The Art of Voice Acting

The Art and Business of Performing for Voice Over James Alburger. I suggest you find a way to record your voice. In this age of digital audio, there are new ...

Author: James Alburger

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781136123429

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 360

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Are you just starting in Voiceover? Do you have some experience, but aren't getting booked? Are you a working pro who wants to expand to new areas of VO work? The Art of Voice Acting is a must read if you are serious about a profession in voice over and looking to maximize your efforts for success in the business. Packed with basic acting techniques in The Art of Voice Acting, you will discover * All new scripts * 20 more pages of new and updated information * A completely new chapter of studio stories and 'tricks-of-the-trade' from professional voiceover talent around the world * Updated information for voiceover demos and marketing * A comprehensive index that makes it easy to find what you're looking for * More voice and acting techniques * Contributions from some of the top voice talent in the world * Audio content with the actual audio for every script in the book, * PLUS: exercises, demos and more! Written in an accessible and engaging style Alburger shares his experience as a performer, producer, director and performance coach to give you a clear no nonsense introduction to the business and art of voice acting. Audio content and images from the books are available at

Practical Ventriloquism Being a Thoroughly Reliable Guide to the Art of Voice Throwing and Vocal Mimicry by an Entirely Novel System of Graded Exerci

V represents the Ventriloquist, L the listener, and the figures 1 to 16 the extent to which the art of voice throwing is possible. From 1 to 12 the voice ...

Author: Robert Ganthony

Publisher: Read Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781447496076

Category: Social Science

Page: 132

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To old timers Ventriloquism was a mystifying art heard at long intervals on the vaudeville stage. Because Mr Ganthony was one of the old masters who directed his work to those who wish to teach themselves - and we know that so many people might want to do just that - this 'how to' guide has been reprinted from the original plates. Mr Ganthony believed that ventriloquists were not born, but made by the desire to learn and the willingness to practice.

A Systematic Approach to Voice

A Systematic Approach to Voice: The Art of Studio Application is a professional resource presenting a framework for the integration of science-informed principles of voice production and pedagogical application in the training of singers.

Author: Kari Ragan

Publisher: Plural Publishing

ISBN: 9781635502305

Category: Music

Page: 246

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A Systematic Approach to Voice: The Art of Studio Application is a professional resource presenting a framework for the integration of science-informed principles of voice production and pedagogical application in the training of singers. Author Dr. Kari Ragan has spent years using this organizational template of the five voice systems—respiration, phonation, registration, articulation, and resonance—to identify technical challenges and design corrective vocal exercises in order to facilitate efficient singing. Each of the voice system chapters contains a brief overview of the mechanics as well as key points for teachers, or “teacher takeaways.” The book’s core offering is vocal exercises which, framed within a systematic approach, provide strategies for the art of studio application. The intent is an approach that leads to technically proficient singing working in service of great artistry. Key Features: * Over 85 vocal exercises for studio application framed within a systematic approach for both a CCM and classical aesthetic * Brief overview of the mechanics of each voice system and relevant “teacher takeaways” * Extensive discussion on semi-occluded vocal tract (SOVT) exercises * Introduction of several kinesthetic singing tools * Eight sample warm-up protocols designed for various levels of singers and both CCM and classical genres * Video demonstrations for each vocal exercise and sample warm-up

The Art of Voice Acting

CD-ROM contains: Resources and references -- Voice tracks: Single-voice commercials; dialogue commercials; character voice tracks; long-form, narrative tracks; voice-acting demos.

Author: James R. Alburger


ISBN: 0240804791

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 278

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CD-ROM contains: Resources and references -- Voice tracks: Single-voice commercials; dialogue commercials; character voice tracks; long-form, narrative tracks; voice-acting demos.

The Art of Voice acting

The Craft and Business of Performing for Voice-over James R. Alburger. * Introduction "You should be doing commercials!" "You've got a great.

Author: James R. Alburger


ISBN: UOM:39015047476950

Category: Radio advertising

Page: 232

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The Art of Voice-Acting helps the student of voice-over build a successful career by offering a strong foundation in the basic principles and fundamental techniques of the business. From basic acting techniques, to exercises for keeping the voice in top condition, to marketing and promotion, this book covers it all.

The Art of Mindful Singing

The Art of Mindful Singing is an enlightening insight into how we can all experience well-being through the meditative beauty and power of music.

Author: Jeremy Dion

Publisher: Leaping Hare Press

ISBN: 9781782408369

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 144

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The Art of Mindful Singing is an enlightening insight into how we can all experience well-being through the meditative beauty and power of music. Jeremy Dion explores how singing can create a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us through its sacred notes of melody, bliss, and joy. Through personal anecdote and expert insight, he reveals how mindful singing provides a pathway to experiencing flow, a pure psychological state of bliss. Alongside practical meditations, we realize how releasing our voices is a universal, healing chord to promoting harmony and meaning in modern life.

The Art of Improving the Voice and Ear

VARIETIES OF VOICE AND THEIR CAUSES 48 Natural and Acquired Voice 56 Changes of the Voice according to Age 57 Qualities and Defects of the Voice 61 Quantity ...

Author: James Rennie (surgeon.)


ISBN: OXFORD:600003130

Category: Voice

Page: 336

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Art of Public Speaking

Purity of Voice This quality is sometimes destroyed by wasting the breath. Carefully control the breath, using only as much as is necessary for the ...

Author: Dale Carnegie

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

ISBN: 9789386348425

Category: Self-Help

Page: 356

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The Art of Teaching School

Force is a term applied to the power , or volume of voice used in uttering a sentence . Differences of force may be illustrated by persuing a method similar ...

Author: Josiah Rhinehart Sypher


ISBN: UCAL:$B262938

Category: Teaching

Page: 327

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The Art of Investigative Interviewing

Your tone of voice may signal that you are biased , not neutral , causing a breakdown in communication . Your tone of voice , facial expressions , language ...

Author: Charles L. Yeschke

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: 0750675950

Category: Political Science

Page: 244

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The Art of Investigative Interviewing, Second Edition, details the techniques that can be used by interviewers in any setting to detect indications of deception and respond to them appropriately. With all-new case studies and a new chapter devoted to interrogative ethics, this revised edition has been entirely updated while maintaining the lively, instructive writing style of the first edition. Drawing elements from psychology, philosophy, and sociology, Charles Yeschke applies the theory of human need to the process of investigative interviewing. This theory is the most important component of the successful interview and is crucial to an investigator's ability to correctly interpret human behavior. * Covers the rising debate over interviewing and interrogative ethics * Provides all-new case studies demonstrating the application of the author's techniques * Shows how to boost your success rate by replacing coercion and confrontation with persuasion and communication

The Art of Reading

To render pauses pleasing and expressive , they must not only be used in the right place , but also accompanied with a proper tone of voice , by which the ...

Author: Daniel Staniford


ISBN: OSU:32435080018070

Category: American literature

Page: 240

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The Art of Effective Public Speaking

A golden voice is certainly an asset. And it will definitely affect the success of your speeches. The aspects of voice you should work on are the volume, ...

Author: Rita Corray

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781796050578

Category: Self-Help

Page: 102

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This book should serve you with valuable lessons in Public Speaking, whatever your reasons or goals, in speaking your mind will grow. And you’ll experience your world at a deeper, more stimulating level than you even though possible. If you aspire to be a better or professional speaker, this book has all the answers for you. The author has thoroughly enjoyed reading books all her life and this has greatly helped her in compiling the book. Her only desire is to share with you what she has learnt from her life-time’s study. It will give her immense pleasure to know that you have benefited from it. The book “Art of Public Speaking” is a profoundly helpful and insightful book giving key components with practical pragmatic ideas on Public Speaking.

The Art of Parenting

This is quite important, aside from voice, for the general health will be much lowered if the lungs are continually starved for air.


Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan

ISBN: 9788184300697

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 162

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This book will cover most of the social, emotional, psychological and intellectual concerns that parents have about their children during the middle years. These will include conduct problems; social skills and relationships; family problems; moods and depression; school-related concerns; emotional concerns; hyperactivity; concerns about personality or lifestyle; and morals, ethics and values. The art of parenting offers you sound advice and practical parenting techniques based on years of putting that theory into practice. Besides believing that children are worth it, the author also believes that any method of discipline should preserve the dignity of both parent and child. Parents will also learn how to empower and influence their children instead of controlling them and trying to build and strengthen the mind, teaching them how to think, not just what to think. A very useful book with parenting tips for parents, teachers & students.

The Limits of Voice

The former is the art of choosing well , among motives of conduct , a moral idea , an a priori idea , and thus invest all conducts with a great and profound ...

Author: Luiz Costa Lima

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804725403

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 340

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The title of this work derives from Costa-Lima's reading of what is probably the most famous passage in Kant's Third Critique. In Kant's thesis that the results of aesthetic judgment are "generally communicable but without the mediation of a concept," Costa-Lima discovers the necessity to identify and underscore a silence. This silence - these "limits of voice" - becomes the complex metonymy for the central theme of this book, literary experience as a case of aesthetic experience. In pursuing this theme, Costa-Lima views aesthetic and literary experience as a historically limited potentiality and examines the limits of aesthetic experience, which comes from its dependence on contextual requirements. The concern about "limits of voice" is developed on three different levels. First, Costa-Lima focuses, as a historical and systematic condition for aesthetic and literary experience, on subjectivity as the subject's right to speak in his/her own name. Second, he argues that, although historical modes of speaking and experiencing were inscribed into and legitimized by cosmological constructions, subjectivity requires the existence of a context no longer grounded in cosmology, which he refers to as "the Law." Third, he postulates the double dependence of literary and aesthetic experience on the emergence of subjectivity and the existence of "the Law" as its enabling and limiting frame condition. This book answers a challenge that has persisted in literary theory and literary history for almost two decades - how to historicize the concept of literature.

The Art of Speaking

The tone of voice varying according as the emphasis requires , of which a good deal is necessary in expressing matter of this sort . The pitch of voice to ...

Author: James Burgh


ISBN: HARVARD:32044038404554

Category: Elocution

Page: 291

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