers a practical perspective to new law students, and places the original edition in its historical context. Simply put, Macaulay writes, this "is a book that anyone interested in law schools or law should read." The Quid Pro Books edition of the classic work also includes several unobtrusive annotations, to update the reader on legal terms and cultural references made in the original that may not be clear to today's reader. Moreover, this is a carefully proofread and presented edition, lacking the errors and scanning mistakes of other presses' editions in print. It is also available in paperback and clothbound formats from Quid Pro, including the annotations and new Introduction by Prof. Macaulay.

The Bramble Bush

That book is The Bramble Bush. After all these years and many imitators, The Bramble Bush remains one of the most popular introductions to the law and its study.

Author: Karl N Llewellyn

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199709519

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For over seventy years, there has been one book that law students have read to prepare for what they were about to encounter. That book is The Bramble Bush. After all these years and many imitators, The Bramble Bush remains one of the most popular introductions to the law and its study. Llewellyn introduces students to what the law is, how to read cases, how to prepare for class, and how justice in the real world relates to the law. Although laws change every year, disputes between people haven't altered all that much since Llewellyn first penned The Bramble Bush, and the process of moving from private dispute to legal conflict still follows the patterns he described. Moreover, the steps of a legal dispute, from arguments to verdict, to opinion, to review, to appeal, to opinion have changed little in their significance or their substance. Cases are still the best tools for exploring the interaction of the law with individual questions, and the essence of what law students must learn to do has persisted. If anything, many of the points Llewellyn argued in these lectures were on the dawning horizon then but are in their mid-day fullness now.

An Introduction to the Legal System of the United States

... the bar.18 Suggested Readings The classic lecture on the modern law school is K. Llewellyn, The Bramble Bush: The Classic Lectures on the Law and Law School (S. Sheppard ed., 2008). For a comprehensive history of U.S. law schools, ...

Author: Edward Allan Farnsworth


ISBN: 9780199733101

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An excellent introduction or refresher in the United States legal system for all,especially students and foreign audiences.

Exploring Contract Law

The sessions featured good intellectual punch-ups between those participants who see law as an adjectival study focused ... recently reprinted as K Llewellyn, The Bramble Bush: The Classic Lectures on the Law and Law School (New York, ...

Author: Jason W. Neyers

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781847315113

Category: Law

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In this book, leading scholars from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States deal with important theoretical and practical issues in the law of contract and closely-related areas of private law. The articles analyse developments in the law of estoppel, mistake, undue influence, the interpretation of contracts, assignment, exclusion clauses and damages. The articles also address more theoretical issues such as discerning the limits of contract law, the role of principle in the development of contract doctrine and the morality of promising. With its rich scope of contributors and topics, Exploring Contract Law will be highly useful to lawyers, judges and academics across the common law world. Contributors: Rick Bigwood, Richard Bronaugh, Mindy Chen-Wishart, Helge Dedek, Gerald H L Fridman, Mark P Gergen, Andrew S Gold, Kelvin F K Low, Jason W Neyers, Stephen G A Pitel, Andrew Roberston, Stephen A Smith, Robert Stevens, Andrew Tettenborn, Chee Ho Tham, Catherine Valcke, Stephen Waddams, Charlie Webb. Foreword by Justice Ian Binnie of the Supreme Court of Canada

The Oxford Handbook of Legal History

Most recently reprinted as The Bramble Bush: The Classic Lectures on the Law and Law School (Oxford University Press, 2008) Karl N. Llewellyn, The Case Law System in America, Michael Ansaldi trans., (University of Chicago Press, 1989), ...

Author: Markus D. Dubber

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192513144

Category: Law

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Some of the most exciting and innovative legal scholarship has been driven by historical curiosity. Legal history today comes in a fascinating array of shapes and sizes, from microhistory to global intellectual history. Legal history has expanded beyond traditional parochial boundaries to become increasingly international and comparative in scope and orientation. Drawing on scholarship from around the world, and representing a variety of methodological approaches, areas of expertise, and research agendas, this timely compendium takes stock of legal history and methodology and reflects on the various modes of the historical analysis of law, past, present, and future. Part I explores the relationship between legal history and other disciplinary perspectives including economic, philosophical, comparative, literary, and rhetorical analysis of law. Part II considers various approaches to legal history, including legal history as doctrinal, intellectual, or social history. Part III focuses on the interrelation between legal history and jurisprudence by investigating the role and conception of historical inquiry in various models, schools, and movements of legal thought. Part IV traces the place and pursuit of historical analysis in various legal systems and traditions across time, cultures, and space. Finally, Part V narrows the Handbooks focus to explore several examples of legal history in action, including its use in various legal doctrinal contexts.

An Introduction to the Legal System of the United States Fourth Edition

... the law student is awarded the degree of juris doctor (J.D.) and becomes a candidate for admission to the bar.18 Suggested Readings The classic lecture on the modern law school is K. Llewellyn, The Bramble Bush: The Classic Lectures ...

Author: E. Allan Farnsworth

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199889846

Category: Law

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In the updated, fourth edition of this classic text which has been translated into over a dozen languages, constitutional scholar and Columbia Law School professor E. Allan Farnsworth provides a clear explanation of the structure and function of the U.S. legal system in one handy reference. An Introduction to the Legal System of the United States, Fourth Edition is designed to be a general introduction to the structure and function of the legal system of the United States, and is especially useful for those readers who lack familiarity with fundamental establishments and practices. This text also gives the reader a clear understanding of how to research the law, the importance of case law versus statutes, and the difference between private and public law. It illustrates issues that may be confusing or troublesome and provides a solid general overview. It includes a new introduction by Steve Sheppard.

The Cambridge Companion to the Rule of Law

of law was neither ideological nor tilted were typically low stakes ones and, for Kennedy, showed us little about the rule ... in the long run are 17 Karl Llewellyn, The Bramble Bush: The Classic Lectures on the Law and Law School, ed.

Author: Associate Professor of International Relations Jens Meierhenrich

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781316512135

Category: History

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Introduces students, scholars, and practitioners to the theory and history of the rule of law.

The Formation and Transmission of Western Legal Culture

In The Bramble Bush: the Classic Lectures on the Law and Law School. New York: Oxford University Press; Twining, William. 1973. Karl Llewellyn and the Realist Movement. London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2nd ed. 2012.

Author: Serge Dauchy

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319455679

Category: Law

Page: 571

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This volume surveys 150 law books of fundamental importance in the history of Western legal literature and culture. The entries are organized in three sections: the first dealing with the transitional period of fifteenth-century editions of medieval authorities, the second spanning the early modern period from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, and the third focusing on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The contributors are scholars from all over the world. Each ‘old book’ is analyzed by a recognized specialist in the specific field of interest. Individual entries give a short biography of the author and discuss the significance of the works in the time and setting of their publication, and in their broader influence on the development of law worldwide. Introductory essays explore the development of Western legal traditions, especially the influence of the English common law, and of Roman and canon law on legal writers, and the borrowings and interaction between them. The book goes beyond the study of institutions and traditions of individual countries to chart a broader perspective on the transmission of legal concepts across legal, political, and geographical boundaries. Examining the branches of this genealogical tree of books makes clear their pervasive influence on modern legal systems, including attempts at rationalizing custom or creating new hybrid systems by transplanting Western legal concepts into other jurisdictions.