Memoirs of a Geriatric Ski Bum

What a bonanza! Just as I made a turn at the bottom of Election I saw five skiers, all wearing Burt Bindings. I stopped to talk with one of them, a good-looking guy in an all-yellow ski suit. I was exulting about this experience I had ...

Author: Stanley Hirsch

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465352576

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This lighthearted memoir, refl ecting the authors 39 years of skiing, is meant to entertain, educate, and above all, elicit the spirit of staying young. His learning experiences are related with humor, insight, and deeply felt observations. Not primarily a book of instruction, the techniques he has learned and passed on to others are clearly described to help the senior skier. Notables in the world of skiing vividly described include Jean-Claude Killy, Alberto Tomba, Ingemar Stenmark and Pepi Gramshammer. Adventure, history, joy and tragedy are intertwined in narratives concerning such diverse individuals as Albert Einstein, Sonny Bono and Michael Kennedy. Descriptions of many of the slopes and runs in the 152 areas Hirsch has skied include tales of the sites and sounds of the Winter Olympics at world famous resorts. Triumphant adventures are woven into stories of celestial sightings, off-piste skullduggery, and confessions of some horrendous, even life-threatening mistakes, frequently providing additional romantic, fascinating and exhilarating experiences.

The Bass Bum s Bonanza

Ride along with Stan Bones and his fishing partner as they demonstrate their profound personal prowess in piscatorial pursuits along the trail to The Bass Bum's Bonanza!

Author: Bill Holeman

Publisher: E-Booktime, LLC

ISBN: 1598245171

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The only multi-million dollar bass fishing tournament in the world brought Stan Bones back to the Grand Lake of the Cherokees in northeast Oklahoma. He worked in the area one summer while he was in college fifteen years earlier, but had not been back since. He came back to familiarize himself with the lake and increase his chances to win the major money in the biggest bass tournament in the world. Many things changed in the lives of the people he knew so long ago. The people who once opened their hearts and homes to a brash young college student welcomed him back again. His old friends helped him deal with the demons that haunted his heart for the past two years and he helped them protect their way of life in the rural area. Ride along with Stan Bones and his fishing partner as they demonstrate their profound personal prowess in piscatorial pursuits along the trail to "The Bass Bum's Bonanza!"

Homelessness A Documentary and Reference Guide

... 283 “Bonanza farms,” 55 Bonus Army, article about, 132–40; description of, 132, 133–34, 146–47; and homeless veterans, ... homeless men, 5 Chicago Tribune, xxix Child homelessness: Bassuk's testimony/analysis, 288–93; in homeless ...

Author: Neil Larry Shumsky

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313377013

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This book presents an unflinching investigation of homelessness in the United States—a problem that has been with us since the arrival of the first English settlers nearly 400 years ago. • Primary documents, including government reports, selections from novels, historical photographs, personal reminiscences, and more • Dozens of illustrative photographs • Subject-specific bibliographies • A guide to relevant reference materials

Oxford Dictionary of English

alteration of BUMMALO by association with BOMBAY (Mumbai) in India, from which bummalo were exported; the reason for the use of ... or profits: a natural gas bonanza for Britain | [as modifier] a bonanza year for the computer industry.

Author: Angus Stevenson

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The Oxford Dictionary of English offers authoritative and in-depth coverage of over 350,000 words, phrases, and meanings. The foremost single-volume authority on the English language.

A Standard Dictionary of the English Language

bombardelle Wr .; bem - bard ' , E .; bem'berd , W .; bum'- , W. ) , n . 1 . The earliest form of cannon , short and wide - mouthed , used first for throwing stones . 2. A bomb - ketch . 3 . A large leather jug for holding liquor ...

Author: Isaac Kaufman Funk


ISBN: UCLA:L0066337056

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