That Knock at the Door

Knock. at. the. Door. DOZENS OF GOLD STAR MOTHERS across the nation shared their stories and memories with me as I ... That phrase was “until I got that knock at the doon” It was not the knock of a military attaché bringing news of a ...

Author: Holly S. Fenelon

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781475925371

Category: History

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A blue star for each family member serving in America's military a gold star if that life was lost in defense of the nation's freedom. IN WORLD WAR I, the American tradition of the service flag began. Families displayed a simple fabric banner with a blue star for each family member serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. If a family member died in the nation's service, a gold star covered that individual's blue star on the family service flag. Not a symbol of mourning, the gold star represented the family's pride and the honor and glory accorded to that individual for making the supreme sacrifice in defense of the America's freedom. Soon, the term gold star mother came to be used to identify and honor women who had lost a son or daughter in wartime military service. Following the war, as the nation focused its attention on those veterans who had returned whole in mind and body, gold star mothers served as a constant reminder of the true cost of war. In 1928, a group of these women formed American Gold Star Mothers, Inc., an organization created to honor those who had died by being of service to veterans and their families in need, supporting gold star families, and caring for veterans who had returned with physical, emotional and psychological wounds. From that humble beginning, American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. has become an icon of national service, opening its membership time and again to gold star mothers of later wars and conflicts, including Iraq and Afghanistan. Their amazing legacy of service is an important yet largely unknown chapter in American history. This book presents the story of gold star mothers in America and the first comprehensive history of American Gold Star Mothers, Inc., drawn from nearly a century of archival materials. The fascinating story of the strong women who honored their fallen sons and daughters by dedicating themselves to the service of veterans and peace is both compelling and inspiring.

A Knock at the Door

As discussed earlier, my job was to knock on the doors of the whole world and their cousins, in Israel and abroad, from the most junior military ocer up to the level of heads of states, to never allow the issue to be struck from the ...

Author: Ory Slonim

Publisher: Wicked Son

ISBN: 9781642939330

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Suppose one day, your son or husband, while serving in the military or working as a journalist, is taken hostage by a terrorist group—and you have no idea whether your loved one is dead or alive or how to even make contact with the insurgents holding him. It’s a nightmare scenario that has sadly taken place dozens of times in the past twenty years in the Middle East. Here in the U.S., the government does not always get involved. Instead, it will engage the services of a neutral country to negotiate with the terrorists. Unfortunately, many times the terrorists insist on never-ending demands in order to torment the family of the hostage. Unlike Israel, we’ve never had a central address for these types of scenarios. But maybe after reading this book, it’s an idea we could, and should, consider. Ory Slonim, the international “door knocker” was an invention of necessity by the Israeli government. There were many good and brave human beings involved in this matter. Here for the first time is the story of the one man in Israel who, for more than two decades, was known as the “door knocker.” He had been a private Israeli lawyer when he was asked to undertake, on behalf of the Israeli government, secret negotiations to find out the whereabouts of Israeli soldiers who were taken hostage by terrorist groups. His ultimate mission was to bring them home, dead or alive. In his capacity as negotiator, his story will take into you into the worlds of the furtive Mossad, the twisted minds of terrorists, the forever traumatized lives of the parents whose children never came home from battle, and into Ory’s own resilient, compassionate, and amazingly resolute negotiations when ordinary people would have easily broken down.

The Knock at the Door

chase I'd grown accustomed to. Who knew? Fortunately, it wasn't too difficult to persuade him to take me back. And after that, I jumped in with both feet. It was a good thing I did, because Brendan had his first deployment coming up—a ...

Author: Ryan Manion

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781546085225

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Three Gold Star women, linked forever by unimaginable loss, share their inspiring, unlikely journey that began on the worst day of their lives. What happens when tragedy knocks on your front door? For us, it was a literal knock, with two men standing in crisply pressed uniforms. They had news. News that gutted us to the core -- the death of our loved ones, a brother and two husbands -- in combat zones. The thing about those moments is that it's almost inconceivable that they can happen to you. That is, until they do. This book is for anyone who has ever received a knock at the door. And if you live long enough and have the courage to love others, you will. Maybe it's a cancer diagnosis. Maybe it's the death of your best friend. The betrayal of a spouse. The loss of a child. The implosion of a professional career. Or any tragedy that takes the person we love the most away from us too soon. Life is not without its challenges. The key is how you respond.This is our story. The story of three women, bonded by grief and purpose. Grief because we lost our best friends in war. Purpose because we resolved -- together -- to do something about it. To turn loss into inspiration for others and to channel the love that we had for the men in our lives into love for others through service. It was the only way we could escape the trap of despair and inaction, and we believe it offers a roadmap for anyone else who has ever had to answer a knock at the door.

Knock at the Door of Opportunity

First, the newcomers were welcomed immediately as participants with reminders of the prohibitions they had faced in the South. ... The migrants' political initiation involved face-to-face contact and door- to-door canvassing.

Author: Christopher Robert Reed

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 9780809333332

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Disputing the so-called ghetto studies that depicted the early part of the twentieth century as the nadir of African American society, this thoughtful volume by Christopher Robert Reed investigates black life in turn-of-the-century Chicago, revealing a vibrant community that grew and developed on Chicago’s South Side in the early 1900s. Reed also explores the impact of the fifty thousand black southerners who streamed into the city during the Great Migration of 1916–1918, effectively doubling Chicago’s African American population. Those already residing in Chicago’s black neighborhoods had a lot in common with those who migrated, Reed demonstrates, and the two groups became unified, building a broad community base able to face discrimination and prejudice while contributing to Chicago’s growth and development. Reed not only explains how Chicago’s African Americans openly competed with white people for jobs, housing and an independent political voice but also examines the structure of the society migrants entered and helped shape. Other topics include South Side housing, black politics and protest, the role of institutionalized religion, the economic aspects of African American life, the push for citizenship rights and political power for African Americans, and the impact of World War I and the race riot of 1919. The first comprehensive exploration of black life in turn-of-the-century Chicago beyond the mold of a ghetto perspective, this revealing work demonstrates how the melding of migrants and residents allowed for the building of a Black Metropolis in the 1920s. 2015 ISHS Superior Achievement Award

The Complete Concordance to Shakspere

3 who knocks ? One from lord Stanley . Rich . III . iti . ? the knight may be robbed iv . 5 what , are you merry , knights ? ii . ... 3 some five or six and thirty of his knights knock at my door , and tell me ...... iv .

Author: Mary Cowden Clarke


ISBN: UIUC:30112057490002


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A Double Story

But the old woman—as the princess called her, not knowing that her real name was the Wise Woman—had told her that she must knock at the door: how was she to do that when there was no door? But again she bethought herself—that, ...

Author: George MacDonald

Publisher: Litres

ISBN: 9785041331535

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A Commentary on Wordsworth s Prelude

I any man hear ( 141 ) and was only ' as in the presence of her God ' ( 142 ) . ... We may notice , indeed , that “ knocking at the door / Of unacknowledged weariness ' ( 147–8 ) echoes the Revelation of St. John the Divine ( 3:20 ) ...

Author: Ted Holt

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317209119

Category: Literary Criticism

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First published in 1983, this books aims to guide Wordsworth students through his difficult masterpiece by reading it in continuous sequence and making its sense emerge. The special value of this commentary is that it explains the structure of The Prelude by encouraging study of the poem as a continuous whole rather than selectively looking at individual sections — an approach that has typified modern criticism of the work. This depends upon a close attention to the careful arrangement of the verse paragraphs, all of which make an indispensable contribution to the overall thought pattern, thus leading to a fuller appreciation and understanding of the poem.

Awesome Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

10 Stop That Knocking! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Who's Hammering on the Door?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Open the Door! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Who's Pounding at the Door?

Author: Bob Phillips

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 9780736932530

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

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"Who's there?" is the best set up line in comedy history. Now kids of all ages can knock hilarious jokes out of the fun park. Friends, family, and fellow-jokesters will be rolling in the aisles with laughter and secretly taking notes. This collection of the crazy and zany is from Bob Phillips—which means everyone who hears these comic gems will laugh hysterically and fall to the ground in awe of the most awesome knock-knocks ever invented.

Devil s Knock

for him to knock on that door. Vari had been thinking about Davie as she listened to her cousin, James, talk about his recent trip to New York. She had always wanted to visit the city, had said to Davie more than once that they should ...

Author: Douglas Skelton

Publisher: Luath Press Ltd

ISBN: 9781910324516

Category: Fiction

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The Davie McCall saga returns in Devil's Knock. Davie McCall has darkness inside him. A darkness that haunts him, but also helps him do despicable things to those trying to cause him and his friends harm. When Dickie Himes is killed in a club owned by the Jarvis clan, it sparks a chain of events that Davie knows can only lead to widespread gang war on the streets of mid- 90s Glasgow. The police are falling over themselves to solve the crime, but when justice is so easily bought or corrupted, Davie needs to take matters into his own hands. Davie has to contend with the ghosts of those he has failed, a persistent Hollywood actor and a scruffy dog with no name. When he finds a target on his back, will Davie be able to suppress the darkness inside him and refuse to kill... Or will the devil s knock be too tempting?