Tales from the Script

Discover the secrets of Hollywood storytelling in this fascinating collection, in which fifty screenwriters share the inside scoop about how they surmounted incredible odds to break into the business, how they transformed their ideas into ...

Author: Peter Hanson

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061988004

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 368

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“Tales from the Script gathers notable veterans of the screen wars who demonstrate the basic truth of our adventures in Movieland: Writing is the easy part.” — John Sayles, writer/director of Lone Star and Eight Men Out “Fascinating tales from the belly of the beast.” — Lawrence Kasdan, Oscar-nominated writer/director of The Big Chill, Wyatt Earp, and Body Heat Tales from the Script is an unprecedented collection of exclusive interviews with dozens of Hollywood screenwriters—including industry legends Bruce Joel Rubin, David S. Ward, Nora Ephron, Paul Mazursky, John August, Steven De Souza, and Paul Schrader. In these conversations, they reveal the secrets behind their successes and failures, offer uplifting stories about how faith in their talent has empowered their careers, and share colorful, entertaining anecdotes about popular movie stars and films.

Cell U R Tales from the Script

Author: Mark Plimsoll

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780557213436

Category: Fiction

Page: 226

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The script to the multimedia podcast novel. Gnathal, a virginal game-boy-human-cellphone, goes into debt to buy a custom automobile to seduce a gypsy fortune-teller belly-dancing professional escort who calls herself Vampire Elvirus. The State will not allow him to come of age, and when he expresses his frustration, he gets fired. He joins the DevaCops, gets kidnapped, and escapes to live as a hermit amongst Genetically Modified Organisms. When the equestrian daughter of a SuperUser rescues him, Daddy doesn't approve of their relationship until Ganthal becomes the murdered Godhead "Christopheles Rex," who promised to erase the inequities of iniquity, raise the late departed, and decease the ceased. Drugged into a confession, sentenced to Civil Death, Gnathal doesn't know he must enlist the aide of his lust object to rescue his fiance, who carries the seed of a new human race, or something worse... Our near future, as human cellphones that need a revolution.

Tales from the Darkside Scripts

The storied history of TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE winds ever darker and weirder with this collection of scripts by Joe Hill, from the never-broadcast 2015 television reboot.

Author: Joe Hill

Publisher: IDW Publishing

ISBN: 1631407252


Page: 120

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The storied history of TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE winds ever darker and weirder with this collection of scripts by JOE HILL from the never-broadcast 2015 television reboot. TV s loss is your gain as these all-new tales break out of the shadows and spring to vivid life at Hill s command, accompanied by striking illustrations provided by Charles Paul Wilson III (Wraith). Fans of horror, Darkside, and Hill will not be disappointed."

Wind of a Thousand Tales

Folk Tales from Faraway Places John Glore. ABOUT THE PLAY Kimberly - Kay doesn ' t ... The magic is a concoction of John Glore ' s well written script .

Author: John Glore

Publisher: I. E. Clark Publications

ISBN: 0886803500

Category: Children's plays, American

Page: 40

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Love Power and Gender in Seventeenth Century French Fairy Tales

... the accounts of love in the conteuses' tales as emotion scripts for the performance of ... The term emotion script is designed to focus attention on the ...

Author: Bronwyn Reddan

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9781496223937

Category: Fiction

Page: 270

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Bronwyn Reddan challenges the idealization of fairy-tale romance as the ultimate happy ending by showing how the women writers who dominated the first French fairy-tale vogue, the conteuses, used the genre to critique the power dynamics of courtship and marriage.

Fairy Tales Reader s Theater eBook

But this script has a surprise ending! Before reading the script to the class, write the words music and musicians on the board.

Author: Margaret Allen

Publisher: Creative Teaching Press

ISBN: 9781591987857

Category: Education

Page: 96

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An exciting way to help children improve reading fluency without being too time intensive for the teacher. It requires on props and no additional teaching skills on your part, and it is not difficult to manage. Reader's Theater promotes better reading comprehension because children who learn to read a passage expressively also come to better understand its meaning.

Tales From The Darkside Scripts by Joe Hill

I imagined a series of standalone weird tales which would always begin with a reality-warping ... I wrote a third script, this one a fiftyminute episode, ...

Author: Joe Hill

Publisher: IDW Publishing

ISBN: 9781684062133

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels


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The storied history of TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE winds ever darker and weirder with this collection of scripts by Joe Hill from the never-broadcast 2015 television reboot. TV's loss is your gain as these all-new tales break out of the shadows and spring to vivid life at Hill's command, accompanied by striking illustrations provided by Charles Paul Wilson III (Wraith). Fans of horror, Darkside, and Hill will not be disappointed.

Fairy Tales and Feminism

References to the Grimms ' tales run throughout the book : snakes who might be fairy ... Fairy tales provide scripts for living , but they also can inspire ...

Author: Donald Haase

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 0814330304

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 268

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Responding to thirty years of feminist fairy-tale scholarship, this book breaks new ground by rethinking important questions, advocating innovative approaches, and introducing woman-centered texts and traditions that have been ignored for too long.

Grimms Tales around the Globe

... but slightly different, process at work when a narrative uses incompatible scripts. ... but the series constantly problematizes that fairy-tale script ...

Author: Vanessa Joosen

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 9780814339213

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 320

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Grimms’ fairy tales are among the best-known stories in the world, but the way they have been introduced into and interpreted by cultures across the globe has varied enormously. In Grimms’ Tales around the Globe, editors Vanessa Joosen and Gillian Lathey bring together scholars from Asia, Europe, and North and Latin America to investigate the international reception of the Grimms’ tales. The essays in this volume offer insights into the social and literary role of the tales in a number of countries and languages, finding aspects that are internationally constant as well as locally particular. In the first section, Cultural Resistance and Assimilation, contributors consider the global history of the reception of the Grimms’ tales in a range of cultures. In these eight chapters, scholars explore how cunning translators and daring publishers around the world reshaped and rewrote the tales, incorporating them into existing fairy-tale traditions, inspiring new writings, and often introducing new uncertainties of meaning into the already ambiguous stories. Contributors in the second part, Reframings, Paratexts, and Multimedia Translations, shed light on how the Grimms’ tales were affected by intermedial adaptation when traveling abroad. These six chapters focus on illustrations, manga, and film and television adaptations. In all, contributors take a wide view of the tales’ history in a range of locales—including Poland, China, Croatia, India, Japan, and France. Grimms’ Tales around the Globe shows that the tales, with their paradox between the universal and the local and their long and world-spanning translation history, form a unique and exciting corpus for the study of reception. Fairy-tale and folklore scholars as well as readers interested in literary history and translation will appreciate this enlightening volume.

Strange Tales From The Scriptorian Vaults

The wonderful, kindhearted and generous – and multitalented – Ken Dawson provided the cover art and I think the colours, style, script and feel are perfect.

Author: Sammy H.K Smith

Publisher: Grimbold Books, Kristell Ink

ISBN: 9781909845275

Category: Literary Collections


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When the newly-promoted Sergeant Crystal Lewis and her military team loop to a parallel world, they discover a London very different to those their agency have investigated elsewhere. Steam powered ships fill the sky, metal creatures scurry through the streets, and the Great Library is now nothing more than a burnt out shell; the history, knowledge and literature of the world has been destroyed. Crystal's investigations discover the records of the Scriptorians: elite explorers, scientists and chroniclers, chosen for their wordsmith abilities, their tenacious belief in uncovering the truth, their passion for the bizarre and baffling. There is some evidence that these mysterious adventurers, fighters and writers also discovered the technology to loop and visit other parallel worlds. Here are some of their tales... Zoë Harris offers us a vision of feminism taken to extremes, while Ken Dawson has the epitome of the pushy parent at the heart of his story; Jake Finlay's and Ross Kitson's stories are concerned with moral dilemmas in research and medicine and both consider the nature of immortality; Steven J. Guscott gives a novel twist to the Frankenstein story; David Muir's central character is an apparently immortal warrior; on lighter note, Paul Freeman gives us a hero easily swayed by a pretty face and adventue, and Robert Peett shows a world of strange invasions, infections and mutations, and at the end, Sammy H.K Smith shows how it all began with the daring Lady Pippa Raven - the first true Scriptorian.

Teaching Fairy Tales

If we are familiar with the fairy-tale script of happiness, we know that her goal is marriage to a prince. Again, the students may feel uncomfortable with ...

Author: Nancy L. Canepa

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 9780814339367

Category: Fiction

Page: 478

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Pedagogical models and methodologies for engaging with fairy tales in the classroom.

More Tadpole Tales and Other Totally Terrific Treats for Readers Theatre

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Readers Theatre 5 E. Use the script as a read-aloud for your students. Tell students that you are going to model how a ...

Author: Anthony D. Fredericks

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781598843835

Category: Education

Page: 146

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In this book, funny tales and rhymes are presented as readers theatre scripts, specifically written to motivate beginning readers. • Nearly two dozen reproducible readers theatre scripts for primary readers, based on wild and crazy adaptations of popular stories, tales, and legends • Scripts for kids to finish • Drawings and illustrations • An appendix of fairytales, folk tales, rhymes, and other stories • A list of titles students can use to create their own readers theatre scripts • Resources on readers theatre

Fairy Tales Readers Theatre

F. After reading through the script, invite students to discuss what they heard. How did your reading differ from other read-alouds in the classroom?

Author: Anthony D. Fredericks

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781591588511

Category: Education

Page: 138

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A collection of fairy tales converted to readers theatre scripts, allowing students to play the parts as they develop their literacy skills. • Includes 19 script versions of famous fairy tales plus 6 additional scripts of humorous alternatives—in an easily reproducible format—authored by the award-winning "King of Readers Theatre" • Chapters provide an introduction to readers theatre and to performing readers theatre for audiences

Catalogue of Novels Tales and Works in Foreign Languages in the New York Mercantile Library Sept 1 1861

1828 Historiarum Liber Primus 120. Camb . 1831 Historiarum Libri Quinque . 120
. Edin , 1779 Lowndes , J .-- Modern Greek and English Lexicon 8vo . Corfu .
1837 Lucianus Samosatensis - Opera ( Greek and Latin ) . See Bibliotheca Script

Author: Mercantile Library Association of the City of New-York


ISBN: UIUC:30112087486889

Category: Library catalogs

Page: 92

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Playing the Canterbury Tales

The manuscripts reveal the traces of script acts that create new meanings for the Tales, adjusting the voice of Chaucer, the voices of his pilgrims, ...

Author: Andrew Higl

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317079842

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 216

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Playing the Canterbury Tales addresses the additions, continuations, and reordering of the Canterbury Tales found in the manuscripts and early printed editions of the Tales. Many modern editions present a specific set of tales in a specific order, and often leave out an entire corpus of continuations and additions. Andrew Higl makes a case for understanding the additions and changes to Chaucer's original open and fragmented work by thinking of them as distinct interactive moves in a game similar to the storytelling game the pilgrims play. Using examples and theories from new media studies, Higl demonstrates that the Tales are best viewed as an "interactive fiction," reshaped by active readers. Readers participated in the ongoing creation and production of the tales by adding new text and rearranging existing text, and through this textual transmission, they introduced new social and literary meaning to the work. This theoretical model and the boundaries between the canonical and apocryphal texts are explored in six case studies: the spurious prologues of the Wife of Bath's Tale, John Lydgate's influence on the Tales, the Northumberland manuscript, the ploughman character, and the Cook's Tale. The Canterbury Tales are a more dynamic and unstable literary work than usually encountered in a modern critical edition.

Tales from the Script

Two questions that people ask television comedy writers repeatedly are: "How do you guys ever think them up?" and "Is writing for a television show anything like it was on the old Dick Van Dyke Show?

Author: Gene Perret

Publisher: Bearmanor Media

ISBN: 1593935293

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 286

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Two questions that people ask television comedy writers repeatedly are: "How do you guys ever think them up?" and "Is writing for a television show anything like it was on the old Dick Van Dyke Show?" Tales from the Script invites you inside the writing rooms and into the writers meetings for such legendary television shows as The Carol Burnett Show, Laugh-In, Mama's Family, Welcome Back Kotter, Three's Company, the variety shows of Bill Cosby and Tim Conway. You'll also be part of the planning, preparation, and production of almost all of the Bob Hope Specials, including his Christmas shows entertaining America's troops around the world. As a reader, you'll step onto the stage with the writing teams to accept "your" Emmy for "Outstanding writing in a Comedy-Variety Series." You'll also know what it feels like to be nominated, but have to sit in the audience and try to look gracious while another team steps up to accept the award. After reading Tales from the Script, you'll be able to answer for yourself whether it was anything like the old Dick Van Dyke Show or not. As to the second question - "How do you guys ever think them up?" - you'll discover...well...you'll probably discover, as most comedy writers already have, that nobody knows the answer to that question. Foreword by Jim Nabors!

Reader s Theater Theme Collections Native American Tales

Introduce the Script • Give each student a copy of the script. • Have students skim through the text looking at the organization and the illustrations.

Author: Newmark Learning, LLC

Publisher: Newmark Learning

ISBN: 9781607190721

Category: Education

Page: 96

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Bring curriculum concepts to life with four theme-related scripts per book. Each script has roles at multiple levels so your on-, above-, and below-level readers can build fluency, comprehension, and performance skills together. Click-and-print CD-ROMs make printing script copies easy. 96 pages each.