The 13th Continuum

"One thousand years after a cataclysmic event leaves humanity on the brink of extinction, the survivors take refuge in continuums designed to sustain the human race until repopulation of Earth becomes possible.

Author: Jennifer Brody

Publisher: Turner

ISBN: 1681622556

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 384

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One thousand years after a cataclysmic event leaves humanity on the brink of extinction, the survivors take refuge in continuums designed to sustain the human race until repopulation of Earth becomes possible. Against this backdrop, a group of young friends in the underwater Thirteenth Continuum dream about life outside their totalitarian existence, an idea that has been outlawed for centuries. When a shocking discovery turns the dream into a reality, they must decide if they will risk their own extinction to experience something no one has for generations, the Surface.

Emerging Trends in Mobile Robotics

We have proposed another use of lateral undulatory propulsion using fluids based on continuum modeling.6 The continuum model gives us clear interpretation of the locomotion in terms of geometry. From the previous result, ...

Author: Hideo Fujimoto

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814462570

Category: Computers

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This book provides state-of-the-art scientific and engineering research findings and developments in the area of mobile robotics and associated support technologies. The book contains peer reviewed articles presented at the CLAWAR 2010 conference. Robots are no longer confined to industrial manufacturing environments. A great deal of interest is invested in the use of robots outside the factory environment. The CLAWAR conference series, established as a high profile international event, acts as a platform for dissemination of research and development findings and supports such a trend to address the current interest in mobile robotics to meet the needs of mankind in various sectors of the society. These include personal care, public health, and services in the domestic, public and industrial environments. The editors of the book have extensive research experience and publications in the area of robotics in general and in mobile robotics specifically, and their experience is reflected in editing the contents of the book. Contents:Plenary PresentationsAutonomous RobotsBiologically-Inspired Systems and SolutionsCo-Operative Robot System, Manipulation and GrippingFlexible Mechanisms and Manoeuvring SystemsInnovative Design of CLAWARLocomotionModelling and Simulation of CLAWARParallel Kinematic Machines: Applications and Future ChallengesPerception, Sensing and ActuationPersonal Assistance RobotsPlanetary Exploration, Navigation, Positioning and LocalizationPlanning, Control, Intelligence and Learning for CLAWARRehabilitation and Function RestorationService Robots Readership: Systems and control engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers in academic, research and industrial settings; engineers and practitioners in the public services sectors in the health care, manufacturing, supply and delivery services. Keywords:Biologically Inspired Robotics;Biomedical Robotic Assistance;Climbing and Walking Robots;Humanoid Robotics;Hybrid Locomotion;Legged Locomotion;Mobile Robots;Robotic Benchmarking and Standardization;Security and Surveillance;Service Robotics;Wheeled Locomotion

Nuclear Structure in China 2010

This is because in the continuum the vast majority of basis states consists of scattering functions. These do not affect greatly physically meaningful two-particle states. That is, the majority of the twoparticle states provided by the ...

Author: Hong-Bo BAI

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814458429

Category: Science

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This volume is a collection of the contributions to the 13th National Conference on Nuclear Structure in China (NSC2010). It provides an important updated resource in the nuclear physics literature for researchers and graduate students studying nuclear structure and related topics. Recent progress made in the study of exotic nuclear structure, the structure and synthesis mechanism of superheavy nuclei, nuclear astrophysics, and the development of quantum many body approaches are covered. Contents:Personal View on Nuclear Physics Research (Jie Meng)Wobbling Rotation in Atomic Nuclei (Y S Chen and Zao-Chun Gao)Production of Heavy Isotopes with Collisions between Two Actinide Nuclides (Z Q Feng et al.)Complex Scaling Method and the Resonant States (Jian-You Guo et al.)Rotational Bands in Transfermium Nuclei (X T He)The Evolution of Protoneutron Stars with Kaon Condensate (Ang Li)Covariant Description of the Low-Lying states in Neutron-Deficient Krisotopes (Z X Li et al.)New Band Structures in Odd-Odd 120I and 122I (Liu GongYe et al.)Cross Section Distributions of Fragments in the Calcium Isotopes Projectile Fragmentation at the Intermediate Energy (C W Ma et al.)Uncertainties of Th/Eu and Th/Hf Chronometers From Nucleus Masses (Z M Niu et al.)A Theoretical Prospective on Triggered Gamma Emission From 178Hfm2 Isomer (ShuiFa Shen et al.)The study of the Neutron N=90 Nuclei (W X Teng et al.)and other papers Readership: Graduate students and professionals working in the field of nuclear physics. Keywords:Nuclear Structure;Exotic Nuclei;Density Functional Theory;Shell Model;Superheavy Elements;Nuclear Astrophysics


"In a world where the Cure for aging and illness has been discovered and administered to every person on Earth, only there's one big hitch.

Author: Jennifer Brody

Publisher: Keylight Books

ISBN: 1684424232


Page: 128

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It's Eva Thorne's 200th birthday. But it's not a celebration, more like a funeral. Eva lives in a world where the Cure for aging and illness has been discovered and administered to every person on Earth, only there's one big hitch. It turns out that very few people can handle immortality, so they have to take a test on their two hundredth birthday. If they pass, then they get to live forever. But if they fail, they must be euthanized. Eva's not an optimist. In fact, she's pretty sure that she's going to fail her Centurial Assessment Test. For starters, almost nobody passes anymore. She's seen the news stories. But than more than that, Eva can tell that she's already starting to slip mentally. Ever since the Escorts took her husband Owen away for his test a little over six months ago and he never came back, she's been chainsmoking cigarettes (they can't kill her after all), binge drinking, and waiting for the Escorts to get it over with already. Who wants to live forever if you have to do it alone? Here's the truth--Owen was her husband for over 170 years. He was her soulmate. Her lover. Her goofball best friend. Her partner in crime. Her everything. But on the way to her testing room, Eva glimpses a staffer who resembles her husband. Suddenly, she has to find out the truth about what really happened to him. Suddenly, she has a reason to live. Did he pass his test? Does he get to live forever? Can Eva join him for this next part of their lives? Or is she destined to fail her test and be euthanized? Now Eva must escape from the testing facility and find out if her husband passed his test--and what he's been doing for the past six months. With the Escorts hunting her down, she kidnaps the staffer and drags him to the roof, discovering that it's Owen--only he can't remember her because they wiped his memory. When you pass your CAT test, you must leave your old life behind. Eva must now find a way to him remember their life together, or lose him forever to his new immortal existence.

Waves and Stability in Continuous Media

Soc. Jpn. 72, 545-550, (2003). 2. Sugiyama M., Statistical-thermodynamic study of nonequilibrium phenomena in three-dimensional anharmonic crystal lattices. II. Continuum approximation of the basic equations, J. Phys. Soc.



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Particle Physics on the Eve of Lhc Proceedings of the 13th Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics

The expectation value (exp(-3Trgo)) tends to zero as 3 – Co and the continuum limit is approached, therefore in the continuum limit of the theory Z2 electric strings occupy half of all lattice plaquettes and their density diverges as a ...

Author: Alexander I. Studenikin

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789812837592

Category: Electronic books

Page: 492

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This proceedings volume is devoted to a wide variety of items, both in theory and experiment, of particle physics such as tests of the Standard Model and beyond, physics at the future accelerators, neutrino and astroparticle physics, heavy quark physics, non-perturbative QCD, quantum gravity effects and cosmology. It is important that the papers in this volume reveal the present status and new developments in the above-mentioned items on the eve of a new era that starts with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

Spectre Deep 6

Spectre Deep 6 is a paranormal sci-fi graphic novel that centers on six reanimated spectres who have the tactical precision and paranormal abilities to carry out the most important and clandestine missions for our government.

Author: Turner, Ediciones S.A.

Publisher: Turner

ISBN: 1684424143

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A blend of fantasy, paranormal and more that defies categorization, I couldn't put it down. Highly recommended!” —Jennifer Brody, award-winning author of The 13th Continuum “Fierce, blazing, brilliant. The mythic and brutal world of ...

Author: Nicole Kornher-Stace

Publisher: Mythic Delirium Books


Category: Young Adult Fiction

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Draft copy

In the Penalty Box

... award-winning author of the 13th Continuum trilogy “This novel is pure joy. A sweet romance, engrossing characters,. Front Cover.

Author: Lynn Rush

Publisher: Entangled: Teen

ISBN: 9781682815830

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 400

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Willow Figure skating was supposed to be my whole world. But one unlucky injury and now I’m down...but I’m definitely not out. I just need to rehab—a boatload of rehab—and who’d have thought I could do it on the boys’ hockey team? Of course, the infuriatingly hot captain of the team seems to think I’m nothing but sequins and twirls. What’s a girl to do but put him in his place? Game on. Brodie Hockey is my whole world. I’ve worked my tail off getting my team in a position to win the championships—hopefully in front of major college scouts, too—so what’s a guy to do when a figure skater ends up as our new goalie? Of course, the distractingly sexy skater thinks I’m nothing but a testosterone-laced competitive streak. And surely she’s only biding her time to heal, then she’s gone. Game over.