The Art of Cross Examination

Looks at the principles of cross-examination and offers examples of questioning from noted attorneys and the author's own practice.

Author: Francis L. Wellman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

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Looks at the principles of cross-examination and offers examples of questioning from noted attorneys and the author's own practice.

The Art of Cross Examination

Table of Contents Nothing could be more absurd or a greater waste of time than to cross-examine a witness who has testified to no material fact against you. And yet, strange as it may seem, the courts are full of young lawyers —and ...

Author: Francis L. Wellman

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The Art of Cross-Examination by Francis L. Wellman is a standard read for trial lawyers and students describing how to effectively cross-examine eyewitnesses. A classic that is still in use today.

Chinu s Notes on Know The art of cross examination Volume 2 Part I

The third requisite is an art of camouflage — art of secreting your real intention. Art of camouflages is very material – and strategic to employ in cross-examination. Your real intention may not be known to the party while ...


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The author Mr. S Srinivasan is a man of many passions- Union activist by profession, a pioneer in the bank employees’ union movement, a social empathist, an ideologist, a mathematics enthusiast, a teacher, a writer and a man of deep humanitarian conviction He became an activist for the rights and moralities of the staff in the banking sector, soon finding his way up the value chain in the All India Overseas Bank Employees Union and ultimately serving as the General Secretary of the Union for 23 years. In the year 1991, he was first appointed as the workmen director on the Board of Directors of Indian overseas Bank. During his tenure, he continually strived for the betterment of the bank and its people, and in making them aware of their rights and responsibilities, and in motivating and mobilizing them to follow their conviction. He successfully established innumerable historic welfare schemes, benefits, and inimitable settlements for the employees and authored, compiled and published several trade union information books and essays; his most significant work being the ‘Know your Rights’ volumes which was recommended as a reference compendium of Service Conditions by the management of Indian Overseas Bank to their respective regional offices the genesis of these books lay in the long felt need for compilation containing authentic and updated materials drawn from various resourceful materials which collected and compiled notes. The book is in two volumes. Volume 1 deals with ‘know your defence’ in domestic enquiry which contains important aspects of domestic enquires in question answer form chapter wise as well inclusion some land mark high court and supreme court decisions in favour of the employee. Where as in volume 2 of the book Know art of cross examination in domestic enquiries (part 1)Practical Guide to Defence Representatives in Handling Charge Sheets and Enquiries (part 2).Model question for cross examination of different specific cases exhaustively is also furnished. in addition to it as desired by many activists practical domestic Enquiries starting with reply to charge sheets, defence brief, EO’ ‘s findings, defence comments to EO’s findings reply of defence to show cause notice, draft of appeal with several illustrative case study examples, mock enquiry drills is furnished.. Some important aspects, concepts, legal terms pertaining domestic enquiry are repeated again & again for the sake of emphasis! This book is for all. The objectives of this book are to enable activists to understand important concepts in domestic enquiries, with practical illustrations and to get insightful understanding of changing environment disciplinary proceeding followed in banks and other sectors and impact of the subjectiveness with which it’s conducted it is hoped that books will be useful and will be a tool for effective defence assistant in days to come. All the best.

The art of cross examination

With the Cross-examinations of Important Witnesses in Some Celebrated Cases Francis Lewis Wellman. - THE ART OF CROSS-EXAMINATION CROSS-EXAMINATION * FRANCIS L. WELLMAN OF.



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Art of Advocacy Cross Examination of Non Medical Experts

Practical Considerations [1] Protecting Your Record [2] Handling the Judge Who Interferes in the Cross-Examination [3] Relationship with Opposing Counsel «Ch. 1», •§ 1.01» 1 Art of Advocacy - Cross Exam. of Non Med Experts § 1.01 (2022) ...

Author: Robert L. Habush

Publisher: LexisNexis

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Learn how to undermine an expert's testimony by showing bias, lack of qualification, inconsistency with prior statements, etc., how to use a witness to prove your case and how to control a hostile witness. Cross examinations are contributed by Richard Caulfield, Ronald Krist, Paul Luvera, Robert Ely, Richard Sommer, Scott Baldwin, Fred Peters, Bruce Walkup, Frank Raichle, Stanley Preiser, Adrian Schoone, Joseph L. Young and Leonard Decof.