Teaching French Grammar in Context

of language teaching. More important, researchers and teachers have re- alized that grammar may be taught in a communicative manner to help students achieve functional objectives. Studying grammatical form need not be incompatible with ...

Author: Stacey Katz Bourns

Publisher: Yale University Press

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?Something needs to be done about grammar.” Katz and Blyth have written this book with the hope of changing the way French instructors teach and conceive of grammar. Intended to help teachers and teacher trainers develop an understanding of French discourse that is grounded in recent theoretical and sociolinguistic research, this book is devoted to informing teachers-in-training, as well as experienced teachers, about cutting-edge methods for teaching grammar. It also describes the grammatical features of the French language in its social context. At the same time, it provides suggestions for applying such abstract knowledge in practical pedagogical ways, for example, how to structure grammatical explanations, devise classroom activities, and take advantage of resources that give students greater exposure to French as it is truly used in various discourse environments.

Perspectives on Linguistic Structure and Context

2000b. “Categories of C'est-Cleft Constructions.” Revue Canadienne de Linguistique, 45 (3/4): 1001–1021. Katz, Stacey L., and Carl Blyth. 2007. Teaching French Grammar in Context: Theory and Practice. New Haven: Yale University Press.

Author: Stacey Katz Bourns

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company

ISBN: 9789027270597

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In this tribute to Knud Lambrecht, a pioneer of Information Structure, a diverse group of scholars examines the intersection of syntax, discourse, pragmatics, and semantics. The six chapters in the first section of the volume consider issues of grammar with new theoretical and applied insights, pertaining to grammatical constructions such as left dislocation, unaccusatives, null complements, and passives. While the first half of the book presents studies involving a range of languages from Russian to Irish to Italian, the second section is dedicated to papers focused on French. These five chapters feature the application of Construction Grammar and/or Information Structure frameworks to prosody and second language processing, as well as to several distinctive spoken French constructions: clefts, left dislocations, and interrogatives. Collectively, this book offers substantial reading for those interested in the juncture of structure and context, notably a critical take on the important legacy of a preeminent linguist.

International Journal of Applied Linguistics English Literature

Current trends in the development and teaching of the four language skills. ... Investigating experienced ESL teachers' pedagogical knowledge, The Modern Language Journal, 83(1), 35-50. ... Teaching French Grammar in Context.

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Foreign Language Learning with Digital Technology

More recently, he co-authored with Stacey Katz (University of Utah) Teaching French Grammar in Context (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2007). Currently, he serves as the series editor of Issues in Language Program Direction, ...

Author: Michael Evans

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

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While digital technology is endlessly innovating and improving itself as a tool to support teaching and learning, the cognitive process of language learning itself remains perennially the same. However, digital technology has created new learning opportunities and introduces new elements into the cognitive process of foreign language learning. The contributors of this well-edited collection examine foreign language learning primarily from a user perspective and explore these underlying questions: How does digital technology support existing foreign language learning needs and processes? What new learning experiences does it entail for the learner? The book situates new insights into the value of digital technology for foreign language learning within the context of evidence from prior research and of educational policy-making and examines key pedagogical uses of digital technology in relation to effective foreign language learning by pupils. It provides an in-depth description of the use of a range of digital media and combines practical ideas for teaching and learning with critical analysis of evidence drawing on an analysis of technology-focused language learning across different sectors and in different anglophone contexts.

Innovative Research and Practices in Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism

Grammar acquisition andprocessing instruction: Secondary and cumulative eflects. Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters. ... Structured input: Grammarfor the acquisition-oriented classroom. ... Teaching French grammar in context.

Author: John W. Schwieter

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027271662

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This volume brings together theoretical perspectives and empirical studies in second language (L2) acquisition and bilingualism and discusses their implications for L2 pedagogy. The book is organized into three sections that focus on prominent linguistic and cognitive theories and together provide a compelling set of state-of-the-art works. Part I consists of studies that give rise to innovative applications for second language teaching and learning and Part II discusses how findings from cognitive research can inform practices for L2 teaching and learning. Following these two sections, Part III provides a summative commentary of the theories explored in the volume along with suggestions for future research directions. The book is intended to act as a valuable reference for scholars, applied linguists, specialists in pedagogy, language educators, and anyone wishing to gain an overview of current issues in SLA and bilingualism.

Working Memory in Second Language Acquisition and Processing

Juffs, A. (2005) The influence of first language on the processing of wh-movement in English as a second language. Second Language Research 21, 121–151. Katz, S. and Blythe, C. (2007) Teaching French Grammar in Context.

Author: Zhisheng (Edward) Wen

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781783093601

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This unique volume offers a comprehensive discussion of essential theoretical and methodological issues concerning the pivotal role of working memory in second language learning and processing. The collection opens with a foreword and introductory theoretical chapters written by leading figures in the field of cognitive psychology. Following these are three research sections containing chapters providing original data and innovative insights into the dynamic and complex relationships between working memory and specific areas of second language processing, instruction, performance and development. Each section concludes with a commentary which is written by a noted SLA researcher and which charts the course for future research. This book provides a fascinating collection of perspectives on the relationship between working memory and second language learning and will appeal to those interested in the integration of cognitive psychology with SLA research.

CALL the Learning Community

A level teaching : The final area where CALL grammar materials could have an increasing influence at secondary level ... 12 Margaret Jubb and Annie Rouxeville , French Grammar in Context , London : Arnold , 1998 ; Thalia Marriot and ...

Author: Keith Cameron

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First Language Use in Second and Foreign Language Learning

His most recent publications include Teaching French Grammar in Context (Yale University Press, 2007, co-author) and Pause-café: French in Review (McGraw-Hill, 2009, co-author). He also serves as the Series Editor of the annual volume ...

Author: Assoc. Prof. Miles Turnbull

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781847697684

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This volume offers fresh perspectives on a controversial issue in applied linguistics and language teaching by focusing on the use of the first language in communicative or immersion-type classrooms. It includes new work by both new and established scholars in educational scholarship, second language acquisition, and sociolinguistics, as well as in a variety of languages, countries, and educational contexts. Through its focus at the intersection of theory, practice, curriculum and policy, the book demands a reconceptualization of code-switching as something that both proficient and aspiring bilinguals do naturally, and as a practice that is inherently linked with bilingual code-switching.

Research in Education

Several of the difficulties confronting classics teachers are seen to be related to an anti - intellectual mood prevailing ... Course Objectives , Cultural Context , Dialogue , Grammar , Instructional Materials , * Language Instruction ...



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