Swords of Aerides

In Swords of Aerides by Rob Dorsey, science fiction is seamlessly melded with fantasy to feature a young protagonist that readers will love to follow.

Author: Rob Dorsey

Publisher: Prince of Avinon

ISBN: 1732048851

Category: Fiction

Page: 518

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Swords of Aerides is the first book in the Aron of Aerides Pentalogy by Rob Dorsey, an epic fantasy with elements of sci-fi, set on a planet called Aerides. It is the coming of age story of Prince Aron of Avinon and the perils and challenges he has to face on his path to greatness. Watch as he faces dangerous creatures, difficult situations, and a rebellion that is designed to stop him at all cost. Most importantly, it is interesting to watch as he grows in strength and learns to trust in his instincts while he explores love. Does he have what it takes for a destiny as huge as his? There is a lot to love in this novel. First off, I was enticed by the glorious, exciting writing. Rob Dorsey is the owner of words, a master craftsman of exquisite prose with spellbinding descriptions. Behold the image he offers of one of the characters, allowing the reader to see her just the way he imagined her: "But far from being coarse or brutish, Zurah displayed the powerful grace of a trained dancer with a walk that reminded many of a stalking female voorcat." The characters are also very interesting and they evolve in a setting that is strangely familiar, thanks to the author's storytelling skills. He creates a setting that easily comes to the minds of readers, a place they'd love to visit. Swords of Aerides is conflict-driven and readers will love how the characters evolve through the conflict. Well-paced and beautifully-written, this one is an exciting gift to fans of epic fantasy.

A Prisoner of Mars A Princess for Sale

Darkness reigned. The light of Aerides, Crown Princess Adria Mereda, is missing and feared dead. So begins this sequel to Swords of Aerides and is Vol. II in the Avinon Chronicles, and the rise to greatness of Prince Aron Princess Sefina.

Author: Rob Dorsey

Publisher: Martian Pentalogy

ISBN: 1732048886

Category: Fiction

Page: 548

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Darkness reigned. The light of Barsoom, daughter of ten thousand Jeddaks The Crown Princess Dejah Thoris is missing and feared dead. So begins this sequel to Sword Masters of Mars and is Vol. II in the Barsoom Pentalogy, a 5 vol. series that covers the continuing exploits of the Carter family, the Crown Prince, Darus, and his warrior wife, Zurah.

The Gardeners Year book and Almanack

A grand plant , with numerous sword - like , stout , falcate leaves 8-9 in . long , Fl . ivory white , comparable to those of Angræcum sesquipedale , but with a much shorter spur , which is funnel - shaped ... AERIDES BURBIDGEI , var .



ISBN: CORNELL:31924066707377

Category: Gardening

Page: 268

View: 726


The Orchid grower s Manual

The plant is dwarf , and has peculiar sword - like falcate leaves , very stout in texture , about a span long , closely set on the ... but differ in having a long stalk to the column , to which the base of the lip is AERANTHUS AËRIDES .

Author: Benjamin Samuel Williams


ISBN: HARVARD:32044106378680

Category: Orchid culture

Page: 1040

View: 293


Curtis s Botanical Magazine

5138 Aerides , Dr. Wight's . 5131 Eschynanthus , heart - leaved . 5097 Agave , Jacquin's . ... 5132 Monochætum , sword - bearing . 5109 Nepenthes , ampullacecus , or Pitcher - plant . 5142 Pentstemon , red Valerian - leaved .

Author: Sir William Jackson Hooker


ISBN: HARVARD:32044106371396

Category: Botanical illustration

Page: 286

View: 482


Hortus Madraspatensis Catalogue of plants indigenous and naturalized in the Agri Horticultural Society s Gardens Madras The preface signed H C i e Hugh Francis Clarke Cleghorn

ORCHIS TRIBE . Cymbidium ensifolium , Sw . Boat Orchis , Sword - Rheed . 12. 8. 2 ] 3. p 458 . Gibsonii , Wall . Gibson's do . 875 triste , Willd . s Bot . Mag . 3648 . 3. p . 461 . Wight Icon . 689 . Aerides odoratum , Lour .

Author: Agri-Horticultural Society of Madras (MADRAS)


ISBN: BL:A0017598155


Page: 26

View: 733


Mad Kings of Aerides

This is not a fight for territory or gold, but the very existence of Avinon and the fate of all Aerides.

Author: Rob Dorsey


ISBN: 1737105101


Page: 596

View: 765


Vicious madness drives the foremost enemy of Avinon to attempt to assemble a million-man army, to crush Avinon, and subjugate its Royal Family in this thrilling continuation of the Avinon Chronicles. There has been a year of peace and relaxed quiet in the city-state of Avinon, the principal city of planet Aerides. But, Princess Sefina knows that her wicked brother, Vayus Audan, is out there and up to no good. Sefina killed him, put her sword through his black heart, so how can he be a threat? Logic would dictate that he cannot, but she saw him, saw him piloting a Frigate airship just months after she ended his obscene life, and since then, he has haunted her dreams. Avinon is militarily strong and can defend against any other city on Aerides. But what if enough smaller cities with armies could be brought together to combine their forces to attack Avinon and put a new king on the throne of southern Aerides. Things go from serious to weird when Tal Madj, the insane ex-king of Tanos, disappears from his secure cell in the pits of Avinon. Shortly thereafter, a huge explosion destroys the Royal palace and kills the king of Avinon, gentle old Mordus Mereda, Crown Princess Adria Mereda's father, and Aron's grandfather. Prince Aron and Princess Sefina pull together their team of warriors and tactical minds to parse the facts and form a plan to find out and destroy whoever did this heinous thing. Thus begins a tactical chess game played with hundreds of thousands of soldiers and immense aerial battleships over the vast expanse of Aerides's trackless deserts. This is not a fight for territory or gold, but the very existence of Avinon and the fate of all Aerides.