Katherine Mansfield and the Art of the Short Story

accorded a few brief mentions; however, in his revised 2011 edition of the same book, space devoted to criticism of ... Mansfield was that rare thing – a writer exclusively associated with the short story; Anthea Trodd points out that ...

Author: Gerri Kimber

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137483881

Category: Literary Criticism

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This volume offers an introductory overview to the short stories of Katherine Mansfield, discussing a wide range of her most famous stories from different viewpoints. The book elaborates on Mansfield's themes and techniques, thereby guiding the reader - via close textual analysis - to an understanding of the author's modernist techniques.

New Critical Approaches to the Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway

The Art of the Short Story Ernest Hemingway In March 1959 Ernest Hemingway's publisher Charles Scribner, Jr., suggested putting together a student's edition of Hemingway short stories. He listed the twelve stories which were most in ...

Author: Jackson J. Benson

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822382348

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DIVWith an Overview by Paul Smith and a Checklist to Hemingway Criticism, 1975–1990 New Critical Approaches to the Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway is an all-new sequel to Benson’s highly acclaimed 1975 book, which provided the first comprehensive anthology of criticism of Ernest Hemingway’s masterful short stories. Since that time the availability of Hemingway’s papers, coupled with new critical and theoretical approaches, has enlivened and enlarged the field of American literary studies. This companion volume reflects current scholarship and draws together essays that were either published during the past decade or written for this collection. The contributors interpret a variety of individual stories from a number of different critical points of view—from a Lacanian reading of Hemingway’s “After the Storm” to a semiotic analysis of “A Very Short Story” to an historical-biographical analysis of “Old Man at the Bridge.” In identifying the short story as one of Hemingway’s principal thematic and technical tools, this volume reaffirms a focus on the short story as Hemingway’s best work. An overview essay covers Hemingway criticism published since the last volume, and the bibliographical checklist to Hemingway short fiction criticism, which covers 1975 to mid-1989, has doubled in size. Contributors. Debra A. Moddelmog, Ben Stotzfus, Robert Scholes, Hubert Zapf, Susan F. Beegel, Nina Baym, William Braasch Watson, Kenneth Lynn, Gerry Brenner, Steven K. Hoffman, E. R. Hagemann, Robert W. Lewis, Wayne Kvam, George Monteiro, Scott Donaldson, Bernard Oldsey, Warren Bennett, Kenneth G. Johnston, Richard McCann, Robert P. Weeks, Amberys R. Whittle, Pamela Smiley, Jeffrey Meyers, Robert E. Fleming, David R. Johnson, Howard L. Hannum, Larry Edgerton, William Adair, Alice Hall Petry, Lawrence H. Martin Jr., Paul Smith/div

A Reference Guide for English Studies

What Is the Short Story ? Rev. ed . Glenview , Ill .: Scott , Foresman , 1974 . PN3373.C8 1974 Grabo , Carl . Art of the Short Story . New York : Scribner's , 1913 . PN3373.G7 Hanson , Clare . Short Stories and Short Fictions , 18801980 ...

Author: Michael J. Marcuse

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520051610

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This ambitious undertaking is designed to acquaint students, teachers, and researchers with reference sources in any branch of English studies, which Marcuse defines as "all those subjects and lines of critical and scholarly inquiry presently pursued by members of university departments of English language and literature.'' Within each of 24 major sections, Marcuse lists and annotates bibliographies, guides, reviews of research, encyclopedias, dictionaries, journals, and reference histories. The annotations and various indexes are models of clarity and usefulness, and cross references are liberally supplied where appropriate. Although cost-conscious librarians will probably consider the several other excellent literary bibliographies in print, such as James L. Harner's Literary Research Guide (Modern Language Assn. of America, 1989), larger academic libraries will want Marcuse's volume.-- Jack Bales, Mary Washington Coll. Lib., Fredericksburg, Va. -Library Journal.

Writing Short Stories

Carlson, Ron, Ron Carlson Writes a Story, Greywolf Press, 2007 Gebbie, Vanessa (ed.), Short Circuit: A Guide to the Art of the Short Story, Salt, 2013 Goldberg, Natalie, Wild Mind, Bantam, 1990 Lamott, Anne, Bird by Bird: Some ...

Author: Courttia Newland

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781474257299

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Writing Short Stories: A Writers' and Artists' Companion is an essential guide to writing short fiction successfully. PART 1 explores the nature and history of the form, personal reflections by the editors, and help getting started with ideas, planning and research. PART 2 includes tips by leading short story writers, including: Alison Moore, Jane Rogers, Edith Pearlman, David Vann, Anthony Doerr, Vanessa Gebbie, Alexander MacLeod, Adam Thorpe and Elspeth Sandys. PART 3 contains practical advice - from shaping plots and exploring your characters to beating writers' block, rewriting and publishing your stories.

A Cognitive Approach to Ernest Hemingway s Short Fiction

3.6 Ernest Hemingway: exercises of artistic style In “The Art of the Short Story,” Hemingway gives guidance on the methods of short story writing and instructs aspiring writers on how to master one essential technique—in short, ...

Author: Gabriela Tucan

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527568143

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How do readers make sense of Hemingway’s short stories? How is it possible that the camera-like quality of his narrative can appeal to our senses and arouse our emotions? How does it capture us? With reserved narrators and protagonists engaged in laconic dialogs, his texts do not seem to say much. This book consciously revisits our responses to the Hemingway story, a belated response to his invitation to discover what lies beneath the surface of his iceberg. What this pioneering critical endeavor seeks to understand is the thinking required in reading Hemingway’s short fiction. It proposes a cognitively informed model of reading which questions the resources of the reader’s imaginative powers. The cognitive demonstrations here are designed to have potentially larger implications for the short story’s general mode of knowing. Drawing from both cognitively oriented poetics and narratology in equal measure, this book explains what structures our interaction with literary texts.

The Short Story

'Nineteenth century American theory of the short story: the dual tradition', Orbis Literarum, XXXIV (1976), 314—30. FAGIN, N. BRYLLION. Short Story-Writing: An Art or a Trade?. New York, 1923. FRIEDMAN, NORMAN. 'What makes a short story ...

Author: Valerie Shaw

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317872788

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Throughout this text, Valerie Shaw addresses two key questions: 'What are the special satisfactions afforded by reading short stories?' and 'How are these satisfactions derived from each story's literary techniques and narrative strategies?'. She then attempts to answer these questions by drawing on stories from different periods and countries - by authors who were also great novelists, like Henry James, Flaubert, Kafka and D.H. Lawrence; by authors who specifically dedicated themselves to the art of the short story, like Kipling, Chekhov and Katherine Mansfield; by contemporary practitioners like Angela Carter and Jorge Luis Borges; and by unfairly neglected writers like Sarah Orne Jewett and Joel Chandler Harris.

The Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway

Art. of. the. Short. Story. Gertrude Stein who was sometimes very wise said to me on one of her wise days, “Remember, Hemingway, that remarks are not literature.” The following remarks are not intended to be nor do they pretend to be ...

Author: Ernest Hemingway

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781476787626

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"This Library Edition of The short stories of Ernest Hemingway presents many of Hemingway's most famous classics alongside rare and previously unpublished material: Hemingway's early drafts and notes, his profound and clever essay on the art of the short story, and two marvelous examples of his earliest work."--flyleaf.

The Economy of the Short Story in British Periodicals of the 1890s

A more sedate apologist for the art of fiction, Lena Milman reinforces this association in an essay on “Mr. Henry James,” focusing as much on the short story promoted by the Yellow Book as it does on its titular subject.

Author: Winnie Chan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135868581

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This materialist study of the short story’s development in three diverse magazines reveals how, at the dawn of modernism, commercial pressures prompted modernist formal innovation in popular magazines, whilst anti-commercial opacity paradoxically formed the basis of an effective marketing strategy that appealed to elitism. Integrating methods of cultural studies with formal analyses, this study builds upon recent work challenging Andreas Huyssen’s provocative formation, the "great divide" of modernism.

The Culture and Commerce of the American Short Story

21 Charles Raymond Barrett , Short Story Writing : A Practical Treatise on the Art of the Short Story ( New York : Baker and Taylor Company , 1898 ) 9 . 22 Perry v . Barrett 9 . 23 Wilbers 36 . 24 Blanche Colton Williams , A Handbook on ...

Author: Andrew Levy

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521440572

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The Culture and Commerce of the Short Story is a cultural and historical account of the birth and development of the American short story from the time of Poe. It describes how America - through political movements, changes in education, magazine editorial policy and the work of certain individuals - built the short story as an image of itself and continues to use the genre as a locale within the realm of art where American political ideals can be rehearsed, debated and turned into literary forms. While the focus of this book is cultural, individual authors such as Edgar Allan Poe and Edith Wharton are examined as representative of the phenomenon. As part of its project, this book also contains a history of creative writing and the workshop dating back a century. Andrew Levy makes a strong case for the centrality of the short story as a form of art in American life and provides an explanation for the genre's resurgence and ongoing success.

Development of the American Short Story

“ With all its extension , ” he wrote , “ the discussion did not include one important branch of the art of fiction : it did not consider at all the minor art of the short story , ” and “ the short story , " he believed , " properly and ...

Author: Fred Lewis Pattee

Publisher: Biblo & Tannen Publishers

ISBN: 0819601756

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Highlights the writers who have contributed to the development of the American short story ranging from Washington Irving to O. Henry. Bibliogs