Teachers as Avatars

This text acknowledges the dynamic nature of teacher identity and its correlation to student learning.

Author: Linda Stewart

Publisher: Hampton Press (NJ)

ISBN: 1612890237

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This text acknowledges the dynamic nature of teacher identity and its correlation to student learning. In this boundry-crossing collection, teachers of rhetoric and compositon, literature, professional and creative writing, and English Education describe their sucesses and successful failures with digitally-mediated pedagogy. Grounded in theory-based practices, this volme is a useful collection to practitioners across the range of English Studies and beyond.

Girls and Women of Color In STEM

Asian Woman Graduate Student Middle-Grade Girl Avatar Figure 6.4 A dual role
in the virtual world. shoes, a diligent and ... The warm-up activities included two
one-on-one communications between preservice teachers and avatars, each ...

Author: Nahed Abdelrahman

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 9781648020933

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The 11 chapters in this book provide a glimpse into the journeys that women from diverse backgrounds and ethnic differences take in their higher education undergraduate or graduate careers. The diverse women include ethnicities of Arabic, Asian, African-American, American Indian, and Latina.

Teaching at Work

Preservice teachers enrolled in the problem-solving course developed personal
teacher avatars early in the course. Each PST prepared a 15–20 minute algebra
lesson to teach to the full class of MGS avatars. PSTs spent 2 weeks to plan their

Author: Yeping Li

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789463000826

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This book presents a new and important scholarship on teaching, at the time when studies on teaching in teacher education are long overdue. This book is designed to put together such a set of chapters contributed by those teacher educators who are not only taking teaching as a professional practice, but also upholding teaching improvement as a scholarly pursuit that needs collaboration and systematic studies. Teaching at Work refers to not only the importance of effective teaching in K-12 classrooms and teacher preparation, but also the importance of taking teaching and its improvement as a subject of scholarly studies. In the field of teacher preparation, this book aims to make timely knowledge contribution and is positioned to stimulate further discussion and exploration on teaching and its improvement. The book contains 13 chapters by 35 scholars in the United States. This collection presents many innovative teaching practices and approaches as well as provides new insights into this topic of interest to teacher educators, researchers, and graduate students who wish to learn about various teaching approaches and practices for advancing teacher preparation.

Learning and Teaching in the Virtual World of Second Life

Prior to the course meeting the faculty member has to create an avatar account .
Anyone can do this by going to the ... Linden dollars can be transferred from any
one avatar to any of the teachers ' avatars . So it is still only necessary for the ...

Author: Judith Molka-Danielsen

Publisher: Tapir Academic Press

ISBN: 8251923530

Category: Education

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Virtual worlds are increasingly incorporated into modern universities and teaching pedagogy. Over 190 higher education institutions worldwide have done teaching in the virtual world of Second Life (SL). This book is based on the first Scandinavian project to experiment with the design and testing of teaching platforms for life long learning in SL. In 2007, it created a virtual island or "sim" in SL called "Kamimo Education Island." The project generated a number of courses taught in SL, and instructed educators in the use of SL. This book disseminates the experiences and lessons learned from that project and from other educational projects in SL. The book identifies the gaps in traditional forms of education. It provides a roadmap on issues of instructional design, learner modeling, building simulations, exploring alternatives to design, and integrating tools in education with other learning systems.

Discrimination and Diversity Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications

In these pilot studies, avatar gender was accurately categorized and African
American and Caucasian teacher avatars were accurately categorized, but Asian
and Hispanic/Latino teacher avatars were inaccurately categorized. The potential

Author: Management Association, Information Resources

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522519348

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The growing presence of discrimination and isolation has caused negative changes to human interactions. With the ubiquity of these practices, there is now an increasingly urgent need to close this divide. Discrimination and Diversity: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications provides a critical look at race, gender, and modern day discrimination and solutions to creating sustainable diversity across numerous contexts and fields. Including innovative studies on anti-discrimination measures, gender discrimination, and tolerance, this multi-volume book is an ideal source for professionals, practitioners, graduate students, academics, and researchers working in equality, as well as managers and those in leadership roles.

Educational Stages and Interactive Learning From Kindergarten to Workplace Training

The Classroom Management Room design is consistent with the proposed
teachers' CPD module since it provides teachers with ... To this end, we have
integrated the SLOODLE Access Checker Door that enrolls the Avatars to the 3D
Virtual ...

Author: Jia, Jiyou

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781466601383

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The adoption of ICT for personal and business use has encouraged the growth of interactive learning as well as its application in a number of education and training scenarios. Designing effective syllabi for interactive learning projects helps to ensure that desired leaning outcomes are achieved without incurring a significant loss of time or money. Educational Stages and Interactive Learning: From Kindergarten to Workplace Training provides a record of current research and practical applications in interactive learning. This book reviews all aspects of interactive learning, investigates the history, status, and future trends of interactive learning, introduces emerging technologies for interactive learning, and analyzes interactive learning cases in various educational stages and learning situations. Readers interested in the technologies and pedagogical applications of interactive learning will find this book a comprehensive reference for the understanding of notions, theories, techniques, and methods related to the research and development of interactive learning.

The New Age Bible Interpretation

Not all renowned Teachers are Avatars . Avatars are few and far between . They
are distinguishable from other Teachers by the cosmic reach of their Being and
the universality of their Message . The Man of Nazareth was an Avatar in a
special ...

Author: Corinne Heline


ISBN: UCSD:31822001342534

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Problem solving Consultation

They had an advanced graduate student play the role of a teacher with a student
who exhibited problem behavior. ... Each school psychologist has an avatar, and
the researcher created avatars to represent the simulated teachers and ...

Author: Markeda Linette Newell


ISBN: WISC:89101163186


Page: 178

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Virtual Worlds

This would allow a global ( market ) perspective on teacher choice and effectively
remove the supply - side problem . ... Avatar teachers are potentially an
internationally accessible resource and this should act to reduce costs for
individual ...

Author: Kieron Sheehy

Publisher: Nova Science Pub Incorporated

ISBN: PSU:000067810765

Category: Education

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The book deals with the challenges that arise when virtual worlds are used for learning and teaching. The ideas and practices emerging from this field are relevant to all educators, and offers insights into the development of a pedagogy that is authentic, inclusive and enjoyable. Each chapter addresses a particular issue and is illustrated with examples drawn from both research and practice. These examples cover a wide range of learning scenarios, both formal and informal, involving teenagers, school pupils, undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as a variety of lifelong learners. The issues include the importance of virtual worlds, the influence of online games and physical-world economics and politics, the relationship between avatars and learner identity, the challenges of ensuring child safety and protection, interaction between real-world and in-world environments and activities, accessibility and the development of new pedagogues. The authors are all teachers and learners in virtual worlds; many have been responsible for designing, programming and maintaining virtual environments.

The Theosophist

as can no tradition of divine teachers , of Avatars , Rishis and spiritual gurus . A
point that should be noticed about these great teachers of humanity is that they
are individuals . They are , unlike the priests and clergy of organized religion , not

Author: Henry Steel Olcott


ISBN: UCAL:B3523262

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Dissertation Abstracts International

Results indicate that choice of avatar gender and ethnicity does influence
teachers ' expectations and perceptions in a MUVE . Results may aid teachers in
MUVEs to discover potential biases and prejudices toward some student avatars
, as ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105213180883

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The Astrology of Personality

... the Stars of the Eternal Abode ( North Pole ) symbolize the Spiritual Teachers
and Avatars who , one by one , according to the principle of the Permutation of
Rays , arouse and energize Man ' s “ I am . ” It is they who personify the great
occult ...

Author: Dane Rudhyar

Publisher: Doubleday Books

ISBN: UCSC:32106016852557

Category: Astrology

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Cool Tech Tools for Lower Tech Teachers

If you're just transitioning to tech, this is the resource for you. In understandable language, this book describes how you can enhance your lessons with webquests, wikis, and more.

Author: William N. Bender

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781452235530

Category: Computers

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If you're just transitioning to tech, this is the resource for you. In understandable language, this book describes how you can enhance your lessons with webquests, wikis, and more.

The Faiths of Mankind

But then came devotional teachers , to whom we now turn . THE EPICS AND ...
By the teaching of avatars , ' descents ' or incarnations of Vishnu , great figures
are associated with him , especially Rama and Krishna . Vishnu is said to have
had ...

Author: Geoffrey Parrinder


ISBN: UOM:39076005346197

Category: Religions

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Teachers and Teaching Strategies

... ( pedagogical contents ) Assessment , Validation Communication tool Persons
Corresponding representation in our Game Based LMS Room Door Knowledge
Spheres Door Key Chat window Avatars ( teachers , students ) Decomposition of

Author: Gerald F. Ollington

Publisher: Nova Science Pub Incorporated

ISBN: PSU:000064287409

Category: Education

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If the future of any society can be pinpointed, it is with the teachers who help form the citizens of tomorrow. Sometimes their impact is equal to the parents and sometimes surpasses it by not a small measure. This book tackles teaching Strategies, Innovations and Problem Solving as the focal points in teaching.

The Avatars of Modernity

Millions of Indians are taught English by teachers who are not themselves able to
speak the language , but only to read it and sometimes not even that . They make
no attempt to teach British or American pronunciation and intonation .

Author: Heinz Werner Wessler

Publisher: Munshirm Manoharlal Pub Pvt Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015060569111

Category: History

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Contributed articles.

Second Language Teaching and Learning in the Net Generation

Along with the choice of one's avatar comes the ability to alter its appearance , to
the extent that one's avatar need not necessarily take human form . Although
many residents of Second Life fashion their avatars upon idealized versions of
their ...

Author: Raquel Oxford

Publisher: National Foreign Language Resource Ctr

ISBN: UCLA:L0105617138

Category: Computers

Page: 220

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Today's young people-the Net Generation-have grown up with technology all around them. However, teachers cannot assume that students' familiarity with technology in general transfers successfully to pedagogical settings. This volume examines various technologies and offers concrete advice on how each can be successfully implemented in the second language curriculum.

The Vedanta Kesari

He has been recognized and worshipped as an avatar by a large number of
people . Sri Ramakrishna is looked ... real religion is always there . But these
great teachersavatars — revivify , pinpoint , stress and manifest it , and set
examples ...



ISBN: UOM:39015078767178

Category: Hindu philosophy


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Sai Baba Avatar

Of these some are major , like Rama and Krishna , but most are minor amsas (
rays ) from His supreme radiance . ” The minor Avatars are great spiritual
Teachers ; the major are , in the words of Vivekananda , “ The Teachers of all
Teachers ...

Author: Howard Murphet


ISBN: 0960095829

Category: Religion

Page: 221

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