The Adventures of Tommy and Tina Dreaming of Being a Termite and Finding a Home in the Forest

Tommy and Tina childhood friends were walking thru the forest near their home carrying their picnic lunchand saw a lot of bugs flying from an old rotten log laying onthe ground, tommysaid, Ithinkthosearetermites, wow saidTina, ...

Author: Rod Burns

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781664148024

Category: Humor

Page: 24

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Tommy and Tina are childhood friends who enjoy exploring nature and looking for animals and creatures that live in the forest and around the lakes where they live. Tommy and Tina packed a picnic lunch and decided to take a walk in the forest near their house. There was an old rotten log near the stream and thousands of termites were flying out of the log. Some of the termites had long wings, some were a milky white and some had pinchers in front of their heads. Tommy and Tina spread their blanket under the big oak tree and watched the termites fly into the forest while they were enjoying their lunch. Tommy and Tina were wondering where the termites were flying too, maybe they thought the termites were looking for a new home in the forest. Tommy and Tina meet and talk to many animals in the forest while they searched for a new home for themselves.