The Best Business Writing 2014

Dean Starkman, Martha M. Hamilton, Ryan Chittum. 2014EditedbyDeanStarkman,MarthaM. Hamilton, andRyan Chittum THE BEST BUSINESS WRITING 2014 Columbia Journalism Review Books Columbia. Front Cover.

Author: Dean Starkman

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231539173

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 480

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This anthology of the year's best investigative business writing explores the secret dealings of an elite Wall Street society and uncovers the crimes and misadventures of the young founder of Silk Road, the wildly successful online illegal goods site known as the "eBay of vice." It reveals how the Fed dithered while the financial crisis unfolded and explains why the leaders of a two-trillion-dollar bond fund went to war with each other. Articles from the best newspapers and magazines in the country delve into how junk-food companies use science to get you to eat more and how Amazon dodges the tax man how J.Crew revitalized itself by transforming its creative process and Russell Brand went deep on media and marketing after his GQ Awards speech went haywire. Best Business Writing 2014 includes provocative essays on the NFL's cover-ups and corporate welfare, Silicon Valley's ultralibertarian culture, and the feminist critique of Sheryl Sandberg's career-advice book for women, Lean-In. Stories about toast, T-shirt making, and the slow death of the funeral business show the best writers can find worthy tales in even the most mundane subjects.

The Best Business Writing 2014

The year's most compelling and informative writing on Wall Street corruption, business rebranding, economics, finance, and Silicon Valley values--all in one volume.

Author: Dean Starkman


ISBN: 0231170157

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A breakout success, our anthology of the year's best business investigative writing includes provocative essays on the ongoing collapse of American middle-class jobs under the weight of maximizing shareholder values (Washington Post); the underground networks of financial exchange that insulate Russia from diplomatic consequences and real economic pain (New York Times); the shady practices and libertarian ethos of the new Silicon Valley (Frankfurter Allgemeine, London Review of Books); and the implications of Sheryl Sandberg's Lean-In (The Baffler), the most talked about career-advice book of the year. Additional articles cover London's long history of embracing corrupt foreign money (Vanity Fair); the crimes and misadventures of the young founder of Silk Road, the wildly successful online illegal goods site known as the "Ebay of vice" (Rolling Stone); the secret dealings of an elite Wall Street society (New York); the real failings of the Fed during the 2008 economic crisis (The Atlantic); the PIMCO fund controversy (Wall Street Journal); the brilliant campaign behind J. Crew's brand transformation (Fast Company); the decline of the funeral business (Philadelphia); the political plans of the Koch brothers (The New Yorker); the Amazon tax fight (Fortune); and the science of junk food (New York Times Magazine).

Business Journalism

Starkman, D., Hamilton, Martha M. and Chittum, Ryan (eds) (2014) The Best Business Writing 2014, New York: Columbia University Press. Starr, P. (2009) 'The end of the press: democracy loses its best friend', The New Republic, 4, 28–35.

Author: Ibrahim Seaga Shaw

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317646457

Category: Social Science

Page: 200

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Business Journalism: A Critical Political Economy Approach critically explores the failures of business journalists in striking the balance between the bottom line business model and their role in defending the public interest. Drawing on historical and political economic perspectives and analysing these in relation to critical political economic theory, the book explores failures of business journalism through the dwindling of social responsibility in the business journalist’s role in holding political and corporate power to account. Ibrahim Seaga Shaw draws on a diverse range of case studies, including: investigative journalism in The Standard Oil and Enron Scandals corporate propaganda in relation to business reporting financial Journalism and the global financial crises of the late-90s and 2008 public business journalism and subprime mortgage loans, horsemeat and bent iPhone 6 scandals ethical challenges of business and journalism from developed to emerging BRICS economies business or financial journalism? Modernity vs postmodernity, macroeconomics vs microeconomics challenges of business journalism in the digital age. Business Journalism: A Critical Political Economy Approach is essential reading for students and scholars interested in understanding the historical failings and potential futures for business journalism and those wishing to develop specialist financial, economic and business reporting in today’s globalised media landscape.

Journalism Under Fire

Second Read: Writers Look Back at Classic Works of Reportage, edited by James Marcus and the Staff of the Columbia ... Joel Simon The Best Business Writing 2014, edited by Dean Starkman, Martha M. Hamilton, and Ryan Chittum Engaged ...

Author: Stephen Gillers

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231547338

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines


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A healthy democracy requires vigorous, uncompromising investigative journalism. But today the free press faces a daunting set of challenges: in the face of harsh criticism from powerful politicians and the threat of lawsuits from wealthy individuals, media institutions are confronted by an uncertain financial future and stymied by a judicial philosophy that takes a narrow view of the protections that the Constitution affords reporters. In Journalism Under Fire, Stephen Gillers proposes a bold set of legal and policy changes that can overcome these obstacles to protect and support the work of journalists. Gillers argues that law and public policy must strengthen the freedom of the press, including protection for news gathering and confidential sources. He analyzes the First Amendment’s Press Clause, drawing on older Supreme Court cases and recent dissenting opinions to argue for greater press freedom than the Supreme Court is today willing to recognize. Beyond the First Amendment, Journalism Under Fire advocates policies that facilitate and support the free press as a public good. Gillers proposes legislation to create a publicly funded National Endowment for Investigative Reporting, modeled on the national endowments for the arts and for the humanities; improvements to the Freedom of Information Act; and a national anti-SLAPP law, a statute to protect media organizations from frivolous lawsuits, to help journalists and the press defend themselves in court. Gillers weaves together questions of journalistic practice, law, and policy into a program that can ensure a future for investigative reporting and its role in our democracy.

Engaged Journalism

Second Read: Writers Look Back at Classic Works of Reportage, edited by James Marcus and the Staff of the Columbia ... Joel Simon The Best Business Writing 2014, edited by Dean Starkman, Martha M. Hamilton, and Ryan Chittum Engaged ...

Author: Jake Batsell

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231538671

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 208

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Engaged Journalism explores the changing relationship between news producers and audiences and the methods journalists can use to secure the attention of news consumers. Based on Jake Batsell's extensive experience and interaction with more than twenty innovative newsrooms, this book shows that, even as news organizations are losing their agenda-setting power, journalists can still thrive by connecting with audiences through online technology and personal interaction. Batsell conducts interviews with and observes more than two dozen traditional and startup newsrooms across the United States and the United Kingdom. Traveling to Seattle, London, New York City, and Kalamazoo, Michigan, among other locales, he attends newsroom meetings, combs through internal documents, and talks with loyal readers and online users to document the successes and failures of the industry's experiments with paywalls, subscriptions, nonprofit news, live events, and digital tools including social media, data-driven interactives, news games, and comment forums. He ultimately concludes that, for news providers to survive, they must constantly listen to, interact with, and fulfill the specific needs of their audiences, whose attention can no longer be taken for granted. Toward that end, Batsell proposes a set of best practices based on effective, sustainable journalistic engagement.

Journalism After Snowden

... Joel Simon The Best Business Writing 2014, edited by Dean Starkman, Martha M. Hamilton, and Ryan Chittum Engaged Journalism: Connecting with Digitally Empowered News Audiences, Jake Batsell The Best Business Writing 2015, ...

Author: Emily Bell

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231540674

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 256

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Edward Snowden's release of classified NSA documents exposed the widespread government practice of mass surveillance in a democratic society. The publication of these documents, facilitated by three journalists, as well as efforts to criminalize the act of being a whistleblower or source, signaled a new era in the coverage of national security reporting. The contributors to Journalism After Snowden analyze the implications of the Snowden affair for journalism and the future role of the profession as a watchdog for the public good. Integrating discussions of media, law, surveillance, technology, and national security, the book offers a timely and much-needed assessment of the promises and perils for journalism in the digital age. Journalism After Snowden is essential reading for citizens, journalists, and academics in search of perspective on the need for and threats to investigative journalism in an age of heightened surveillance. The book features contributions from key players involved in the reporting of leaks of classified information by Edward Snowden, including Alan Rusbridger, former editor-in-chief of The Guardian; ex-New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson; legal scholar and journalist Glenn Greenwald; and Snowden himself. Other contributors include dean of Columbia Graduate School of Journalism Steve Coll, Internet and society scholar Clay Shirky, legal scholar Cass Sunstein, and journalist Julia Angwin. Topics discussed include protecting sources, digital security practices, the legal rights of journalists, access to classified data, interpreting journalistic privilege in the digital age, and understanding the impact of the Internet and telecommunications policy on journalism. The anthology's interdisciplinary nature provides a comprehensive overview and understanding of how society can protect the press and ensure the free flow of information.

Class War USA

History Matters: George Mason University. Starkman, Dean, Martha M. Hamilton, and Ryan Chittum. The Best Business Writing 2014. New York: Columbia University Press, 2014. 3.

Author: Brandon Weber

Publisher: Haymarket Books

ISBN: 9781608468713

Category: History

Page: 128

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This book tells the stories of ordinary people who resisted oppression and exploitation throughout United States history. Weber's short essays capture the little known moments of struggle when workers and veterans built movements of hope in the darkest of times. Using evocative imagery, archival photographs and descriptive text Weber brings labor history to life.

The Best Business Writing 2013

Bad Business Heimbach, a retired Seattle doctor and former president of the American Burn Association, also said his ... according to market research from the Freedonia Group, which projects demand will reach 4.4 billion pounds by 2014.

Author: Dean Starkman

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231160759

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 568

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An anthology Malcolm Gladwell has called "riveting and indispensable," The Best Business Writing is a far-ranging survey of business's dynamic relationship with politics, culture, and life. This year's selections include John Markoff ( New York Times) on innovations in robot technology and the decline of the factory worker; Evgeny Morozov ( New Republic) on the questionable value of the popular TED conference series and the idea industry behind it; Paul Kiel ( ProPublica) on the ripple effects of the ongoing foreclosure crisis; and the infamous op-ed by Greg Smith, published in the New York Times, announcing his break with Goldman Sachs over its trading practices and corrupt corporate ethos. Jessica Pressler ( New York) delves into the personal and professional rivalry between Tory and Christopher Burch, former spouses now competing to dominate the fashion world. Peter Whoriskey ( Washington Post) exposes the human cost of promoting pharmaceuticals off-label. Charles Duhigg and David Barboza ( New York Times) investigate Apple's unethical labor practices in China. Max Abelson ( Bloomberg) reports on Wall Street's amusing reaction to the diminishing annual bonus. Mina Kimes ( Fortune) recounts the grisly story of a company's illegal testing -- and misuse -- of a medical device for profit, and Jeff Tietz ( Rolling Stone) composes one of the most poignant and comprehensive portraits of the financial crisis's dissolution of the American middle class.

The Best American Sports Writing 2014

That Bernard Hopkins would be the one that put Don King out of business. I did Richard [Schaefer] a favor, I did HBO a favor, I even did Bob Arum a favor. I did everybody a favor. Don King, whether you like him or not, is no more.

Author: Christopher McDougall

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780544147003

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 416

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An anthology of top-selected sports writing from the past year is culled from hundreds of national, regional, and specialty publications as well as a variety of leading sports blogs.

The Best Writing on Mathematics 2015

by Scott Aaronson, American Scientist 102.3(2014): 170–73, May/June 2014, and “Quantum Randomness” by Scott ... Reprinted with kind permission from Springer Science+Business Media: The Mathematical Intelligencer 36.2(2014): 3–8.

Author: Mircea Pitici

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9781400873371

Category: Mathematics

Page: 392

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The year's finest writing on mathematics from around the world This annual anthology brings together the year's finest mathematics writing from around the world. Featuring promising new voices alongside some of the foremost names in the field, The Best Writing on Mathematics 2015 makes available to a wide audience many articles not easily found anywhere else—and you don’t need to be a mathematician to enjoy them. These writings offer surprising insights into the nature, meaning, and practice of mathematics today. They delve into the history, philosophy, teaching, and everyday occurrences of math, and take readers behind the scenes of today’s hottest mathematical debates. Here David Hand explains why we should actually expect unlikely coincidences to happen; Arthur Benjamin and Ethan Brown unveil techniques for improvising custom-made magic number squares; Dana Mackenzie describes how mathematicians are making essential contributions to the development of synthetic biology; Steven Strogatz tells us why it’s worth writing about math for people who are alienated from it; Lisa Rougetet traces the earliest written descriptions of Nim, a popular game of mathematical strategy; Scott Aaronson looks at the unexpected implications of testing numbers for randomness; and much, much more. In addition to presenting the year’s most memorable writings on mathematics, this must-have anthology includes a bibliography of other notable writings and an introduction by the editor, Mircea Pitici. This book belongs on the shelf of anyone interested in where math has taken us—and where it is headed.

Business Writing For Dummies

At every step she noticed that in the business, nonprofit and government worlds alike, good writers are valued and rewarded. ... 369 9781118583647-bother01.indd 369 2/26/2014 4:37:48 AM 2/26/2014 4:37:48 AM Part I: Winning with Writing.

Author: Natalie Canavor

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118583647

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 382

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A guide to successful business communication describes how to draft effective letters, emails, and proposals; adapt one's writing style to an audience; and self-edit and troubleshoot documents.

The Best Australian Business Writing 2012

As Cricket Australiabuildsup toits next broadcasting rights deal, the Big Bash hasto become abigpart of it.' When theorganisation goes into negotiationsforthe broadcasting rights beyond 2014, it hopes to reap the rewards.

Author: Andrew Cornell

Publisher: UNSW Press

ISBN: 9781742241326

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

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Have Baby Boomers been forced back to work since the GFC? Why do we rely on the arbitrary and illusory numbers of double-entry book-keeping to direct our policies, institutions, economies and societies? Will pre-commitment cards for poker machines coerce the addicted gambler to think before he or she acts? Is airport security a waste of time and money? Not just a series of numbers and facts, good business writing is informative, provocative, funny, even moving. In this first edition of a new annual anthology showcasing the best of Australian business writing, editor Andrew Cornell shows just how good – and how important – writing about business can be. With a foreword by Reserve Bank board member Dr John Edwards, the anthology includes contributions by Gideon Haigh, Alan Kohler, Judith Brett, Saul Eslake, George Megalogenis and a host of other writers and commentators.

2014 Novel Short Story Writer s Market

“The Glen Workshop, sponsored by Image journal, is an innovative and enriching program combining the best elements ... selling seminars and $125 for 1-day intensive courses; $299 for 6-week creative writing and business writing classes.

Author: Rachel Randall

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781599637471

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 570

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The best resource for getting your fiction published! The 2014 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market is the only resource you'll need to get your short stories, novellas, and novels published. As with past editions, Novel & Short Story Writer's Market offers hundreds of listings for book publishers, literary agents, fiction publications, contests, and more. Each listing includes contact information, submission guidelines, and other important tips. You'll also find an increased focus on all aspects of the writing life, from insightful articles on craft and technique to helpful advice on getting published and marketing your work. The 2014 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market offers everything a fiction writer needs to achieve publishing success. Check out interviews with award-winning author Man Martin (Days of the Endless Corvette and Paradise Dogs) and best-selling author and writing instructor James Scott Bell (Plot & Structure and Conflict & Suspense)!

Engineering Management

Harvard Business Press (2003), Good Writing: It Begins with Principles, Cambridge, MA: Harvard Business School Press. Hartley, Mary (2014), How to Listen: Using Listening Skills to Build Better Relationships Through Effective ...

Author: C. M. Chang

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781498730112

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 550

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Engineering Management: Meeting the Global Challenges prepares engineers to fulfill their managerial responsibilities, acquire useful business perspectives, and take on the much-needed leadership roles to meet the challenges in the new millennium. Value addition, customer focus, and business perspectives are emphasized throughout. Also underlined are discussions of leadership attributes, steps to acquire these attributes, the areas engineering managers are expected to add value, the web-based tools which can be aggressively applied to develop and sustain competitive advantages, the opportunities offered by market expansion into global regions, and the preparations required for engineering managers to become global leaders. The book is organized into three major sections: functions of engineering management, business fundamentals for engineering managers, and engineering management in the new millennium. This second edition refocuses on the new strategy for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) professionals and managers to meet the global challenges through the creation of strategic differentiation and operational excellence. Major revisions include a new chapter on creativity and innovation, a new chapter on operational excellence, and combination of the chapters on financial accounting and financial management. The design strategy for this second edition strives for achieving the T-shaped competencies, with both broad-based perspectives and in-depth analytical skills. Such a background is viewed as essential for STEM professionals and managers to exert a strong leadership role in the dynamic and challenging marketplace. The material in this book will surely help engineering managers play key leadership roles in their organizations by optimally applying their combined strengths in engineering and management.

Academic and business writing Sustainable transport and mobility solutions

Survey 10 February 2014 car2go Deutschland GmbH Palmenwaldstraße Gebäude 3/21 73733 Esslingen Dear Sir or Madam, I am currently ... Thank you for your understanding and best regards, Sincerely your Lisa Höltich Survey Dear respondents, ...

Author: Lisa Höltich

Publisher: GRIN Verlag

ISBN: 9783656713968

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 17

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Essay from the year 2013 in the subject Business economics - Supply, Production, Logistics, grade: 2,0, Fresenius University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, language: English, abstract: The term of sustainability in this day and age has a paramount importance for the whole world system. The primary aim of a traditional company management is to increase profits and to reduce redundant costs. However there is the necessity to rethink of new standards due to the changes given in the global society and environment. The society’s new thinking and sustainable attitude lead to the results that companies have to adapt to these changes even to archive a long-term position in the economy. At this point sustainable transport means for example an efficient utilization of transport capacity or an optimal transport routing.

Quick Fixes for Business Writing An Eight Step Editing Process to Find and Correct Common Readability Problems

Ralph Milton, an author and the founder of Wood Lake Books Inc., says, "Good Writing isn't written — it's re-written." The best writing has been gone over time and time again to make it better. No matter how Well something has been ...

Author: Jim Taylor

Publisher: Productive Publications

ISBN: 9781552705377


Page: 159

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Quick fixes for business writing breaks down the editorial process into a series of tasks which are designed to improve the readability of the final product. It will be invaluable to you; regardless of whether you are a novice or a proficient editor. This book helps you to develop a systematic eight-step approach. It identifies functions that you may have been performing only intuitively. It will provide you with techniques to improve your written material.

Business Writing for Results

How to Create a Sense of Urgency and Increase Response to All of Your Business Communications Jane K Cleland. traditional rules—it's conversation: If you would speak it in a professional interaction, you can feel comfortable writing it.

Author: Jane K Cleland

Publisher: Diversion Books

ISBN: 9781940941363

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 144

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Effective writing is accessible, professional, and direct. In the business world, the best writing must be friendly but not too conversational, professional without being dry, and results driven without feeling like a “hard sell.” Business Writing for Results shows you how to write emails, reports, proposals, and other action-oriented communications that meet these standards—in three easy steps. You’ll write cleaner, more polished communications in far less time than you ever thought possible. Using engaging and thought-provoking examples and interactive exercises, the lessons in this book will help you express your ideas clearly, concisely, and persuasively. You’ll discover how to write: Proposals that generate new business Reports that illuminate key points Emails that are easy to read and respond to Training workbooks that facilitate deep understanding and results-based learning Letters that get you job interviews, business opportunities, and donations Using a reader-focused approach, you’ll learn professional tips and tricks that are easy to remember—and that work. Business Writing for Results helps you get your points across clearly, quickly, and effectively in order to produce the outcomes you want. PRAISE: “A life ring in disguise. I feel like I’m drowning at work and through this book, the rescue boat is in sight and coming my way. Thank you, Jane.” —Karen A. Polan, Senior Field Specialist, First Energy “Jane’s real life examples helped me understand the concepts.” —Christine Lotz, Product Research Technician, Hillshire Farms “After implementing several of [her] suggestions, we boosted the bottom line by 15-20 percent. Thanks, Jane.” —Denise Dennis, Office Manager, Eye Surgery Associates “Business Writing for Results is terrific! I’ve been in business for twenty years, so it takes something special to get through the haze of habit! Jane’s book does it!” —Nancy Hartman, Writer, TKR Cable “Our highest rated trainer—by far—is Jane Cleland!” —Candace Cross, Manager, Training, IBM Corporation

Enhancing Higher Education Accessibility Through Open Education and Prior Learning

This review focuses on several major factors and themes exploring how best to engage and influence learning and associated writing practices of adult learners in online legal and business-discipline related programs.

Author: Stevenson, Carolyn N.

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799875734

Category: Education

Page: 252

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Institutions of higher learning are providing access to free and low-cost open resources to support students with prior college-level learning during every step of their educational journey. This unconventional approach to education removes traditional barriers to college credit by placing learners in an open environment, which encourages accessibility to higher education and fosters independent and critical thinking. By providing learners with free resources, more learners have the resources needed to be successful in college. Prior learning assessment is an excellent way for students to demonstrate the skills and knowledge gained throughout the course of their lives. By developing a portfolio of artifacts that support prior learning outside of the classroom, learners reduce the time and money needed to complete a degree. Open educational resources, prior learning assessment, and competency-based learning offer the potential to provide access to higher education to those who may not have the opportunity to earn a college degree. As the costs of higher education continue to rise, these flexible, open approaches to learning can bridge the equity gap and provide more opportunity to earn a college degree. Enhancing Higher Education Accessibility Through Open Education and Prior Learning provides a comprehensive resource book on open resources and prior learning in order to provide access and equity to higher education. The chapters pull together resources and case studies that exemplify alternative means to higher education. Highlighted topics within this book include remote e-learning, online fundraising, smart learning and assessments, effective learning, and faculty mentorship. This book is essential for curriculum designers; administrators; policymakers; government executives; professors and instructors in higher education; students; researchers in adult education, competency-based education, social justice, and open educational resources; and practitioners interested in open educational resources and accessibility in higher education.

ECRM2014 Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management Studies

ECRM 2014 Dr Martin Rich, Dr Anne Brown. practitioners, we maintain a clear position as researchers and distinguish our work from consultancy on a number of grounds: we have time to investigate, observe and understand the problem ...

Author: Dr Martin Rich

Publisher: Academic Conferences Limited

ISBN: 9781909507579


Page: 479

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Strategic Sport Communication

The 2014 Associated Press Sports Editors racial and gender report card. ... In J.W. Lee (Ed.), Branded: Branding in sport business (pp. 257–265) Durham: Carolina ... In G. Stout (Ed.), The best American sports writing 2014 (pp. 19–35).

Author: Paul M. Pedersen

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9781492586104

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 424

View: 368


Strategic Sport Communication, Second Edition, explores the sport industry’s exciting and multifaceted segment of sport communication. With communication theory, sport literature, and insight from the industry’s leading professionals, the text presents a standard framework that introduces readers to the many ways in which individuals, media outlets, and sport organizations work to create, disseminate, and manage messages to their constituents. The team of international authors has drawn on its extensive practical, academic, and leadership experiences to update and revitalize this second edition of Strategic Sport Communication. Using the industry-defining standard of the Strategic Sport Communication Model (SSCM), the text explores sport communication in depth and then frames the three major components of the field: personal and organizational communication, sport media, and sport communication services and support. Readers will discover how each aspect of this segment of the sport industry is integral to the management, marketing, and operational goals at all levels of sport organizations. The second edition includes the following enhancements: • A new, expanded chapter titled Integrated Marketing Communication in Sport allows students to explore modern marketing strategy. • Substantial updates and new information on multiple social media platforms throughout the book elucidate the latest trends. • “Sport Communication at Work” sidebars and “Profile of a Sport Communicator” features apply topics and theoretical concepts to real-world situations. • Key terms, learning objectives, and chapter wrap-ups with review questions, discussion questions, and individual exercises keep readers engaged and focused. • An expanded ancillary package provides tools for instructors to use in course preparation and presentation. The content is complemented by photos throughout and organized in an easy-to-read style. Part I of the book introduces sport communication by defining the scope of study, examining roles and functions of sport communication professionals, and looking at the history and growth of the field. Part II dives into the SSCM, which provides a macro-view of the three main components of communication in sport. This section also addresses digital and mobile communications, public relations and crisis communication, and sport research. Part III addresses sociocultural issues and legal aspects of sport communication, including culture, gender, sex, race, ethnicity, and politics. Throughout the text, individual exercises, group activities, review questions, and discussion questions promote comprehension for a variety of learning styles. With Strategic Sport Communication, Second Edition, readers will be introduced to the vast and varied field of sport communication. The framework of the SSCM prepares readers with foundational and theoretical knowledge so they are able to understand the workings of, and ultimately contribute to, the rapidly growing field of sport communication.