The Art of Preserving Bison

Additional The Art of Preserving “Little Books” If you are intersted intheartofpreservingother typesof meat, be sure sure tocheckouttherestofthebooks inthis series: • The Art of Preserving Beef: A Little Book Full of All the Information ...

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This little book is full of all the information you need about the art of preserving bison through canning, curing, smoking, and freezing. You will learn how to go about the process of storing it for long-term use in a variety of methods, plus easy to follow recipes. There are also sections on the basic understanding of preserving meat, equipment, methods, and general instructions. This all followed by case studies of real stories from real people, along with a list of resources to help you learn more about the art of preserving all types of meat.-- (5/12/2014 12:00:00 AM)

The Art of Preserving

T specially he term designed “home canning,” glass jars. despite An age-old the implied art, preserving use of cans, allows refers you to to preserving capture the foods essence in of fruits and vegetables at their flavorful prime—and ...

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A beautifully illustrated, comprehensive guide to turning your favorite fruits and vegetables into jams, chutneys, salsas, sauces and more. With Williams Sonoma’s The Art of Preserving, you can savor your favorite seasonal produce all year-round. Packed with creative and classic recipes for preserves—from Apricot Jam to Pickled Fennel with Orange Zest, Preserved Lemons, and many more—this volume provides inspiration for making the most of your farmers’ market or home garden harvest. Additional recipes showcase the many ways that preserved foods can be used in finished dishes, from savory starters and main courses to sweet desserts. Lush photography celebrates the natural beauty of seasonal produce, while step-by-step instruction are enhanced by helpful tips from preserving professionals. With more than 130 recipes, this comprehensive cookbook provides everything you need to master the art of preserving in your own kitchen.

John Armstrong s The Art of Preserving Health

88 quintescence of wine The distillate of wine (ethanol) had long been used to preserve biological specimens for study or exhibition. In Robert Boyle's famous chemical and biological experiments, he normally referred to ethanol as ...

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John Armstrong's 2000-line poem The Art of Preserving Health was among the most popular works of eighteenth-century literature and medicine. It was among the first to popularize Scottish medical ideas concerning emotional and anatomical sensibility to British readers, doing so through the then-fashionable georgic style. Within three years of its publication in 1744, it was in its third edition, and by 1795 it commanded fourteen editions printed in London, Edinburgh, Dublin, and Benjamin Franklin's shop in Philadelphia. Maintaining its place amongst more famous works of the Enlightenment, this poem was read well into the nineteenth century, remaining in print in English, French, and Italian. It remained a tribute to sustained interest in eighteenth-century sensibility, long after its medical advice had become obsolete and the nervous complaints it depicted became unfashionable. Adam Budd's critical edition includes a comprehensive biographical and textual introduction, and explanatory notes highlighting the contemporary significance of Armstrong's classical, medical, and social references. Included in his introduction are discussions of Armstrong's innovative medical training in charity hospitals and his close associations with the poet James Thomson and the bookseller Andrew Millar, evidence for the poem's wide appeal, and a compelling argument for the poem's anticipation of sensibility as a dominant literary mode. Budd also offers background on the 'new physiology' taught at Edinburgh, as well as an explanation for why a Scottish-trained physician newly arrived in London was forced to write poetry to supplement his medical income. This edition also includes annotated excerpts from the key literary and medical works of the period, including poetry, medical prose, and georgic theory. Readers will come away convinced of the poem's significance as a uniquely engaging perspective on the place of poetry, medicine, the body, and the book trade in the literary history of eighteenth-century sensibility.

The Art of Preserving Health

Of fermentation spring ; with spirit fraught , * A1 And furious with intoxicating fire ; The Retard concoction , and preserve unthaw'd Per Th ' embodied mass . You see what countless years , Embalm'd in fiery quientessence of wine ...

Author: John Armstrong


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The Art of Preserving the Hair

On Philosophical Principles Art, Author of Art of improving the voice. In order to accomplish our task in the most plain and useful manner , we shall lead you to the foundation of the subject by commencing with the description of the ...

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Gamonia Or The Art of Preserving Game

An experienced poacher would have the art to avoid them ; and it has been known that he would not hesitate to go by night into the ... Even the lord of the preserve stood the risk of being the sufferer from his own YORK LLARY . f ACT !

Author: Lawrence Rawstorne


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Cosmeology or the Art of preserving and improving beauty etc

... may be considered an auxiliary of the art of lieuling ; and no individual , young or old , male or female , can incur the imputation of empty vanity , by the most sedulous attention to the préservation and improvement of the skin .



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The History of Health and the Art of Preserving It Etc

HISTORY of HEALTH , AND THE ART of PRESERVING IT : OR , An Account of all that has been recommended by Physicians and Philosophers , towards the Preservation of Health , from the most remote Antiquity to this Time .

Author: James MACKENZIE (M.D., of Worcester.)


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