The Beaufort Scale Cookbook

Over 100 recipes for cooking on a boat, each indexed by wind strength to help you make tasty and nutritious meals in all weather conditions.

Author: Jane Rapier


ISBN: 1909911240

Category: Cooking on ships

Page: 96

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There is no problem in cooking on a boat when the weather is fine and the sea smooth. It is a different ball-game when the wind comes up and the boat begins to dance. The recipes in this book are practical, the author has tried them all out on her boat and guarantees they will work. Over 100 recipes included, each is indexed by wind strength so you can serve something tasty, nutritious - and easy - in a storm, or make something more elaborate on a calm day.

The Beaufort Scale Cook Book

Author: June Raper

Publisher: Tab Books

ISBN: 0906754437

Category: Cooking

Page: 96

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Shares recipes for soups, lunches, fish, main dishes, vegetables, salads, and desserts that can be prepared aboard a ship in rough weather

Gently with the Tides

The Bareboat Gourmet : Creative Cooking with Standard Provisions by Doris Colgate The Beaufort Scale Cookbook by Jane Raper The Best of People and Food by Barbara Davis The Boat Cook 2nd Edition by Donna Marxer The Boat / US Members ...

Author: Michael L. Frankel

Publisher: Ocean Conservancy

ISBN: 1879269007

Category: Boat living

Page: 378

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At one time or another almost all boaters-and many non-boaters-fantasize about leaving behind the house, lawn, and neighbors and moving aboard a boat. But leaving behind a familiar, comfortable lifestyle for the Perils Of The Sea is a quantum leap, not to be taken lightly. That so few actually make thr break has less to do with the rigors of the lifestyle than the lack of information about what it's really like. Since 1972, Living Aboard Journal has served as an idea exchange for the members of the Homaflote Association-live-aboards from all walks of life spread all around the globe. Fueled by 18 years of the best letters, articles, and firsthand accounts from Living Aboard magazine, Gently With the Tides is a powerful testimonial to the lure and romance of living aboard a boat. It is also a compendium of the pitfalls, disappointments, and setbacks. Most of all, it is a high-octane dream-feeder for liveaboard aspirants. It will help them decide whether to, it will tell them how to, and, most important, it will fill their dreams with why to.

The Boat Cookbook

The beAuforT scALe One man's stiff breeze... might be another man's gentle puff. Cue the Beaufort scale, devised in 1805 by a Royal Navy Officer, Sir Frances Beaufort, to measure wind speed on sea and land. A less precise measurement ...

Author: Fiona Sims

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408192023

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 162

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For anyone with a tiny galley kitchen and an appetite for fresh, gorgeous food, there's good news: no more tins or bland leftovers aboard. These fabulous and easy recipes (all using no more than two pots and taking no longer than 30 minutes) will allow you to spoil yourself in harbour, keep things simple at sea, and make delicious meals and tasty snacks in advance. Featuring baked eggs with salmon, chorizo and chestnut sausage rolls, spicy lamb burgers with tzatziki, herb-stuffed trout, salted caramel and banana crunch, chocolate fruitcake and an amazing rum punch, this is seriously tasty food that's genuinely easy to make. As well as the author's recipes, there are contributions from top chefs (Chris Galvin, Angela Hartnett, Kevin Mangeolles and Ed Wilson) and sailing legends (Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Brian Thompson and Dee Caffari). There are handy tips on setting up the galley, an idiot's guide to filleting fish, and how to host the perfect beach barbecue, all illustrated with tempting colour photographs and beautiful hand-drawn illustrations. 'There really is something for everyone to try, and enough scope for you to really spoil yourself and your crew the next time you are on board. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I intend to - happy cooking!' Chris Galvin, sailor and Michelin-starred chef

Python Data Analysis Cookbook

In the weather dataset, we have wind direction in degrees and wind speed in m/s, which can be represented in a different way. In this recipe, I chose to present wind direction with cardinal directions (north, south, and so on).

Author: Ivan Idris

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781785283857

Category: Computers

Page: 462

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Over 140 practical recipes to help you make sense of your data with ease and build production-ready data apps About This Book Analyze Big Data sets, create attractive visualizations, and manipulate and process various data types Packed with rich recipes to help you learn and explore amazing algorithms for statistics and machine learning Authored by Ivan Idris, expert in python programming and proud author of eight highly reviewed books Who This Book Is For This book teaches Python data analysis at an intermediate level with the goal of transforming you from journeyman to master. Basic Python and data analysis skills and affinity are assumed. What You Will Learn Set up reproducible data analysis Clean and transform data Apply advanced statistical analysis Create attractive data visualizations Web scrape and work with databases, Hadoop, and Spark Analyze images and time series data Mine text and analyze social networks Use machine learning and evaluate the results Take advantage of parallelism and concurrency In Detail Data analysis is a rapidly evolving field and Python is a multi-paradigm programming language suitable for object-oriented application development and functional design patterns. As Python offers a range of tools and libraries for all purposes, it has slowly evolved as the primary language for data science, including topics on: data analysis, visualization, and machine learning. Python Data Analysis Cookbook focuses on reproducibility and creating production-ready systems. You will start with recipes that set the foundation for data analysis with libraries such as matplotlib, NumPy, and pandas. You will learn to create visualizations by choosing color maps and palettes then dive into statistical data analysis using distribution algorithms and correlations. You'll then help you find your way around different data and numerical problems, get to grips with Spark and HDFS, and then set up migration scripts for web mining. In this book, you will dive deeper into recipes on spectral analysis, smoothing, and bootstrapping methods. Moving on, you will learn to rank stocks and check market efficiency, then work with metrics and clusters. You will achieve parallelism to improve system performance by using multiple threads and speeding up your code. By the end of the book, you will be capable of handling various data analysis techniques in Python and devising solutions for problem scenarios. Style and Approach The book is written in “cookbook” style striving for high realism in data analysis. Through the recipe-based format, you can read each recipe separately as required and immediately apply the knowledge gained.

The Sailor s Bluffing Bible

You won't get asked to do any dirty jobs (nobody wants the cook to clean the heads before preparing dinner). • You can start drinking before anyone else. ... Needless to say it's called The Beaufort Scale Cookbook. Try not.

Author: Tim Davison

Publisher: Fernhurst Books Limited

ISBN: 9781912621538

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 128

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For a modest man, Tim Davison has done quite well for himself in the sailing world. He has won National and European championships from the 1970s to 2020s, has skippered his yacht from the Baltic to the Mediterranean and has written over 20 books on sailing. Maintaining that sailing is too important to be taken seriously, he has used the bluffing skills described in this book to help propel his racing boats to the front of the fleet and his cruising boats to the warm waters of the Med – and back. In The Sailor’s Bluffing Bible, you will learn how to bluff with the best in the sailing club bar and manoeuvre yourself onto sleek yachts and fast dinghies. Once there, our tips on what to do, what to wear and what to say will come in very handy. You may even be asked back! Whether racing or cruising or on a sailing holiday you will be able to hold your own in conversation, staggering your audience with your sailing knowledge. A perfect book – or gift – for the sailor and would-be sailor, illustrated by nautical cartoonist John Quirk.

Sail Away

Many of these books will be available as eBooks and so easy to have onboard digitally. ... Lin Pardey Rick Stein's Seafood, Rick Stein The Boat Cookbook, Fiona Sims The Beaufort Scale Cookbook, June Raper The Trade Wind Foodie, ...

Author: Nicola Rodriguez

Publisher: Fernhurst Books Limited

ISBN: 9781912177769

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 248

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You long to escape the daily grind, buy a boat and sail away. This book will inspire your dreams and show you how to turn them into a reality – be it an extended cruise or years away. Written by a yachting journalist who has sailed away for 8 years, together with the contributions of 100 other blue-water cruisers, there are tales a plenty of what it is like to do it from around the world – west, east, north and south. There is also practical advice on everything from choosing a boat to crossing oceans. You’ll be guided through each step of the preparation before casting off on your adventure of a lifetime. There’s information on everything the would-be blue-water sailor needs to consider, including safety, communications, children, ocean passages and budgeting. Learn about routes and destinations around Europe, the Caribbean, the Pacific and beyond to help you cruise the Mediterranean or Baltic, cross the Atlantic or circumnavigate the world. Colour photographs and charts will inspire and inform in this essential guide for the 21st century blue-water sailor. Fully updated for 2019 with new sections on visiting the Baltic and high and low latitudes. Contributors include John Ridgway, Jeanne Socrates, Tom Cunliffe, Ellen Massey Leonard, Behan Gifford, Nigel Wollen, Andrew Wilkes, Jane Russell and Jeremy Wyatt.

Bibliography of Nautical Books

Author: Alan Obin


ISBN: 0948646152


Page: 886

View: 230


This is the 15th annual edition of the Bibliography of Nautical Books, a reference guide to over 14,000 nautical publications. It deals specifically with the year 2000.

Books in Print

Beaufort County : " Queen of the Carolina Sea Islands Activity Book . ... Beaufort Orphans , Book A : Eighteen Hundred Eight to Eighteen Twenty - Eight . Betty ) . Camin . ... Beaufort Scale Cook Book : Boat Cuisine for All Weathers .



ISBN: STANFORD:36105005605253

Category: American literature

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Defining the Wind

The Beaufort Scale and How a 19th-Century Admiral Turned Science into Poetry Scott Huler. him, Andrew Cook, MA, PhD, FRSA, FRHistS, Map Archivist, India Office Records, The British Library. “I DO HAVE A LEVEL OF USELESS INFORMATION ...

Author: Scott Huler

Publisher: Crown

ISBN: 9780307420558

Category: Science

Page: 304

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“Nature, rightly questioned, never lies.” —A Manual of Scientific Enquiry, Third Edition, 1859 Scott Huler was working as a copy editor for a small publisher when he stumbled across the Beaufort Wind Scale in his Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary. It was one of those moments of discovery that writers live for. Written centuries ago, its 110 words launched Huler on a remarkable journey over land and sea into a fascinating world of explorers, mariners, scientists, and writers. After falling in love with what he decided was “the best, clearest, and most vigorous piece of descriptive writing I had ever seen,” Huler went in search of Admiral Francis Beaufort himself: hydrographer to the British Admiralty, man of science, and author—Huler assumed—of the Beaufort Wind Scale. But what Huler discovered is that the scale that carries Beaufort’s name has a long and complex evolution, and to properly understand it he had to keep reaching farther back in history, into the lives and works of figures from Daniel Defoe and Charles Darwin to Captains Bligh, of the Bounty, and Cook, of the Endeavor. As hydrographer to the British Admiralty it was Beaufort’s job to track the information that ships relied on: where to lay anchor, descriptions of ports, information about fortification, religion, and trade. But what came to fascinate Huler most about Beaufort was his obsession for observing things and communicating to others what the world looked like. Huler’s research landed him in one of the most fascinating and rich periods of history, because all around the world in the mid-eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, in a grand, expansive period, modern science was being invented every day. These scientific advancements encompassed not only vast leaps in understanding but also how scientific innovation was expressed and even organized, including such enduring developments as the scale Anders Celsius created to simplify how Gabriel Fahrenheit measured temperature; the French-designed metric system; and the Gregorian calendar adopted by France and Great Britain. To Huler, Beaufort came to embody that passion for scientific observation and categorization; indeed Beaufort became the great scientific networker of his time. It was he, for example, who was tapped to lead the search for a naturalist in the 1830s to accompany the crew of the Beagle; he recommended a young naturalist named Charles Darwin. Defining the Wind is a wonderfully readable, often humorous, and always rich story that is ultimately about how we observe the forces of nature and the world around us.