Teach Me to Long Stitch

Easy instructions written to introduce children to long stitch embroidery on plastic canvas. Includes charts for fifteen designs.

Author: Linda Gillum


ISBN: 1609008480

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 37

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Easy instructions written to introduce children to long stitch embroidery on plastic canvas. Includes charts for fifteen designs.

Pat Sloan s Teach Me to Machine Quilt

I can make it wide, or long and slender. If your machine has this • Line 2. Stitch width is 6.5 mm and stitch length is 4.5 mm. To create a slightly more open curve, decrease the stitch width and use a shorter stitch length. stitch ...

Author: Pat Sloan

Publisher: Martingale

ISBN: 9781604688320

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 96

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Popular teacher, designer, and online radio host Pat Sloan teaches all you need to know to machine quilt successfully. In this third book of her beginner-friendly "Teach Me" series, Pat guides you step by step through walking-foot and free-motion quilting techniques. First-time quilters will be confidently quilting in no time, and experienced stitchers will discover the joy of finishing their quilts themselves. No-fear learning for quilting novices--Pat covers all the information you need to quilt from start to finish Pat guides you through simple and fun practice projects, including a strip-pieced table runner and an easy applique design Collect the entire skill-building library of Pat Sloan's popular "Teach Me" series of books

Teach Me to Knit

PROJECT: Cat's Toy Fish Practice increasing by knitting in the front and back of a stitch (page 28) and decreasing by knitting two together (page 24), plus learn the knit three together decrease to make a fish-shaped toy to entertain ...

Author: Leisure Arts

Publisher: Leisure Arts

ISBN: 9781574866384

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 68

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Here's a great guide made just for kids, ages 9 to 14. From creating a cool-looking knit cap and scarf to wraps and pillows, kids will have fun making gifts for their friends, their family - even their pets! Complete with 12 easy lessons and projects.

Pat Sloan s Teach Me to Sew Triangles

Stitch. with. Me. MĎ. Đove. oÃ. triÅngĐes. in quilts goes back along way. Some people may think triangles are oifficult, but I've useo them since I bought a quilt magazine ... My instructor saw no reason to teach us to sew strips first.

Author: Pat Sloan

Publisher: Martingale

ISBN: 9781604687064

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 96

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Pat Sloan--popular teacher, designer, and online radio-show host--teaches all you need to know to create triangles with ease. Take your skills to the next level with this second book in her beginner-friendly "Teach Me" series. You'll discover 13 different ways to sew triangles--at least one method will be just right for you! Learn to successfully sew half-square and quarter-square triangles, 60-degree triangles, flying geese, and more Gain confidence and get all your questions answered--Pat shares tons of tips throughout Spotlight triangles in 12 exciting patterns, ranging from small wall hangings to lap quilts to a bed-sized design

Teach Me to Stitch

Teaching you the basics, this simple how-to-book offers extra-easy instructions, how-to photos, and 15 fun designs for helping youngsters learn to cross stitch using 11 count Aida.

Author: Linda Gillam

Publisher: Leisure Arts

ISBN: 1574867016

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 22

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And you're going to want to do that. Because once you learn the basics, this simple how-to-book offers extra-easy instructions, how-to photos, and 15 fun designs for helping youngsters learn to cross stitch using 11 count Aida.

Pat Sloan s Teach Me to Make My First Quilt

After fusing, you need to stitch around the appliqué shapes to secure them to the background fabric. ... Blanket stitch Straight stitch Zigzag stitch Find Out More You can learn more about my fusibleappliqué techniques in my book Pat ...

Author: Pat Sloan

Publisher: Martingale

ISBN: 9781604688283

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 96

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Expert teacher and quilt designer Pat Sloan guides you through each and every step as you make your first quilt. Pat's easy-to-follow instructions and more than 140 clear how-to photos make it fun to start, stitch, and finish nine classic blocks and nine simple quilt projects--even if you're an absolute beginner. Learn the basics, from selecting notions and cutting fabric to machine sewing to quilting and binding, all from a skilled instructor with a warm, patient teaching style.

The Orenda

With these tools, they show me how to stitch birchbark drinking and eating bowls. One woman, Sleeps Long, the one closest in age to me but who's probably twice as old, the beautiful one with the pretty blue and grey tattoos around each ...

Author: Joseph Boyden

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781780744360

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

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1640s, The New World In the remote winter landscape a brutal massacre and the kidnapping of a young Iroquois girl violently re-ignites a deep rift between two tribes. The girl’s captor, Bird, is one of the Huron Nation’s great warriors and statesmen. Years have passed since the murder of his family, and yet they are never far from his mind. In the girl, Snow Falls, he recognizes the ghost of his lost daughter, but as he fights for her heart and allegiance, small battles erupt into bigger wars as both tribes face a new, more dangerous threat from afar. Travelling with the Huron is Christophe, a charismatic missionary who has found his calling among the tribe and devotes himself to learning and understanding their customs and language. An emissary from distant lands, he brings much more than his faith to this new world, with its natural beauty and riches. As these three souls dance with each other through intricately woven acts of duplicity, their social, political and spiritual worlds collide - and a new nation rises from a world in flux.

Cool Stuff Teach Me to Quilt

Sewing Machine – Any sewing machine that produces an even, straight stitch. Use size 80/12 universal ... Pins – Long, sharp, thin pins with round glass heads. ... FABRICS Follow the guidelines below to help you choose and.

Author: Leisure Arts

Publisher: Leisure Arts

ISBN: 9781574866353

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 52

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This is the perfect guide for teaching kids the awesome art of quilting. Learn felt appliqué, mock binding, hand quilting, machine piecing, designing a quilt using a paper layout, tying a quilt, and more. Leaflet features 7 designs for kids 8-14 in mind.

Toward Wholeness

The children learn about where they come from, and how the plants and animals give their gifts. Every few inches the children change the color of their knitting, and before long they have a bright scarf or hat to take home!

Author: Mary Caroline Richards

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press

ISBN: 0819569712

Category: Psychology

Page: 222

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For Rudolf Steiner, life can be truly understood only if it is experienced as art is experienced, as inner activities expressed through physical materials. On this ground of the union of inner experience and sensory life, he developed his unique, holistic approach to education. Richards views Steiner schools as expressing a new educational consciousness appropriate for our time, a “grammar of interconnections” among scientific observational, artistic imagination, religious reverence, and practical activity in which every part bears a deep connection.

Lacey and the African Grandmothers

but it took a long time. If I was going to help the grandmothers, I would have to learn to sew much faster. Kahasi was right – I would need a sewing machine. But where was I going to find a sewing machine in a place where everyone liked ...

Author: Sue Farrell Holler

Publisher: Second Story Press

ISBN: 9781926920016

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 164

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Lacey Little Bird loves spending time with Kahasi, an elder on her reserve who is like a grandmother to her. From her Lacey is learning about their people, the Siksika Blackfoot tribe of Alberta, including the art of beadwork. Lacey hears about a project to help grandmothers in Africa who are raising their grandchildren because their parents have died from AIDS. Even though Africa is far, far away, Lacey wants to help and emails the grandmothers with a plan to raise money by selling beaded purses. What difference can a young Blackfoot girl from North America make in the lives of grandmothers in Africa? A lot, as Lacey discovers. Her decision to help will bring about amazing changes in her life and her community. Lacey and the African Grandmothers is based on true events, real people, and the Stephen Lewis Foundation's Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign.

Pat Sloan s Teach Me to Applique

Stitch. with. Me. I'm. a. quiltmaker. It's what I was meant to be. Since the time I was little, I've had thread and fabric to play with. From making doll clothing to my own clothing, all I've wanted to do is sew.

Author: Pat Sloan

Publisher: Martingale

ISBN: 9781604685244

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 96

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Is it possible? Fusible appliqué that's soft and drapey--and easy? Yes it is, and Pat Sloan shows you how. An extremely popular teacher and designer with a huge online radio show following, Pat shares her fusible techniques for machine-stitched quilts that are as delightful to touch as they are pleasing to the eye. You'll love what you're about to create! Projects range from wall hangings to banners to bed quilts, all with Pat's fresh and cheery style Gain confidence and get all your questions answered--Pat shares loads of tips throughout Own the first in a series of "Teach Me" books from one of the world's best quilting coaches

Journey with Me

Lord, when my heart is full of questions, help me to rest in Your grace. Amen. ... It was a colour rarely found in my wardrobe, but I was there to learn so I begrudgingly picked up a long black strand of wool. Cross-stitch seems simple ...

Author: Catherine Campbell

Publisher: Inter-Varsity Press

ISBN: 9781783597277

Category: Religion

Page: 416

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Catherine Campbell invites you to journey with her through the year as she shares 365 Bible meditations that have touched her heart and changed her life. Using an eclectic mix of readings, character cameos and anecdotes, Catherine takes us across new terrain every day. As with life, some paths will be smooth and scenic, while others are steep and stony. The journey may be unpredictable, but the map is trustworthy and the Guide always present. ‘As surely as winter blossoms into spring, and autumn eventually carpets summer lawns, God’s word will excite, challenge, heal and guide us in the year ahead,’ says Catherine. ‘So, let’s walk together!’

Jesus Teach Me how to Pray

If you have a long stapler, use it to “saddle-stitch” the booklet (put a staple right in the fold) if not, staple very close to the folded edge. The Teaching Moment: Remind the kids that God blessed Josiah because he did God's will.


Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780557397297



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Mystical Stitches

Extra special thanks to my mother for spending her free time showing me how to make everything from tiedye T-shirts to life-size papier-mâché monsters—and perhaps more so, for teaching me that I could teach myself more than I could ...

Author: Christi Johnson

Publisher: Storey Publishing

ISBN: 9781635863352

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 208

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Explore personal transformation through the stitching of dreams and intentions. Anything but ordinary, Mystical Stitches combines the beloved and accessible craft of embroidery with a spiritual element, introducing a rich treasury of 200 magical symbols you can use to set an intention and create personal icons to wear or embellish items in the home. Christi Johnson offers unique patterns inspired by botanicals, animals, numbers, the cosmos, earth elements, zodiac signs, and mythical beasts, for novice or well-practiced crafters to combine into talismans with personal meaning. Johnson’s folk art style is vibrant and unintimidating and provides a framework for bringing spiritual elements into physical form.

Multicultural Mentoring of the Gifted and Talented

another stitch that she wants to teach me on Thursday—a stitch used to crochet hats and scarves. She explained that the stitch is more difficult but assured me that if I would have the book worm done by Thursday, she would have no ...

Author: Ellis Paul Torrance


ISBN: 9781882664399

Category: Education

Page: 127

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This book offers a contemporary view of helping ethnically diverse, economically disadvantaged youth through the use of mentor programs. Including a complete overview of the mentoring program, readers are led through the process of identifying mentors and mentees and developing lasting relationships. Educational Resource

The Bug The Pea Me

Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slip from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them. (Deuteronomy 4:9) ...

Author: Leigh Peyton Mikovch

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781512701623

Category: Self-Help

Page: 178

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As a Christian mother, I try to teach my daughters lessons of God's love and grace. However, as they grow, I find my girls are the ones teaching me God-sized lessons. I’ve learned to throw out my plans and live by faith. I’ve learned to earnestly pray and wait expectantly for God’s response. I’ve learned to listen for God’s still, small voice. I’ve learned to roll up my sleeves and be a “fisher of men.” I’ve learned to seek God’s blessings in the practical day-to-day experiences of life. I hope you are drawn into these devotions of love and laughter. This compilation of true tales contains honest confessions, humor, and scriptural wisdom. May you laugh out loud at my foibles but ultimately realize when we are weak, God is strong. He loves us unconditionally, and His grace is sufficient.

Intermediate Conversational Sign Language


Author: Willard J. Madsen

Publisher: Gallaudet University Press

ISBN: 0913580791

Category: Education

Page: 377

View: 738


This text offers a unique approach to using American Sign Language (ASL) and English in a bilingual setting. Each of the 25 lessons involves sign language conversation using colloqualisms that are prevalent in informal conversations. It also includes practice tests and a glossed alphabetical index.

Teach Me Plastic Canvas Extra Easy Instructions Just for Kids Have Fun

Kids will be ready to stitch their first plastic canvas project in no time with this handy guide.

Author: Dick Martin

Publisher: Leisure Arts

ISBN: 1609001583

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 22

View: 794


Kids will be ready to stitch their first plastic canvas project in no time with this handy guide. They'll learn about needed supplies, basic stitches, overcast stitches, and special touches before choosing from 13 easy-to-do projects. Teach Me Plastic Canvas (Leisure Arts #1638)

Hounds of the Basket Stitch

The rows were only two stitches in width, and it didn't take long to stitch up the length. ... I'll bring some next time and show you how to attach them.” “That would be great. Maybe you can teach me how to make dog sweaters, too.

Author: Anne Canadeo

Publisher: Kensington Books

ISBN: 9781496708663

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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The Black Sheep Knitters come to the aid of two sisters—one a victim and one a suspect . . . Maggie Messina knows that knitting is not only enjoyable, it also calms both the mind and soul. She’s happy to visit two sisters, Holly and Rose Piper, and teach them some simple stitches, while the rest of the Black Sheep knitters tag along. Dana Haeger has known the young women since they were children and is the closest thing to family the Pipers now have. Dana is especially concerned about Rose, who has been easily overwhelmed ever since a car accident many years ago. She is at her best managing the houseful of hounds that she rescues and shelters, while Holly runs the family nursery and remains devoted to Rose’s care. The lesson goes well, but the knitters are troubled about the sisters living alone in such a remote corner of Plum Harbor. Their worst fears are realized when Holly is attacked in her greenhouse and the building set ablaze. Rose is found unconscious nearby, her dogs running wild. When she wakes, her memory is blank. Holly is hospitalized and unable to offer even a clue. The Black Sheep suspect a mysterious drifter who had talked his way into a few days of wages, and just as quickly, disappeared. Or was it their estranged stepbrother, Toby, full of family grievances and eager to make a claim on the estate? Or, heaven forbid . . . was it Rose? Hovering over all these questions like an ominous shadow is a dark secret from the sisters’ past. While it seems everything is unraveling, the knitters will need to keep their wits as sharp as their needles to prove Rose’s innocence and stop a killer from striking again.