The Bedes of Bengal

Besides an analysis of their portrayal in ethnographic and Bengali fictional literature, this book traces causes, reasons, and processes that have led to an increasing perception of these so-called `Bedes' as being ethnically different from ...

Author: Carmen Brandt

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

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In the Bengali speaking regions of Bangladesh and India, the Bengali term bede today often evokes stereotypical imaginations of itinerant people. Of highly contested origin, the term has in the last two hundred years become the pivotal element for categorising and portraying diverse service nomads of the Bengal region. Besides an analysis of their portrayal in ethnographic and Bengali fictional literature, this book traces causes, reasons, and processes that have led to an increasing perception of these so-called `Bedes' as being ethnically different from the sedentary majority population.

Behind The Bridge

Carmen Brandt The 'Bedes' of Bengal Establishing an Ethnic Group through Portrayals In the Bengali speaking regions of Bangladesh and India, the Bengali term bede today often evokes stereotypical imaginations of itinerant people.

Author: Fabienne Le Houérou

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783643910868

Category: Tibetan diaspora

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After offering the reader the general context of Tibetan forced migration to India evoking Tibetan history, culture, the book looks closely at different methodologies using images. Classic ethnographic tools, such as film or relatively new methods, like photovoice or self-picturing are compared. The study sits at the crossroads of social science disciplines, such as history, ethnography, and geography and is based on original field research conducted in India since 2008. Majnu Ka Tilla is the name of the Tibetan colony in New Delhi and the preferential location of an experimental study related to memory and the spatial features of memory. The bridge is an ethnic frontier and a memorial urban point of reference creating the spatial memory. This publication is the result of years of experimental methodology using fixed and moving images with the Tibetan diaspora in India.

Media Indigeneity and Nation in South Asia

Her doctoral research focused on the representation in fictional and non-fictional sources in Bengali and English of the itinerant groups in Bengal known as 'Bedes'. Her thesis The 'Bedes' of Bengal: Establishing an Ethnic Group through ...

Author: Markus Schleiter

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429755613

Category: Social Science

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How do videos, movies and documentaries dedicated to indigenous communities transform the media landscape of South Asia? Based on extensive original research, this book examines how in South Asia popular music videos, activist political clips, movies and documentaries about, by and for indigenous communities take on radically new significances. Media, Indigeneity and Nation in South Asia shows how in the portrayal of indigenous groups by both ‘insiders’ and ‘outsiders’ imaginations of indigeneity and nation become increasingly interlinked. Indigenous groups, typically marginal to the nation, are at the same time part of mainstream polities and cultures. Drawing on perspectives from media studies and visual anthropology, this book compares and contrasts the situation in South Asia with indigeneity globally.

Social Wellbeing and the Values of Small scale Fisheries

In Bengali Hindu culture, a pair of hilsa fishes (Bengali: Joda Ilish) are bought and offered on auspicious days such as ... Myanmar, who migrated to Bangladesh in 1630s.4 Culturally, the Bede are distinct from the main Bengali ethnic ...

Author: Derek S. Johnson

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319607504

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This book advances discussions of values in fisheries by showing the rich theoretical insights and connections possible when value is grounded in a multi-dimensional social well being approach. Questions of value have long been a central, if often unacknowledged, concern in maritime studies and in research on fisheries. Social scientists have looked at changing perceptions of value as coastal regions and fisheries have industrialized, economic interconnections have deepened, ecosystems have been depleted, shifts in population have occurred, and governance arrangements have been transformed. With a focus on the diverse ways in which small-scale fisheries are valued, the contributions to this volume address these and other themes through cases from numerous countries in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. “This volume provides a timely contribution to the development of new approaches that seek to capture the complexity of how fisheries can be understood beyond standard mo no-dimensional, and often economic, interpretations. Each chapter makes a clear and stand-alone contribution to conceptual and methodological advancement, and collectively these works cover a wide range of frameworks and schools of thought.” Dr Sarah Coulthard, Senior Lecturer in International Development, Northumbria University, UK “The list of contributing authors [is] impressive and covers a wide geographical range of illustrative examples, [which] helps to demonstrate the global value of small-scale fisheries.” Professor J. Allister McGregor, Professor in Political Economy, the University of Sheffield, UK

The Bengal Borderland

Beyond State and Nation in South Asia Willem van Schendel 420 THE BENGAL BORDERLAND ... 134,296-331 Rifles (see also: Bede 139n18, 246n82 Bangladesh Rifles, Benapol see: Bongaon- Border Security Benapol Force, Nasaka) Bengal borderland ...

Author: Willem van Schendel

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 9781843311454

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A look at South Asia beyond state and nation.

Performers and Their Arts

They artists are of distributed Bengal, belonging across almost to both village and all the districts of southern West Bengal (see Appendix 1 for details of ... The term Bediya or Bede (in Bengali) refers to nomads or wandering people.

Author: Simon Charsley

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000084184

Category: Performing Arts

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Introduction Part I: Caste, Community and performance A ritual performance of Kerala, Vayala Vasudevan Pillai The Patuas of Bengal, Makbul Islam Bards and goddesses: The Pombalas in Tirupati, Anand Akundy Explorations in the art forms of the Cindu madigas in Andhra, Y A Sudhakar Reddy and R R Harischandra Caste identity and performance in a fisher-village of Assam, Kishore Bhattacharjee Part II: Performance Beyond Caste Telugu pady natakam in Andhra: Performance dynamics, P Subbachary Modernising tradition: The yaksagana in Karnataka, Guru Rao Bapat Kalarippayatt as aesthetics and the politics of invisibility in Kerala, P K Sasidharan India People’s Theatre Association in colonial Andhra, V Ramakrishna Gaddar and the politics and pain of singing, D Venkat Rao Reviving moghal tamsa in Orissa, Sachi Mohanty Part III: Classical Dance and its Successors New directions in Indian dance, Sunil Kothari Transpositions in kuchipudi dance, Aruna Bhikshu The impact of commercialization in dance, K Subadra Murthy Art addressing social problems, Ananda Shankar Jayant

History of the Bengali People

towards greater body height is abundantly clear in several castes , such as the Māhișyas , Nāpits , Mayarās , Suvarņavaņikas , Mucis , Bunās , Bāgdīs , Bedes and the Muslims of western Bengal . Several castes are quite clearly ...

Author: Niharranjan Ray

Publisher: South Asia Books

ISBN: UOM:39015034004849

Category: Social Science

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Caste Culture and Hegemony

In this genealogy, the Bengali Brahmans were thought to have been born of Brisha (oxen) and Mesha (sheep) and had in them the blood of their Bede and Bagdi mothers.53 In this teleological construction of a theory of creation that placed ...

Author: Sekhar Bandyopadhyay

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761998495

Category: Social Science

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It is widely believed that, because of its exceptional social development, the caste system in colonial Bengal differed considerably from the rest of India. Through a study of the complex interplay between caste, culture and power, this book convincingly demonstrates that Bengali Hindu society preserved the essentials of caste discrimination in colonial times, even while giving the outward appearance of having changed. Using empirical data combined with an impressive array of secondary sources, Dr Bandyopadhyay delineates the manner in which Hindu caste society maintained its cultural hegemony and structural cohesion. Starting with an examination of the relationship between caste and power, the book examines early cultural encounters between `high` Brahmanical tradition and the more egalitarian `popular` religious cults of the lower castes. It moves on to take a close look at the relationship between caste and gender showing the reasons why the reform movement for widow remarriage failed. It ends with an examination of the Hindu `partition` campaign, which appropriated dalit autonomous politics and made Hinduism the foundation of an emergent Indian national identity. Sekhar Bandyopadhyay breaks with many of the assumptions of two important schools of thoughte"the Dumontian and the subalterne"and takes instead a more nuanced approach to show how high caste hegemony has been able to perpetuate itself. He thus takes up issues which go to the heart of contemporary problems in India`s social and political fabric.

Seeking Bauls of Bengal

Similarly , Maņi speaks of ' lies ' of the Veda ( “ Bede kay yā mithyā kathā – song no . 166 ) . Anumān is therefore most characteristically expressed in what is called ' bedbidhi ( Sanskrit : veda - vidhi ) .

Author: Jeanne Openshaw

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521811252

Category: Music

Page: 288

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The author charts the rise of Bauls to their present iconic status as minstrels and mystics.

A Town in the Rural Milieu Baruipur West Bengal

... there are few families of Bedes , settled in 2/3 locations . It is told that these Sardar people have settled here long back and they have probably come from the further southern part of West Bengal . They are recognized as tribe .



ISBN: UOM:39015051625344

Category: Baruipur (India)

Page: 74

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On Baruipur, town in West Bengal; focus on social conditions

The Noun Phrase in Bengali

... are corrupted by liquor ' and bede böle as ' it is written in the Veda ' , then the cause / instrumental or locative meaning can be obtained . But we think it 75Chatterjee , p . 85 . 76 Calantikā , p . 616 . 77In some East Bengali ...

Author: Malaya Gangopadhyay

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.

ISBN: 8120803779

Category: Bengali (Langue) - Syntaxe

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The notions of Karaka and Vacya comprising a theory of co-reference in Syntactico Semantics is an established theory in Indian Grammar.In relation to the descriptive analysis of Bengali noun-phrase the complexity of Karaka-Vacya configuration has been discussed in this book. Also the notion of role and the notion of ergative have been dealt with.

Bengal Catholic Herald

The same learned gious communities , which exhibited the eminent divine and historian , in an answer to another virtue and fervour of the primitive solitaries . Vecharge of Bishop Burnet , importing that the nerable Bede , St. Odo ...



ISBN: BML:37001102953218



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Jachin and Boaz

351 The 7th Lodge , of Bengal , 378 St. Bede's Lodge , King of with the ift Brigade . Prusia , South Shields , Sunderland , 352 The 8th Lodge of Bengal , Durham . with the 3d Brigade . 379 Lodge of Harmony , at Guern .

Author: R. S.


ISBN: OXFORD:N11696600


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The Century Cyclopedia of Names

He crowned in Canterbury , and is noteworthy as the guardian of Bede , Bengal ( ben - gal ' ) . [ F. Bengale , G. Bengalen , Louis , king of Provence , emperor in 901 . who when only seven years old was placed under his charge .

Author: Benjamin Eli Smith


ISBN: CHI:101529862

Category: Biography

Page: 1085

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The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

He crowned in Canterbury , and is noteworthy as the guardian of Bede , Bengal ( ben - gal ' ) . [ F. Bengale , G. Bengalen , Louis , king of Provence , emperor in 901 . who when only seven years old was placed under his charge . etc.

Author: William Dwight Whitney



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The Multimedia Encyclopedia of Women in Today s World

Nomads are not the norm in Bengal; hence, the Bedes are unique in that they are a wandering people, akin to the Mohali or Kowra communities, who are also nomadic but far smaller in size. Considered a “tribal” group, Bedes are from both ...

Author: Mary Zeiss Stange

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781452270371

Category: Social Science

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This e-only volume expands and updates the original 4-volume Encyclopedia of Women in Today's World (2011), offering a wide range of new entries and new multimedia content. The entries reflect such developments as the Arab Spring that brought women's issues in the Islamic world into sharp relief, the domination of female athletes among medal winners at the London 2012 Olympics, nine more women joining the ranks of democratically elected heads of state, and much more. The 475 articles in this e-only update (accompanied by photos and video clips) supplement the themes established in the original edition, providing a vibrant collection of entries dealing with contemporary women's issues around the world.

Cultural History of Bengali Proverbs

... uttare bede , ghar karge pota jude A duck pond in the east , banana and bamboo in the north and west so that the north wind cannot enter . That saying of Khana which rural Bengali has believed the most is regarding childbirth .

Author: Sudeshṇā Basāka

Publisher: Gyan Publishing House

ISBN: 8121210283

Category: Proverbs, Bengali

Page: 250

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