Teaching and Learning with Cases

This is a practical, process-oriented guide to teaching, writing, and learning with the case method.

Author: Laurence E. Lynn Jr

Publisher: CQ Press

ISBN: 9781483371092

Category: Political Science

Page: 176

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Lynn introduces readers to the case method of instruction popularized by the John F. Kennedy School of Government and the Harvard Business School. This is a practical, process-oriented guide to teaching, writing, and learning with the case method. Lynn integrates insight from literature with his own extensive experience as a case teacher and writer, and as a trainer of case teachers and case writers. Lynn selects the broadest possible context for discussing the use of cases in teaching for maximum appeal to instructors and learners in diverse fields.

Understanding Knowledge The Essential Approach To Teaching Learning Case Studies Of Pre universities In Singapore

It is hypothesised that the “context of the education institutions” shapes members' understandings of, and attitudes towards, teaching and learning, ... (b) How do academic staff in the cases identify and describe knowledge?

Author: Chiam Ching Leen

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789813220522

Category: Education

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This pioneering text contributes to the theory and practice of teaching and learning. The purpose is to unlock how key stakeholders of the spectrum of pre-universities in Singapore make sense of "knowledge" and "knowledge work," and endeavour to determine how their understanding of "knowledge" shapes their understanding of "knowledge work" and the conditions that affect their knowledge work. This monograph contributes in a most productive fashion to the necessary educational debates on teaching and learning, which quickly segue into pragmatic political debates about what sort of society and global community we desire. Using three widely diverse pre-university settings in Singapore as case studies, this book seeks to fill the existing gap by elucidating educators' and students' identification of knowledge, knowledge work and the problems and challenges confronting knowledge work. Contents: IntroductionMethodology/ Research ProceduresLiterature ReviewThe OrgPoly Case StudyThe OrgJC Case StudyThe VocInst Case StudyAnalysing the Three Case Studies Discussion and ImplicationsConclusion and Direction Readership: School administrators, educators and researchers focusing on the significance of values on educational practices, and the theory and practice of teaching and learning. Keywords: Knowledge;Epistemic;Teaching and Learning;Singapore;Pre-University;Educator;Student;Case StudyReview: Key Features: This is a pioneering text that delves into the knowledge work at pre-universities in SingaporeThe findings that are presented as three multi-case studies (based on findings gathered from 56 interviews, supplemented by surveys, field notes and reflections obtained from classroom observations and document records) in Singapore's pre-universities serve as evidence that shows the close interrelationships between the values and related educational practices in each site, which both enable and constrain thinking about and engagement in knowledge workIt is apparent that the epistemic positions are embedded in institutional cultures, and hence can only be understood adequately only if they are studied in the context of its carriers (the teachers and students themselves and the processes in the schools) and the interaction of those carriers with the larger social environment. Major implications that flow from this study's findings is discussed in the book

Case Method of Teaching and Learning on Higher education of Nepal A Comprehensive Study

Case study method was, at first, introduced in Harvard School of Law. In 1920s, Harvard Business School professors decided to introduce innovative teaching method. As a result, they introduced case method in teaching-learning process.

Author: Dr. Dhruba Lal Pandey

Publisher: Ashok Yakkaldevi

ISBN: 9781716365072

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Case study method was, at first, introduced in Harvard School of Law. In 1920s, Harvard Business School professors decided to introduce innovative teaching method. As a result, they introduced case method in teaching-learning process. They used case method in MBA at first. They introduced case method because it force the students to analyse the situation and find solution as a manager, CEO, and board member. It is expected from the students that they assess the facts, make analysis, evaluate the alternatives and take decision individually and collectively. Case method of teaching forces to the students for depth preparation, full participation, expose their thinking from multiple view points, analyse the situation and take decisions. Since 1924, the case is considered as an effective teaching tool to the students of business and management and used widely in Harvard Business School. Nowadays, case method is used in all MBA and executive MBA and other similar nature of the professional business courses. Today, case method has been adopted by most of the business school all over the world.

Second Handbook of Research on Mathematics Teaching and Learning

search Association Presidential Address (published in 1986), made the case that education could also profit from the ... Cases of Classroom Events Richert (1991) noted three components of cases that are important for teacher learning: ...

Author: Frank K. Lester

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 9781607527091

Category: Education

Page: 725

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The audience remains much the same as for the 1992 Handbook, namely, mathematics education researchers and other scholars conducting work in mathematics education. This group includes college and university faculty, graduate students, investigators in research and development centers, and staff members at federal, state, and local agencies that conduct and use research within the discipline of mathematics. The intent of the authors of this volume is to provide useful perspectives as well as pertinent information for conducting investigations that are informed by previous work. The Handbook should also be a useful textbook for graduate research seminars. In addition to the audience mentioned above, the present Handbook contains chapters that should be relevant to four other groups: teacher educators, curriculum developers, state and national policy makers, and test developers and others involved with assessment. Taken as a whole, the chapters reflects the mathematics education research community's willingness to accept the challenge of helping the public understand what mathematics education research is all about and what the relevance of their research fi ndings might be for those outside their immediate community.

Enhancing Teaching and Learning With Socratic Educational Strategies Emerging Research and Opportunities

A commonly used learner centered approach for promoting the content knowledge, pedagogical skills, and professional dispositions of teacher candidates aspiring to teach in PreK-12 grades is case-based learning. Loyens and Rikers (2011) ...

Author: Giuseffi, Frank G.

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799871743

Category: Education

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Traditionally understood as an ancient teaching method conceived by the philosopher Socrates, scholars in education have boldly explored the definitions, philosophical underpinnings, assumptions, and uses of Socratic dialogue in various learning situations and educational settings. Despite its ancient origins, the Socratic Method has an impact on contemporary leadership, critical thinking skills, e-learning, adult education, and social-emotional learning. Enhancing Teaching and Learning With Socratic Educational Strategies: Emerging Research and Opportunities presents scholarly work, philosophical investigations, educational claims, and the latest empirical research on the process and outcome of the Socratic Method in educational contexts. It delves deeply into the instructional strategy uncovering its practical impact in educational contexts and its philosophical and societal consequences in the modern world. Covering topics such as female voice, maieutic instruction, and teacher preparation, this book is an essential resource for philosophers, educational administration, educators, researchers, pre-service teachers, academicians, and government programs.

The New Handbook of Research on Music Teaching and Learning

... analyzing these in terms of their effect in the teaching / learning context , determining possible actions , and making choices . Employed for this purpose , cases do not present solutions but merely real situation problems for ...

Author: Richard Colwell

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199771523

Category: Music

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Featuring chapters by the world's foremost scholars in music education and cognition, this handbook is a convenient collection of current research on music teaching and learning. This comprehensive work includes sections on arts advocacy, music and medicine, teacher education, and studio instruction, among other subjects, making it an essential reference for music education programs. The original Handbook of Research on Music Teaching and Learning, published in 1992 with the sponsorship of the Music Educators National Conference (MENC), was hailed as "a welcome addition to the literature on music education because it serves to provide definition and unity to a broad and complex field" (Choice). This new companion volume, again with the sponsorship of MENC, explores the significant changes in music and arts education that have taken place in the last decade. Notably, several chapters now incorporate insights from other fields to shed light on multi-cultural music education, gender issues in music education, and non-musical outcomes of music education. Other chapters offer practical information on maintaining musicians' health, training music teachers, and evaluating music education programs. Philosophical issues, such as musical cognition, the philosophy of research theory, curriculum, and educating musically, are also explored in relationship to policy issues. In addition to surveying the literature, each chapter considers the significance of the research and provides suggestions for future study. Covering a broad range of topics and addressing the issues of music education at all age levels, from early childhood to motivation and self-regulation, this handbook is an invaluable resource for music teachers, researchers, and scholars.

The Cambridge Guide to Research in Language Teaching and Learning

On a more positive note, the richness, similarities, and differences among cases make it a particularly fruitful approach to case-study ... If you were to conduct a case study in your teaching/learning context, what might your focus be?

Author: James Dean Brown

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107485556

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 328

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This book provides an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of research methods in second-language teaching and learning, from experts in the field. The Cambridge Guide to Research in Language Teaching and Learning covers 36 core areas of second-language research, organised into four main sections: Primary Considerations; Getting Ready; Doing the Research; Research Contexts. Presenting in-depth but easy to understand theoretical overviews, along with practical advice, the volume is aimed at 'students of research', including pre-service and in-service language teachers who are interested in research methods, as well as those studying research methods in Bachelor, MA, or PhD graduate programs around the world.

Teaching and the Case Method

This third edition of Teaching and the Case Method is a further response to increased national and international interest in teaching, teachers, and learning, as well as the pressing need to enhance instructional effectiveness in the widest ...

Author: Louis B. Barnes

Publisher: Harvard Business Press

ISBN: 0875844030

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 333

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This third edition of Teaching and the Case Method is a further response to increased national and international interest in teaching, teachers, and learning, as well as the pressing need to enhance instructional effectiveness in the widest possible variety of settings. Like its predecessors, this edition celebrates the joys of teaching and learning at their best and emphasizes the reciprocal exchange of wisdom that teachers and students can experience. It is based on the belief that teaching is not purely a matter of inborn talent. On the contrary, the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that make for excellence in teaching can be analyzed, abstracted, and learned. One key premise of Teaching and the Case Method is that all teaching and learning involve a core of universally applicable principles that can be discerned and absorbed through the study and discussion of cases.

Case Studies in Physical Education

The cases in this book also promote critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Author: Sandra A Stroot

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781351818551

Category: Education

Page: 156

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Case Studies in Physical Education, Revised Edition, applies the case study method to the field of physical education, where it is an effective means for future teachers to explore challenging scenarios that they are likely to encounter in their careers. These engaging, reader-friendly case studies provide readers with concrete suggestions for connecting classroom theory with what actually happens in school. Theories and concepts concerning educational philosophy, methodology, curriculum, discipline, and assessment become more meaningful when explored in a case scenario in which the central characters confront situations that develop as a consequence of their or others' pedagogical choices. The cases in this book also promote critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Each case is followed by questions that prompt readers to analyze the situation, formulate a plan of action to address the problem, and anticipate and evaluate the potential consequences of the plan's implementation. In small groups, individually, or as a whole class, readers can explore and debate their strategies for addressing the issues. Readers will learn there is no one right answer to situations that can occur in the education environment. They will develop their communication skills as they learn to articulate and defend a plan of action to address the situation, and they will also learn the importance of collaborating with colleagues as they listen to and learn from the ideas of others. These cases were prepared by 36 experienced physical educators (from the elementary, secondary, and university levels)who collaborated in teams to create cases based on their collective, real-life experiences. As a result, the cases take place in a variety of contexts: in elementary, middle, and high schools; in urban, suburban, rural schools; and in wealthy and needy districts. They present a variety of issues encountered in schools today, including issues related to teaching methods, classroom management, multicultural education, classroom assessment, inclusion, relations with co-workers, marginalization of physical education, and gender equity. As in real life, each case raises a number of related issues that stimulate further discussion or provide opportunities for assignments. This revised edition contains the same proven, effective case studies as in the first edition while incorporating minor updating throughout to reflect changes in technology and society since its original publication.